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November 2023 Astrology Forecast: The Moment Of Truth

A Scorpio New Moon ignites the pits of alchemy and a Gemini Full Moon gives a narrow array of options.

Lit Match
Image by Imro Gabriel from Unsplash
November is a super-dynamic month. It’s Scorpio season and we’re deep in the belly of the beast.

Mars and the Sun in Scorpio are moving in lockstep all month long, that old devil Saturn stations direct, and a dynamo of a Scorpio New Moon opposite Uranus galvanises everyone into action. November is a month of bold initiatives and tough endeavours that require guts, stamina and laser-like focus. Mercury is fast as lightning right now, and with a Gemini Full Moon to boot ever more shocking information is sure to come to light… So step this way into the battlefield, the house of horrors, and the revolutionary spirit that is November 2023.

November 3rd, Sun opposite Jupiter: I Want It All

The Sun in Scorpio opposes Jupiter in Taurus on November 3rd - a highly charged moment. This is like a full Jupiter, when Jupiter is brightest in the night sky (he’s literally the brightest star you see at night). This is a moment of inspiration, information, realisation, when you clearly see where your beliefs, outlook and overall vision has led you so far, allowing you to make wiser and more informed choices moving forward. This is also a highly aspirational, jovial, effulgent peak experience.

November 3rd, Venus opposite Neptune: If Only...

On the same day, November 3rd, Venus opposes Neptune and this is a classic aspect of romantic (and financial) disappointment - especially where mundane desires go, e.g. love, money, goods, popularity etc. This aspect is excellent for a more spiritual or less mundane take on desire - be it through any kind of religious, creative, altruistic or otherworldly pursuits. Put Sun-Jupiter and Venus-Neptune together and emotions are running high - a mix of future vision and present disappointment all rolled into one.

November 4th, Saturn Stations Direct: Time To Face The Music

To top it off, Saturn stations direct on the 4th. Saturn is a real heavyweight in the skies. And what happens when a heavy tanker stops in its tracks and does a U-turn? (Well, perhaps it’s a submarine since Saturn is in Pisces). There’s some heavy machinery turning - a real sense of pressure and ectopic force. November 4th brings such a substantial moment, a change of direction, a moment of truth. The time for introspection is over. Time to examine our outer life structures and build for the future. Saturn stations direct at the critical 0 degrees Pisces - galvanising dreams, the imagination and a pure, somewhat naive, desire for a better world.

As we’re heading deep underwater here, facing fears and getting a handle on the emotions is key.

As a side note, Saturn stations direct right on top of a critical point in Bitcoin’s astrology chart, testing its idealistic dream of a better store of value and system of finance. These times thus constitute a direct attack on the currency, as well as a real test of its value ideals.

November 5, Waning Leo Moon: An Echoing Roar

By November 5th the Moon hits its waning quarter in Leo and it’s time to gain a larger perspective on the situation. A fast-flowing period follows with Venus in practical Virgo trine Pluto on the 6th, and Mercury, currently in deep and incisive Scorpio trine Neptune on the 7th and sextile Pluto on the 9th. It’s all systems go at this point, with the energies flowing freely. Venus-Pluto in earth signs has deep pockets and feels deep emotions, making the 6th excellent for substantial love and money matters. Mercury-Neptune brings plenty of creativity, inspiration and imagination on the 7th - as well as making it very easy to pull the wool over anybody’s eyes. But the 9th shortly follows, when the laser-beam of Mercury-Pluto cuts right through any nonsense and gets to the truth. This is a big business few days.

November 8th, Venus in Libra: Civilising Influences

Amid this period, on November 8th, Venus enters Libra, its sign of rulership. At this point we have both Mars and Venus very strong in their respective signs strengthening the love and desire nature. Venus in Libra brings a much needed civilising influence to an otherwise very rude and aggressive month. It’s excellent for socialising, contracts and diplomacy, aesthetics and all kinds of harmonious and pleasant pursuits. Venus stays in Libra until December 4th.

November 10th, Mercury in Sagittarius: Big Ideas

Come the 10th prepare for yet another reality check, when Mercury enters Sagittarius and immediately bumps up against Saturn. The best use of November 10th is to concentrate on a difficult and seemingly boring task - be it book keeping, proof-reading, contractual work, driving - anything that requires concentration but is of a simple and practical nature. Otherwise the Mercury-Saturn energy can find less productive expressions, e.g. brooding in negative thoughts and pessimistic imagery.

Still, Mercury in Sagittarius is a natural optimist with big ideas. So after this short blip, the mental outlook should begin to brighten considerably making plans for the future. Mercury will stay in Sagittarius until December 1st.

November 13th, Scorpio New Moon: The Fire Pits of Alchemy

And so we arrive at November’s dynamo of a new start: the Scorpio New Moon at 20:43 degrees Scorpio at 09:27GMT. Why a dynamo? Because the Sun and Moon are conjunct agitator Mars in Scorpio and opposite rebel Uranus in Taurus!

This is a moment of awakening, a totally revolutionary energy right there, a disruptor, an agitator, a rebel and subverter of a New Moon.

The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is quite poignant: “obeying his conscience a soldier resists orders”. Here we arrive at a crucial moment, when one is ready to face the consequences of making a stand for one’s true values and principles, even against the most aggressive and authoritarian set up.

This is a powerful symbol of taking action as a free and conscious individual - a symbol of breaking out and being fearless, a symbol of true personal liberation.

This New Moon energy is active from the 10th-11th onwards all the way until the 17th-18th. That’s because the Mars-Uranus opposition becomes exact on the 11th (flash-action), the Sun-Uranus opposition is exact bang on the new Moon on the 13th (awakening) and the Sun-Mars conjunction finally happens on the 18th (new initiative). What a firecracker! The whole shebang trines Neptune on the 17th, colouring all motives and initiatives with a romantic, altruistic, spiritual hue. A sextile between Mercury and Venus on the 15th brings an opportunity to use authentic words to build bridges.

November 22nd, Sun in Sagittarius: The Call To Adventure

Come the 22nd, the Sun enters into Sagittarius - happy birthday Sagittarius! This is the mad excitable rush that is usually the run up to the holidays. Mars quickly follows behind the Sun, entering Sagittarius on the 24th and the two (Sun and Mars) continue to walk side by side as they have done all month - a most powerful and highly energising combo.

In Sagittarius, the Sun-Mars combo gives rise to wanderlust, far reaching and future oriented endeavours, expansive initiatives and a great big desire for adventure.

The Sun will move on at the winter solstice but Mars will stay in Sagittarius until January 4th 2024, imbuing the holidays with its wandering spirit.

The run-up to Sagittarius season opens some powerful portals for transformation. Both the Sun and Mars sextile Pluto on the 20th and 22nd respectively, opening the gates of power and money. With a waxing half-Moon in Aquarius the time for action has come - collective action, a team effort of conscious individuals. Chiron in Aries trines Mercury and opposes Venus at the same time. Here come truthful words that stir old wounds and could cause displeasure, which is nonetheless necessary. It’s essential to open these wounds and clean them, lest they fester.

As soon as the Sun and Mars enter Sagittarius they bump up against something hard: that square to Saturn in Pisces... Reality check, again. That’s not a fun vibe by any standards but good for enacting tough plans that require great stamina, discipline and patience to see through. The Sun squares Saturn on the 23rd and Mars follows suit on the 25th. And so..

Sagittarius season starts with some bumps along the road this year, which is unavoidable with Saturn squaring Sagittarius for the foreseeable.

No big ideas are allowed to go through with just a little sales pitch, a song and dance - not with Saturn at the gate, not without going through a trying, exhausting reality check.

November 27th, Gemini Full Moon: Communications Clampdown

And so we come to a rather busy close to the month, the Full Moon in Gemini at 04:51 degrees at 09:16GMT. The Sun in Sagittarius is still conjunct Mars at this point, and both oppose the Full Moon in Gemini. What’s more, the Sun, Moon and Mars are all square heavyweight Saturn.

There’s a real sense of strict controls here - especially when it comes to speech, information and communications.

Saturn is clamping down on the lot and Mars is chaffing at the shackles, wanting to roam free and explore the land first hand. With Mars involved, any anger or frustration that’s pushed back in could now turn into harsher and colder emotions.

The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is rather apt: “a revolutionary magazine asking for action.” What better symbol of seeking to break free of control and express new ideas?

It’s time to reach beyond already established forms, toward new platforms and data sources, toward new means of communication and expression.

Mercury, the ruler of this lunation, harmonises with the Lunar Nodes and squares Neptune as November comes to a close. The greatest danger is one of lies, deceit, confusion and general obfuscation of the issue. As words resound across the land, the key is to rise above the noise and become aware of what repressed feelings and ideas are trying to burst forth.

Mercury is already in his retrograde shadow at this point, meaning that he’s covering zodiac territory that he’s going to go back over for a rewrite over the holiday season (Mercury goes retrograde December 13th). We’re already in tricky territory by this point so take everything you see and hear with a pinch of salt!

November 29th, Venus conjuncts South Node: Old Flames

Venus in Libra conjuncts the South Node two days later, on November 29th, bringing the potential for peaceful resolutions. Old relationships and contracts are highlighted now, making a comeback. Negative associations and rotten handshakes could also come to light.

With the South Node in Libra these days (politics), we need to be wary of detrimental laws, contracts and agreements being pushed through.

As is always the case with the tail of the dragon... We tend to consciously focus on the dragon’s head (currently breathing fire and brimstone in Aries), but it’s the tail that gets us in the end. With a great big whack.

November 2023 Horoscope

Let’s see how November’s juicy action gets divvied up across the twelve zodiac signs in that great big pie in the sky. Read those slices you know to contain juicy morsels, such as your Sun sign and Ascendant for the flesh and bones, and your Moon sign for the pulse.


We’re already well into November, and it’s a really intense period for you, dear Aries, financially and personally. The Scorpio New Moon of November 13th gives you the green light to pursue mergers, transform your financial situation, pay off debts, cut ties or establish a different dynamic with a spouse, creditor or sponsor. You can also transmute physical and emotional poisons to heal on a personal level, transforming difficult relationships and empowering yourself. Financial surprises set you free to try a different approach. Saturn is now moving direct and it’s time to have a good clear out of those inner demons. Whatever’s down there in your inner dungeons is sure to receive a thorough examination with Saturn in Pisces now and until 2026. This is all to help you leave the past behind and move forward with a lighter step. If you feel a sense of sabotage, whether it’s self-sabotage or a hostile atmosphere out there tripping you up, know that it’s your inner demons acting out. Make it a regular practice to meditate or check in with ourself. The Gemini Full Moon of November 27th makes for a hectic end to the month, with a lot of commotion. Communications and dealings with others could be frustrating and lead to confusion unless you look beneath the words to see what’s really being said. Amid all this, relationships offer some peaceful respite. Let others help you and bring out the beauty in you. An old relationship matter could finally deliver its verdict, restore harmony or come up to be resolved.


November is a month almost totally dedicated to others, dear Taurus. Whether it’s a professional relationship or a personal one, or even some fierce competition, all your energy is taken up acting in response to or on behalf of others, collaborating or meeting an outright challenge. The Scorpio New Moon of November 13th marks a dynamic new beginning in your relationships. You’re feeling particularly rebellious and that could lead down some unexpected paths. It is a good time to give your all to a relationship or meet a challenge head on. Saturn is bearing down on your dreams and ambitions for the future, making it imperative that you seriously think about your future. What world do you want to live in? What do you want your contribution to be? And who are your allies? A friendship, group involvement or social community project is about to be put to the test now and until 2026, making you think more seriously about where and how you fit into it all. This can be a time of reward. Think carefully about how to best offer your money, time, talents and energy. The Gemini Full Moon of the 27th puts the end of November firmly in your court - requiring you to look at your finances, strengths and talents. Demands on your time, money and energy could feel substantial, requiring discipline and an active commitment in order to be true to your ideals. On the plus side, a pleasant working routine should provide some day-to-day refuge from pressures. Be kind to yourself and your body this month. You might hear from an old work colleague or revisit old favourite habits.


This is the month when all sorts of stuff is coming full circle for you, dear Gemini. That’s because we have a Gemini Full Moon on November 27th and it’s time to see where all your efforts have led you - especially over the past six months. It’s crunch time for your career as you’re embarking on a brand new adventure. A new public image, a new profession perhaps, a whole new set of responsibilities beckon as you slowly play around with these ideas and adjust to your new role. You normally don’t take too much seriously when interacting with others, but it’s crucial now that you do and that you show the requisite responsibility and maturity as you do so. This full moon is a test of your resolve, maturity and ability to show discipline in the face of collaboration or competition. The result of this lunation might be glamorous at times, but also confusing. Don’t let mirages fool you into cutting corners. Work is extremely demanding this month and the Scorpio New Moon of November 13th signals that it’s all systems go on the work front. Take the bit between the teeth and don’t let go, even if you encounter disruptions along the way. You’ve got your finger on the pulse and are set to create shockwaves! Venus in Libra boosts your popularity, allowing you to enjoy some wonderfully romantic moments. An old love affair, hobby or creative enterprise could come full circle now.


You’re hot stuff this month and exuding confidence, dear Cancer. This is your time to play - whether that’s playing the field, betting on the stockmarket or enjoying your favourite games and hobbies. Gotta warn you though, things are pretty unpredictable at the moment and they could get out of hand! Still, you’re sure to enjoy one heck of a rollercoaster ride, raising your libido and your desire to get in there and have a good go at it. The Scorpio New Moon of November 13th is your signal to enter the rink dynamically and compete. And while you’re a front-runner this month, your creative juices flowing with barely a minute to spare, you are also called to think of the bigger picture of your life. Why do you do what you do? What’s the meaning of it all? If a course of study, publishing project or international endeavour had been put on the back burner, it’s now time to get it out, face it squarely and begin making slow and steady progress. You’ve a mountain to climb and you have til 2026 to do it. The good news is you’ll get a much better view from there, once you get there, to see where you want to go next. Slowly does it. The Gemini Full Moon on the 27th draws your attention to your need for rest at month’s end, as well as to secrets, the need for healing, to matters lying in the shadows or behind the scenes. Work may be more demanding by this point, and clashing with your need for greater meaning in life. Take a moment to get some RnR, tune inward and get your house in order. Accept that some things are out of your hands. The Full Moon is in your sign next month putting you in the spotlight, so take a moment now to drop beneath the radar to rest and prepare. Your home is a source of love and pleasure all month long. Enjoy it, make it beautiful and let your family support you. A home and family matter is reaching an important turning point.


You’re experiencing a very intense time at home, dear Leo. Whether it is with your actual residence, with a family member or with a real estate matter, your home may present many challenges right now. The Scorpio New Moon on November 13th allows you to take charge and make a dynamic fresh start in your private life. The energies are unpredictable and you may have to live with great uncertainty on the home, family and career front. But something may snap in you this month, liberating you to stand your ground and make the necessary changes. You carry heavy financial burdens these days. This may be due to major debt, due to support you give to a partner, or due to your own dependency on others. Slow and steady steps will allow you to tackle your responsibilities with maturity and build trusting bonds that can stand the test of time. Don’t rush this. Said financial burdens may be putting a crimp on your style as the holiday season is approaching. You’re normally up for fun and games in the run up to the holidays, but you may be thinking twice about your expenditure this year. The Gemini Full Moon of the 27th highlights a friendship, or a community project or social group you’re in, bringing things to a head. It also asks you to reconsider your dreams and ideals and the contribution you want to make. Joint financial difficulties still loom large at this Full Moon, thwarting your desire for fun and romance. Patience and discipline are called for. Venus gives you the git of eloquence this month so don’t hesitate to put your point across and have a fair and loving conversation that restores balance to your relationships. An old contact might also make an appearance.


Your world has jumped to life, dear Virgo. Colours are more vivid, conversations saucier and places and faces sexier and more mysterious. The potential for arguments is there, but, more than anything, it’s time to stop beating about the bush, be frank and simply speak your truth. A writing or communications project could get a real boost of energy now - especially after the Scorpio New Moon on November 13th. Fire yourself up to make all the necessary connections, get your voice heard and build a strong network. You may care less than usual about how your words come across right now, as you yearn to speak up and break out of self-censorship. With Saturn direct, your relationships are being thoroughly tested now and until 2026. Those that stand the test of time will be with you for life. And those that do not serve you will slowly fall away to make way for something more substantial. Proceed slowly and carefully this month and allow time to do its work. Your home atmosphere may initially be less festive than it usual is, as it’s under the shadow of relationship difficulties or responsibilities to others. But you’ll still want to stay disciplined and pour your energy into your home and family, especially after the 22nd. The Gemini Full Moon of the 27th highlights your career and public image, your personal authority and perhaps your role as a parent. Something could be coming to a head requiring you to hold it together and take charge of the situation. Self-pampering can go a long way to alleviating stress this month. Be nice to yourself, give yourself gifts, appreciate your own talents and you will see the universe return the favour.


Venus is in your sign and your charm is off the charts, dear Libra. Your confidence is high and you may find yourself wanting to spend more, enjoy more, and do more this month. Money is certainly on your mind, and you’re moving heaven and earth to get it. The Scorpio New Moon of November 13th gives you the green light to push right ahead with your most dynamic money-earning endeavours, giving you the confidence for a breakthrough. Things could get rather unpredictable though, so do watch how you spend and invest your energies. A work matter may be preying more than usual on your mind this month - whether it is because you’re looking for a job, feel your current position is a drudgery, or simply have a heavier workload. If you’ve been avoiding looking into a health matter or addressing bad habits, now is the time to face up to what needs to be done. Work or health limitations may stop you from travelling or doing as much as you’d like this month. Still, a bit of caution early on pays dividends. The Gemini Full Moon of November 27th puts you in a holiday spirit, albeit a little dampened by the aforementioned work or health commitments. You may have to compromise a little in your festivities this year, to accommodate certain health or work restrictions, but it’s nothing you cannot achieve, provided you also clearly communicate your plans with others. Above all, enjoy Venus, your ruler, in your sign all month - something that happens less than once a year. For it makes you irresistible and attracts love, money and all good things to you. Whatever is due to you will certainly come, especially by month’s end.


It’s Scorpio season and with your ruler and a New Moon in your sign, you’re taking charge of your life, dear Scorpio! Now’s the time to push forward with your most daring and ambitious plans! Don’t expect others to play along though. Expect to be surprised and plan for the unexpected! The Scorpio New Moon of November 13th sees you taking dynamic action to break through inertia and achieve results. The Moon is new in your sign only once every year. So take a moment to set clear and actionable intentions for your birthday year ahead - especially where you need to free yourself from a situation, make changes or achieve a breakthrough. Matters of the heart have taken a more serious turn of late as has anything to do with start ups and creative projects on the side, interests and hobbies. It’s important that you closely examine where your heart lies and what makes you happy starting now and over the next two years. And leave behind anything that doesn’t fit the bill. This may also be the time when you decide to turn a hobby into a business or take things up a level with a sport or extracurricular activity. This will require that you watch your expenditure and make sure you invest your time and talents wisely. As the holidays approach, it’s time to monitor and organise your resources. The Gemini Full Moon of the 27th sheds yet more light on your financial situation, especially where it involves debts, tax payments or obligations and ties to others. Do your best to meet your commitments and let go of what you cannot control. Joy is to be found in private this month, with a special someone, simply resting, or within creative and spiritual activities. And you’re sure to experience deep spiritual rewards by month’s end.


There’s a lot going on behind the scenes, dear Sagittarius. Your birthday is fast approaching, so this is the time of year when you tie up loose ends and get busy behind the scenes to prepare for the next show - a brand new birthday year! You may be busier than usual behind closed doors as you frantically prepare for important changes. Things might even get a little hectic mid-month, at the Scorpio New Moon of the 13th, so leave plenty of room in your schedule to deal with whatever arises. You’re having serious concerns about your home and family these days, perhaps about the country you live in, your parents or a real estate matter. And there is no doubt in your mind, as November gets underway, that you’re going to have to address whatever problems you find and come up with practical solutions. An old way of life is coming to an end, even as you set the cornerstone of your future. You’re essentially setting your life on a whole new foundation, in a process that will take you to early 2026. It is in this serious mood that your birthday finds you this year, so take a moment to contemplate how you want to set your life up moving forward. The Gemini Full Moon on November 27th firmly places your attention on your spouse, a client, business partner or whatever important relationship is presently looming large in your life. The anchor to all this is always your home, family and your inner sense of self, which is in a state of becoming. You may have to jump into action toward month’s end, show discipline and create a safe space to share with another. Friends and group activities are a source of love and pleasure this month and you may feel eager to socialise and enjoy the company of others. This is also a time of rewards for you, when a long held desire may be coming to pass.


Your ruler, Saturn, goes direct this month, dear Capricorn. So you may feel a powerful shift in yourself around the 4th, as you’re slowly getting ready to proceed with the next phase of your plans. Responsibilities are beginning to mount as November gets underway and you may need to be out and about more, attend meetings, run errands, liaise and communicate and generally build your network. This is a powerfully sociable month for you, when you may be championing a cause, working as part of a team, or promoting the goals of a friend, community or social media group. This is also an excellent month to set new goals and ideals and actively pursue your dreams - especially after the Scorpio New Moon of November 13th. Use this time to dream new and ambitious dreams and decide on your contribution. You may find that the outer world makes constant demands on you and that you cannot hide away and get on with your plans undisturbed. The Gemini Full Moon of the 27th may create yet more work and other chores and obligations for you to tend to, requiring discipline. This is also a good time to monitor your health and see if you need to change any hindering habits. A more spiritual approach seems to be called for to allow you to make the requisite sacrifices. The good news is that higher ups are looking favourably upon you all month long and you may be called to assume a pleasant role in the eyes of others. Some form of recognition for all you’ve already done could well be on its way to you by month’s end.


Your career is on fire, dear Aquarius, and you’re pursuing your most daring and ambitious goals. Higher ups may even feel threatened by you right now as you’re shooting for the top. That’s because you’re tired of playing by the rules. Ongoing disruptions in your home are changing you deep inside and liberating you from inherited preconceptions about yourself, your history, and the foundations upon which to build your life. This is the time of year to set new life goals and new directions for yourself. This is especially so after the New Moon of November 13th when all the lights turn green for you to raise your game and aim even higher. It’s a rocky climb, and there may be a surprise or two, but you’re used to this instability by now. Your finances are going through a bit of a narrow passage and November leaves you in no doubt that a more strategic approach is required. These difficulties may generate self doubt. The key however is to redouble your resolve and not give up. It may take longer than usual, but you will discover strength, talents and resources you didn’t know you had, creating a more solid financial situation for the future. You love to have your friends around you but your lack of money, time or energy may put a crimp on your socialising this month. You’ll get more into the spirit of things in December. The Gemini Full Moon shines a light on your children and your desire for more love, joy and creative self expression. Again, financial considerations may somewhat dampen your desire for fun, but you can go a long way with a little discipline and lots of help from your friends. Travel offers wonderful respite from it all month long, as does attending seminars, studying, marketing, international business pursuits or any kind of expansive activity that takes you out of yourself. Love could flourish abroad or you may strike a beneficial agreement that’s been long in coming.


This is a crucial period in your life, dear Pisces. Saturn is in your sign - a once in thirty years occurrence - and it’s time to take one long hard look at yourself, admit hard truths and commit to improving what you may long have ignored. It’s the moment of truth, the start of a two year period, until early 2026, that will be the making of you. You’ll come out of this older, wiser and with a brand new identity and outlook on life. But you’ve got to face facts. You’ve got to do the work. Nobody else can do it for you. November is sure to bring that point home and set you on a search for meaning. You’re focused on the bigger picture of your life as November gets underway. You might be seeking accreditation or studying for a degree, obtaining a visa, citizenship or other legal ratification of your status, disseminating your ideas to a wider audience through publishing, marketing or broadcasting, venturing abroad or any other activity that expands your horizons and gives you a wider playing field. This is also the time to consider why you do what you do and get an overview of your trajectory. The Scorpio New Moon of November 13th is perfect for launching an ambitious campaign and for coming up with a dynamic new life vision. The run up to the holidays is normally quite a high profile time for you, when others look to you to take charge. Only this time, you may be a little subdued, with the weight of your own cocoon of transformation pressing upon you. Do what you have to do and show discipline. You’ll still have plenty of time to shoot for the stars next month. The Gemini Full Moon brings a flurry of activity right into your home and family environment. You may need to take charge and show maturity and discipline in handling a home or family matter, or a property deal. Sacrifices may be required. You’ll be glad to know that others look favourably upon you and may trust you, spoil you and give you gifts this month. One such gift may have been long in coming toward month’s end.

Image by Imso Gabriel from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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