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Lucky Jupiter enters your sign mid-May for the first time in well over a decade, dear Aries, and you’re in for a whole lot of expansion! Get ready for some lucky breaks from May 11th and until October 28th and then again from Christmas onwards and into 2023 — opportunities that will set you on a whole new trajectory for personal growth and prosperity. And even if you can’t quite see it, trust what happens. It is a blessing in disguise! Use the time up to May to tend to your spirit, daydream and work behind the scenes as you prepare for this coming cycle of expansion. January-May it is an excellent time for exploring your creativity, nourishing your spirit and connecting on a soul level with your fellow man. Plug into the mother ship. This inwardly expansive trend returns in November and December completing your spiritual upgrade, so you are better able to take advantage of all the opportunities coming your way in the first half of 2023. You may feel like an outsider of late, a maverick out on a limb, and there may be a sense of vulnerability attached to being different that will only get stronger in 2023. Embrace it and go with it for it will bring you luck!

Uranus and the Eclipses are set to revolutionise your finances this year, bringing great innovation into the things that sustain you and boosting your confidence. You are entering a financially transformative 1.5 years, that will change your values and priorities and show you new ways to make money. You’re on unfamiliar ground these days and 2022 will see a total recalibration of your priorities. Debts or taxes may become due and you may also benefit from joint holdings, credits or grants. It’s important not to develop a dependency on these things but to use this time to focus on building your strength and independence, developing new talents. This is especially so this summer, which sees you going all in with some interesting experiments that potentially plug you into whole new income sources. Any remaining financial barriers will be challenged in the autumn, bringing an echo of 2021, as you learn to plug into your community for sustenance in a whole new way.

Pluto is completing the demolition of your old public image this year, which started back in 2008 and which has totally altered your career and direction in life. You’ve risen like a Phoenix in the eyes of many, establishing your authority and becoming a force to be reckoned with — a very public transformation. By March 2023, you’ll be ready to upgrade your social network, relying more and more on your community and VIP connections to increase your influence. This is an area of life that is teaching you some lessons right now. Perhaps you’re saying good bye to old friends and making new ones, or perhaps you are learning new social media platforms or collaborating creatively with others or finding your tribe. There is a sense in which you have arrived, completed one cycle of development, and are ready to engage with the world afresh. Reassess your dreams and which groups of people and associations are the right ones for you, as 2022 lays the groundwork for amazing changes yet to come.

Last but not least, your ruler, Mars, goes retrograde this autumn and this may be a strange and listless time when you lack your usual dynamism. This may be because you have lots of paperwork, communications and logistics to take care of from September-October all the way till January and even March 2023 - just a lot of moving parts. You may also be dealing with irritability or tiresome bickering. Take it in your stride because you have a chance to totally revamp your surroundings at that time — whether it is your work space or book collection, upgrade your car, change schools or make changes in your neighbourhood. You can create a virtual platform for business or pleasure during the final months of the year, revamp printed material or rework any trade routes or agreements. Venus and Mercury also go retrograde this year, helping you re-define your public image and review how you plug into this world, in light of any practical changes you need to make to best support your career, work and income. This is especially so in January, May-June and September-October.

How the Year Shapes Up:


You’re reassessing the direction of your life and reviewing your expectations from your friends and social circle. There’s strong focus on your career and public image, your goals and dreams for the future.


A massive period of letting go. Powerful dreams and longings bring a spiritual awakening. Important crossroads in your friendships and social circles. A time to reset your priorities and innovate financially. A healing fresh start.


A very lucky period begins. Use this time to push ahead with all your goals. Dramatic events affect your most intimate relationships and your finances. Time to review paperwork, assets or business practices.


Uncover new talents and build new strengths. A revolutionary summer for your finances. Home, family and children take up your time.


Expect some friction as you bring your new values to bear on your old circle of friends. Time for clarity in your relationships and a fresh start with old financial affairs. Review contracts, agreements and working practices. A time of great commotion begins.


Financial revelations radically reset your priorities. You have a lot to be getting on with as you revamp your surroundings. Dip your toe into the source for spiritual sustenance.

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