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October Astrology & Horoscope 2021: Turn the Tide…

Mars fuels Mercury Retro, a pensive Libra New Moon and an explosive Aries Full Moon. Planets turn direct and it's all go!

October is a decisive month! What world do you want to live in? It’s Libra’s season, a time to redress any imbalance and restore fairness, justice and equality to our world.

Mars sticks his nose into everything this month. Mars meets the Sun and renews his mojo, ties into the Chiron opposition, the Mercury retrograde, the Libra New Moon and the Aries Full Moon. It’s time to unsheathe your warrior sword! Mars has been strong since August and it's been exhausting, but also super-productive. Now, it’s time to stop pushing forward regardless and take time to make some important decisions. Major corrective action is due! And with so many Libra new beginnings, the kinds of relationships we nurture moving forward will be of crucial importance.

To top things off, four planets go direct this month - Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury - and October is like a steamroller effecting a one-eighty. The tide is turning and intensity maxes out incrementally as various waves crest then break. It’s all about decisions at this point. Adjudications. What passes for justice and fairness between people is important now. Thankfully Venus in Sagittarius, Libra’s ruler, is rather high minded, helping us see the bigger picture. With the eclipses arriving only next month, things are about to develop warp speed into 2022 so take a moment and choose your path. Your decisions now matter.

Keep reading for the month’s astro-weather forecast or scroll straight down to Your October 2021 Horoscope.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra: Back to the Drawing Board…

Mercury is retrograde in Libra September 27th-October 18th and it’s time to sort things out. This is a great opportunity to tackle unfinished business. Take a break and research an idea more fully before you push full speed ahead.

Chances are you’ve missed something. Pick up projects and tasks that you’d parked for when you’d have a moment. Well, you now have a moment.

I personally love Mercury retrograde. It’s a time-out allowing you to improve your game. Do some trial runs; pick up stragglers; re-check the facts. And hold off major decisions till you’ve figured out all the pieces, if you can. Calm your mind.

New Moon, Mars and Mercury Retro: Pivot, Pivot, Pivot!

October 6th-9th is a pivotal few days for the next three months, nay six months, nay two years!

That’s when the Sun meets the Moon (New Moon!) then Mars (‘New’ Mars) then Mercury (‘New’ Mercury). Yep, that’s three new beginnings rolled into one!

The Mercury cycle will take us to January 2022, bringing crucial information to light even before November is out. The Libra New Moon will peak in April 2022 acting as a civilising influence and helping us recalibrate our relationships - and boy, do we need it. And the Mars-Sun conjunction will ignite new motives and desires to take us to November 2023. This is a powerful point of ignition!

A New Mars Cycle 2021-2023

The Mars cycle is worth observing.

The Sun and Mars meet once every two years and mark major cycles of action and initiative.

This year they meet on 8 October at 05:00 BST in 15:05 Libra and light a fuse that will keep burning till the end of 2023.

The cycle ending now began two years ago. Think back to September 2019. What was ignited back then that energised you so much, it kept you ticking over for the past two years? You’re up for another adrenaline shot now, right at this Libra New Moon!

The Sabian Symbol for this new cycle is: “After a storm a boat landing stands in need of reconstruction.” It looks like we’re entering a two year cycle where essential repairs are in order.

Libra New Moon 2021, October 6th

The Libra New Moon takes place on 6 October at 12:05 BST in 13:24 Libra, kick-starting a period of decisive reviews and renegotiations.

With Mars and Mercury retrograde conjunct the Sun and Moon, we need to take corrective steps to restore our world to balance.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “in the heat of the noon hour, a man takes a siesta.” Rest. Contemplate. Take your time in making a decision. There has been a lots of fast action with Mars-Mercury sailing close since August and it’s time to hit rewind and pay closer attention to some finer points. Uranus winks at the Sun and Moon, adding the element of surprise to help you snap out of it.

If you need to go back to the drawing board, enact an old plan, come up with a better solution, or reverse a past decision, now is the time!

The Chiron Opposition, October 3rd

This quadruple New Moon conjunction (Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury) is opposite Chiron in Aries.

Chiron is about health and healing and, in Aries, he puts our inalienable human right to be masters of our own fate at the heart of all this.

Chiron is the one generally waving a little white flag and going, “hey, have you noticed this major tear in your world over here?” This time, Mars is listening. And Mars wants action! This is an opportunity to heal the rips in our world and cease and desist from scapegoating.

On a personal level, it’s about stepping out of external dictates that don’t mean anything to you personally and following your own authentic path.

Venus enters Sagittarius, October 7th

Venus, ruler of this New Moon, is still in Scorpio trine Neptune on October 6th, peering beneath the surface of our passions and looking for feelings more refined. Whilst in Scorpio Venus is in mutual reception to Mars in Libra and this Libra New Moon is a chance to fight for what you care about.

Venus also conjuncts the Dragon’s Tail, emphasising unfinished business at the heart of this New Moon.

On the next day, October 7th, Venus enters Sagittarius, elevating our hearts and minds onto higher ground and facilitating international relations. Love is an adventure now, thriving in wild and exotic places.

Honesty, truth, tolerance and generosity are what we value most, October 7th to November 5th.

Planets Direct - Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury!

First Pluto, then Saturn, then Jupiter, then Mercury all turn direct in quick succession this month. By October 20th the world looks very different to what you now see.

This is a major U-turn and the momentum we now gain will take us all the way through to Spring-Summer next year. And once it gets going, there’s no stopping this train!
  • Pluto Direct 6 October 19:28 BST 24:18 Capricorn

  • Saturn Direct 11 October 03:17 BST 06:52 Aquarius

  • Jupiter Direct 18 Oct 06:30 BST 22:19 Aquarius

  • Mercury Direct 18 October 16:16 BST 10:07 Libra

Pluto & Saturn Direct, October 6th & 11th!

Pluto goes direct on October 6th bang on the Libra New Moon and you can cut the tension with a knife - as if things were not dramatic enough!

This is a truly transformative lunation, the pivot point of a major rebirth for our world over the next two years.

Its unfolding will be gradual, inexorable. (And the USA, which is coming up to its own Pluto return in February 2022, lies at the heart of it all).

Next is Saturn to turn direct on the 11th and push ahead with yet more rules and regulations - and all that before the Moon has even reached first quarter.

After October 11th, commitments and responsibilities you had put on the back-burner for the summer will start pressing on you once more.

These energies, Saturn and Pluto, are dead serious. Pluto is all about power and control, Saturn about restrictions and hierarchies. And October gives both the green light to carry on with their plans… The good news?

The areas occupied by Saturn and Pluto in your chart, which might have stalled over the summer, can now resume fast forward momentum.

Jupiter & Mercury Direct, October 18th!

Next are Jupiter and, yes, Mercury to turn direct, in tandem and on the very same day - the 18th! What an exciting, nerve racking day this is! The exhilarating ride starts much earlier, on the 15th, as the Sun, then Mars, trine Jupiter, and culminates at the intense Aries Full Moon on the 20th.

The 15th-19th is a time of great expectations, big plans, confidence and exuberance. Hold your nerve!

Jupiter and Pluto are marching in step so expect great intensity. It’s not all fun and games; something important rides on this. These are a good few days to transform a situation, turn it around.

With Mercury and Jupiter both direct from the 18th there is nothing stopping you from pushing ahead with your most ambitious plans.

Aries Full Moon, October 20th

This month’s Full Moon arrives on 20 October at 15:56 BST in 27:26 Aries. The Sabian Symbol for it is “a large audience confronts the performer who disappointed its expectations.” Eery. This is a seething, resentful full moon - and said ‘audience’, it seems, won’t be easily placated. Volcanic eruptions - social and literal - spring to mind as the Sun and Moon connect with an almost exact Mars-Pluto-Eris T-square in the heavens.

What a hot and angry combination!

And that’s not even counting the fact that this Full Moon marks the start of Eclipse Season - yep, the next Full Moon on the 18th-19th of November is a Lunar Eclipse. (Financial problems are quickly coming centre-stage this autumn, alongside food and energy shortages, our bodies and the earth. The eclipses are moving to Taurus and Scorpio, highlighting Scorpio's dark side with Taurus holding the key. Time to clean out Augean's stables.)

This October Full Moon is a time of unrest, leading to a deep transformation on the material plane.

Mars is but the spark that lights the fuse, even as its trine to Jupiter throws fuel on the fire. With Pluto and Eris in play, this is a very long, slow-burning fuse indeed. Watch this space!

Scorpio Season, October 23rd

Things get dark and mysterious after the October Full Moon, as the Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd at 05:51 BST. Hello Scorpio Season!

Scorpio augurs a period of death and rebirth, when the rot falls away and becomes the mulch that fertilises the seeds of spring.

It’s time to observe things closely. Go into detective mode and prepare for change. Mars closely follows the Sun into Scorpio on the 30th, where Mars is strong till mid-November. Something’s brewing in the deep. Don’t be afraid to take control with Mars in Scorpio, stir those murky waters and get to the bottom of things.

The 30th is also when the Sun squares Saturn bringing a pesky little reality check. Uranus follows closely on its heels, and November enters kicking and screaming.

Your October 2021 Horoscope

Without much ado, here’s October’s Zodiac Sign Cookbook. Choose your recipe (be it sun signs, moon signs, ascending signs or whatnot) and get cooking. The key thing to ask is: where does Libra fall in my chart? That’s where most of the action is. (The titles are rather tongue in cheek but you catch my drift… The pot is boiling. Make the most of it!)

Aries — Relationship Minefield!

Mars is your planet and, oh boy, is he busy this month. And so are you! Trouble is, Mars is operating with one hand tied behind his back and you’ve gotta relinquish your Number One position and put others first, with all their complex issues and requirements. But it’s worth it. You’re making a major new beginning in your relationships this month, one that will keep on giving. And you may have to renegotiate terms in your most important partnerships. No need to get too impatient. All eyes are on you at the powerful Full Moon in your sign, signifying the culmination of a major initiative you took back in April. Your friendly community is also starting to look more lively, meanwhile whilst Venus brings you international favour.

Taurus - Administrative Hell!

Venus is weak in Scorpio, but not for long. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief once Venus enters Sagittarius, where’s she’s sure to bring you many a gift. Meanwhile, your life seems filled with a long list of chores, health checks, things to do, paperwork to sort and admin errors to correct. Give it your all because you have the chance to really address the nitty gritty of your life now, clear any work backlog and get everything in good working order, including your health. Ditch those bad habits! Come the 20th, you’ll be ready to take a step back from all of life’s practicalities and contemplate its deeper meaning. If your career seemed to have been stalling of late, you’ll be happy to know you can resume forward motion now, full speed ahead.

Gemini - Those Crazy Kids!

Your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde so best lay low for a bit and recharge your batteries. You’ve an itch you cannot scratch and whether it’s a hobby that’s fallen by the wayside, a romance gone off the rails or your kids driving you crazy, it’s time to rethink what makes you happy and do something about it. It’s worth putting time and effort into what you love now for it’s going to pay dividends - especially with Venus making you rather popular. October 20th could signify a big transformative social event for you. If you’ve had no idea where the heck your life was headed of late, your vision clears and you can resume with any studies, outreach or international activities.

Cancer - Renegotiate Your Territory!

This Libra New Moon urges you to look to your roots and kill any weeds that are sucking up valuable nutrients. Touch base and renegotiate your territory - whether with a home, a parent, a property, a house-repair or house-mate. Time to clear the air and plant your feet in the right location. It’s not pleasant perhaps, but great, helping you set your life on the proper foundation. Your career and reputation light up on the 20th, highlighting your accomplishments, even against great challenges. Saturn and Jupiter release their stranglehold on your finances, meanwhile, and it’s time to sort out any bonuses, benefits, debts and taxes. At work, you can count on Venus’ help to ease your days.

Leo - Tough Talks!

You’re the centre of the universe one way or another and this month more so, as the Moon, Mars and Mercury all touch base with the Sun simultaneously. You’re at the heart of important meetings and communications and you might also re-take a trip or re-hash a conversation to correct any past misapprehensions. Now’s the time to put out feelers and mobilise your network around all your ideas, even those you tried before that fell on deaf ears. Try, try again! On the 20th, your world expands and goes global. That’s when an international, official, academic or broadcasting project comes to a head. Meanwhile, after a short break this summer, it’s time to take your relationship to the next level. Venus fills your life with laughter, joy, love and romance from the 7th.

Virgo - Financial Headache!

Money talks, but perhaps you’re tired of listening to it tell the same old story? Is it time to change the script? You’ll be dealing with financial loose ends that you’ve been dragging along for a while, clearing the decks. Whilst irritating, this will make you feel more secure in the long run, help you uncover unused talents, and show you what’s of real value for you moving forward. All the better to stop wasting your time, money and energy elsewhere. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde so this is the best time to tidy up loose ends. Work that had stalled now begins to resume its rhythm. It's time to get busy and set your world in order. Debts, taxes, gifts and benefits come sharply to the fore on the 20th, showing you exactly where you stand, financially, with others. This Full Moon pulls no punches - be proactive! Venus protects your home, adding a touch of style.

Libra - Try, Try Again!

Your ruler, Venus, is weak. But even in that strange position, you still hold all the cards right now. If a path is ending before you it’s because you’ve gone down the wrong trouser leg. Take a moment to retrace your steps and reconsider who you are and what you really want. Nobody can move an inch without you. They’ll have to wait. Give yourself time to decide. Someone lays their cards on the table on the 20th, yet the ball is still in your court, tricky as this may be. This month is all about you, life on your terms. And if all the things that bring you joy have been put on hold of late, you’ll be happy to know said hiatus is over. Time to resume your pursuit of personal happiness with even greater force. Venus makes it easier to convince others of your point of view.

Scorpio - ...Get Me Out of Here!

You’re having to be diplomatic and deferential, something a warrior like you is loath to do. But Mars is weak in Libra till the 30th. And while you seem to be doing everything for everyone, you’re not Santa’s little helper, much less when you’re operating with one hand tied behind your back. You’re only human and as such, you need sleep. Others may think you’ve dropped off the face of the earth but you’re so incredibly busy with activities that have sucked up your energy that you barely have a moment to rest. Well, this is your moment. Go the extra mile. Do what you must with no concern for personal gain. And your time will come - sooner than you think! Remember Scorpio season is only around the corner and Mars will soon be strong by your side! It’s crucial that you take care of your health this month. If you need a procedure, carefully research your options. If you’re dealing with complex politics at work, take a step back and bide your time. A big work or health matter comes to a head on the 20th. Meanwhile, you’re finally able to push forward with all property related matters that may have been stalling over the summer. And, while you may feel like spending for joy, Venus protects your income.

Sagittarius - With Friends Like These…

You’ve been somewhat out of action since Jupiter turned retrograde last June and it’s time to return to form. That’s on the 18th, when Jupiter turns direct. It’s your social scene that lights up this month. It looks like you’ve gotta turn a situation around and steer things in a new direction - whether it’s with a social club, a friendship or your social media followers. That will take hard work but it’s worth it. Things have gone to seed and it’s time to take some corrective action. October 20th is a moment of intense joy when you can finally celebrate your love and showcase your creations. If you felt cut off from your environment over the Summer, get ready for all obstacles to lift. Prepare for contact! Venus arrives in your sign just in time for all this socialising, rendering you utterly irresistible.

Capricorn - Trouble With Authorities…

Financial matters that may have laid low during the summer now resume and it’s crucial that you address them. Oops? Wish you could suck back your words? Wish you could go back and undo something or repair your reputation? Your public image calls for some corrective action, whether you’ve accidentally given the wrong impression or are called to deal with unfinished business from past deeds. What you do now is important and will determine your future direction. Take charge like only a Capricorn knows how! Fight to restore your good name and to raise your social standing and see the rewards. Things reach a climax at home, or perhaps with a parent or property matter, on the 20th, calling you to take charge once more. You may feel alone but you’re not. Venus brings you a secret admirer. Help is available!

Aquarius - International Incident?

Saturn direct brings out your more conservative side and it’s time to continue with your mammoth effort to redefine your life and identity on all fronts. You seem to be negotiating an international contract, composing a tricky document or fighting a legal battle right now and it takes up all your time. There’s something official in what you’re doing so you’re trying your best to be fair and objective in your output. This is a month of intense focus concentration as, once the stamp and signature go on the dotted line, that’s that. Take time to do your due diligence. October 20th brings an important meeting, piece of news or communication. This is perhaps the moment when you choose to speak your mind in no uncertain terms. And if things get a little intense, there’s always love and pleasure to be had among your circle of friends.

Pisces - It’s Complicated…

You seem trapped in a debt-nightmare of “you owe me three and I owe you five so if I give you one and borrow one from over there, then….” Aaargh! Perhaps it’s the mire of emotional blame and recrimination that has your knickers in a twist? Or perhaps you’re just moving funds around and never seeing any for yourself? If things got way too complex, it’s time to grab the end of that string and unravel it. It’s all negotiable. Be proactive, broach tricky financial subjects and come to some arrangement. The 20th shines a light on what’s yours and yours alone, your income, your talents and your stuff, urging you to take a long hard look. This is the month to be brave and renegotiate all your financial obligations. Venus makes you look good to higher ups and that’s a plus. After a break this summer, it’s time to resume the process of ridding your life of any unnecessary weight.

Image by Daniele Colucci from Unsplash

Sabian Symbols taken from Dane Rudhyar's An Astrological Mandala.


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