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August 2023 Astrology: Journey Through the Heart

Sandwiched between two Supermoons, August invites us to pass through the Lion's Gate, ready for Initiation...

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August is a packed month! Bracketed by two exotic Full Moons Supermoons - one of them “Blue” - it boasts Mercury, Venus and Uranus retrograde and a firecracker of a Leo New Moon calling us to undergo a powerful initiation. By the time we enter September, Mars is in diplomatic Libra and with nearly every planet retrograde, we're deep into “revise and resubmit” mode. Let’s see what August has in store.

Full Supermoon in Aquarius 1/8: The View From Up Above…

The month starts with an Aquarius Full Moon Supermoon on August 1st at 19:31BST at 09o15’ Aquarius. This is a bulging lunation at its closest approach to the earth exercising a powerful magnetic pull. What’s more, the Sun and Moon are square Jupiter, the planet of exaggeration, making for an even more overwhelmingly large start to the month. Large in what? Vision. Perspective. Expansion. Not necessarily emotion. For Aquarius is a cool, calm and collected sign, ruled by disciplinarian Saturn and radical Uranus.

It could well be that something becomes abundantly clear at this Full Moon Supermoon, urging us to expand our thinking to incorporate it.

Saturn, co-ruler of this Full Moon, opposes a strong Mercury in Virgo, and it’s also important to scrutinise things, analyse them down to a tee. What’s wrong with this picture? Uranus, the other co-ruler of this lunation, squares Venus retrograde and that could lead to a sudden change of affections, to surprising associations and to values and preferences turned on their head. Uranus has begun to widely trine Pluto too - a rare aspect that will perfect in 2025-28 - and we’re already deep into powerful systemic changes that will leave our world utterly transformed.

The Sabian Symbol* for this lunation is: “a man who had for a time become the embodiment of a popular ideal is made to realise that as a person he is not this ideal.” Indeed, no one man or woman, no one theory or attitude can be any such thing. It’s time for the scales to fall from our eyes. The Leo Sun square Jupiter is all about overinflated egos... But no matter how large the ego, zooming out will inevitably shrink it down to size. And that’s what the Aquarius Full Moon is good at. Zooming out. Seeing things from a larger, systemic, collective perspective.

It’s critical to self-evaluate in this larger context, examine our own ideals and relinquish attachment toward any one person or thing to embody them.

If we want to realise our dreams, it’s a collective process. That’s Aquarius to a tee. Make your wish upon a star.

This is a “Lion’s Gate” (28/7-12/8) Supermoon…

Early August is sometimes referred to as the ‘Lion’s Gate’, peaking on 8/8, and marked by Sirius rising in the east, perfectly aligning with our Sun-Earth system.

(Contrary to what you may read online, this is therefore not the time when Sirius is brightest in the sky - this usually happens in winter. It is the time of Sirius' "Heliacal Rising", i.e. when Sirius slowly becomes visible in the pre-dawn sky, gradually rising earlier and earlier and growing in brightness as we head toward winter.)

Be that as it may, this is a powerful, majestic, magnificent time, its roots going back to an ancient reverence of Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, a time when we can muster great spiritual energies toward manifesting great things.

Our highest aspirations vibrate most loudly across the cosmos now, bringing great energies down to earth.

Augmented like this, we can imagine the Leo Sun running the energy straight through our hearts (tropical Leo) and out the other side, where the Earth sits against the zodiac (always opposite the Sun) and straight out into the galaxy (tropical Aquarius).

Lion’s Gate Aspects August 1-9

  • Right alongside the Aquarius Supermoon of August 1st, Mars trines Jupiter, an exuberant and serendipitous aspect. The gift of Mars-Jupiter is good timing and righteous action so, be bold!

  • Mercury opposes Saturn exactly on the 2nd, lending its sombre, detail-oriented and analytical eye for us to acutely examine the contents of this Supermoon. Pay attention.

  • Pluto’s square to the Lunar Nodes continues to press down upon the world in early August, intensifying dilemmas and putting humanity at a crucial crossroad of decision making. This trend intensifies on the 3rd but will continue til year’s end.

  • The Sun perfects its square to Jupiter in Taurus on August 7th and by the 8th the waning quarter Moon comes to conjunct Jupiter too, urging us to let go of all sorts of blinkers and widen our perspective. This is especially so when it comes to finances and resources, our bodies and our food - all areas of rapid innovation. This is the time to call for more abundance into our lives.

  • Expect surprises and erratic behaviour by the 9th, when Venus retrograde squares Uranus to perfection (the aspect is a repeat of July 2nd and will return September 29th, operating throughout). This could bring tons of excitement and financial upheaval too, amid bizarre encounters and choices.

  • By the 10th, Mercury trines Jupiter giving our thoughts a much needed uplift and bringing hope and optimism. This is a great day to make connections, think bigger, talk, write or come to a new understanding.

Mercury Enters Retrograde Shadow 4th: Tentative Thoughts

Bear in mind that Mercury in Virgo enters his retrograde shadow on August 4th, and ideas begin to tread uncertain ground. Mercury is gaining on Mars in Virgo til August 15th but then begins to waver (the two don’t meet til the end of October). This could signify a mad rush to wrap something up.

Do your best to tie up loose ends and don’t put too much credence into new ideas and proposals now.

For there comes a deep period of review past the 23rd, when we’ll retrace our steps as Mercury goes retrograde. The terrain will most likely look rather different come September-October.

As we exit the Lion’s Gate and the first twelve days of August, we’re now rapidly approaching retrograde Venus’ inferior conjunction with the Sun, both trine Chiron. This transition will allow us to settle into a more healing and restorative rhythm for the rest of the season.

Venus Retrograde Conjunct the Sun August 13th: Reviving Love and Value

And so we come to a really important moment mid-month, when Venus retrograde sandwiches herself between us and the Sun for her so called “inferior conjunction”. After shining brightly for months on end, Venus disappears from view by August 4th and until the 22nd.

By the 13th Venus has been totally swallowed up by the Sun and is now undergoing her transformation from Evening Star (Lover) to Morning Star (Warrior).

Party time is over. New desires are born within us right now. New values are taking shape leading to a forward evolution of our affections, preferences, relating style and finances.

Venus retrograde - and especially from this point on - is a magical time when we need to rebuild our relationship with ourselves, rather than give into distractions and temptations trying to fill a void of inner displeasure.

The Venus-Sun conjunction takes place at 12:15BST on August 13th at 20o28’ Leo.

This conjunction is planting seeds of wilderness in our hearts - especially as Black Moon Lilith is also near by, bringing disowned female power to the surface for integration.

The Sabian Symbol* for Venus' rebirth is “intoxicated chickens dizzily flap their wings trying to fly.” This Venus cycle (which will take us all the way to 2025 in the short term, and 2031 in the long term) characterises a deeply transformative time for humanity - and for each of us personally - as we try to ‘upgrade’ ourselves and expand our consciousness as fast as possible to keep up with a rapidly changing world. The spiritual leap required to get there may initially be overwhelming to the ego, leading to some confusion… Venus went retrograde on July 23rd and will stay so all the way til September 4th. You can read more about the Venus cycle in July's horoscope.

Chiron retrograde in Aries is part of this Venus-conjunction with the Sun, trine the Sun and Venus on August 12th-14th. This emphasises the need for healing on the individual level, restoring each divine spark in every human being, alongside our sense of agency and sovereignty. Chiron is also excellent in reminding us of our flaws and limitations, perfect for building wisdom.

Leo New Moon August 16th: Initiation

Placing extra emphasis on Venus’ rebirth, the Moon comes to conjoin the Sun and Venus on August 16th at 10:38BST, delivering a New Moon at 23o17’ Leo.

This is a super-exciting, mystical, alchemical, initiatory lunation.

For it conjuncts Venus as she is being reborn and squares rebel Uranus.

The Sabian Symbol* for this Leo New Moon is “totally concentrated upon inner spiritual attainment, a man is sitting in a state of complete neglect of bodily appearance and cleanliness”. Here we have an image of single-minded focus, a powerful concentration of energy and resources toward a singular goal. We also have a turning away from appearances, as Venus removes all her adornments to be reborn as a warrior.

A certain amount of self-discipline is required to best harness the great spiritual energies now pouring through us. This New Moon is a call for unwavering focus for the attainment of newly important goals.

Mars trines Uranus on the same day, adding to the excitement. Things may progress swiftly now, especially where change, experimentation and innovation are concerned. The Sun harmonises with the Lunar Nodes too (exact on the 19th) and that turns yet more lights green, delivering a veritable superhighway to flow our energy through.

An Itch You Cannot Scratch on August 22nd

On a minor note, watch for the days surrounding August 22nd, when Venus squares Jupiter and Mars opposes Neptune. Nothing quite satisfies when Venus and Jupiter square. This usually leads to excess in an effort to fill a hole, whether it’s too much spending, too much food, too much partying or whatever your pursuit of pleasure. It’s an itch you cannot scratch and just doing ‘more’ won’t do it.

Not knowing what we want doesn’t help either, and Mars-Neptune is usually utterly confused as to its objectives. Perhaps the best use of this moment is to party and relax, indulge in some escapist good old times, or better yet, pursue some spiritual, romantic or artistic project. Relinquish expectation.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo & Sun in Virgo August 23: Scrutinise!

Come August 23rd, the Sun enters Virgo (10:01BST) and Mercury turns retrograde at 21o51’ Virgo (20:59BST).

Mercury has already been treading uncertain ground since August 4th, when ideas, conversations and thoughts started wearing thin... Our brains are rapidly reaching full capacity.

Mercury has also been sailing closer and closer to Mars til August 15th when he started slowing down. This Mars-Mercury dance is like a series of taunts without a fight, a barking dog without a bite. It’s also perfect for tying loose ends dynamically and efficiently. (Mars and Mercury do eventually meet - at the end of October in Mars’ own sign, under more aggressive circumstances. But for now, rational Mercury has the upper hand.)

By the 23rd, Mercury has given up the chase and is shutting shop for a few weeks.

As Mercury stations retrograde now, the brain has processed about as much as it can take and cannot accept any more incoming. Time to retrace our steps to clear a backlog of thoughts and ideas, paperwork, plans and conversations.

With Venus and Mercury both retrograde from August 23rd to September 4th, the next two weeks are primed for inner work, for revisiting the past or cleaning out drawers.

Virgo is a high functioning sign, a ‘systems’ sign. It loves an orderly, clean and efficient environment conducive to maximum automation and high productivity. That’s the very definition of good health. Now’s the time to clear any backlog that slows work down, correct any malfunctions that trip up the system, close old business and carry out due diligence before moving forward. A Sagittarius Waxing Quarter Moon on the 24th is the perfect kick-starter of this rethinking and rebooting process.

Mars in Libra August 27th: It’s All About Courtship…

Leaving Mercury in Virgo behind, on August 27th Mars enters Libra, a sign he’s not very comfortable in.

Off with the uniform and on with the designer suit. For Mars in Libra cannot achieve his ends by applying direct force, as is his wont. Diplomacy is required now.

Taking sides. Making allies. Fighting with grace.

By this point, Mars has spent all of August in Virgo (since July 10) where he was an executive machine. The objective was getting things done and “tick”, “tick”, “tick” went all the things off the list. To some that might not seem so glamorous.

But Mars in Virgo is a fierce executive warrior, getting things done by using the direct method of actually doing them.

If you like that sort of approach, mark August 25th in your calendar, when Mars in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn before moving on into Libra: one last day of powerful oomph, when you can literally move mountains.

On the 27th Mars enters Libra and things are not so simple. Now, you’ve got to liaise… You’ve got to canvass… You’ve got to get political, get people on side... You’ve got to collaborate, come to agreements, partner up… Worse yet, you need to wait for committees and decisions, wait for people to do things for you and go do things for them. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine. The only way to get things done now is in response to someone else.

And so we enter a complicated dance of courtship, politics and diplomacy until October 12th.

This is also a potentially highly sociable and pleasurable time… Ready your killer outfit.

Sun-Saturn Opposition August 27th: (Shifting) Reality Check

Also on August 27th, the Sun in Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces, a yearly occurrence that always carries gravitas.

This is a sober moment of recalibration of plans and methods in the face of harsh, if shifting, realities.

This can also signify the realisation of projects you’ve worked hard for at least since last February when the Sun and Saturn met. This conjunction took place in Aquarius, however, and Saturn is now in Pisces so the goalposts may have moved quite a bit… In fact they may be constantly shifting!

Virgo and Pisces are mutable signs and the end of August is all about mastering the art of adjustment.

Seek flexible solutions and keep modifying your plans according to constantly emerging realities.

Uranus Retrograde August 29th: Financial Revolution?

The month is nearly at an end but we have two more high points before we say good bye. On August 29th, Uranus stations retrograde at 23o04’ Taurus. We’re already in the last degrees of Taurus here and Uranus is more than half-way through his radical transformation of our entire resources, values and financial system.

CBDCs are only around the corner, as are imminent changes in our energy and food production, and even the very way we treat our physicality and our bodies.

The moment has come for one more pause to catch our breath, allowing us to internalise these rapid changes.

Uranus’ station tends to be a crazed, spaced out moment, when cortisol levels reach a high. As tensions reach a peak, we’re catapulted into finding new solutions. Uranus stations in wide trine to Mars and Pluto, signalling that there is real transformative power to the changes about to be implemented this winter. At this point, on August 29th, every single major planet bar Jupiter is retrograde. Add Venus and Mercury to the mix and it’s truly time to focus inward and deal with unfinished business, as we welcome September.

Pisces Blue Supermoon August 31st: A Moment of Realisation

August ends just as it began, with a huge bulging Supermoon. This is the second Full Moon in a month, this time in Pisces, and hence a ‘Blue Moon’ under certain definitions. It’s a Supermoon as it’s still at its closest approach to the earth. But, unlike the early August one, this Pisces Full Moon is conjunct Saturn, the planet of contraction and concentration, the planet that limits in order to manifest.

August’s Blue Supermoon arrives on August 31st at 02:35am at 07o25’ Pisces and right on top of the annual Sun-Saturn opposition - a reality check.

This is a ‘manifesting’ lunation, a ‘realising’ lunation, a ‘disciplining’, ‘concretising’, ‘duty-bound’ moment.

What sort of reality check? Saturn in Pisces tends to remind us of certain spiritual, psychological and eminently human realities we often neglect. Our need for spiritual sustenance, our need for faith, love and to sacrifice some things for others, our need to pour at least some of our energy toward attaining non-material goals that nonetheless have very tangible rewards.

The Sabian Symbol* for this Full Blue Supermoon is “a girl blowing a bugle”. This is a universal call to marshal the troops to fulfil a spiritual, psychological or humanitarian duty. We each are called to assemble and do what needs to be done, even if we lack the experience. A degree of vulnerability and innocence are present, as we respond to a call to serve something greater - whether creative, spiritual or humanitarian - the ultimate, undifferentiated reality of the sign of Pisces. It is a maturing experience.

Neptune in Pisces, co-ruler of this Full Moon, only emphasises the spiritual imperative of this call to action. Jupiter in Taurus, the other co-ruler of this Full Moon, brings luck and abundance in the end, reminding us to use our common sense and connect the dots to see the bigger picture.

And so August ends on a sobering, perhaps reassuring note. We're in deep retrograde territory - perfect for finalising unfinished business.

With Venus about to turn direct on September 4th, followed by Mercury direct mid-September, we’ll soon have our hands full. Let’s use August to recharge, ready to tackle the next few months with renewed vigour.

August 2023 Zodiac Sign Horoscope

Where does your star sign land in August’s Great Supermoon Sandwich? What lavish royal decree does the Leo New Moon deliver? And where do Venus and Mercury retrograde turn your royal sandwich on its head? Let’s see how August’s major astro events reflect against the sky pie. Read your Ascendant for the wrap, the Sun sign for the filling, and the Moon sign, if you wish, for flavour...

Aries August 2023 Horoscope

You’ve got lots of work to be getting on with so let’s hurry, dear Aries (and Aries is always in a hurry) and see where the action is.

Aquarius Supermoon: Early August highlights your friendships, dear Aries. These are not your closest friends but the people with whom you associate as you pursue common goals. This includes any alliances, club memberships, group projects or social media fans. You’ve been deeply involved with a romance, creative project, or perhaps your children. And you now want to share your joy with the world. A cherished dream may be coming to fruition and you want to share it on social media or gather your people around to celebrate with a lavish party. It could also be the moment of revelations around a friendship or social circle, illuminating your contribution, as well as your own hopes and dreams. You have a wealth of resources at your fingertips and it’s only natural to want to express yourself creatively and share your passion with the world. Expenses may also be higher, urging you to find new sources of income, another reason to gather your troops around you.

Venus + Leo New Moon: This has been such a joyous summer for you, dear Aries. Rarely do you have the luxury to focus on what and whom you love so lavishly and you’ve had the chance to do just that for the past few months, whether it is enjoying great times with your children indulging in love and romance and throwing yourself into a startup, hobby or creative project. And while Venus may have gone retrograde, slightly changing the flavour of this trend, the middle of August brings brand new opportunities to plant seeds of joy. This is especially so with something that’s always been close to your heart and you only now get the opportunity to pursue it or express it. It’s time to look deep within your heart and see what’s always been there, what you’ve wanted for a long time. What is it? Do you need love? Creative self-expression? A project, hobby or business that reflects your passion and talents and is uniquely yours? Now’s the time to pursue this, not for anyone to applaud you, but always paying attention to the joy you feel inside. Your finances have been erratic to say the least and that may well throw a spanner in the works - especially toward month’s end. Your values are also changing and you may simply not yet know what it is that you most want. Well, perhaps it’s time to experiment! No need to know everything in advance. Why not have fun finding out?

Mercury Retrograde: Your ruler, Mars, has been piling on the work since July 10th and fun or no fun, you’ve certainly had your plate full. Alternatively you may have been busy with tasks, to do lists, repairs, errands and chores, or may have found the perfect opportunity to embark on a diet and exercise program with military precision. This busy, disciplined trend will continue until August 27th so make the most of your high productivity this month. Come the 27th, your ruler will enter your opposite sign, turning the tables and urging you to put others first, show patience and be far more diplomatic and deferential than is your usual wont. Whether you need to follow someone else’s rhythms - a spouse, business partner or collaborator - or whether you’re suddenly called to respond competitively to a challenge, get ready to enter a graceful dance from the 27th where you won’t be able to call the shots. Still, your productivity won’t necessarily wane. You can push a task or work project as far as it can possibly go until August 15th-23rd. Past that point, Mercury goes retrograde and you can begin to slow down a little, picking up loose threads and tackling unfinished business you have have had no time to address in your mad rush to get things done. You’ll be ready to reorder and reorganise your world all the way to mid-September.

Pisces Blue Moon: August’s end brings a need for some serious RnR. Downtime is what you desperately need right now and if you don’t listen to your soul calling you to slow down and rest, it may well find other ways to get you to sit still for a moment. Take a time out around the Blue Moon of August 31st to be alone, meditate and clear your head. If you can tune into your deepest vibrational rhythms you can sense a clearing wave trying to push things out of the system. These are old parts of your life that are now slowly coming to an end and sometimes you may even experience them as demons coming to life or momentarily possessing the body of someone you thought your friend. These are but shadows of the past. Take some time to process things on a psychological and spiritual level now and you’ll soon be back on your feet.

Taurus August 2023 Horoscope

You’ve got everything to play for this month, with your home being your focus and your career also lighting up. So let’s see what August has in store.

Aquarius Supermoon: Your mind shifts to career matters as August enters. After spending a long time squarely focused on your home and family, on property and private matters, it’s time to think more generally about where you see your life going. This is a moment of clarity, allowing you to see the bigger picture of your trajectory and goals, and examine whether you are indeed headed where you want to be. Jupiter is in your sign this year (and all the way until your next birthday) and this is a rare, once in a dozen years opportunity to grow, to expand to reach out and be more than you were before. Luck is on your side and opportunities come your way. And you can sense that there is more you can be, do, have. The question now is how to align your goals, public image and the role you see yourself playing in the world with that growing and rapidly expanding sense of self. Early August could also bring a highly visible moment, a career culmination or recognition, again, helping you realise where you are and where you want to be.

Venus + Leo New Moon: Come mid-August, it’s time for you to plant new seeds in your home and family, your inner self, your very foundations. Home and family matters have dominated almost your entire summer. Delays and strange occurrences are urging you to deep deeper into your sense of who you are inside and what makes you feel safe, into your home, the value of your property or your family dynamics. Now, it’s time to put your best foot forward once more, especially with anything that’s still left undone. Any ongoing projects to do with your home, family or property matters get a new lease of life now. On a deeper level, it’s time to plant seeds of greater self reliance, inner beauty and personal fulfilment. You’re experiencing great uncertainty - something a Taurus doesn’t much fancy - and it’s hard to know where security lies. And this sense of uncertainty reaches a maximum by month’s end. But it is you who is actually changing. By next year, you’ll be ready to throw away all inhibitions and be unashamedly yourself. In the meantime, experiment a little.

Mercury Retrograde: Mars been boosting your confidence since July 10th, whilst also allowing you to showcase your talents and throw your energies into the most pleasurable pursuits. This trend continues until August 27th. This is your time to pursue your heart’s desires and explore whatever makes you happy - hobbies, fun and romance, creative projects. Come August 23rd, Mercury goes retrograde in your house of fun and it’s time to rediscover what makes you tick. Perhaps you want to reconnect with an old romance or pull an old favourite pastime out of the back burner. This is your time to explore your fancies so go for it! Come August 27th, tasks, chores and errands start multiplying, or it could be a work project that comes back online for September. September is also a great time to build good exercise habits. Work or no work, you can continue exploring what it is that makes you happy all throughout September, catch up with your projects or clear the air with a child or love interest.

Pisces Blue Moon: The end of August brings the realisation of a dream. But dreams coming real is no easy thing. It may be time for a reality check with a friend, community or group involvement, or around social media. Whether it’s dream come-true time or dream-recalibration time, one thing is certain: bringing dreams to reality carries lessons. Examine your hopes and wishes in light of this new information, consider the nature of your contribution and find out who your allies really are. You may also realise that you want to take a more active role in your community, or experience the reward of your existing contributions.

Gemini August 2023 Horoscope

Journey through the past! Your ruler goes retrograde this month, dear Gemini, just as Venus is already rummaging through old ideas to extract maximum value. Let’s see what August has in store.

Aquarius Supermoon: You may well be on holiday as August begins, or perhaps it’s your mind that’s elsewhere and finding it difficult to concentrate. You’re thinking of far away things - perhaps about the future and about all sorts of visions and ideas you want to see come to pass. You may also see the culmination of a long journey or a publishing, legal, academic or international project around August 1st. Outreach is foremost on your mind now and it all stems from your own ideas, things you’ve written, said and explored, contacts and connections you’ve made, trips you’ve taken. Time to share and disseminate what you’ve got! You’ve a guardian angel looking after you right now and you’ll see that your ideas can spread much more quickly and widely than you’d thought.

Venus + Leo New Moon: Writing, speaking, networking, contracts and communications are where it’s at, dear Gemini, and that’s right down your alley. The Leo New Moon mid month allows to make a fresh start with all sorts of ideas, written work or contacts you’ve already had percolating for some time and suffuse into them a new lease of life. Perhaps there’s a short trip you need to take or someone you need to reconnect with from your past to make this happen. It’s time to work your network and revive every little node so that you can be fully connected, mobile and informed. You’re planting new creative seeds and putting your stamp on your environment and you may also make some unusual contacts to help you along. Something within you craves change and disruption - you’ve got your finger on the awakening global pulse - and this sense of being tapped in and turned on will crescendo toward month’s end. Trust your intuition! Your ideas are unusual and offbeat and right now, that’s what’s needed. Go crazy.

Mercury Retrograde: By August 23rd, it’s time to turn your attention to your living situation. Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde in your home and family environment and it’s time to review your living situation - whether that is having it out with a flatmate or family member, moving house, clearing out drawers or simply moving furniture around. You may also be dealing with a property sale or your own inner psychology - anything that affects you at a core, innermost foundational level. You have until mid-September to figure things out. Your home has been rather unsettled since July 10th, perhaps there have been arguments, or you have been trying to implement changes and build a better foundation for your endeavours. By the end of August, you’ll be ready to shift some of your energy away from your home and family into more creative, romantic or fun pursuits, going after your heart’s desires. Your creativity, self confidence and overall lust for life are going to be fully energised in September so use this time to express yourself to the max!

Pisces Blue Moon: You’re on the brink of a new chapter in your career, now and over the next couple of years, about to embark on a new adventure. The end of August asks you to stop and think about where you’re going and make a plan of where you see yourself headed, realigning with your sense of purpose. Take this moment to carry out a reality check and come up with a long term strategy. The end of August could also bring you public recognition if you’ve been on the right pat and see the fruition of one of your goals. Of course, success brings responsibilities and those may me mounting for you. It’s time to step up to the plate and stoically and maturely play the role that you were born to play. Step into these bigger shoes.

Cancer August 2023 Horoscope

You’re deeply engaged in improving your finances, dear Cancer and this month offers plenty an opportunity to do so.

Aquarius Supermoon: You’re going for the big bucks as August enters, handling investments and credit lines with a view to greater rewards. Money has been on your mind for a while now, with an emphasis on your income and what you can do to improve it. The focus now shifts to how you can leverage what you’ve got - or what other people have got - to achieve greater results. You have some big dreams and aspirations, and you feel you can’t grow fast enough. Still, this is an exuberant moment and it can be lucky too as long as you don’t overdo it. This period can bring you closer together with those who share your dreams.

Venus + Leo New Moon: You’re planting new financial and security seeds, dear Cancer, and perhaps doing so under unusual circumstances. You’re testing the ground of something new. And you’re also returning to an old source of income perhaps, or bringing old skills, talents and resources out of deep storage for fresh use. This is the start of a new cycle for your income and earnings - one that could last six months, eighteen months, even eight years. So be bold! Experiment! Your dreams and ideals are rapidly changing and you may not be sure what it is that you really aspire to right now. Your social circle is very exciting and you could be distracted by social invitations or social media even further - especially toward month’s end. Use this as part of your experimentation process and see where your heart takes you

Mercury Retrograde: You’ve been incredibly busy since July 10th with meetings, movements, contracts, talks and communications and this trend continues throughout August. The difference is that come August 23rd, you’re able to slow down a little and retrace your steps to examine what you may have missed in this mad rush to get through the agenda. Use this time to revisit conversations, review paperwork and perhaps even revisit old haunts and neighbourhoods to retrieve remnants of yourself that may still be living there. Home, family and real estate become a hotbed of activity after the 27th and all the way til mid-October.

Pisces Blue Moon: The end of the month brings a reality check for your studies or for any immigration or legal matters, long distance travel, publishing projects, or international contracts and endeavours. What sort of reach do you want your ideas to have? Why do you do what you do? Time to examine the bigger picture of your life and the things that give you hope and meaning.

Leo August 2023 Horoscope

It’s your birthday, dear Leo, and you’re the star of the show! This is a time of powerful transformation for you, allowing you to plant the seeds of your heart’s desires.

Aquarius Supermoon: The Supermoon of August 1st shines a light on your relationship zone, allowing you to publicly celebrate your union, (or broadcast your desire for one). You’re more together than each of you are alone and it’s this joint trajectory that’s calling you to grow, expand and reach for bigger goals. Wherever you are in your relating space, it’s down to your own attitude and approach to the matter and the play between these two becomes clear to you now. Take a moment to celebrate the people in your life.

Venus + Leo New Moon: This is your time, dear Leo, your birthday and a truly special one at that. You’re taking a deep dive through all of your hearts desires, realising them one by one and clearing the decks. But you’re also discovering deeper desires as you go and watching your values and preferences literally change before your very eyes. This new moon in your sign is the time for you to plant tentative new seeds, even if you’re not quite sure yet what it is you want. Just make a promise to yourself to love yourself and pay attention so you can discover what it is that makes you happy and go for it. Experiment a little. Your public image - how people see you - has changed radically in the past few years, as have your own goals and your trajectory. And you’re still changing. So give yourself a chance, give yourself room to change, to grow, to discover who and what it is you want to be and what makes you happy. Plant these seeds in your heart.

Mercury Retrograde: Your spending has gone through the roof since July 10th and this trend will continue to some degree in August, even though you’ll be trying hard to catch up and run some quick numbers. You’ll get your chance past August 23rd, when you can sit down and calculate the damage, or at least do some sums and come up with a plan for the way forward. Take your time to evaluate what’s what and reset your priorities all the way to mid-September. By that point, Mars will have moved on and your spending will subside. Satiated, you’ll be ready to step out and mingle, network and connect with everyone around you. You mean business!

Pisces Blue Moon: Fittingly, the end of August brings a financial reality check - especially when it comes to shared resources, joint accounts, money you owe or that is owed to you, as well as any loans, taxes, grants, alimony, inheritances or insurance payments. Underneath all that lie matters of trust. Are you trustworthy? And are you capable of bonding, being vulnerable, relinquishing control and placing your trust in another? Intimate relationships call you to examine your capacity for precisely those things, teaching you to go all in with someone, even if it is one step at a time.

Virgo August 2023 Horoscope

You’ve had to take charge and jump into action last month and, by Jove, you hit it right out of the park. You can take a breather this month and review what it is you really want.

Aquarius Supermoon: Chores, tasks and errands have a way of multiplying, dear Virgo, and you’ll have some of those to be getting on with as August enters. A work, health or lifestyle matter could be coming to a head or you may have an international, academic or publishing project to complete, especially as you seem to have had your eye off the ball for a little while. You feel the need to expand and try out new adventures but you’re struggling to square that off with the nitty gritty of your life - with your work and chores, perhaps even some health issues. This supermoon shines a light on your lifestyle, habits and methods to help you find ways to improve.

Venus + Leo New Moon: August is usually your downtime dear Virgo and this one is special. For you’re also experiencing a deep dive into your own love nature, whether romantically or sexually, or whether through immersion in a creative project or all the things you love doing. Take time to be by yourself or with your loved one in a private, intimate setting. Whatever allows you to block out the outside world, immerse yourself in your own private world and relax. Not that there won’t be some distractions. Publishing, academic, legal or immigration matters may throw a spanner in the works and demand that you step out of your shell to deal with them - especially toward month’s end. Your outlook is rapidly changing and you’ll soon be ready to free yourself from old dogmatic beliefs and spread your wings.

Mercury Retrograde: Mars in your sign since July 10th has handed you to baton and given you a competitive edge, putting you at the forefront in every situation and making you a front runner too. You continue to have the upper hand in your environment all the way til August 27th so use this month to pursue everything that is important to you, including a fitness and exercise regime if that’s something you want. If you’ve just been one mean executive machine, you’ll be trying to catch up with yourself and understand your actions by mid-month. Come the 23rd, Mercury, your ruler, goes retrograde and you can begin that all important personal review of your recent actions and behaviours, finding out what makes you tick. Let this process carry out all the way to September 15th. Come the 27th, you’ll need to apply that new-found confidence of yours to consolidate your position or bring in the dough. Your expenses may rise from that point and until October 12th but you can also do a lot to replenish the coffers and strengthen your position.

Pisces Blue Moon: August’s end brings a reality check for an important relationship, business partnership, client, contract or agreement. Things become concrete and manifest now, perhaps after a long delay. A serious commitment is required on your part to close the deal. It’s time to either commit or walk away. This is for the long haul.

Libra August 2023 Horoscope

You’ve been having a bit of a hard time since July but you’ll regain your composure by month’s end, ready for your ruler, Venus, to return to form.

Aquarius Supermoon: August begins on a fun, exuberant and romantic note. Perhaps love is on your mind, or you just wanna have some fun and flirt to your heart’s desire. You’re feeling frisky and are more likely to take risks, both of an intimate and financial nature. A creative project could culminate, urging you to seek more funding or credit. After succumbing to all kinds of social demands, you’re ready to please yourself and peer pressure be damned. Come out to play and rejuvenate.

Venus + Leo New Moon: August is a most sociable month for you, dear Libra, and you’ve no doubt already had your fill of get togethers. It’s time to plant new seeds in your friendships and special circles and experiment with new dreams and visions of the future. Use this time to reconnect with old friends, revisit old clubs, communities and team projects and check out how your own worldly aspirations and alliances are changing. A friendship could turn into something more now or you may return to old acquaintances. Romantic experimentation may be part of this period, as long as you go into it without expectation. You’re in the process of breaking free of old ties and entanglements - both emotional and financial - and in no hurry to get bogged down afresh. Enjoy this sexual, emotional and financial awakening and liberation you’re experiencing, and which may culminate toward month’s end. And take it one step at a time.

Mercury Retrograde: Life has been full of complications ever since July 10th, with mysterious health problems, unreasonable demands on your time, or even with evil machinations behind the scenes sabotaging your efforts. Whatever you’re trying to get to the bottom of, it’s time to stop and let it come to the surface. By August 23rd, facts and information come to light that may have been hard to find. And by the 27th, Mars finally enters your sign giving you the upper hand. If you’ve got things to do, now’s the time to do them. By the same token, if you’ve been snoozing, sailing under the radar, August 27th is a wake up call to jump into action. Mars will give you the competitive advantage all the way til October 12th, during which time Mercury will work hard to unearth all sorts of secret information for you to use - whether that’s to do with your health or psychology, or with people, talks and situations that are hidden from view but that affect you. Ask and the secrets will be revealed.

Pisces Blue Moon: Work and health matters are highlighted at month’s end. It may be time for a serious check up or a concrete result that demands lifestyle changes. A work project may also culminate at this time, making heavy demands on your time and placing certain limitations on you. If your routine is unsupportive, it’s important to examine your lifestyle and address any negative habits or scheduling. A matter concerning a pet, employee or assistant (if you have any of those), may also demand your attention.

Scorpio August 2023 Horoscope

Your home, career and relationships are all highlighted this month, dear Scorpio, putting you at an important crossroads of choices.

Aquarius Supermoon: Your career, responsibilities and public image have taken much of your attention in the past many weeks and it’s time for you to return home and hang up that hat. Home, family and property matters have your attention at the Supermoon of August 1st. It’s also time to turn inward perhaps, and shine a light on your own inner psychological processes and need for security and sustenance. Relationships are an area of rapid growth for you right now and others are drawing you out of your shell, toward expansion and adventure. Early August shines a light on how you see yourself in your most private moments and how others and helping you expand that container.

Venus + Leo New Moon: You’re on stage, dear Scorpio. August is usually a high profile month for you and this year more so. You’ve got responsibilities aplenty and no time to relax. And your star is shining brightly, revealing all you do. You’re in the process of a great experiment right now. Experimenting with a new contract or relationship or trying out different ways to be in an existing partnership. This is creating a certain amount of excitement and instability both - especially toward month’s end - but also allowing you to try on a different public personal for size. You’re in the process of planting new career seeds, or experimenting with new goals and trajectories. You have all of August to see how you feel as you’re walking in these brand new shoes.

Mercury Retrograde: Your life has been a people-whirlwind since July 10th, whether through actual parties and events, through activism in your community, or perhaps through engaging in social media or even fighting with friends. This aggressive socialising trend continues all month before finally giving way on Augusts 27th. That’s when you’re ready to shift your activities behind the scenes, where you can operate in secret, undisturbed. You’ll be ready to clear misunderstandings with friends from August 23rd onward. If you’ve been working hard to realise a dream, the end of August will allow you to review and recalibrate your efforts, coming up with a new approach this September.

Pisces Blue Moon: By August 31st, it’s crunch time for a romantic, creative or speculative project. If you are serious about love, about pursuing your heart’s desire, having kids or turning your hobby into a business, then you’ve got to be realistic. This means setting parameters, taking calculated risks, making mistakes and learning from experience. A creative or romantic endeavour may deliver its fruits now, especially if there is a need for closure.

Sagittarius August 2023 Horoscope

August calls you to expand your world and reach for your goals, dear Sagittarius. As for the Supermoons - anything ‘super’ is right up your alley!

Aquarius Supermoon: August begins with a flurry of communications. You may be networking and sharing information, receiving an avalanche of incoming or enjoying a short trip for some refreshment. You’ve been contemplating the bigger picture of your life for some time now, perhaps even dreaming of a great escape or of sharing your views with a wider audience. This may be a moment when a bright idea lights up in your mind, incorporating expansive improvements in your work, health or lifestyle.

Venus + Leo New Moon: Travel is on your mind every time August comes around, dear Sagittarius, and this time more so. You’re dreaming of returning to old beloved places, perhaps, or reminiscing about old holiday romances. Escape is the name of the game this month. A change of scenery is imperative, not just because you want a holiday, but because that’s what allows your mind to rise above the daily grind so you can contemplate your life’s bigger picture, regain perspective and be better able to make decisions for the long term. That’s the real function of a holiday. To free your mind to return to its natural state and far-reaching vision. You’re planting new philosophical seeds in your life. Legal, academic, publishing or international projects also have a chance for a fresh start. All that would be easier if your work and overall lifestyle were smoother and not so disruptive - especially toward month’s end. But you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. Give yourself some time ‘away’ amid your erratic schedule.

Mercury Retrograde: This past month has been all about the realisation of your goals. You’ve been hard at work to reach your highest and most ambitious aims and may very well have done so. Come August 23rd, it’s time to slow down and review your remaining goals and trajectory as well as allow others to catch up with you. Mars at the top of your chart til the 27th still sees you ruling the roost and carrying the bulk of responsibilities on your shoulders. Past that point, you’re ready to take a more ecumenical approach, socialise and do your best to also please others. Now’s the time to recalibrate your goals and pull out all the stops to reach your dreams.

Pisces Blue Moon: By the end of the month, your attention is called back home. The blue moon of August 31st lights up your property, home and family sector, where responsibilities seem to be mounting. It’’s time to secure your base, set down roots and sort out any property or family matters. This will help you set the cornerstone of a better lifestyle.

Capricorn August 2023 Horoscope

An important moment comes for you at month’s end, dear Capricorn but let’s see how you get there…

Aquarius Supermoon: Money looms large on your mind as the month enters. And underneath all such questions lie questions of self worth, whether one is worthy of love, money, and all good things in life. After excessive focus on what others can or cannot give you, you’re in for a boost in confidence and self esteem. What do you have to bring to the table that’s uniquely yours? You may feel like taking a more risky and creative approach with your assets - perhaps betting on a child, or a romantic or creative endeavour - and having fun.

Venus + Leo New Moon: August is a time of intimacy, dear Capricorn, whether with your one and only because you’re spending more time than usual with family and coming face to face with each others’ quirks. It’s also a time of big business and financial investments and deals. It’s time to plant new seeds in all joint financial endeavours - everyone with whom you’re deeply entangled with - whether this is your family or your spouse, your business partner or your bank. You may need to rethink the way you do business or share your resources or you may wish to revisit any debts you owe or that are owed to you and come to new agreements. You’re going through a particularly creative and playful phase in your life, where you want to be free to follow your heart and do what you want. Your heart’s desires may lead to crazy speculations, romantic adventures or fun creative projects. Or perhaps it’s your children who are playing up and throwing a spanner in your carefully ordered works - especially toward month’s end. Use this time to examine how you use your energies and resources to find joy love and pleasure, creatively, romantically or financially and experiment with new ways to invest and speculate.

Mercury Retrograde: The past three weeks have been highly adventurous. Perhaps you went off to conquer foreign lands, handled high flying legal or international matters, or immersed yourself in books and shows that opened your eyes and turned you into a preacher and crusader for truth. The adventure continues this month but your passion is now watered down with reason. Whatever you thought you knew may turn on its head from August 23rd, when a thorough review of your travel plans, various legalities or even your moral attitude and overall philosophy is called for. By August 27th, the onus will fall on you to take charge and carry certain important responsibilities on your shoulders.

Pisces Blue Moon: The end of August brings important news for you. This could relate to a writing or communications project, a meeting, contract or a deal pertaining to unfinished business. You may have to step up, take charge of your immediate environment and plan a series of movements, meetings or communications to see things to completion. It may also be time to examine your way of thinking.

Aquarius August 2023 Horoscope

This month starts with an effulgent Supermoon in your sign, dear Aquarius, so let’s start right there.

Aquarius Supermoon: Something deeply personal to you comes to a head as soon as the month enters. A relationship, contract or important someone in your life has been looming large for well over a month now and it’s time for the spotlight to fall squarely on you for a change. What is your attitude in all this? What do you bring to the table and what is it that you want? Something becomes clear about your own attitude and overall approach that sheds light on the situation. Your family history, home and living situation seems excessive in some way and may be the stressor that causes you to grow and expand, closely analyse the situation and perhaps break free where you need to.

Venus + Leo New Moon: With so much action in Leo, relationships is where it’s at this month, dear Aquarius. Recalibrating your relationship space is key but it’s hard to do it in such a disruptive home environment. Your home-life has been turned upside down for the past four to five years and this month, again, you’ll experience the intensity of these changes. Still, with a Leo new Moon conjunct Venus mid-month it’s time to plant new relationship seeds, to return perhaps to a pervious set point, revisit how you relate to each other, or perhaps, if you are single, revisit an old romance to pick up where you left off or seek closure. Plant these seeds and allow yourself to take tentative steps toward the future, no matter how unfamiliar and unknown it feels. Your home life won’t settle down for a few years yet but positive changes are just around the corner that will free you to experience more joy and expansion at home.

Mercury Retrograde: Life has been intense since early July and you may have had to tackle all sorts of personal demons, living in such extreme close quarters with someone. Still, you’ve got to know each other well and, with any luck, built a certain level of trust. Whatever secrets remain like a closed book are ready to be aired this month, even if aggressively at times. Arguing with someone is a very intimate thing to do after all, for it reveals sides to our character we usually try to keep hidden. It is precisely this sort of friction that continues to bring you closer with someone, allowing you to test the ground. And this month gives you plenty of opportunity to do so with Mars in Virgo all the way til August 27th. From the 23rd onwards, as Mercury goes retrograde, you have a chance to clear the air with matters that may have been shoved under the carpet for too long. The same goes, by the way, for all kinds of financial arrangements. If debt has been rising you now have an opportunity to review the situation and come up with a new solution. Your world opens up from the 27th onward, when you can finally stop feeling all cooped up and spread your wings.

Pisces Blue Moon: The end of August urges you to examine your priorities. The Pisces Blue Supermoon brings a reality check and a crystallisation of your finances, values and preferences. This is a contractive influence but also a consolidating one, forcing you to closely examine where you pour your energies and how to better invest your talents, time, money and resources. Use this moment of realisation to gather your resources into something more concrete and long lasting.

Pisces August 2023 Horoscope

This month is all about the Supermoon Blue Moon in your sign, dear Pisces, as important matters come full circle but let’s take things in turn:

Aquarius Supermoon: You’re in deep need of spiritual renewal as August enters. Perhaps it’s time to go on a retreat, do some psychological soul searching or simply rest and relax after working as hard as you have. A writing or communications project may be causing you stress and urging you to grow. An honest talk or conversation will bring some much needed insight to help you get closure.

Venus + Leo New Moon: August usually brings a lifestyle overhaul for you, dear Pisces. And right now, you have an opportunity to experiment with alternative lifestyles, even if for a little while. Venus retrograde puts you in a protective bubble that allows you to delve deeply into what way of life would truly make you happy and draw to you the necessary changes. Be ready to plant new lifestyle seeds mid-month, at the Leo New Moon, whether at work or through your own self-care, habits and daily routine. You may want to return to some old ways and methods or experiment with things you would not normally go for. It’s all about returning the whole system to health. And for you, that requires a certain amount of creativity, joy, love and sunshine - that’s what you need to function at your best. So go for it, dear Pisces. Your mind is brimming with ideas and that can be overwhelming some times. Or perhaps you’re constantly distracted by incoming communications, news or by the need to travel and move constantly, which disrupts your schedule and does not allow you to relax. This constant mobility and chatter may reach a crescendo toward month’s end. While this may be distracting, contending with such an unstable environment is sometimes just what you need to experiment with and implement lifestyle changes.

Mercury Retrograde: Someone in your life has been a force to be reckoned with since July 10th and you may have had to cow-tow, fight their battles for them or even compete for some of your own space and attention. Either way this ping-pong dynamic will continue this month when fighting with, against, or on behalf of someone may be foremost in your priorities with Mars in Virgo all the way til August 27th. Come the 23rd, and Mercury retrograde, it’s time to revisit a relationship, contract or agreement and fix certain dysfunctional parameters within it. As September enters, you’ll be ready to tackle any joint financial and psychological issues, whether it’s the division of property, the equitable sharing of intimate space and resources or the processing of a payout, line of credit or debt repayment.

Pisces Blue Moon: And so we come to the most important event of the month, the Blue Supermoon in your sign on August 31st. This signals the culmination of a crucially important matter to you personally that could determine how you structure your life and your very personality from here on in. This is a reality check of sorts, as well as a point of manifestation and realisation of long held desires, as well as the breakdown of illusions, allowing a new attitude to crystallise within you. This is only the beginning of a difficult but highly rewarding maturation process you’re now undergoing. If others are showing you up in a bad light, or looking to you to take charge of the situation, it’s time to humbly accept the challenge. Take responsibility. You’ll be so glad you did.

*Sabian Symbols from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala

(NY: Vintage Books 1974)

Image by Glen Carrie from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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