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Ever since 2008, it’s been you against the world, dear Cancer. Pluto has been pitting you against some stiff competition, throwing you into fierce power struggles and totally transforming your relationships and point of interface. You’ve joined forces with some powerful people since and fewer things faze you. In 2022, Pluto completes his demolition work of any opposing forces whilst also putting the finishing touches on transforming your relationships. Time to eliminate useless contracts and agreements while bonding more deeply with those that sustain you. Starting 2023-24, Pluto will start to merge and blend your energies with others in your life on a more profound level, transforming your financial situation too — especially where gifts, debts or a partner’s or family resources are concerned. 2022 sees you carry some heavy financial burdens. Discharge any financial obligations responsibly and, by March 2023, you’ll be ready to totally transform the financial picture of your life.

With lucky Jupiter in Pisces, a water sign like yours, the first half of 2022 opens many and wonderful doors for you to spread your wings. This is an expansive time. Dream big and let your mind wander. January-May is an excellent time to engage in all kinds of marketing and publicity, to travel or study inspiring subjects, or to publish and broadcast your ideas. An opportunity may come along giving you far greater freedom and outreach than you had previously imagined — a sense of limitless possibility. And this is exactly what it is. Go with it and don’t worry about the details. Jupiter’s luck moves into your career sector mid-May so that’s when you’ll be ready to explore new directions and make a favourable impression on VIPs. You’re becoming quite the maverick in your profession and you’ll be ready to exploit this unusual public image to your favour even more so in 2023. Come November-December, you can return to your research or campaign and redefine your vision.

You’re in the process of discovering a whole new playing field for your creative self expression this year. The eclipses see a total recalibration of your creativity and contribution to the world just as Uranus revolutionises your friendships and your social circle, giving rise to new aspirations. What kind of world do you want to live in? Who’s part of that world? It’s time to share your creative gifts with the world and be part of more global and collective movements. This is no time to go it alone. Group projects can be incredibly fulfilling and may even lead to surprising rewards — especially this summer. Welcome invitations to join a new club or community or experiment with new social media. Any remaining barriers to creative collaborations will show up by September-October, echoing some of the restrictive financial themes of 2021, to help you break through to a whole other level with your creative contributions.

The year started with you trying to understand where you stand given certain important relationships and professional agreements in your life, preparing you for major changes. It ends on an equally introspective theme — but this time you may want to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the outside world to tend to a creative project or enjoy a spiritual retreat. Mars goes retrograde in the most hidden part of your chart September 2022-January 2023 and you may find yourself working anonymously or in secret behind the scenes, developing an idea that you won’t be ready to unveil to the world until well into 2023. Mercury also goes retrograde this year, in January, May-June and September-October, urging you to reconsider your emotional needs before you re-negotiate the practicalities or various social contracts and relationships.

How the Year Shapes Up:


It’s time for a deep reevaluation of your partnerships and your emotional and financial dependencies and obligations. A difficult but constructive time when others hold all the cards.


Spread your wings! This is the perfect window of opportunity to take a break, relax, travel, read or pursue your studies, publish your work or promote your business. You can now meet your financial obligations and make some serious financial decisions. Expect a fresh start with a group of friends or collaborative project.


A creative endeavour or love affair now bears fruit. Your career comes into focus with a shift of energy from a sense of infinite possibilities to actually pursuing your goals. Balance socialising with spending time alone. You’ll want to make sure you’re on the same page with everyone whilst also taking time to tend to your spirit.


This is an extremely exciting time socially, when you can meet many new people and mix in unusual circles. Expect unpredictable events and exciting rewards. Focus on yourself and build your strength.


Tensions mount as you break out of old financial limitations and into a brave new world. Clarity around a home or family matter allows you to review the situation and make any necessary adjustments. Time to go back to what you love and enjoy and give it fresh life. A long period begins of undercover operations or a spiritual or creative retreat.


A time of sudden and surprising rewards for your creativity and talents, allowing you to break into new social circles. You’re very busy behind the scenes as the year draws to an end. Rest and take good care of yourself. Academia, law, marketing and publishing are favoured.

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