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Pluto is completing his radical do-over of your old identity, dear Capricorn, in a long process that began back in 2008. For the past decade and more, you’ve been wrapped in a cocoon of transformation. This year has already revealed a whole new aspect of yourself, helping you carry out a deep reassessment of who you are becoming. That’s because 2022-23 finally completes this transformative process, allowing you to come out the other end of the past decade a totally new person. How liberating! By 2023-24 Pluto will start tearing down your old value system and giving you access to new resources, empowering you and regenerating your financial situation too. This is where your ruler, Saturn, is right now, putting extra financial pressures on you, and making it imperative that you plan ahead and manage your finances to meet all your responsibilities. Saturn will only stay in your financial sector until March 2023 so carry out an honest reappraisal of your priorities during this time. What’s worth investing your money, energy and time? Figure out what’s most important to you and you’ll be ready for some empowering changes down the line.

It seems that you’re getting younger by the minute! That’s Uranus, hellbent on rejuvenating you, opening you up to new experiences and revolutionising your attitudes to fun, love and romance, including creative self expression. Surround yourself with young people! Let your kids surprise you! It's time to disentangle yourself from peer pressure or old aspirations to belong to this or that group that may not be right for you and just follow your heart. Take a risk! The eclipses are here to recalibrate your ability to enjoy life. Love and romance — or perhaps your child — may surprise you this summer, initiating exciting changes that bring you joy and rejuvenate you. Ditto with any hobbies, which is where you need to put your energy right now, doing things for the fun of it and not to achieve any goal - even if that feels totally alien to you. Financial barriers to fun and creative self expression may momentarily rear their ugly head this autumn, but they won’t crimp your style for long. It’s only an echo of 2021, testing your heart against you priorities so you can move forward more freely.

You may find yourself charged with a challenging task as soon as late August and especially from October 2022 to January 2023. A health matter may demand a change of lifestyle on your part, or you may find yourself knee deep in work, chores, repairs and various practicalities that need sustained effort on your part from August all the way to March 2023 to get things into working order. Leave time in your calendar this autumn to fix and streamline your life. For you can now really turn your work, a health matter or your lifestyle around. Mercury retrograde in January, May-June and September-October is urging you to revisit your work, finances, and career goals and to align them with your new sense of self so as to allow for greater enjoyment and meaning in your life.

Your mind is inspired by everything you hear and see right now and you’re brimming over with creative ideas. With Jupiter making extra room in that brain of yours, January-May 2022 is an excellent time to sit down and write, to study, converse and enhance your neural network. Your ability to communicate, learn fast and connect with people is enhanced once more in November and December. Let go of old ideas and allow your mind free rein. Jupiter brings luck to your home and family from May to October, helping you make any home improvements. This is an area where you’ve had to adjust to living differently for a while now and dig way down deep to build a more authentic sense of self from the inside out. This summer, you’ll be able to feel more secure in yourself and, by 2023, you’ll also be putting your unique and authentic stamp on your home and family life.

How the Year Shapes Up:


You’re reevaluating your priorities in light of your new identity and goals. Who are you and what do you want out of life? This is a period of financial and personal redefinition.


A deeply illuminating time through inspiring conversations, books, courses and communications. Inspiration flows. Short trips give you food for thought. You reach an important financial cross-roads and make a commitment. A private fresh start. The end of April brings great rejuvenation.


You’re rethinking your lifestyle in order to maximise your creativity and your happiness. Your home is a hotbed of activity and you may feel a positive shift in your family fortunes. Lots of meetings and communications. Expect an intense turning point with a friend or in your social circle.


The time has come to rediscover fun and romance! Love is in the air, a creative project comes up trumps, or it is a child or hobby that brings positive changes in your life. Relationships are highlighted.


You see your role in the world in a new light. Time to review your life direction and the philosophy that underwrites it. Financial tensions may mount, causing a creative breakthrough. October brings a fresh start with your friends or community. A tiring but potentially highly productive period of 'repairs' also begins with many demands on your daily schedule.


Keep revamping your lifestyle, health and working routine. Love gets unpredictable. A liberating turning point is reached around matters of the heart, your creative endeavours or your children. Use this time to connect with people, share ideas and gather food for thought.

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