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Astrology January 2024: The Future Is Here!

Pluto enters Aquarius and the future is here! The January Capricorn New Moon and Leo Full Moon do their best to prepare us for it…

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2024 is an accelerated, surprising, liberating year - very different from the parallel realities we experienced in 2023 - and much of the newness announces itself as soon as this month!

Mercury ends his retrograde in Sagittarius on January 2nd and it’s time to ditch the mundane worries that trapped us in dense reality for far too long and dream up a new vision of the future. What’s more Mars and Mercury join forces later this month, so there’s plenty of energy to go around. By month’s end, we also have Uranus station direct as he begins to accelerate toward a liberating conjunction with Jupiter - a quantum leap moment arriving this April! With every planet direct now, the end of January signals that it’s all systems go!

Jupiter and Saturn are also in sync this month, making this a very auspicious time for bold, mature and well-organised initiatives.

Mercury, Mars and Venus all harmonise with Jupiter and Saturn, bringing good luck and opportunity on every level!

And let’s not forget Chiron and the Lunar Nodes, highlighted by this month’s Capricorn New Moon, as they edge ever closer together toward a powerful conjunction early next month, [CORRECTION!]. This conjunction will soon be backed by April’s total solar eclipse - so seriously: mark April 2024 in your calendars!

Most important of all, Pluto enters Aquarius on January 21st, more or less for good - a once in a quarter millennium event! Ready or not, the future is here!

Pluto is the god of the underworld of course, so he may be wearing an invisibility cloak. Whether we see it or not, however, a new era has arrived. For, bar a little wobble this autumn, Pluto in Aquarius, the most futuristic sign of the lot, is here to stay til 2044! What was only an inkling in 2023 becomes reality in 2024 - a true herald of a sci fi world to come.

Pluto in Aquarius will transform our world beyond any recognition by 2044 - through AI, frequency technologies involving sound, light and vibration, mass human consciousness leaps, and even extraterrestrial adventures!

2023 saw the hard shell of our worldly structures begin to crack, revealing deeper realities,

Now, 2024 kicks things up into the stratosphere, making way for a total paradigm shift by 2025-2026 and the birth of a brand new world from 2032.

So, yes, it may look a little chaotic right now, it may be hard to see clearly, but we’re well on our way. It all begins this January with Pluto’s entry into Aquarius on the 21st, his arrival announced a few days later by a totally dramatic and OTT Leo Full Moon!

So let’s see what January has in store! Or you can scroll straight to the end to read your Star Sign Horoscope!

January 1st, Venus squares Saturn: Sombre Start to 2024…

The New Year arrived on a wave of hopefulness with Jupiter stationing direct on December 31st. But...some of you may have hit a hard wall on January 1st - especially those of you who have a strong Taurus, Libra or Venus in your charts - with Venus square Saturn on the 1st.

Worries about love, money or simply the questions of happiness may weight heavily on some hearts on January 1st.

But this is no reason to be glum! It’s simply time for a close examination of where your values, preferences and affections lie and how to best invest your time, money and resources.

Happiness demands a commitment, it demands making a plan and putting in the work, and it demands setting clear boundaries to protect what’s of value.

January 2nd, Mercury Stations Direct: Share Your Vision!

Barely has the new year got underway and, come January 2nd, Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius!

Time to lift your mind from the quagmire, raise your eyes to the horizon, and infuse the coming year with a brand new vision. No time to lose! You’ll be chomping at the bit to implement big plans as soon as the year rolls in.

For Mercury has been retrograde since December 13th, allowing us all to tend to unfinished business out there in the world, and close a chapter in our lives.

As Mercury stations direct on January 2nd at 03:07UT/GMT at 22 degrees Sagittarius, 2024 lands us all on new and unfamiliar territory right off the bat. Only inspiration and a sense of adventure will take us forward now. Mercury stays in Sagittarius until the 14th and finally recovers all his lost retrograde ground by January 21st (just as Pluto enters Aquarius!), which is when we begin entertaining new thoughts.

January 4th, Mars enters Capricorn: Rule The Roost!

Come the 4th, Mars enters Capricorn, the sign where Mars is exalted. This makes Mars top dog, giving him free rein to rule the roost with an iron fist all the way til February 13th! This is fantastic news if you have a strong Mars or if you have some bold and ambitious endeavour to be getting on with that requires stamina and guts.

The energy of Mars in Capricorn is practically unstoppable!

Given Mars also out of bounds (veering off the ecliptic) until the 23rd, we’re given free rein to live by our own rules and to heck with anyone trying to impose! This is Mars the rebel, drunk on power, operating pretty much unchecked - that has its downsides too…

January 11th, Capricorn New Moon: Crossroads Of Power…

January’s New Moon arrives on the 11th at 11:57 GMT/UT at 20:44 degrees Capricorn and the seeds it plants won’t fully bloom until this Summer.

This New Moon is the half-way point between eclipses - a crossroads (in the corridors of power!), a splitting of the path, a decision-making point between the old ways and the new.

There is a level of deep vulnerability to this lunation. The Sun and Moon square the Lunar Nodes exactly, and Chiron too, bringing pain and anger to the surface. It’s time to stop enabling our own destruction, to be brave and make a stand, even if it means sticking out like a sore thumb!

The Sun and Moon are also trine Uranus, the rebel, and widely conjunct Pluto and sextile Neptune, symbolising inexorable forces at work. This combo is sure to reveal suspicious workings at the top, offer an opportunity for compassion and, above all, open the door to new and progressive ways to organise our world.

In a nutshell, this New Moon gives us a chance to improve on the structures in our lives. On a global level, Capricorn relates to top down structures - the governments, corporations and institutions (and the people in them) that run our societies. On a personal level, it’s all about the structures that hold our personal universe together - be they a relationship, family or children, a job, career or material success, our creations, our community or the ideals we subscribe to - whatever lends us a sense of security, definition and respect.

At this Capricorn New Moon, it may transpire that our carefully constructed fortress has a crack. Rather than panic, it’s time to shine a light through it and see where renovations are needed!

Saturn, the ruler of this New Moon, sextiles Mars offering an opportunity for swift and effective action in the right direction. A wonderful harmony between Saturn, Jupiter and Mars, at the same time, stabilises the necessary channels bringing the gift of serendipity - perfect timing is sure to be a thing by January 14th.

Mercury in Sagittarius is showing us the big picture, meanwhile, and is eager to implement it, slowly emerging into new perspectives. A Mercury-Neptune square means the details may be a little hazy, so don’t put much store by what you hear or read. Meditation, prayer and imagination are called for.

The Sabian Symbol (*) for this New Moon is “a relay race” symbolising a dynamic interchange between people from different social strata. This involves both competition between different groups and collaboration within those groups, in a race to the finish line.

A schism could be apparent now between those who more or less conform to the old systems and those who want to reorganise themselves differently.

Neither cynicism nor fanaticism is the answer. Let’s just acknowledge where we are - at a crucial crossroads where we must examine our choices - and admit that we don’t know the answer. We just know what we no longer want! And that is enough for now (*)

January 14th, Mercury in Capricorn: Implement Your Vision!

By the 14th, Mercury re-enters Capricorn and begins making his way toward a fully armed Mars. Time to talk shop, discuss and negotiate the structures of our lives from a fresh perspective!

Time to let that budding new vision whose flame was secretly rekindled over the holidays start informing our mundane and practical existence.

By the 18th, it's Mercury's turn to sextile Saturn and trine Jupiter, activating this most auspicious January pattern in the sky. This is a great day for deals, contracts and meetings, for rigorous and honest conversations, to shine a light on truth, examine the facts and link up with others.

With Venus also in harmony with the Lunar Nodes, the 14th-18th is great for bridge-building, when we can align our desires and preferences with our true north. Neptune also sextiles the Sun on the 16th, bringing inspiration. But keep an eye on the 19th when Neptune squares Venus - a romantic and fanciful day that's great for spiritual and creative works... Just not the best day for financial decision-making.

January 20th-21st, Sun and Pluto enter Aquarius: Past Meets Future!

And so we arrive at this month’s major event: Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius. This happens right on cue for Aquarius season on the 21st - happy Birthday Aquarius! Prepare for two decades of transformative birthdays ahead!

As is fit and proper, the Sun and Pluto meet in the very last degree and minute of Capricorn first - the crisis degree! - on January 20th, less than an hour before the Sun enters Aquarius.

This is just to imprint upon us the importance of changing our ways!

This conjunction happens at the very last, critical, Capricorn degree, carrying the unmistakable stamp of finality. There is a sense of “it’s done” or “it cannot go on any longer”. A sense that the old ways are corrupted beyond rescuing and need a totally fresh approach.

What might ensue is panic, all kinds of fingers gripping the edge of the ledge, an “every man for himself” attitude up top - the characteristic looting that takes place when a conquering force knows its days are numbered.

The old structures must collapse now to give way to something new. January 20th impresses this fact upon us - both the strength of our death-grip and the inevitability of letting go.

Some hours later, Pluto enters Aquarius at 00:56GMT/UT on January 21st: now we’re in totally uncharted territory! Pluto gave us a taste of Aquarius last spring (March 23 to June 11 2023) but it will take us a while to truly see what this new era has in store… Get a taster in Pluto in Aquarius: Galactic Citizens, drawing on the lessons of the late 18th century, mid-16th century and late 13th century when Pluto transited Aquarius last. Of course, nothing is ever exactly the same - not least because we’re now in (or entering) the Age of Aquarius - a double Aquarian whammy!

The revolutionary spirit of an Aquarian Pluto in the Age of Aquarius will surely take entirely futuristic turns!

January 23rd, Venus in Capricorn: Serious Pleasures…

Pluto in Aquarius is a serious matter so it’s just as well that Venus enters Capricorn two days later, on the 23rd, to help us take some pleasure in the sombre realities that now lie before us….

Time to take pleasure in our work - and take pleasure seriously too!

For Venus in Capricorn finds joy in hard work, in setting goals and measuring achievements, just as much as she does in cooking like a pro, drinking vintage brew and celebrating proper values. So go on, put some effort into it, now and until February 16.

January 25th, Leo Full Moon: The Road To Excess…

What better way to announce the arrival of a brand new era than to throw a great big party? And who better to do so than Leo? Barely a few days into Aquarius season, we welcome Pluto in Aquarius with a dramatic Leo Full Moon! Time to have some fun!

This Full Moon is a moment of culmination of things that began mid-August. And there is excess written all over it! It arrives on January 25th at 17:54 GMT/UT at 05:14 degrees of Leo and is square Jupiter and opposite newly minted Pluto. Here we have a first inkling of the kind of formidable and greedy forces we’re up against!

This is a totally excessive, OTT Full Moon, a moment of “to heck with it, let’s go all out”.

Words like ‘humility’ or ‘caution' are crossed right out of this Full Moon’s vocab. And this sense of absolute conviction and excess may be with us all month - certainly from the 21st onwards and all the way to the 27th when the Sun squares Jupiter exactly.

Jupiter-Pluto are in wide square at this point - an aspect carried over from December 2023 and operative until the end of January. This is the combo of greed, zeal, power and riches! It has the kind of faith that can move mountains - but also the kind of moral arrogance that can majorly cross a line…

Here lies the potential for great power and leadership, but also fanaticism and ruthlessness, with sensible ideas in short supply. The moral compass could now be way off. What will this Full Moon reveal?

What tempting, dangerous yet exhilarating doors are being opened?

Where are we being selfish, arrogant, even ruthless? And where are we falling foul of others’ mad zeal?

Saturn is close by, out of sight, overseeing the proceedings by an aspect called a ‘quincunx’ - a bit like looking into your wing mirror to keep an eye on your blind spots….

Saturn is the voice of caution (and conscience) somewhere in that fanatical fanfare, trying to make itself heard.

The Sabian Symbol (*) for this Full Moon is “a conservative, old-fashioned lady is confronted by a 'hippie’ girl”.

This lunation indicates a clash of values - especially the social mores of what, if anything, is considered decent behaviour.

Viewing others with scorn can lead to hard feelings that may be hard to shift now - especially as this Full Moon activates fixed signs. Leo is highly dramatic and there is a danger of getting caught up in the spectacle of it all, and in the fear that hides underneath any attitudes of contempt... (*)

Worshipping false idols is just as bad as posing as one, and perhaps this OTT lunation is just what we need to lose our taste for it.

January 27th, Mars-Mercury Conjunction: Speech Into Action

Mercury and Mars meet in Capricorn within two days of the Full Moon, on January 27th - time to put our money where our mouth is!

Time to speak up and act on our ideas - even if we have to ruffle a few feathers!

Time to turn words into action.! This is the final in a series of highly energising conjunctions that began in August, right through to the end of October and into January 2024. Lots tends to happen at these junctures - especially for those Virgos and Geminis out there and those with strong Mercury in their charts. Watch and see what unfolds around January 27th.

Mars and Mercury are in a tight square to Chiron and the Lunar Nodes at this point too so we may be facing a difficult dilemma. New information could put us in a bit of a pickle - when acting on our convictions carries the risk of attack, ostracisation and ridicule. Watch this space, especially as Chiron and the Nodes will conjunct next month [correction - the conjunction is in February but it is activated by a powerful total solar eclipse this April!]. Now calling all weirdos and outsiders the world over to illuminate the way…!

January 27th, Uranus Stations Direct: Fasten Your Seatbelt!

The end of January promises no end of thrills! That's because Uranus stations direct at 19 degrees Taurus on the same day as Mercury meets Mars - forming a most energising trine!

This is a nerve-racking moment, a liberating moment, a 'what the heck - just do it' moment.

Uranus direct puts ants in our pants and generates oodles of electricity that we all need to ground if we’re to prevent frying our circuits! Uranus trines Mercury on the 28th and Mars on the 29th respectively, in a series of fast-unfolding events. Fasten your seatbelts!

January 28-29, Venus Jupiter and Saturn: Count Your Blessings!

All’s well that ends well. For Venus in Capricorn harmonises with Saturn and Jupiter on the 28th and 29th, at the same time that Mars and Mercury harmonise with a buzzing Uranus: this could make the end of January one to remember!

Amid electrifying fireworks comes an opportunity to enjoy the rarest pleasures, earn brownie points, and invest our energies wisely with good returns.

A month that may have started on a bit of a downer - especially for those Venus-ruled folk - now ends on a high.

No less than six planets collaborate on the 28th-29th to make the end of January exhilarating - unlocking doors, turning lights green and lowering a study bridge over the castle moat to let in love, money and all good things. Happy 2024!

January 2024 Star Sign Horoscopes:

How do this month’s Capricorn New Moon and Leo Full Moon affect your zodiac sign? How about Pluto in Aquarius, Uranus direct and the congestion of Capricorn planets? As usual, read your sun and rising sign for the meat and potatoes and your moon sign for the wine.

The Mercury train is finally at the station. Horoscopes are super-long this month - but, then again, you only need to read your little slice of the sky pie…

For more on how Pluto will affect your sign in the coming two decades, go to Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044: Galactic Citizens and scroll right to the bottom, where there is a horoscope section :)

Aries January 2024 Horoscope

You find yourself at a crossroads in your trajectory, dear Aries. Mercury has stationed direct and it’s time to bring a new budding vision into your career and how you see your role in the world. This might involve more travel, publishing, broadcasting or maybe even getting further education. You want to widen your reach,  - just in time for the Capricorn new moon on January 11th, which allows you to plant fresh seeds in your career. But you have a dilemma: do you dare stick out like a sore thumb and try something new in a very public way? Or are you going to leave yourself embedded in the same relationships that provide you with a sense of safety in the familiar. It’s time to dare to take the lead, even if it means you’ll have to be the odd one out.

Your values are fast changing and, with them, your financial outlook. Jupiter brings financial abundance into your life now and in the first half of 2024 and that infuses your career with possibilities - especially around the 11th - the same day as the new moon. You now have the chance to build a sturdy psychological bridge between your old life and the new, to help you bring greater abundance into your life, something based on good wholesome values and even a sense of spiritual maturity or collective responsibility. The seeds planted at the new moon are activated once more on January 27th when, again, a very strong sense of a choice presents itself on your path: which way do you want to go? Carve your own path or follow others? What sort of role model do you want to be? What’s your role, your responsibility in this world? These questions are energised this month and will carry you all the way to the summer.

January is a month that’s quite focused into the public arena and the Leo full moon of the 25th calls you up to the stage to give a powerful performance!  . The focus is on expressing yourself now and on what brings you happiness. You might feel like hosting an extravagant party, or throw caution to the wind, taking a big financial, romantic or creative risk. Your kids could also cause a big (and expensive) hullabaloo - the function of it all is to show you the culmination of your creative (and procreative) efforts. More than anything, this Full Moon shows you that you are entering a brand new paradigm when it comes to your social interactions and your place in the community. Your dreams and ideals, your friendships and relationship with your peers, the very contribution you want to make, are all about to drastically transform, for Pluto has entered Aquarius. This Full moon is calling your attention to your own joy and need to contribute creatively, calling you to channel more of your life energy into the wider world.

Taurus January 2024 Horoscope

Your beliefs, your outlook in life, and even your personal identity are strongly highlighted this month, dear Taurus. It’s a month when you’ll be very much thinking about the what you stand for, what you believe what do you want your message to be - but also about your peers and community - the people who can help you realise your dreams. Jupiter is in your sign and this is a year of great growth for you. You’re actually on the brink of major radical change - unusual for a Taurus! But first, there’s some internal processes that need to take place. For, you’re facing a dilemma: Do you just go through the motions and do what has become practically routine for you? Or do you tune in for guidance from the divine and develop a unique vision and outlook on life? An alchemical transformation has been taking place in you over the holidays, rekindling your sense of trust and giving you greater emotional strength to pin your colours to the mast. The Capricorn new moon on January 11th is a great time to make a fresh start with a publishing or broadcasting project, or all kinds of matters to do with immigration, education, international expansion - anything that will give you greater legitimacy. This is also a great time to let yourself take a breather, let go, rest and think about the bigger picture of your life. There are certain routines that have now become stale and don’t get you anywhere any more. They are like bad habits at work or with your lifestyle or diet - and you need to slowly and gently let these go. Lighten the load and let your spirit soar once more. The seeds planted this month will carry you with a lighter step all the way to the summer.

The same dilemmas arise again at the end of January: What do you believe? What do you stand for? Can you let go and let your spirit guide wherever it may take you? Or will you succumb to your compulsion to do the same thing over and over again - the same work, the same routine, the same bad habits - even when you know it isn’t meaningful any more? It’s time to act on a fresh vision! Who you are is changing in front of your very eyes. Jupiter in your sign also means you are growing and expanding - and that can sometimes feel painful - a bit like growing pains. You now have an opportunity to reinvent yourself completely, revise your beliefs, what you stand for, and the vision you share. Perhaps you also feel a sense of responsibility towards your community and are ready to make a serious contribution.

Amid all that, the Leo full moon of the 25th brings your attention squarely to your home and family, to a property matter or living situation, and more than that, to who you feel you are deep inside and how secure you feel within yourself. Pluto has just entered Aquarius and your public trajectory is about to change dramatically. You’ll need a strong sense of self to withstand getting swept up by these great forces in the coming years. This is a very dramatic Full Moon and you may feel a strong pull between who you are deep inside and your public persona, and between your career and your home and family. To add to the intensity, you can feel your own personality growing, expanding, greedy for more. A good way to keep yourself in check is to respect your community rules and let your ideals guide your actions. The end of January brings luck -  perhaps a lovely opportunity to travel and enter high and mighty social networks.

Gemini January 2024 Horoscope

This is a transformative month for you, dear Gemini, a month where you can put your best foot forward to reclaim your power and purge any elements from your life that are just no longer good for you. This could be a month where you delve deep under the surface to learn hidden truths, uncover secrets and build relationships of trust behind the scenes. If you’re facing financial difficulties, Capricorn new moon on January 11th is perfect for getting everything in order and tackle anything to do with banking, fees, taxes, debt, joint finances, investments or business collaborations. This can be a truly empowering month!  But it also puts you at a crossroads: are you ready to respond to the needs of your community - made up of weirdos, outsiders and mavericks as it is - and risk being ostracised yourself? Or do you just focus on pleasing yourself and putting your own need for love or creative self expression first?  The answer is clear, astrologically speaking: destiny calls you to play a larger role in your community, to lead, to fight for a cause, to stand up for others. Just doing things in the same old way will no longer do. It’s about being part of something greater now and make a pioneering contribution even if it makes you feel like an outcast.  What will stand you in good stead is building honest friendships, the true bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, relationships of trust. Doing so could bring amazing psychological healing for you at this time, as well as provide you with the necessary funds to move forward.

You actually have great protection at this time.  You have your finger on the pulse and any notoriety you may experience still works in your favour. So keep doing what you’re doing. The holidays allowed you to re-envision your relationships and agreements, bringing fresh inspiration and excitement into how you interact with a partner or spouse, client, agent or your readers or listeners. You are now ready to take that vision and build upon it, strengthening your bonds of intimacy and trust, even cementing new financial bonds. Merge your energies with others, collaborate and make good on your agreements.  The 18th is a great month to seal the deal. You’re in the process of forging a new career, forming a new public persona, and you have others’ trust and support, plus a guardian angel watching over you.

By the end of the month, you’re called to back your words with actions, facing this dilemma again between self-satisfaction and serving the community. Your words carry great power to make a great impression and transform a situation now!  Pluto has moved into Aquarius and your voice is making ripples in the great space of ideas.  You could gain greater legitimacy in the coming years through education or accreditation, via legal processes or immigration, via publishing, broadcasting or gaining an international audience. If you already have those things, they will surely be transformed into something new. Communicate your truth fearlessly this month, bearing in mind your responsibility towards yourself as you aim to become an authoritative voice and command respect. Dramatic news and communications could also hit the scene at the Leo full moon of the 25th - but remember, whatever happens, you have protection!

Cancer January 2024 Horoscope

You’re at a crossroads, dear Cancer, as to where and how you want to meet the world. Are you going to be the parent or the child? Will you carve your own path or follow in the footsteps of the past? Do you dare follow your own unique trajectory or do you fall back into old family dynamics? On the Capricorn new moon on January 11th, get ready for a fresh start in your relating space, as you try to answer this question, to carry you all the way to the summer. You’ve had plenty of time over the holidays to review your job, your working routine and overall lifestyle and begin imagining something new in its place. It’s time to take this budding vision and let it inform all your contracts and agreements, how you interact with others one-to-one, how you collaborate or meet them half way and even how you face off against any competition. What are your skills? How do you want to put them to work? And how do you want to spend your days? In some ways the universe is calling you to be brave to stand out of the crowd, career-wise, be a lone wolf, or to climb in a position of responsibility even whilst being a maverick or standing alone. You are carving an unusual career path for yourself - even if it exposes your vulnerabilities.  If you are looking to sign a contract, hire an agent, or go public, do so after the new moon of January 11th.

This can be a lucky year for you, a year of great rewards. You have an exciting community around you, people who are in a mood to experiment and innovate, giving you a platform to contribute in new and exciting ways. Build your relationship network this month, for it will also help you solidify your vision and find deeper meaning in your life - something that perhaps you’ve been seeking. In fact it is your partners and allies that can help you gain greater legitimacy now or make your voice heard.  Any relationship seeds you plant are energised at the end of the month, when you are called to actively engage with others, amid much excitement.

Another major theme this month is your finances. Pluto has moved into Aquarius and all matters pertaining to banking, investments, joint finances, pensions, trusts, debt and taxes are about to be transformed over the next many years. Things kick off with a powerful Leo full moon on the 25th, which may bring your finances to a head - perhaps with a huge expense. This is the culmination of financial seeds planted last summer - only the stakes are now much higher. You only want the best now - perhaps that is why you’re spending. Or perhaps it’s your own realisation that you won’t accept anything less than top dollar for your talents, as you vow to pursue your financial dreams.  Just make sure you listen to the voice of your principles, the voice of a meaningful life, the voice of your vision faint as it is in the background, as you make your choice.

Leo January 2024 Horoscope

This month brings a most dramatic full moon in your sign, dear Leo. Hopefully you’ve let your hair down a bit of the holidays, remembering what it’s like to have fun and to enjoy love and friendship. The spark has been lit again - a creative spark, a romantic spark in your heart - and you’re ready to bring more of the things that make you happy into your work, your lifestyle and the nitty-gritty of your life. And that is an area of life that’s been tough for you in recent years. Perhaps due to health challenges, a tough daily grind or difficulties finding work. You’re literally at the end of your tether. This lifestyle simply doesn’t work for you anymore. You need to figure it all out and this Capricorn new moon on January 11th will help you do so. This is the time to launch yourself into a new job or send off applications. It’s a great time to make lifestyle changes for your health. For you find yourself at a crossroads with your health, work and lifestyle. There is something calling you beyond the familiar into new adventures. You’ve worked your network to death, you’ve connected all the dots, learned what you could and had all the meetings. It’s time to spread your wings and go bigger.  Perhaps this is you getting an accreditation or expanding abroad to new markets. You may wan to try publishing or broadcasting to reach a wider audience, or go the legal route where a simply chat may have failed you. You’re entering uncharted territory and perhaps that desire to go all out makes you feel vulnerable. But it is important for you now to follow your own vision and stand up for your beliefs, even if you are a lone voice in the wilderness. If it’s your health you are worried about, perhaps it’s time to visit alternative specialists and try alternative healing methods.

You have exciting career developments ahead of you, a year of great growth and surprise. it might not be very stable, you might not get the job you want for the rest of your days quite this year, but it’s important that you aim high and experiment!  The January new moon is very friendly to your career, opening new avenues of work for you that can lead you to break glass ceilings.  Your partner’s or family’s finances may be a cause of stress now, testing a relationship. Building relationships of trust - at home or work - will stand you in good stead.  Work and career opportunities will energise your world once more at the end of the month, when you are called, once more, to choose between doing something you know well, or venturing beyond your comfort zone. This is also when you may be called to put your health plans into action.

And so we come to the full moon in your sign - the Leo full moon of January 25th. You only get one full moon a year (usually) and this is it for you - it’s this month.  And this one is in full technicolour, a dramatic moment of clarity, realisations and intense culmination of effort. And all against a radically new relationship backdrop.  The initiatives you took this summer are now delivering their bloom in no uncertain terms. Pluto has entered Aquarius, your opposite sign, and whom you share your life with will have a huge transformative effect on you.  This month, you realise that you need to focus on yourself, your ambitions and what you want out of life, and make some decisions.  And if you feel tempted to give an ultimatum - or worse, if you are called to respond to one - always remember those relationships of trust. Is this what they would look like?  Keep working on deepening the bonds of financial and emotional trust that hold your life together right now, knowing that something very important to you is coming full circle this month.

Virgo January 2024 Horoscope

Your ruler, Mercury, stationed direct at the very foundations of your world during the holidays, dear Virgo, and something has happened in the innermost recesses of your being. Your inner world saw a flame being rekindled. And it’s time to externalise that spark and restructure your world to allow grater happiness to flow to you - whether that is love and romance, fun activities or playing more with your kids, or greater creative self expression. You’ve experienced a kind of psychological renewal even if it’s still in its budding, delicate stage. Nurture it by committing to doing more things that you enjoy! For this month's Capricorn new moon on January 11th presents you with a dilemma: do you dare trust this spontaneous process of following your heart? Do you dare open up to love or expose yourself by taking creative risks? Or would you rather play it safe and stay embedded in the kinds of relationships and values that are familiar to you but leave you unfulfilled? You are naturally cautious, of course, but, really, the universe is calling on you to open up and let others in to your private world. Opening up will also help you purge toxic elements of your past. If your insecurities are financial, then it’s important that you seek support, share what you have and allow others to share their resources with you too. You are actually ready for a great adventure this year, elevate you beyond the humdrum - whether through travel and education or through saying “to heck with it” and sharing your vision and your voice with the wider world. January 11th brings an opportunity for a fresh start for greater happiness. Greater freedom awaits you if you dare to experiment and let your hair down a little from that point on, culminating this summer.

Events unfolding from the Capricorn new Moon are sure to affect your relating zone. A particular partnership may be a source of support at this time, teaching you positive lessons in responsibility, or providing you with the stability you need to let loose a little and explore what makes you happy.  The 18th is a good time to put your best foot forward and the 27th is sure to energise you, presenting you with the same dilemma once more, whether to trust and let others into your world or play it safe.

The Leo full moon of the 25th is your signal to pull the shutters down for a little privacy at the end of the month. You want to enjoy life away from prying eyes. This could be because you have a dramatic secret to hide, or because you are creatively working on something big behind the scenes - or you may just need to rest and recharge your spirit. This could be a moment of powerful revelations to take a moment to take care of yourself psychologically. With Pluto in Aquarius from this point on, you’re soon to experience some major lifestyle changes, affecting both your work and how you take care of your health day in, day out. Allowing yourself some downtime at the end of January. Take time to prepare next month, when the full moon will be in your sign, bringing something to a head that is of great importance to you. This is a month to make decisions for your happiness and do some inner psychological clearing to meet the year with a lighter step.

Libra January 2024 Horoscope

Home and family matters have been a difficult battleground for you for the past many years, dear Libra. You’ve experienced many changes and now is the time to make fresh start and create new and more supportive structure in your life. But you’re facing a dilemma: you cannot go it alone and just act on impulse. You have to take what others want into consideration, meet them half way. It could be that you’re dealing with someone who is being difficult, needing you to adjust. Or it could be that you have a highly unusual relationship in your life that makes you feel vulnerable in how others might react. Whatever it is, you are called to open up to what relationships have to teach you at this point and not just do what you always did. Meeting others half way is what will help you make a fresh start in your home, family or living situation, as well as psychologically, giving you the inner strength to build a fresh foundation for the future. This is what this month’s Capricorn new moon on January 11th is all about - so put your best foot forward after January 11th.

You have an opportunity this month to put a stable daily routine in place - whether at work or at home - to help you establish a safe material base and psychological foundation for yourself.  The 27th brings you face to face with your relationship dilemmas once more, whilst also providing an opportunity for a positive resolution. This could be achieved through financial generosity and through building greater trust with someone, as well as respecting the need for scheduling and proper boundaries in your daily life.  You can actually go along way towards achieving a positive resolution in your home and private life this month, and enjoy a certain kind of freedom - emotional or financial - to allow you to disentangle yourself from the past and move forward.  Over the holidays you may have had information come to light that you now want to incorporate into your psychological make up or bring to bear into your home and family. Discussions at home are a good thing this month, as is any psychological work toward your personal growth.

While much of the month may be spent in private, you have a big social event to attend at the end of the month, at the Leo full moon of the 25th! You may be throwing a party, going out, or connecting through social media - but socialising you are! You may be tempted to go all out financially and spend way beyond your means. Or you may be the recipient of a big bonus that you want to do something dramatic with - there is something deeply extravagant about the end of January. Pluto has entered Aquarius and what brings you happiness is about to change dramatically over the next few decades - whether we’re taking love and romance, children, or hobbies and creative projects. And this full moon could be a first inkling that you’re prepared to go all out for what makes you happy, whether others like it or not!

Scorpio January 2024 Horoscope

You’re in charge of your world this month, dear Scorpio - you call the shots! And you’re sure to get lots done! You are setting things in motion, making contacts, sending communications, arranging meetings, signing papers and connecting all the dots in your environment to bring about your aims - and it's all thanks to that Capricorn new moon on January 11th.  But all this activity is presenting you with a dilemma -  and it’s a dilemma about lifestyle. What sort of work do you want to do? What do you want to do day in day out?  How can you organise your world so you can function at your best, both work-wise and health-wise? It seems like you’re venturing into new and unusual territory with your lifestyle choices this month. If it’s work you seek, then you may realise that your situation is unique and will require an unusual and detailed approach. If it is your health that you’re thinking of then it’s time to try alternative healing methods. Pay attention to the nitty gritty, be transparent in your methods and get yourself into a good routine, as you play with your life’s building blocks this month - this is no time to sit in obscurity or just pray that everything will fall into place. A new kind of discipline is called for and you are ready for it.

A greater sense of self worth was ignited for you over the holidays, resetting your priorities and rekindling your hope of a better financial future. It’s now time to transmit this clearly through your communications and daily trade, and to bring your new-found self-confidence to bear on your everyday activities. Put your most ambitious plans into action after the January 11th New Moon and mobilise everyone around you! You are getting serious about what you love to do, your hobbies and creative talents and now is the time to find people who are interested in helping you share your ideas. You literally have the capacity to pull all the little strings and make things happen this month, setting things in motion that will take you all the way to June. If you are involved in writing, sales or communications, now is a good time to set new plans in motion.  The same goes if you are looking to find love again - now is the time to get out there and meet new people.

The Leo full moon of January 25th places a dramatic spotlight on your career and public face. This could be you being honoured with a title or promotion, receiving accolades or facing opposition - or it could deliver absolute clarity as to who you want to be in the world.  Relationships have been full of surprises in recent years, with other people bringing excitement into your life. This maybe uncomfortable at times, but it is beneficial for you. And this year could be the most exhilarating yet! That is why it is important that you connect with everyone in your environment, energise your network and meet new people this month - especially after the New Moon on the 11th. The end of the month could then become a hotbed of activity, connections and communications, putting a very public spotlight on you. Again, remember to stay true to what you heart desires and to stay disciplined and pay attention to details. What you need right now is to create order, ritual and routine in your world and move away from any chaos and confusion that may have previously prevailed. Pluto, your ruler, has entered Aquarius and your entire life trajectory is about to change. The transformation will begin at your very roots, around where you live, your property, home or family, even your innermost sense of who you are. And the January full moon is a first inkling of your own inner newfound desire for radical change.

Sagittarius January 2024 Horoscope

You went through a personal journey of redefinition over the holidays, dear Sagittarius, and you are slowly emerging with fresh desires and a budding new sense of personal identity.  You’re now ready to reorganise your life around new priorities as a result, and redefine how you want to invest your time, energy and financial resources moving forward. And the Capricorn new moon on January 11th is perfectly poised to allow you to do just that. This is a powerful new beginning, when you can restructure your money, time and resources  to support your new priorities and fresh sense of identity.  This is also a good time to tend to your body and build greater confidence and material security in your life.  You are at a crossroads right now, energetically and financially: do you keep succumbing to peer pressure, servicing the community or following the crowd?  or do you have the courage to follow your heart and invest in what makes you happy? This could be a creative project, a hobby, a child or romantic prospect. And the universe is clear: you have paid your dues. You have done your best to please everyone. It’s time to please yourself! Starting on the 11th, that’s exactly what you can do. You can easily make changes in your work and daily routine now to reflect your new priorities, whilst also allowing more time to play. And you will see the fruit of these changes blossom by June this year.

Your daily routine is about to get much more exciting in the coming months. You are creating more space for new things in your life, and for small luxuries in your lifestyle. Having a solid home and family base from which to operate is important and it’s what allows you to build the security and lifestyle you now desire. You’re setting the cornerstone of your future development now. And you will have many opportunities to secure your world this month and improve your work and entire way of living.

The Leo full moon of January 25th could activate your wanderlust, bring you into dramatic contact with foreign cultures, or ignite in you an intense need for greater freedom, learning and adventure. This is a great time to travel, take a holiday, or immerse yourself in your favourite subjects, always using your home as your anchor. Pluto in Aquarius is giving you great powers of concentration as we move forward into the future, and you can derive great pleasure from pouring your considerable (and almost obsessive) intellectual energies into a demanding project. This could be a course of study, a media, writing or communications project, a major business deal, getting to know a new neighbourhood, or any plan to totally reorganise your language, movement, ideas and interactions with your immediate environment.  By the 27th, you’re called again to invest your money and energies in line with your new priorities, with a partner featuring large in your decisions.  Always remember to put what brings you joy first, and to move away from pleasing friends and family, even if it means rocking the boat a little more than you feel comfortable doing.

Capricorn January 2024 Horoscope

After fifteen years in your sign, you’re almost done with Pluto, dear Capricorn. You will feel the weight lift from your shoulders this month, and, bar a brief stint this autumn, he’s never to return. With a really important new moon in your sign on the 11th, it’s time for a fresh start. Time to put your best foot forward, to own how much you have changed over the past fifteen years, to finally begin making sense of your journey and taking. And now, at the Capricorn new moon on January 11th, is your time to take the initiative and pursue all the new things you desire!  You’ve gone through a psychological recalibration over the holidays, reigniting the life force within you. And you are now ready to bring whatever went down behind the scenes - in dreams, you're subconscious, or behind closed doors - into full view of your waking consciousness.  You are ready to own what you maybe disowned, reveal the fruits of your secret labours, or incorporate deep psychological insights into your personality.  The reason this is such an important new moon for you is it places you at a crucial crossroads: will you keep letting career ambition, social status or public image dictate your choices? Or will you listen to your true needs? Will you keep suppressing your innermost self to fulfil your worldly responsibilities? Or can you put your private life, your own needs and those of your home and family first? The universe is clearly learning toward the latter and it is important that you do not allow considerations of image and worldly success inform your present decisions. It’s time to focus inward, heal the past, tend to the family and build a secure psychological foundation for your future growth. The initiatives you take this month have the potential to bring you much joy and freedom of self expression, culminating this summer. Time to take life on with both hands and organise your immediate environment according to your own dictates.

With Mars, Mercury and Venus in your sign this month, you are literally unstoppable! You are armed and dangerous, calling the soots, oozing charm and with the greatest persuasive powers too! How do you wish to use these amazing energies at your disposal? You are going through a period of rejuvenation and it is rekindling your desire to play, enjoy life and have some fun- a novel experience for you that will only get stronger this spring. Make a commitment now to pursue what you love - hobbies, romance, spending time with kids and grandkids, whatever it is - and enjoy this period! Make a point of clearly communicating your intentions, sharing your findings, listening to others and learning from experience, keeping everyone in the loop. This will stand you in good stead and will allow you to exercise greater influence on your environment.

You are entering a new financial timeline this year, when your money and your priorities will change dramatically over the next decade or two. And the end of January could bring this message powerfully home. In a way, you are ready to consolidate and stabilise this new identity you’ve been building over the past many years, by fixing your life upon new values and priorities. Others might have something to say about that this month, highlighting a clash of values or a need for financial transformation. A big expense may come up at the end of the month, involving a child, fun activity or creative hobby, amid great excitement. But this might paint a new financial picture in sharp relief.  Keep communication lines open at this time, speaking clearly and listening to see what you can learn. You may be called to take charge of the situation, for the sake of home and family, even exposing a more vulnerable side to you. Ultimately, this is a deeply empowering month for you, opening a new chapter in your life.

Aquarius January 2024 Horoscope

This is a psychologically complex month, dear Aquarius. There is a lot going on behind-the-scenes - all hush-hush, private and secret - behind closed doors perhaps, or at home, laying low somewhere, or within the walls of high and mighty institutions and organisations. Something new has transpired in your community over the holidays - something that has re-lit the spark, making you want to get out there and socialise more. You’re ready to come out of the shadows where you’ve been hiding for some time, but not before you get everything in order back there, giving yourself some time to process. The Capricorn new moon of the 11th offers an opportunity for exactly this kind of psychological restructure. This may accompany external restructures - perhaps around office politics, or government procedures. January 11th opens a six month window to address all such complex political and financial matters, as well as to do the inner psychological work required to cut cords and prepare for new beginnings in your life. Psychologically, you’re at a crossroads at this point: Do you go along with the accepted narrative, rehashing the same stories over and over again, to avoid being singled out or scapegoated? Or do you dare speak up, ask questions, seek out the truth for yourself? Following your curiosity is key. For the old stories no longer work. It’s time to ditch received wisdom, find things out for yourself and get your voice heard, whatever the risk.  Only this will free you from the past and allow you to move forward, something you are now ready to do.

You have been experiencing many changes in your home and family life over the past five years and this year is the most exciting of all.  Jupiter brings great luck and abundance into your home - it’s as if you’re expanding your inner space to welcome new experiences. You’re conquering new lands, expanding your container for life and maybe even expanding your home, as you open your doors to adventure. There is plenty magical and psychologically healing to be had this month, all in private, with your nearest and dearest, your therapist or all by yourself. This is a good time to enjoy your own company. Again, it is important that you speak your truth at those times - or write your direct experiences and perceptions down in a journal - challenging existing narratives. Much healing can come this way.

January could also see dramatic developments in your relating space. Others are a force to be reckoned with at the Leo full moon on January 25th, when a powerful spotlight illuminates in your relationship situation in stark colours. Whether single or hitched, Pluto has now entered your sign, and you’re on the threshold of major life changes to unfold over the next two decades. This January, an important relationship could act as a mirror, making you realise that you need to make some radical changes in your life.   This leads to yet more psychological processing and a fresh appraisal of your environment that you will want to capture in words or communicate to others.

Pisces January 2024 Horoscope

Saturn is still in your sign, dear Pisces, and you are in the thralls of a maturing journey that will take you all the way to 2026. Part of it, this month, is deciding who your friends are, what ideals you subscribe to, and what worldly contribution and achievements you aspire to. The Capricorn new moon of the 11th presents you an important dilemma: do you make these decisions based on borrowed values - whether from your family, your spouse or society as a whole? Or do you feel brave enough to set your sights on what you deem to be worthwhile, valuable and important to you personally? It is time to make a decision to live life by your own values, and to build your confidence, your income, and your self esteem based on your own talents and resources.  Time to clear all kinds of toxic dependencies from your life and take charge of your financial future.  The holiday season allowed you to recalibrate where you see your life heading. It ignited a new career vision, and fresh hopes for professional growth. It is time to now share that vision with your community, secure allies and rally the troops to achieve your dreams. The Capricorn New Moon is an excellent time to network and connect with others, to fight for a common cause or use social media to reach your dreams.  Your may find that you’re a fresh and exciting voice in the media space now. Any writing, sales or communications projects that may have stalled over the autumn can receive a fresh lease of life after the 11th and certainly by the 27th. Remember, networking is key. And so is paying attention to the crossroads you are at: it’s time to stop looking to others and to build your own confidence and self esteem, by building on your own talents, values and priorities.

January offers a wonderful opportunity for you to step up to the plate and experience the rewards of your efforts.  It’s all part of your maturing journey so do not be afraid to look at any challenges or difficulties you experience as a chance to own up to what you need to work on and put in the work. You will have fantastic support from peers, colleagues, friends and family all month long! The 11th, 18th and 27th are especially lucky for networking and signing contracts and agreements. This is the year when you can really put your own stamp on your environment and get your voice heard. Writing, communications and sales projects, as well as courses and places of learning, are all very lucky for you this year.

The Leo full moon of the 25th finds you extremely busy with work, involving heaps of paperwork and communications, perhaps even a contract or a steep study schedule. There may be a glamorous element as a big work project that may have began back in August comes to a head. A sibling, colleague or neighbour may be overreacting and you may realise that you truly have your work cut out if you are to work with that person. Pluto has moved into Aquarius at this point and you’re about to begin a long journey of soul retrieval. This could involve going on mystical retreats, undergoing psychotherapy or embarking on progressive methods of spiritual healing. It could see you starting to obsessively delve into the occult, into past lives, or other well kept family or even government secrets to discover the truth. It could even see you getting involved with politics or large institutional activities behind the scenes, from where you can affect humanity as a whole.  This Leo full moon could also bring about a health crisis with psychosomatic origins. If so, this may be the first time that you begin to look under the surface of any obvious symptoms. The end of January is thus a first inkling of the kind of work you need to do if you are to function at your best, be productive and use your skills effectively.


*See Dane Rudhyar's (An Astrological Mandala (NY: Vintage Books 1974) for Sabian Symbols.

*I am also getting into Richard Rudd's Gene Keys (Watkins Media, 2013) for added insight on the particular lunation degrees.

Image by Nathan Duck from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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