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You started 2022 with your ruler Venus retrograde, dear Libra, wrapping your heart in a cocoon to help you reassess your home and family situation. Pluto has been busy renovating your whole life from the ground up, razing existing home and family structures to the ground and urging you to build afresh. 2022 gives you one final push to complete the transformation of residential and family matters that began back in 2008. By 2023-24, everything will be in place for you to set your life on a whole new foundation and begin making room for love and personal fulfilment, for your hobbies, your children and all your creative enterprises. Saturn has been making rather hard work of these matters for the past couple of years, teaching you many lessons of the heart. You may be working hard to turn your hobby into a business, taking on greater parenting responsibilities or testing the waters in the realm of love and romance. These are all tests that reveal your heart, now and until March 2023, so you can find happiness in the years to come.

Your finances are a bit of a rollercoaster this year, with Uranus and the eclipses revolutionising your priorities and setting you free from old emotional and financial entanglements. Whilst you may feel that you’re better off playing it safe and holding onto what you’ve got, it’s time to do the opposite: to throw your lot in with others and explore new possibilities for funding or emotional involvement. A no strings attached attitude will serve you best. The eclipses bring a total recalibration of your finances this year, giving you your dues and bringing new investment opportunities. It’s a year to experiment sexually, emotionally, financially. September-October brings back echoes of 2021, and any heart-sobering and financial tensions you may have felt, all the better to cut off any final attachments so you can move forward with greater emotional and financial freedom.

Matters of law, academia, publicity or international import also seem to be heating up from October onwards and well into 2023. Mars spends 7 months in the most adventurous part of your chart from August 2022 to March 2023, and you may be thinking of moving across the world, launching a major marketing or publishing campaign or embarking on a course of study. With Mars going retrograde October-January, this is the time to pursue such an ambitious project, the kind that takes commitment and long hours to achieve — whether these are long hours of study and research or prolonged periods of being on the road. Mercury also turns retrograde this year, in January, May-June and around your birthday in September-October. These periods help you test your vision, creativity and personal desires against your security needs and emotional bonds with others.

Your lifestyle is being uplifted above all things mundane and you may feel urged to align your routine with higher spiritual goals, or to do work that’s so important that you’re experiencing a level of almost spiritual dedication. Yours is a sacred task. You’ll feel this strongly in the first half of the year and March and April in particular. You can also enjoy much greater freedom at work or embark on a spiritual practice this year, especially January-May and November-December. Dream up your ideal lifestyle and move toward it! Others will be instrumental to your development too, especially May to October when Jupiter in Aries graces your relationship sector. You can expect luck and expansion both in your professional collaborations and in your personal relationships. The state of play in your committed relationships seems rather unusual and growing more so by the minute. By 2023, you’ll be ready to embrace the weirdness and forge your own unique and authentic relationship path.

How the Year Shapes Up:


You’re reevaluating your home and family situation and your need for love and fulfilment. This is a time to focus on your personal life and endeavours.


An inspiring time at work when you feel you are truly dedicating yourself to a particular lifestyle or service. You’re called to make a decision with your heart, perhaps about a child, romantic prospect or creative project. Put your best relationship foot forward. The end of April brings greater financial freedom and a new beginning with others.


There’s a shift toward more extroverted activities now as interesting people draw you out of your shell. You’re still busy at work and approaching a huge financial turning point. It’s time to review your philosophy of life and sense of purpose, as well as any legal or financial arrangements. New opportunities for relationship and collaboration.


It’s time to break free of any bondage and make your sexual, emotional or financial revolution. Your attention is focused outward toward your career and community.


You get a clear sense of what’s important in your life and reset your priorities. A financial new beginning. Take a moment to review what you want consciously against any unconscious fears and desires. You may be struggling to find a constructive way to tend to your personal happiness and fulfil any responsibilities toward children whilst also operating from a place of greater emotional and financial freedom. Get ready to embark on a long and important journey, whether it is a research project, a legal case, a course of study, publicity, or an actual trip.


The year ends with big financial changes and emotional revelations that liberate you. Keep up your intellectual stamina as you as you may find yourself involved in a protracted adventure around legal, academic, public or international disputes. Another chance to upgrade your work and lifestyle.

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