The year began with a deep reevaluation of your finances and the people and things that mean the most to you, dear Sagittarius. Pluto is completing his demolition work your old value system — from what you think as your own strengths and resources, to your sense of self worth and finances, to what you seek in a partner. Your financial situation has totally transformed since 2008 and, with it, so has what you consider worthwhile. By 2023-24, you’ll be ready to deploy your new-found assets to transform your immediate world, learn new skills and build a powerful network so you can exercise greater influence over your environment. You’ve been on a bit of a learning curve over the past couple of years, securing your perimeter and slowly establishing yourself in your new surroundings as someone worth paying attention to. By March 2023, you’ll be ready to vastly expand your playing field and rub shoulders with some powerful people.

Your relationships have undergone major changes over the past year and a half and you’ll spend some time adjusting to these changes till July 2023. Uranus has been playing havoc with your daily rhythms, rituals and working routines, messing with hitherto reliable habits and turning your lifestyle on its head. And 2022 will see a total recalibration of your lifestyle. If you’ve been trying to hold onto remnants of the past, the best thing you can do is to let go and experiment with new approaches — whether this is at work or around your health and daily rituals. It is important to embrace change and find ways to upgrade your methods and practices. The past year was extremely stressful, taking a toll on your nervous system, as you struggled to find new ways to function. Echoes of the kind of logistical dilemmas you faced in 2021 may return in the autumn of 2022. If so, these will help you effect a positive work and lifestyle breakthrough.

Your relationships also come to the fore this autumn, when you may want to renegotiate and rework partnerships, agreements and collaborations. It’s time to better understand what you seek from others and what energy investments are required from you in return. Arguments might ensue, especially October 2022-January 2023 but there is also the potential for intense collaborations. If you decide to work with someone, treat this not as a sprint but a marathon. Your energy is largely caught up with others, or someone special, from August 2022 to March 2023. If the time has come to make changes — if you are single and are looking to understand what you can do to change that for instance, or if your relationship needs some reworking — the end of 2022 is the time to work things out. In January-February, May-June and September-October, Mercury retrograde urges you to review how you network, partner up and communicate with others in order to achieve tangible results.

Your home is your sanctuary this year — especially in the first half of 2022. You are entertaining your ruler, lucky Jupiter, in your home and family sector January-May, and then again in November and December and this is an excellent time to find the ideal property, upgrade your home or seek support from your family. It is also an excellent time for seeking spiritual sustenance at home, for instance taking time to meditate or creating a little sacred altar to house your dreams and wishes for the future. May to October sees you coming out of your shell more, eager to play, have fun and showcase your creativity. If you’re looking for love put yourself out there this spring and summer, when you’ll be feeling more frisky and flirtatious. May-October is also a great time to get to know your kids or to invest in your hobbies and creative projects and make something more of what you love doing. You are looking for real love and creative self expression and by 2023 you’ll be ready to find more authentic ways to pour your heart out and enjoy life more.

How the Year Shapes Up:


This is a major reassessment of your how to best rearrange your values, finances and priorities in light of your new environment.


Your home is your temple. Luck in matters of property and family. An important contract, arrangement or communication may be due. The end of April opens the door to major lifestyle improvements.


Love is in the air and you are much more able to enjoy life. After pouring lots of energy into your home and family, you’re eager to come out and play. A great big release of energy signifies a turning point. Let the past go. Time to review your agreements and revisit your practices.


Exciting disruptions invigorate your schedule. Expect positive lifestyle changes and intense involvements. August brings more freedom.


A review of your goals and aspirations and the people involved in helping you achieve them is now due. Social events signal a fresh start with something long overdue. Spiritual renewal. You may have some logistical tensions as you try to adjust to new circumstances. A long period of recalibration begins on the relationship front, where you may have to defer to someone, work closely together or compete.


An important turning point at work or around health and a change in lifestyle. Demanding involvements with others take up a lot of your energy now. Your home is, once more, a source of personal growth, luck and protection.