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Career, work, relationships — there is a lot of action in key areas of your horoscope, dear Leo. Uranus and the eclipses sitting at the top of your chart are dead set on revolutionising your career in 2022. It is really important to not just stick with what you know. Experiment and try on different career paths for size. Keep your options open. The eclipses are sure to bring a total recalibration of your orientation and direction in life this year, from your home and family, to your public standing and role in the world. It’s time to not let yourself be defined by your past, or home and family, and to embrace the unfamiliar in your professional life. Do this and your birthday is sure to make waves, bringing career surprises and sudden changes with authority figures in your life that make room for you at the top. This autumn brings back some echoes of 2021, when you struggled to meet your relationship obligations whilst also making your way in the world, perhaps breaking into a new industry. If so, this is only to set you free to pursue your career goals unencumbered.

Have you found the daily grind hard going lately? Pluto has razed your old lifestyle to the ground ever since he entered Capricorn in 2008, transforming your work, your health and your daily habits. This purification process of the minutia of your life has been so intense, it has been hard to do anything other than obsess about your work or perhaps about your health and other such matters for the past many years, more so lately. 2022 started with a deep contemplation of your overall work and lifestyle, seeing the final distillation of this process of lifestyle refinement. This is the year that removes any last barriers or impurities that stand in the way of you taking charge of your health, improving your way of life and perfecting your skills. By 2023-24 you’ll be ready to take everything you’ve learned and share it with others, transforming your relationships and point of public interface. Relationships have been hard work over the past couple of years, weighing heavily on your mind and urging you to set some ground rules for moving forward with others. Proceed responsibly with any contracts and agreements this year and, by March 2023, you’ll be ready to interact with others from a whole new perspective.

You may experience incredible levels of closeness and intimacy this year, with January-May bringing experiences that are healing for the soul. You may also be daydreaming of gifts and windfalls, wishing for a generous slice of the pie to land your way. And you may receive it! Be generous with others, emotionally and financially. For that makes you lucky, bringing equal rewards from the cosmos. You’re due a magnificent gift or beneficial agreement — if not in the first half of the year, then certainly by November-December. From May till October, you’ll be ready to spread your wings and enjoy a holiday, as well as explore new creative possibilities in broadcasting, publishing, academia, travel, law, religion or international affairs. You need greater freedom to express your authentic vision and the cosmos is sure to deliver a bigger platform for you to do so. Your unusual views and expertise make you a bit of a maverick and yet, by 2023, your special brand of vision will be much sought after.

Expect your social circle to become a hotbed of activity toward the end of the year, from September-October onwards and all the way till March 2023. Get your networking gear on because the end of 2022 brings great energy to bear on helping you build up your social network and achieve your dreams. Thanks to Mars retrograde from October 2022 to January 2023, you can use this time to increase your influence in your community and redefine your social circle, making allies that can help you reach your ideals. Disagreements among friends may generate conflict but also a fruitful atmosphere in which to re-energise your friendships. Mercury also goes retrograde this year, in January, May-June and September-October, to ensure you associate with the right people to help your work, career and finances and invest your energies toward worthy endeavours.

How the Year Shapes Up:


You’re reassessing what you want out of your work and relationships, thinking carefully before signing any contracts or agreements. There is a great focus on reviewing your lifestyle and investing in the right partnerships.


This is an intimate period of deep bonding and fusion with someone close to you. It is a time of healing, trust and financial generosity. An important relationship calls for a serious decision and commitment. The end of April brings a brand new career beginning.


You’re ready to come out of your shell and spread your wings. While there’s still lots to do behind closed doors, there is a big shift of energy toward more extroverted pursuits. Expect an important turning point around a home or family matter. Time to begin reviewing your direction in life and the kind of people and associations who can walk this path with you.


Expect dramatic career developments this summer, when you can do more than you have been able to do in years to break any glass ceilings and burst onto a whole new professional scene. Let go of the past. This is your time to shine.


As you gain clarity about people in your life, it’s time to have a chat and review your priorities. Tensions arise as you try to balance a relationship against your career pursuits. Your social circle becomes a boiling pot where you can have it out with old friends and forge new alliances. Expect a new beginning around your home base or family.


This is a major turning point in your career, just as you’re forging new alliances and revisiting old friendships. Strong emotional and financial bonds are lucky for you.

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