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Astrology June 2024: Trip the Light Fantastic

June is fast and footloose with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and a New Moon in Gemini demanding nimble footwork! Come the Solstice and Capricorn Full Moon the mood sobers up considerably.

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June starts on a Gemini Extravaganza!

It’s Gemini season - time to have some fun! The Sun, Jupiter and Venus are all in Gemini as June begins. And clever whizz Mercury also enters his home sign by June 3rd, gearing up to meet with the Sun on the 14th. This is a time of great commotion, meetings, networking and communications, and with Mercury also sextile Neptune on the 3rd, just before entering Gemini, we could enjoy quite the sensational start to June!

With so much Gemini energy in the air, the first half of June could drive us to distraction. Get out there and mix things up a bit!

But that is the joy of the commotion, curiosity and sampling of energies that Gemini is all about. And with Venus and Mercury about to meet the Sun, June could be a month of important disclosures, news and revelations, bringing much needed clarity. So let's see what June has in store... (or you can jump straight down to your June horoscope!)

Jupiter trine Pluto June 3rd: Powerful Growth!

Jupiter has been in Gemini since May 26th and now, just as Mercury enters Gemini on the 3rd, Jupiter trines Pluto in Aquarius for a powerful morale boost. If dark thoughts come to the surface now, all the better for the fast processing power of Jupiter-Pluto. Do not fear this process!

This, right here, is a massive cosmic informational download. And a big preview of the future!

We are changing fast trying to keep up with crucial information that's coming to light even faster. As the floodgates open, this will leave us in no doubt as to the accelerated changes that are in store, via technology breakthroughs, major disclosures and the power of speech, communications, and people coming together. Time to get a move on! 

This is a quickening. To drive the message of positive change home, speedy little Mercury is also right there, conjunct Jupiter and trine Pluto, on the 4th, joined by the transiting Moon on the 5th. How empowering!

Let’s open our eyes, ears and above all our minds to the potent news, information and communications now filling the airways.

Venus-Sun Superior Conjunction June 4th: Making More Informed Choices!

On June 4th, the Sun meets with Venus in Gemini in what’s called the Sun-Venus superior conjunction - a once in 18 months event and the culmination of a larger cycle reaching back to the first lockdowns. Something important is happening here.

Powerful realisations as to our values and priorities now lead us to make new and more informed choices. 

The last time Venus and the Sun met in Gemini was early June 2020, when Venus was retrograde, we were all locked in our homes and relationships had entered a very strange and eery space. This was the height of the early pandemic period, the lockdowns that completely changed how we connect and communicate with one another. And now, four years later, on June 4th, the seeds we planted back then are culminating leading to a whole new set of realisations as to what really went down back then, and how we can better interact and relate to each other from here on in We may also realise now that it's time to live our lives more in accordance to the new values and priorities that were borne out of that oandemic period. This is a big culmination point. And it is this new-found emotional clarity that makes way for a new beginning in how we think, connect and interact with each other and our world, leading to a most majestic Gemini New Moon.

Gemini New Moon June 6th:  Open Comms!

On May 6th we get a gem of a Gemini New Moon at 13:37 BST (12:37UT) at 16:17 Gemini. For starters, it’s bang on top of lovely Venus! This is a wonderful moment, for we have Venus’ Superior Conjunction with the Sun all wrapped up with this powerful new beginning - a chance to realign our thinking with the values, preferences and people that truly speak to us. What’s more, the whole trio (Sun-Moon-Venus) harmonises with the Lunar Nodes or eclipse points of destiny, gently pointing us all to our true North. 

Intentions set at this New Moon can be incredibly empowering and positive so make sure to set yours! 

This is a super-lucky New Moon, as its ruler Mercury is still conjunct Jupiter and trine Pluto. Think BIG and go FAR when you set your new and powerful intentions!

With Saturn in Pisces these days, at a hard angle to the twins, Gemini has its work cut out. No messing around! Saturn squares Venus and the Sun as soon as the New Moon gets underway to impress upon us the seriousness of this fresh start. While this New Moon is lucky, obstacles may still test our resolve.

Discipline, hard work and commitment are required to move forward and build something worthwhile.

This is especially important as the ruler of this New Moon, Mercury, also squares Saturn by June 12th. We need intellectual stamina now and a serious approach to study and information gathering, if we are to overcome inertia, control and other obstacles to the free flow of movement, information and connectivity that is our passport to freedom and intellectual maturity.

This New Moon not only clashes with Saturn but also Pluto, activating the ongoing Saturn-Pluto semi-square of 2024, whose seeds are in the major Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 2020...  There are inexorable forces, it seems, bent on thwarting the intellectual and spiritual movement now unfolding, slowing everything down. Still, if anything, this friction strengthens our resolve and allows new ideas to reach deeper and gain greater traction, maturity and momentum in the long run.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon and Venus-Sun conjunction could not have been more perfect: The head of a robust youth changes into that of a mature thinker.  

Here we quite literally have a mental metamorphosis. We are becoming more mature thinkers, making more grown up and better informed choices, building sturdier networks and pathways through which to openly share information with each other and stay connected.

The past four years have seasoned our understanding and given us lots to think about. Now, we are finally ready to act on this information, to plant fresh seeds and start approaching our mental life, relationships and communications with one another differently.

Mars in Taurus June 9th: We Shall Not Budge 

By June 9th the energy starts slowing down a little as Mars enters Taurus, a sign that makes Mars deeply uncomfortable. Mars is all action - go go go! Taurus is stillness, pleasure and not doing anything you don’t enjoy unless you absolutely have to… The first few days of this change of pace might be especially hard as Mars pushes against a square to Pluto on the 11th, just as Mercury also squares Saturn on the 12th. 

Take time to recalibrate, recompose and reconsolidate your energies June 9th-12th, whilst also digging up as much information as you can so you can plan ahead.

Mars will stay in Taurus until July 20th and this period is all about having the patience, determination and stamina to see things through. Mars in Taurus people are reliable, strong and unmovable - solid as a rock. The drive to pleasure is great here, as is the need for security and comfort. There is a sensual but unstoppable drive to this combination. Mars in Taurus has both the will and obstinacy to resist any kind of pressure to what it wants and to dig in its heals against any subversion of its personal will. Mars in Taurus is like a tank - all about the slow and steady power that stops at nothing, is never daunted by resistance and changes course for no one.

Use the incredible energy of Mars in Taurus to focus on a laborious task and not stop until it is done.

Mars in Taurus from June 9th onwards is an excellent antidote to the hugely distracting energies of Gemini - but could also be frustrating as information now flows faster than action. Find your own comfortable pace.

Mercury-Sun Superior Conjunction June 14th: Beautiful Clarity

By June 14th all becomes clear as Mercury meets the Sun for its Superior Conjunction, which always happens when Mercury is strong and direct. The Sun and Mercury conjunct at 24:06 of Gemini on June 14th at 17:32 BST (16:32UT).

This Gemini conjunction is sure to illuminate matters that may have been hazy back in the spring of 2021 and 2022, which is when Mercury last went retrograde in that same sign, Gemini.

We could see important news emerge now regarding the handling of information around the pandemic and other global concerns that were paramount in 2021-22, as well as anything that puzzled us in our own personal lives causing cognitive dissonance. With Sun-Mercury square Saturn and Neptune and sextile Chiron this is a serious moment of reckoning when hard and sad facts need to be faced, if we are to heal our injuries.

This Sun-Mercury conjunction is exactly on the midpoint of Saturn-Neptune, distilling the very essence of the upcoming Saturn-Neptune conjunction that will give rise to a new world in 2025-2026. News at this time may not be easy to accept. For Saturn-Neptune is all about the dissolution of the structures that should support our lives but don’t, leading to a sense of disappointment and loss as we see them crumbling before our very eyes. Still, the flow of information is strong at this time, with a grand trine in the skies, and it cannot be stemmed. Venus is very close to the Sun and Mercury, again emphasising the importance of our values and relationships at this time. The Chiron sextile highlights the importance of listening, opening our eyes and ears and honestly looking at our wounds so we can get on the road to healing.

The Sabian Symbol for this conjunction is a gardener trimming large palm trees. 

Here we have the idea of mental pruning so we can clear needless thoughts and bring the monkey mind of our mental impulses under control.

Perhaps it’s time to focus our thinking on the essentials, cut back on spurious data and reshape the landscape of our minds.

Cancer Solstice June 20th: From Head to Gut…

The Summer Solstice (Winter in the South) arrives on June 20th this year at 21:50BST (20:50UT).  This is when the Sun moves from Gemini into Cancer. Time to quieten down our thoughts, drop into our sacral center and listen to that gut feeling… The Cancerian energies begin strengthening from June 17th, as first Venus and then Mercury enter Cancer and immediately conjunct, giving rise to a most magical, poetic and creative few days.

The 16th-17th could feel romantic, whimsical, even wistful and eery as Venus and Mercury square Neptune in the last degrees of Gemini and Pisces right before they enter Cancer.  So much nervous energy has gathered up in the head by this point that emotions could be highly unstable. This is the moment to enter a magical, dreamlike space and indulge the imagination… (Just take care that you don't get momentarily lost in a hall of mirrors!)

By (uk) lunchtime on the 17th, Venus and Mercury conjunct in Cancer and begin to stabilise their course. Now, it’s time to get away from all the noise as a more introverted and sensitive mood begins to set in. What we now want is to connect on an emotional level, to spend time with our loved ones or in familiar settings, or to just tend to our home. By the 20th it’s the Sun’s turn to enter Cancer, right after a square with Neptune, for a most magical Solstice celebration.

Happy Solstice! June 20th could be a day of inspiration, make-believe and heightened emotions. With the Sun, Venus and Mercury firmly in Cancer from June 20th onwards, the tribal need for nesting, nurturing, safety and belonging is strong now.

The 17th-20th could be a highly emotional, whimsical and dreamlike few days. Time to leave the practical world behind and enter the sacred space of the imagination. On a mundane level things could be confusing for a while so let things settle before making major decisions. 

Capricorn Full Moon June 22nd: The Magic of Ritual Ceremonies

The end of June takes on a more serious tone with a Capricorn Full Moon on the 21st-22nd (at 02:07BST / 01:07UT on the 22nd) at 01:08 degrees of Capricorn. The ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, is practically stationary at this point and about to turn retrograde in a week. So a truly sober mood could now quickly take over.

We are preoccupied with important structural matters in our lives at this Capricorn Full Moon and may be faced with some serious decisions.

Capricorn rules matters of government and institutions (and we’ve an election coming up in the UK), as well as corporate matters and finances. Decisions of this nature could now loom large ahead of us, both on the collective level, as well as in the shape of important choices that could affect how we organise our lives.

This is a touchy, eery and emotional Full Moon, as it is closely square Neptune. It could well be a poignant moment. Whatever we think of as “the authorities” seem to have let us down and we may feel “at a loss” as to where to turn. Neptune always brings a sense of loss, disillusionment and dissolution on the material plane. It often asks us to let go, make sacrifices and put our faith in the intangible. But Neptune is also a fabulous planet for artistic creativity, rituals and spiritual activities. This is a good opportunity to see how we can incorporate more of these ineffable things into the structure of our lives.

Venus and Mercury in Cancer conjunct the Sun and oppose the Full Moon, meaning that our values, data-sources, communications, money and relationships - i.e. all that is important to us and informs our thinking - are all wrapped up in the structural dilemmas that this lunation brings. Mercury sextile Mars wants to quickly turn words into action. But Neptune’s presence could create confusion and misdirection, leading us down the garden path.  The key with this Full Moon is to tune out the noise, recognise our own inner dreams and yearnings before they can be used against us, and turn inwards to find a more spiritually attuned basis for decision making.

The Sabian Symbol for this lunation is three rose windows in a gothic church, one damaged by war. Here we have a poignant image of the destructive results of violence and war - a timely topic that may fill our consciousness at this lunation. Reckless destruction creates a wasteland, damaging society as a whole and laying waste to the soul. There is also a real sense of senseless aggression wasting our collective energies, our precious resources, and the highest of our human potential.

This is a serious Full Moon, a moment of sobriety for each of us to recognise where we are wasting our energies, so we can let go and make a different choice. 

Mercury in Cancer is super-fast and very busy during this Full Moon period, sextile Mars on the 21st, square the North Node and Chiron on the 23rd- 28th, trine Saturn on the 26th and finally sextile Uranus on the 30th. Venus also squares the Lunar Nodes on the 26th, presenting us with an important crossroads as to what values we wish to uphold moving forward.

The last ten days of June could be extremely active with important information still coming to light and crucial choices hanging in the balance.

Saturn Station Retrograde June 29th: The Weight of the World

Saturn, the ruler of this Full Moon is practically stationary at this point, bearing its great weight down on the world. We are likely to feel the pressure in the last week of June and early July with maximum pressure on June 29th, when Saturn turns retrograde.

On the 29th, Saturn turns retrograde and it’s time to start seriously thinking about making some structural changes in our world.

Just as we are trying to make important decisions, on June 26th, Mercury trines Saturn, and this could help us stabilise our thinking and alight on the salient facts.

Saturn will stay retrograde until November 15th, at which point we will have done enough internal restructuring to be ready to implement whatever structural changes we deem important in our lives.

Bear in mind that September-November 2024 is the trickiest time of the year when a lot of the old order could collapse, or old priorities could fall away, leaving us in no doubt that things are changing. Let’s take the summer to tune inwards and decide what’s of real substance to us that we wish to build our lives around.

Mercury & Venus Out of Bounds June 11-27: Independent Thoughts and Choices!

It’s also worth noting that Mercury and Venus both go Out of Bounds this month from June 11th to the 27th-29th. That is, they veer north off the apparent path of the Sun, the ecliptic, and no longer fall within its trail... This could well be a time when we are more outspoken, gung-ho and independent in our choices and priorities - a time when it’s easier to think for ourselves and make our own decisions.

June 11-27th is a fantastic window of opportunity for crucial information to circulate more widely and for us to come across the exact data we need in order to make more free and informed choices.

Both Mercury and Venus reach their furthest distance from the Sun around the Solstice, marking June 20th as a pinnacle of joy and connection, a time to celebrate!

Happy June Solstice!

June 2024 Horoscope

Half of June is behind us but the second half is still to come and so is the Cancer Solstice and Capricorn Full Moon! As we move from awakening in the first half of 2024 to the reckoning that’s coming in the second, let’s pause and check out how the stars affect this month’s zodiac pie in the sky. As usual, check your Sun sign for the heart of the matter, your Ascendant for the form it takes, and your Moon sign for what lies hidden in plain sight…


Your world exploded with communications, travel and interesting news as June entered, dear Aries as well as opportunities to meet people, share ideas and connect at the Gemini New Moon. Distraction is the only danger now. Focus! If you’re in sales, marketing, media, writing or the communications industry, Jupiter promises a very lucky and active period of twelve months. Do your best to incorporate a spiritual element in all this and watch your blind spots. This month brings clear information on questions that may have been bothering you for 2-4 years now.

June 9th-July 20th your focus shifts to your material wellbeing, and on strengthening your body, your finances and your resources. Pour your energy into securing your world and consolidating your position now. Expenses may rise but so does your ability to earn.

The June Solstice is always a time when you turn your attention to your home and family. After some initial confusion, you’re ready to have some good times in your abode, perhaps decorating or inviting people to a party, with beauty and good conversations to boot.

Official matters are big for you this summer with one Capricorn Full Moon in June and another in July, highlighting your public image, career and responsibilities. A parent or boss may be on your mind, you may need to take charge of the situation or experience back to back realisations this June and July around your career, parenthood or overall life direction.

By the 29th it’s time for an inner restructure. You are having to make sacrifices these days and may feel a little lost or victimised by circumstances at times. Any difficulties you face seem to come from mysterious sources. It could be your own demons playing up, a need for rest and spiritual reconnection, the need to make sacrifices for another, or it could be political games behind the scenes that trip you up. At the end of June-early July things reach a peak and it’s time for you to disengage and use the summer to look inward for answers.


Jupiter is in your money house, dear Taurus, and the next twelve months are made for you to make money, or spend it, or both! Use this opportunity to build your strength and resources and boost your self esteem. The Gemini New Moon was intent on making you realise our worth and recognise your assets, as well as reconnecting you with your body and your ability to monetise your talents.  Time to set your financial intentions for the future, doing your best to reach your dreams and ideals. Important realisations about money, resources and your own self worth and what you’ve got to offer are paramount this month, also clarifying much of what transpired in the past 2-4 years.

Mars in your sign June 9th-July 20th lands the ball in your court. This can be a tough energy to deal with at first but you can soon start rolling with it and hitting every ball right out of the park. Your self-confidence, energy and sex appeal make you irresistible now so be gentle with others while you use this time to achieve whatever you desire.

The Summer Solstice always signals the start of a particular busy time for you, as travel, people and communications draw you out of your shell. And this season promises to be beautiful with your ruler Venus conjunct Mercury and the Sun, making for luxurious trips and wonderful meetings and conversations.

An important legal, immigration or other official matter is coming to a head at the Capricorn Full Moon on June 22nd and again July 21st. With two Capricorn Full Moons this summer, it’s time to get clear on your beliefs and what you stand for. Publishing, international, or academic matters may also come to a head, as could a big journey, a religious ceremony or any other expansion of your operations.  It’s time to reach out and make things official.

Group involvements have been heavy going for you of late, or you may have been working hard to serve a cause, get involved in your community or realise a dream. You’re working hard and making sacrifices and may be dealing with disappointments too around dreams that never manifested. The end of June, early July marks a high point where you can cease pushing so hard and start examining your hopes and dreams for the future more deeply.


This is your month, dear Gemini! You have Jupiter in your sign and luck is on your side now and for the next twelve months! Use this most auspicious and incredible New Moon in your sign to set forth your intensions for the year ahead and think big! The opportunities you now have to build a life of greater happiness and expand your horizons are unparalleled so be wiling to learn, grow and have faith, especially where your career is concerned. June brings great clarity to matters very personal to you, helping you redefine who you are and what you want. Make your views and ideas known! Things that may have been unclear for 2-4 years now see the light of day.

June 9th signals it’s’ time for your activities to fall beneath the radar, all the way to July 20th. Use this time to work hard behind the scenes and deal with any demons that may poke their ugly head. You won’t be ready to push full speed ahead or reveal the full range of your activities till July 20th so keep at it. This is an excellent time to throw yourself into a creative project, meditation or therapy, or to enjoy some intimate moments with a loved one. Do your best to understand your own secret desires so they don’t trip you up, as well as gain insight into others’ motives - especially so if you’re in a political environment, where others are working to undermine your aims.

The Cancer Solstice is always a time of consolidation and gain for you, when you look to monetise new ideas, build your confidence and self worth and strengthen your position. This is also a good time to take care of your body, finances and resources. With your ruler sailing close to Venus, pleasant times lie ahead. Wait til after the 20th to make financial decisions.

Joint finances loom large on the agenda this June and July. A business deal or joint financial matter may be coming to a head at the Capricorn Full Moon, fuelled by your glamorous public image. If you can let go of preconceived ideas where your career is concerned and be realistic, you can flow into this moment more easily and get the financial backing or gain the trust you need. These could be transformative months both professionally and personally.

Your career and life direction weigh most heavily on your mind these days. You have been working hard and making sacrifices to advance your goals, embarking on a glamorous but tricky new adventure. Your efforts reach a peak at the end of June, early July. You are now ready to draw back a little, turn inward and re-examine what it is you are aiming for, as well as your overall life direction over the summer.


You’re sailing undercover as June begins, dear Cancer, and will have much to do behind the scenes involving meetings and communications, perhaps dealing with something as mundane as office politics, or perhaps things of a spiritual or creative nature where you can throw yourself wholeheartedly into the subjects that interest you.  The next twelve months are a time of creativity, rest, recuperation and spiritual advancement. You’ve a guardian angel looking after you thanks to Jupiter, so have some faith. Use the first half of June and the Gemini New Moon to set a psychological or spiritual quest in motion; you’ll reap the results this December. Secrets coming to light or major psychological or spiritual revelations may flick a switch in your mind, shedding light on much that’s beeng going on for the past 2-4 years.

June 9th-July 20th could be a very sociable time for you, when you engage in a group project, pour your energies toward a dream or clash with friends. This is a good time to pour your energies into projects that serve your ideals or benefit your community, creating the kind of world you want to live in.

On June 20th arrives the Summer Solstice and your birthday season, dear Cancer! This marks the beginning of your special time, putting you in the spotlight and allowing you to realign yourself with your personal goals and initiatives. With Venus and Mercury in your sign from the 17th, you have everything going for you to not only have a wonderful time, but also the star quality, charm and eloquence to convince anyone of your desires

Relationships and agreements are highlighted for you both this month and the next. use this Capricorn Full Moon to imbue your partnerships with a spiritual component, do an official ceremony or ritual celebration perhaps, or consider more deeply what a particular relationship or contract means for you.

You are in the process of deepening your outlook on life, working hard to gain an accreditation, degree or other official stamp of approval, making sacrifices, perhaps, involving travel, immigration or international projects or even dealing with legal or religious matters that bring up much sadness and require much care and discipline so you can make sure you’re on the right track. The end of June - early July brings such matters to a head, allowing you to take a step back, research and reconsider your views over the summer.


June kicked in a sociable time, when you can have lots of fun with friends, dear Leo. After a heavy start, the Gemini New Moon open the doors for you to finally pursue your dreams. The next twelve months are a time of great reward for you, thanks to Jupiter in your house of allies, when it’s not about what you know but who you know. Time to network, socialise and rub shoulders with VIPs who can help you realise your dreams and business endeavours. June also brings moments of great clarity as to what you aspire to, where you stand in your community and who your friends and allies are. What you now understand can shed light on much that went down for the past 2-4 years.

Starting June 9th, fighter Mars is at the top of your chart and it’s time to pour all your energy into advancing your career goals. You have until July 20th to push on aggressively with your goals, impress higher ups with your energy or fight for a top spot. This is a good time to be bold and take action toward your ambitions.

At the same time, the Summer Solstice is usually a time when you want to lay low. You are preparing for your birthday when you know you will be the star of the show and so this is a time of tidying up loose ends. Perhaps the best place from which to pursue your aims is from behind the scenes at this time, pushing onwards while remaining hidden. With Mercury and Venus joining the Sun, you can have many a good time behind closed doors now, enjoying wonderful private or exclusive conversations, pleasant trips, meetings and other titbits away from prying eyes. Use this time to refresh your spirit.

Work and practical matters may be on your mind at this Capricorn Full Moon and they will continue to be highlighted next month too, as we have two Full Moons in Capricorn back to back this Summer. Concerns may involve your work situation, your day to day chores or even your health. It’s all a matter of lifestyle. What suits you best? June and July will give you an opportunity to see the situation clearly and make some decisions.

The heaviest subject of all these days is your joint finances. You’ve been carrying a heavy financial burden - perhaps a burden of debt or of supporting a loved one, or perhaps you’ve been trying to secure credit or sponsorship or seal a business deal, making many sacrifices and seeing diminishing returns. A realistic approach is now required, whilst also letting go and recognising that much of this is out of your hands. The end of June, early July should bring these thoughts to a peak allowing you to take a step back over the summer and reconsider your financial approach.


With so much activity at the top of your chart, it’s time for you to take charge, dear Virgo. Chances are you have many responsibilities as June begins and you may have to focus on the most important. The Gemini New Moon signalled a lucky new start for your career and overall direction. This is the time to set your career intentions for the future -and think big! With Jupiter in your career sector for the next twelve months it’s time to be ambitious in your goals. Hard work will also be required of course, and others are sure to test you and the feasibility of your ambitions. June brings much clarity as to where you are headed and what your aims are, dispelling much of the confusion of the past 2-4 years.

Come June 9th - July 20th, you’re ready to pour your energies into expansive and far-reaching projects. Perhaps you’re ready to travel or finalise immigration paperwork. Or perhaps it’s an outreach campaign, a legal matter, or a research or publishing project that needs your attention. If you need to set sail for fresh lands and preach your gospel, you have until July 20th to raise your flag and get word out.

The Summer Solstice is always a sociable time for you, when you seek to connect with friends and family, celebrate and enjoy life’s good things. And with your ruler conjunct Venus, this one could be really special. The 17th could be emotionally wobbly but you should get into the swing of things as the week progresses. Good times with friends and family lie ahead.

Love and joy are big on the agenda at the Capricorn Full Moon with potentially some big realisations around what you love and what or who makes you happy. With two Full Moons in Capricorn, one this month and one the next, it’s time to connect with your heart and have some fun, whatever the sacrifices you stil may have to make for others. A child may also need your attention this June and July with important culminations in their life. But it is your happiness, ultimately, that is at stake.

Relationships are heavy going these days, requiring hard work, discipline and involving many disappointments and sacrifices on your part. You are becoming quite wise and seasoned in that area of life and all the energy you’ve put in over the past many months culminates at the end of June-early July, allowing you to pull back your energies a little and review exactly where you stand with regard to another and what you seek in the relationship front.


You want to spread your wings this month, dear Libra, and the Gemini New Moon is just the ticket to a wider and more expansive bird’s eye view of the world.  This is the time to consider the bigger picture and explore new options, whether through travel, education, publishing, accreditation or expansion into new territories. Jupiter urges you to be adventurous for the next twelve months and venture into the unfamiliar, bringing luck to all legal, international, educational, publishing, and other high-minded and expansive projects, as long as you also put in the work or training required. Matters that may have been unclear for the past 2-4 years now receive a clear verdict.

You’ll be getting up close and personal with others from June 9th all the way to July 20th, whether in joint financial ventures or in your private life. Your can now bring great energy and stamina to transform a situation on the physical, sexual, emotional or financial level.

The Summer Solstice tends to bring much activity in the public sphere where you are called to take the lead and handle responsibilities - either at work or as a parent. Higher ups could be pleasant to work and amenable to conversation and requests from the 17th onward.

The Capricorn Full Moon brings culminations on the home and family front, which will get a repeat in July thanks to two back to back Capricorn Full Moons. You may come to important realisations about where you live, a property, parent or a flatmate at this time, leading to key decisions, also informed by your lifestyle, work or a health concern.

You have a tough schedule and are working hard day to day to fulfil all your chores and duties. Perhaps you feel called to be of service and are willing to work or train harder and make sacrifices in order to perfect your skills. Or perhaps you feel lost, you are looking to retrain and are wondering how you can best use your skills. Or it could be that an unhealthy lifestyle is taking a toll on your health. Either way, these matters culminate at the end of June - early July. Time to stop, take a step back and review your work and lifestyle over the summer.


June is a month for intimate encounters, for building trust and for pursuing joint business ventures, dear Scorpio. Occult pursuits now also get a new lease of life and much of your energy will be spent merging your interests or bonding behind closed doors. Jupiter brings luck to all joint financial ventures and esoteric pursuits over the next twelve months. And this month’s Gemini New Moon is sure to open some big doors for you for personal and financial transformation.  Time to think big! If you were in any doubt over whom to trust over the past 2-4 years, June is sure to shed some clarity.

Come June 9th, it’s time to let others take the lead. You may have to work together, help a friend or meet a challenge. What begins now is more of a responsive rather than proactive time for you lasting all the way to July 20th. This is the time to focus on your relationships, be responsive and even take the initiative to reach out to others and promote your relating aims. This could be a time of altercation, competition, publicity and joint endeavour.

The Summer Solstice is always a time when you like to let your mind soar. You may be eager to travel and go on holiday or to expand your world mentally through education, publishing, a green card or other outreach activity that give you a grander playing field. Legal matters may also take up your time, with good leeway for friendly conversation, or you may enjoy researching subjects that please you.

A writing or communications project culminates at the Capricorn Full Moon, with communications and travel looming large again by the end of July.  Sacrifices may be involved regarding a child, hobby, love affair or creative project. You may be in conversation regarding something close to your heart and may receive news now and in July, creating much commotion.

A matter of the heart, speculative or creative project has been weighing heavily on your heart for the past many months, or it could be one of your children. There could be much sadness and disappointment around this matter, as well as hard work and sacrifices for what seem like diminishing returns. Realism and wisdom are called for, managing what’s in your control and letting go of the rest. The end of June - early July bings matters to culmination allowing you to pull your energies back a little so you can reconnect with your heart and re-discover what makes you happy.


Relationships is where it’s at this month, dear Sagittarius, both personal and professional. Your growth comes through opening yourself up to others and learning from the interaction - whether that is on the romantic front, in friendship, in a business collaboration, with an agent or with a wider audience. All that's thanks to Jupiter, bringing you luck in relationships and collaborations for the next twelve months. The Gemini New Moon brought a fresh start in how you interface with the world, giving you an opportunity to try something new. The challenge will be to do so without losing your own footing. This month also brings great clarity to relationship questions that may have been bothering you for the past 2-4 years.

Expect to be very busy starting June 9th and all the way to July 20th. Work could be demanding during this period, or you could throw yourself into various tasks, chores and repairs for greater efficiency, as you get your world into full working order. This is also a good time to incorporate a good exercise routine into your schedule.

The Summer Solstice tends to be a transformative time for you. This is perhaps because you embark on a physical or psychological path where many secrets are revealed and toxins ejected. It could be because of your deep and intimate involvement with another, or due to big business and financial dealings that cut right to the bone. You could have many a lovely bonding moment now and improve your joint finances too.

Finances are a big topic this June and July as we have a Capricorn Full Moon and then another back to back in your money house. More importantly, it’s time for you to get clear on your own, personal values and priorities, and recognise your own worth and talents, so you can invest your time, money and energies more wisely, even if you feel shaky in your foundations.

Your home, family or living situation have been a constant source of pressure, sacrifices and hard work for you of late. Perhaps you have a burden of care, you are dealing with property matters, or you feel a sense of loss and disappointment where your home base is concerned. The key is to take a more spiritual approach to the matter, perhaps create a sacred corner in your home or simply decide that you’re presently being of service to your family. Control what you can and leave the rest up to the divine. The end of June-early July brings these matters to culmination allowing you to take a step back and reconsider your approach over the summer.


You’ve loads to do as June enters and your to do list only grows, dear Capricorn and with a Full Moon in your sign coming up, you could well end up in the spotlight. Indeed, there could be so many concerns flying around that you need to focus on one thing at a time. Jupiter promises certain boons and benefits to your lifestyle in the coming twelve months, making you feel more affluent day to day and allowing you to experiment a little and try on different daily routines for size. Use the period after the Gemini New Moon to sample different techniques and methods - whether for work, health and healing, or simply greater efficiency - and establish a pleasant and productive daily routine. This could also be a time of training and learning new skills, if you can discipline your mind, that is. This is also a month that brings clarity to a work or health concern that may have been hazy for the past 2-4 years.

June 9th - July 20th is all about the pursuit of love and pleasure. You have six weeks to throw yourself into a love affair, a labour of love or creative hobby, to spend time with your kids or simply do what makes you happy. Action flows easily at this time and your confidence and enthusiasm draws others to you. Everyone deserves some time to play and this transit only comes around every two years or so. Enjoy these six playful weeks!

It’s your relationships that come to life at the Summer Solstice. After some initial confusion, you can expect many good times from the 20th onwards and some lovely interactions and conversations to bring you out of your shell.

All this, just in time for the Full Moon in your sign - and there’s another coming in July!  You’re going to be the star of the show this June and July with events putting you in the spotlight. More importantly, things will conspire to make you realise what it is you most desire, to take stock of your successes and failures to date and make some important fresh decisions. Your mind has a way of tripping you up these days so try and be honest with yourself as to what you truly want.

Communications may have been tricky of late, causing misunderstandings or paperwork, or you may have found it hard to move around freely, park or get places, even as you are working hard to establish your ideas. With the logistics of your life getting complex you may have chosen to retreat into your shell in some ways, not expecting to be understood, even as you engage with the external world to fulfil your day to day responsibilities. This madness and commotion peaks at the end of June-early July giving you a moment to gather your thoughts and rethink your movements and ideas over the summer.


June promises to be so much fun, dear Aquarius! Jupiter entered your house of love and joy where he’ll stay for twelve months, bringing you amazing opportunities to express yourself creatively, pursue your favourite things and gain greater fulfilment. This may come through a child, a romance, or a hobby or creative project, even if you are operating on a tight budget. This is a growth lesson and you can do both! The Gemini New Moon is your cue that the time has come to follow your heart. If your pursuit of happiness was hazy and unclear for the past 2-4 years, June is sure to bring great clarity to the matter.

Come June 9th, your home springs to life. You may decide to renovate, move stuff or do a spring clean. Or you could work from home or engage in various family activities. Pour your energies into your home and family now and until July 20th and strengthen your foundations.

The Summer Solstice is usually a busy time for you with lots to tick off on your to do list. After a wobbly start, Mercury and Venus should make these tasks pleasant for the foreseeable.

Whilst on the surface you’re a busy bee,  it’s beneath the surface that the real activity is taking place, especially at the Capricorn Full Moon. With two Full Moons in Capricorn this summer, it’s time for you to let go of the past and move with a lighter step toward the future. Secrets are coming to light this June and July - both in the form of deep psychological realisations and in terms of information you were not aware of. What you learn may undermine you financially or in terms of your self-worth and confidence but it may also give you the faith to aim for something better.

Things have been difficult financially for you of late, making you question your self worth, talents and your strength to carry on. You may well be working hard to build your strength and resources now, whilst also having to make sacrifices, adopting a more spiritual approach and letting go of the things you cannot control. These matters reach a culmination at the end of June-early July allowing you to take a step back over the summer and reconsider what you’ve got and what’s most important.


It’s your home that’s jumping to life as June begins, dear Pisces. You’re ready for a fresh start with home and family affairs and wouldn’t mind sampling a few different places to live, flatmates or, at the very least, furniture arrangements. Jupiter is here to expand your base, your family and the place or places (Gemini is a dual sign!) that you call home over the next twelve months so stay open-minded. You’re growing and maturing as a person and expanding your home-base (and your own psychological foundations too) is part of that parturition process. The Gemini New Moon is just the ticket to blow open the doors and windows and let in the fresh air. If something around your home, family or living situation had been unclear for the past 2-4 years, June is sure to give you answers and dispel any doubt.

You can expect great commotion, especially starting June 9th and all the way until July 20th. Movement and travel may well be part of it, but you may also be dealing with writing, media, paperwork and communications. This is a good time to be proactive, pursue your ideas and connect the things, people and places that get things moving.

Indeed, the Summer Solstice is always a time of joy and celebration for you. It’s a happy time when Summer is finally here (if you live in the Northern hemisphere) and this puts you in the mood for love creativity and joyful things. With Venus and Mercury right by the Sun, you can be sure of many wonderful romantic moments and creative ideas that flow. Make the most of the next couple of weeks!

This is a summer of rewards. A dream or ideal is coming to culmination at this Capricorn Full Moon, or you may throw a party or celebration inviting all your friends. Two Capricorn Full Moons in June and July invite you to connect with your social community and find allies and groups who share your dreams and ideals and can help you achieve them. There is a glamorous factor to all this and you may not be quite sure who you are becoming or what you want. You are changing so for now, just let go into the experience.

With Saturn and Neptune in your sign, you’re on major journey of maturation and wisdom, involving much hard work and sacrifice. Your character, personality and outlook are deepening and it’s natural to feel lost at times. I guess the cliche holds: you need to lose yourself to find yourself so be patient. Just deal with what’s in front of you one step at a time and leave the bigger picture to the divine. By the end of June-early July things reach a breathless point of culmination, causing you to take a moment and drawback over the summer so you can reconsider your approach.

Article by YourAstroGenes


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