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November Horoscope 2022 Zodiac Signs

What does November's Blood Moon Total Eclipse deliver for each star sign? And where does the Sagittarius New Moon bring out the rainbow? Time to divvy-up the sky pie...

Change is rumbling in the deep and the ball-busting nature of November’s energies can allow us all to make a real breakthrough in some area of our lives.

All we need is an opennes to change, coupled with some discipline and persistence.

So let’s just look at how the storm of November’s Taurus Blood Moon gets divvied up for the twelve zodiac slices of that giant clock-pie in the sky, followed by the lovely rainbow delivered by the Sagittarius New Moon of November 23rd.

Mars retrograde and Jupiter direct also stick their nose in, so check out your Rising sign (your most obvious interactive skin), your Sun sign (your creative core) and your Moon sign (the self-regulated rhythms of your flesh).

You can find out more about November’s astrological weather forecast, or quality of the times, in November Astrology 2022.


This Total Eclipse falls across your financial axis, dear Aries. And while it might bring surprises, its purpose is to bring clarity and a financial breakthrough. It’s time to detoxify your life from financial and emotional entanglements, cut through the dross and simplify your finances and material foundations. It’s time to live by your own values. You’ve been busy building a whole new career and public image, and elevating your social status in the past five years and now’s the time to show the discipline and commitment required to claim your place among your peers and make your contribution. The importance of doing so is very clear at this eclipse as is the key role of your friendships with likeminded people who share your dreams.

A physical detox would also work in your favour now, especially as your ruler is retrograde and you may feel pretty drained. A spiritual retreat or any kind, dream journaling or whatever allows you switch off and eliminate bugs in your thinking could work wonders. You may feel less outgoing than usual so take this opportunity to look within and reorganise the way you think, communicate, travel and interlink with the world. This will help you establish yourself more solidly in your community. The next three months are also a good time to return to old books and courses, or visit old places and contact, and connect the missing dots in your mind.

The Sag New Moon on the 23rd brings a fantastic opportunity to expand your horizons, either through travel and relaxation or through study, marketing, publishing and outreach of all kinds. Showcase your maverick leadership! If you have any legal or immigration matters pending, that’s the time to initiate proceedings when you have such protection from on high. Spiritual and therapeutic pursuits are especially favoured now and until December 20th, as are any involvements with large institutions. Between the eclipse and New Moon, November 10-21 lends itself to bonding more deeply, psychologically enriching experiences, secret activities and intimate times with loved ones.


This Blood Moon in your sign is a big one, dear Taurus, when you may decide to make a total break with the past. It’s time to detoxify your interface with the outside world, get out of any toxic relating patterns and simplify your life. Revelations around contracts, agreements and relationships will help you do that and you will find that others are much more willing to collaborate and accommodate you than you thought. You’ve been re-envisioning your life for the past five years, taking on new responsibilities and embarking on a whole new life direction. You’re now called to show the discipline required to achieve your worldly goals, step up to the plate and commit one way or the other.

You’ve just begun a three month journey where you are totally rethinking your priorities, which will take you into 2023 and beyond. Take a fresh look at your resources - whether financial, physical or human - and you will find riches you didn’t know you had. This can help you to achieve your goals and establish the public image you want, even taking into account any concessions you are making for idealistic reasons in favour of your community. You may also wish to revisit and revive an old talent or income source.

The Sag New Moon on the 23rd brings positive financial news, especially where you hold joint resources, and a chance to bond more closely with others, an area that has seen major changes over the past two years. Your friends and community are instrumental offering a helping hand and you may see financial rewards too. Events also open you up to psychological healing and release. You’ll find that November opens communication channels allowing you to meaningfully connect with people around you. You’re now entering a very socially rewarding period now until December 20th.


This Blood Moon brings sudden insights, dear Gemini, that allow you to cut straight through the nitty gritty of previously complex and seemingly insurmountable mundane concerns. Whether these pertain to your work, your health or your daily routine, it’s time to cut the Gordian Knot in one fell swoop and simplify your daily existence. Crucial information at work or about your health may help you do just that. There has never been a better time, essentially, to let go of bad habits, physical or emotional. Transformative experiences over the past five years have left you so changed that you are now seeking a new vision by which to live. The time has come to pin your colours to the mast and stand up for what you believe. It may also be decision time for important international, educational, official or legal matters.

With Mars retrograde in your sign, your journey of personality recalibration has already begun. You’re reviewing the past, rethinking what you want out of life and even how you want to present yourself in the world and engage with others - a process that will come to climax at next month’s Full Moon in your sign. While it maybe confusing at times, this process solidifies your message and sense of purpose, while refining and elevating your sense of identity and career goals to a whole other level.

The Sag New Moon on the 23rd opens a new and more easy going chapter in your relationships and collaborations, after two intense years of eclipse-driven changes, even bringing new and lucrative agreements your way. And however bizarre your social circle, your contract or relationship has their support. Whatever else is going down, Jupiter direct in your career house elevates your profile and makes this a wonderful period to pursue your most ambitious goals til December 20th. You’ll find that November can be a professionally easy-going and creative and even lucky period.


This Total Eclipse of your ruler, the Moon, could bring shocking revelations in your circle of friends, dear Cancer. New associations or radical changes in your community open new and rewarding avenues for you to make your contribution and pursue your dreams. Clarity about a speculative project, a child, hobby or romance could shock you into changing how you see your place in the world - especially where there is accumulated toxicity in those areas - again, a love affair, creative endeavour or relationship with a child - that’s been left to fester for too long. Your finances are also highlighted, especially any speculative investments, which could bring surprises, requiring careful handling. In all these cases, you are called to responsibly manage how you invest and share your life force and energies with others, as well as honouring any debts, taxes or other financial obligations. Partnerships have been extra demanding for the past five years and you may find your energies so deeply entangled by this point that they weigh you down. It’s time to set some ground rules as to what is and isn’t on, as well as some financial discipline to reach your goals.

You have been working hard behind the scenes, often suppressing your own desires, and you may be losing your motivation now - especially as a publishing, educational, legal, international or marketing project seems to be getting bogged down. Still, this is a highly creative and spiritually enriching period so do take time to be alone, act on your inspiration, and dig deep within yourself to rediscover what makes you tick. Digging deep psychologically and sorting out old grudges can only strengthen you down the line.

The Sag New Moon on the 23rd brings a wonderful fresh start with your work and daily routine, removing some of the pressure that two years of eclipses have brought to that sector. Projects now could have an international element to them, allowing you to relax, broaden your horizons or reach new markets, raising your profile as a maverick. Alternatively, you may find you have more time in your day to upgrade your lifestyle and improve your health. Despite all the drama, You’ll find that November offers highly enjoyable moments for love, travel, fun and creative projects. Academic, publishing and marketing projects, as well as international and legal matters have Jupiter’s stamp of approval now til December 20th.


The Blood Moon could bring shocking developments in your career or public standing, dear Leo, or a sudden change of direction, turning your life goals on their head. You are carrying a lot of toxic material around your home and family situation that is ripe for release. This eclipse brings clarity around a parent, living situation, family or property matter, and the way these things affect you at your very core, allowing you to make a quick turn-around. Time to see where your life is headed in a whole new light - especially after five years of relationship, work and logistical or health related pressures. A crucial relationship, partnership or contract requires discipline, patience and commitment on your part now. Doing so can help anchor you to make the necessary changes in your life.

You’re working hard to recalibrate your dreams for the future, with some solid support from important people in your life, and you can make great progress toward these in the months to come. A long forgotten dream may also be revived now. Your financial and emotional entanglements may be particularly draining, and that’s urging you to redefine old dreams, ideals and notions of reward.

You can look forward to the happiest time come the Sag New Moon of the 23rd, bringing love, romance and rejuvenation into your life, after two years of difficulty. Help is available from officials and far away places too to relax you and lift your spirits. This is a lucky time for speculative investments, creative projects, love and children, with the potential for emotional, financial and sexual renewal too now and all the way til December 20th. November also offers moments of deeply felt emotional satisfaction which you can enjoy with loved ones or engaged in creative endeavours or spiritual pursuits.


Whatever toxicity has gathered in your mind and immediate environment, dear Virgo, it’s time to see it clearly and let it go. The Total Eclipse brings sudden philosophical insights that can help you see the bigger picture of your life and snap out of whatever negativity has got you trapped in a very small circle, going around in loops. Events could well transpire that open up new horizons for you to explore - whether through travel, education, publicity, outreach, a vacation, or an official accreditation or stamp of approval that gives you a far wider playing field. You’re finding your voice and it may be time for some frank conversations. Relationships with siblings and in-laws could also see positive improvement at this time, clearing some of the negativity from your environment. You’ve been scratching your head for the past five years of how best to turn your talents and creativity into skills that can give you a better lifestyle. Events now call you to show discipline and establish healthy habits and working routines so you can bring your ideas to the wider world.

You’re just begining an arduous process of recalibrating your public image and life goals that will take you into 2023 and beyond. You may also wish to revitalise an old career path. Relationships feel rather draining, however, not allowing you to make as much progress as you would like. Trying as this is, it’s helping you purify your goals, even bringing a more spiritual or imaginative element to them. Stable working conditions can help you stay on track, as can your own commitment to be of service.

Home, family and real estate matters are about to see a wonderful infusion of luck and optimism with the Sag New Moon of the 23rd, the first non-eclipse lunation in your house of home for two years. A spouse, partner or agent may be instrumental in this positive turn of events and you may also see some wonderful healing energies pour into your most intimate bonds, your own psychological wellbeing, and your joint finances. You’ll find that November offers many opportunities for deeply satisfying, romantic and creative communications, collaborations and interactions with others, with Jupiter bringing great luck into partnerships and collaborations until December 20th.


This month’s Blood Moon cuts the Gordian Knot of your financial entanglements with others, dear Libra. Debts and payments long overdue suddenly show up and it’s time for you to shake up and clear your energy. On a deeper level, the eclipse could bring psychological or even biological healing and insights, helping you clean toxins from your body, your life and your system. Expect clarity about the material basis of your life - whether that is your finances and physical resources, your body, or the talents and assets that give you self-confidence and material reassurance. Whatever toxicity has interfered with your sense of self-worth, it’s time to release all that and open yourself up to greater financial, physical and psychological freedom. Your home and family situation has been very difficult to deal with in the past five years with the focus falling squarely on your children of late, as well as your personal yearnings for rejuvenation and fulfilment. It’s time for an important decision on that front, whether with a child, romance or creative endeavour, requiring discipline and commitment on your part.

Your outlook in life is currently undergoing renovation and you may no longer be sure where you stand or what you believe. That’s because you’re in a process of broadening your horizons that will take you all the way into 2023 and beyond. You may wish to retake a journey or return to university or revisit a legal case or other official papers, supported by your commitment to start doing more of the things that make you happy. Legal, international, or academic and publicity-related matters may drag on due to sacrifices to be made for your work or health but this whole process is actually elevating and refining your whole outlook on life.

The Sag New Moon of the 23rd lifts your spirits and brings a ray of sunshine into your environment, whether through positive news, a short trip or a meeting. Anything to do with papers, books, writing, learning, or speaking and networking is favoured at this time, concurrent with improvements for your work, health and lifestyle, which can be extremely lucky for you now and til December 20th. November can be an inspired month professionally and an excellent time to implement a more fulfilling daily routine. A frank and civilised talk could also do wonders for a relationship around the 21st-26th, bringing much needed healing.


With a Blood Moon in your opposite sign, relationships sure hold surprises, dear Scorpio. A partnership, contract or association may suddenly change completely or you might find someone doing a flip-turn and heading the other way. This is a deeply karmic period for you, when difficulties and toxicities in your own life can no longer be ignored. It’s time to clean out what burdens you, pay any remaining debts but also receive your rewards for efforts made. Whatever transpires is sure to shine a laser beam of clarity into your own situation, from your health and appearance, all the way to who you are and what you want out of life. Property, home and family related intricacies have been an ongoing thorn in your side, and you’ve worked tirelessly to sort out paperwork, make the right connections, stay on the move and even deal with relatives. This eclipse demands that you steel yourself once more to secure your foundations.

With your ruler Mars retrograde in a financial house, money matters to do with joint assets, debts, taxes and business ventures preoccupy your mind. You may wish to return to an old business idea as you continue to adjust your position all the way til January 2023, with things finally moving forward January-March. While you may lack your usual strength and motivation, you can rely on your property, home or family for support. A child or hobby, or your own romantic or speculative endeavours may be interfering with your ability to make sound financial decisions but you’ll ultimately consider this a worthwhile investment of your energies.

The good news is that you have a fabulous Sag New Moon on the 23rd in your house of money. This brings a fresh start with your finances and with whatever else brings you a sense of strength, security, confidence and self-assurance. A child could bring you luck now, a new romance could fill you with self confidence, or it could be a hobby or speculation that opens up new earning potentials. This is the first easy-going financial new moon you’ve had in a couple of years, so you can look forward to a change for the better. It’s also an excellent time to heal any difficulties around your work and lifestyle, as well as boost your health. Amid all this, November offers some wonderful pockets for love and romance, for good times with children, as well as for incredible creativity and inspiration - all of which receive a boost of luck from Jupiter now and until December 20th.


The Total Eclipse could bring surprising developments at work and sudden changes to your schedule and lifestyle. You’re in the process of releasing a lot of old karmic matter from your past, toxic memories and energy drains that simply have no place in your life. If you’re harbouring any secrets, it’s high time for these to be revealed, shedding light on whatever toxic conditions and psychological complexes have been undermining you behind the scenes. New healing techniques, new ways of working and new habits is the solution here, but it’s a learning curve. It requires responsible communication on your part and a commitment to better handle your environment, including showing discipline and putting in the work when it comes to dealing with paperwork, or being efficient in your communications or travel. You’re coming to the end of a very long phase of personal redefinition and you’re still exploring your new environment. A willingness to learn and to do things differently is all that’s needed.

With Mars retrograde in your opposite sign you may feel like withdrawing from a relationship, contract or too much external interaction, no less due to family interference or sacrifices required at home. Or you may find people from your past entering your life. In truth, you’re revamping the entire way you relate to others. With some solid communication in place so people know where you stand, you will come out stronger and more eager to reach out after mid-January, even if you still have to take your home situation into account.

The most important news is saved for last. You have a most fortunate New Moon in your sign on the 23rd - the first non-eclipse lunation in two years! You are finally free to move forward in your life unencumbered, supported by a positive home atmosphere, a new property or your family. Your heart can finally heal and open up to deeper levels of love. November brings some wonderful opportunities for romance and creativity behind closed doors and for moments of love and pleasure, with Jupiter bringing luck and abundance into your home and family til December 20th.


The November Blood Moon could bring a total change of heart, dear Capricorn. The energy is rather capricious and could take you on a hedonistic ride, or you could fall in or out of love all of a sudden, or you may throw yourself into a brand new hobby with great abandon. A child or youthful endeavour could also surprise you now, bringing excitement and turning things on their head. A laser beam of light reveals truths about your social community that free you to pursue your own interests. You’re ready to strip your life of toxic peer pressure and expectations, to toss aside goals and associations that clearly have nothing to do with what your heart truly desires any more. And the eclipse reveals just that - it sheds light on what your heart wants - with such purity and aplomb that you simply can’t miss it. The pressure point in this whole thing is your finances. You’ve experienced a total identity revamp over the past five years and you’re now in the stage where you’re trying to reset your priorities and manage your resources in line with your new values and principles. This eclipse could put financial pressure on you to make cuts or changes to generate greater security and sustenance.

Small annoyances - like repairs around your home, intricacies at work or issues with your health - may call certain aspects of your lifestyle into question. It’s time for a different approach and you may even dust off an old skill or revive an old job. The next three to six months are a busy time fo recalibration, calling you to revamp your work and lifestyle while taking into account the fluid circumstances all around you. Paperwork, repairs, travel, communications and all kinds of logistics may cause a headache and sacrifices may be needed to accommodate your immediate environment. But setting priorities and managing your resources can help hold down the fort.

The November 23rd Sag New Moon brings a surge of optimism and an opportunity for psychological renewal. It’s an expansive energy helping you see, heal and let go of the past so do take time for introspection. Uplifting conversations and positive news will also bring a ray of hope and help you see things in a whole new light. You’ll find that much of November brings opportunities for spiritual conversations and to connect emotionally with others, with Jupiter offering insights, learning opportunities and lucky encounters til December 20th.


The Blood Moon brings surprises at home, dear Aquarius. This may have to do with your actual residence, your family, a parent or real estate, also bringing with it sudden psychological insights that help you see the past in a new light. Your sense of direction, life goals and public image are in turmoil right now with information coming to light that could totally change where you see your career going. Data could be made public that recognises your authority, responsibilities and the role you play, whilst also clarifying your next steps. Whatever comes up in the public sphere is urging you to do a thorough clean up inside and set your life on a new foundation. Detox your life from outdated goals and worldly expectations and simplify it from the inside out. Whatever happens at this eclipse, it falls on you to take responsibilty and carry the burden and this is the crux of the matter. You’ve seen your old life demolished to bits over the past five years and it’s time to accept this new identity mantel that you’ve been given and make it your own.

A child, romance or labour of love may need your attention at this time, calling for a new approach to the situation. Resentments may need to be aired or you may have to address an old problem that has not gone away and that eats away at your financial resources and even your self esteem. You are the pillar that holds this situation together so it falls on you, once more, to rise to the occasion and do the responsible thing.

If you’ve been cooped up for a long time, the November 23rd New Moon opens a fantastic window to socialise and connect with your community. This is an uplifting energy bringing friendship and rewards, including positive financial news. Conversations with friends can have a deeply healing effect now as the truth is acknowledged in a loving and civilised spirit. Your finances are also in for some lucky breaks now and until December 20th, which is the perfect window to find ways to increase yoru income. November brings many a opporutnity to use your imagination, and the opporutnities coming your way, to improve your professional life.


The Blood Moon speaks truths that set you free, dear Pisces, revealing many a blind spot in your thinking and bringing shocking news and communications to shake your outlook on life. Toxic skewed beliefs can no longer go unexamined, especially as they determine every decision you make. Releasing these dogmas helps make room in your mind for fresh ideas. A sibling could also surprise you at this point, showcasing your blind spots, or, the eclipse could bring an intellectual breakthrough if you are invovled with law, learning or writing. The crux of the matter remains psychological, however, with revelations bringing up old demons that may get you physically and emotionally run down. Take some time to recover until the message of the eclipse is assimilated. You’ve come to the end of a long cycle of development over the past five years and you’re now in the process of letting your old identity go, whilst you await your upgrade. This may not be a comfortable space but a necessary process to help you step into much bigger shoes in the future.

There’s much going behind closed doors and that includes your home, which may be in the midst of renovations as we speak. Or it could also be a parent or family situation that requires careful handling on your part. Either way, you’ll be very involved with trying to turn your home situation around, using your ample imagination and making personal sacrifices where needed. Whatever the work, at least it offers you a stable psychological framework in which to function.

Most important of all, your co-ruler Jupiter turns direct on November 23rd, the date of a wonderful New Moon in your house of honours. This is fantastic news for your popularity and goals, bringing many a career opportunity, bringing some financial healing, as well as opening the doors wide for you to go after cherished personal desires. The cosmos favours you and is laying down the red carpet now and all the way til December 20th for you to walk through these big beautiful doors - the first opportunity you’ve had to really do so in a couple of years. November is an inspiring month, overall, when you can spread your wings, literally or metaphorically, expand your projects and broaden your horizons.

Image by Sorasak from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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