The eclipses are in your sign, dear Scorpio, and the next 1.5 years will totally recalibrate your point of interface with the world, down to your very sense of identity. Uranus is revolutionising all partnerships this year, personal and professional, introducing you to brand new experiences and turning the way you relate to others on its head. Innovations and changes brought by others lead the way toward your personal growth now and until July 2023. Just go with it. It’s time for any personal attitudes and initiatives to be tested out there, to see what others make of them. This summer promises some especially refreshing encounters, new relationships and even exciting publicity, creating a stir. Trying to maintain your home and stability in an otherwise unconventional and unstable relationship climate has been tough. The autumn may bring back echoes of these tensions, urging you to make a clean break with the past and establish greater freedom in all your interactions.

Autumn 2022 is also when your ruler, Mars, goes retrograde from October and all the way to January 2023, creating a stir in your finances. This will give you the opportunity to renegotiate any debt, redirect funds and reenergise your financial investments or joint resources. The end of the year may find you revisiting financial agreements and looking for interesting ways to get funding, clear debt or develop a passive income. You will start rethinking these matters as early as May and June, with late August being when you are finally ready to begin negotiating and implementing your ideas, which may well take you all the way to March 2023. Mercury also goes retrograde this year, in January-February, May-June and September-October, urging you to review all kinds of contacts, relationships and agreements all around you in light of your emotional needs.

Pluto has entirely transformed the environment in which you operate since 2008 - your neighbourhood, the people you associate with and even the way you think. This year, which started with a deep reassessment of the various familiar moving pieces of your life, is set to demolish whatever limitations are still fencing you in, mental or physical, giving you a far bigger playing field. With the goalposts finally in position, by 2023-24 you’ll be ready to set your life on a whole new foundation. Home and family demands have been heavy on you for the past couple of years and you’re facing some difficult decisions about your family, where you want to live, or real estate and property matters. By March 2023, you’ll have solidified your basis and set the cornerstone of your future development, ready for the empowering inner changes that lie ahead.

Jupiter in Pisces makes you lucky in love and all sorts of creative and speculative endeavours from January until May and from the end of October onwards. Now’s the time to take a risk, turn a hobby into something more, or open your heart to someone. Spend time doing what you love, have fun and play with your kids. Engaging in something just for the fun of it brings rewards and uplifts your spirits. May to October brings you an opportunity to improve your health, work and lifestyle. This may mean more enjoyable work, a more uplifting daily schedule or greater day to day freedom. Now’s the time to find more lucrative and authentic ways to work and live. By 2023, your need for a unique and authentic lifestyle that supports your health and makes work more meaningful will only get stronger.

How the Year Shapes Up:


You’re in deep thought about how to best move forward with any logistical, contractual or family and property matters.


Love is in the air! This is a wonderful time for creative enterprises, romance and children. An important decision looms around a property or family related matter. The end of April brings a fresh start with someone or a new partnership.


You have the energy to pursue your heart’s desires and put in the work to improve your work situation, your health and your lifestyle. You reach a huge personal turning point. Time to rethink your bonds and financial agreements as well as your most important contracts and partnerships.


New and exciting people. You could gain an audience, achieve a relationship breakthrough or have an interesting encounter. Let others surprise you! Publicity is your friend.


Tensions mount as you try to adjust to relationship changes whilst holding down the fort. A period of financial restructure begins. Revelations lead to a fresh start with someone or something close to your heart. You may seek to reconnect with friends after a period of isolation.


Expect a dramatic relationship turning point, whilst also renegotiating debts, joint finances and other personal matters. Luck comes through following your heart and expressing your creativity.