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December Horoscope 2021: Through The Darkness Into The Light…

The 2021 Winter Solstice arrives amid a Total Eclipse of the Sun, Saturn square Uranus, Venus Retrograde and Jupiter leaving Aquarius. Welcome to the final stretch!

We’ve entered the final stretch of the year, heading for the 'darkest hour' of 2021, the Winter Solstice of December 21st.

That's when the Sun enters Capricorn and right on its heels, we have the final Saturn-Uranus square, giving this old world one last big shake up. We’re also in the midst of eclipse season with a Total Solar Eclipse New Supermoon in Sagittarius on December 4th - the last in the series - revving up the engines and rushing us headlong into a brave new world for 2022. Add to that Venus going retrograde right over Pluto in Capricorn (Astrology's very own Darth Vader - and right on Christmas Day!) and the stakes are high! That's right on this month’s Full Moon in Gemini on the 19th by the way too! Thankfully, Jupiter enters Pisces on the 29th to save the day and we’re in for a deeply memorable holiday season! Here are the key events followed by a brief slicing of the pie...


Saturn and Uranus are in a mighty clash of control versus freedom and they’ve grabbed the world by the throat.

This vibe will only intensify as we head to Christmas, as these two titans clash for one last time on December 24th and the madness that’s been all of 2021 goes out with a bang. What’s more, both planets are in fixed signs and the more you push, the more others will push back. So cool your jets! Net-net? Nobody is budging an inch and the tension is mounting. Saturn’s direct and Uranus retrograde this time and it looks like control has the upper hand. But Uranus will turn in January and there's a hugely unpredictable moment coming up right there!

This Saturn-Uranus square says “the buck stops here.” Where do you need to draw the line and just say 'NO!'? Expect some radical shake ups this festive season.

JUPITER ENTERS PISCES - DECEMBER 29th: Show Me the Way to the Next Whisky Bar…

December is also the month that Jupiter changes signs into Pisces - on the 29th - this time for good. Jupiter spent a short stint in Pisces this summer, mid-May to end July, the last bit of the lockdown. Jupiter traditionally rules Pisces and is happy there - meaning there’s plenty of generosity, faith and luck to go around. ’Tis the season of goodwill, after all, if only arriving on the 29th. Pisces also rules madness, however, total immersion experiences (the metaverse?), escapism, hallucination and mass psychosis... So watch this space.


We're in eclipse season already since November and the last eclipse of the year arrives in a minute...on December 4th that is, amid a strong Neptune vibe (lord of the spiritual life, but also lies (not flies) and unreality)...


The month begins with an outpouring of emotion.

Neptune controls the taps of the world and as he stations direct on December 1st, he turns them on all at once and all sorts of emotional backlog rushes out!

All kinds of feelings and creative ideas that have been backed up since Neptune went retrograde on June 25th are now free to flow. Here we have an emotional peak, a moment of great feeling right on the heels of the recent Sun-Mercury superior conjunction on the Dragon’s Tail, smacking us right in the face with some serious revelations. Sadness may be present - Neptune does tend to bring that on - and you may feel tearful or disappointed. But it will pass. Watch what comes up for it illuminates the dreams that once were…and the ones that are still worth dreaming.


X marks the spot - that’s the Dragon’s Tail again - and we get a South Node Total Solar Eclipse New Moon Supermoon in Sagittarius (yes, it‘s a mouthful) at 12:22 degrees on December 4th at 07:43am.

This is a gigantic door of a new beginning, dragging with it unfinished business - a fresh start with an old chestnut you’ve long tried to crack.

With the karmically loaded Dragon’s Tail invovled once more, all kinds of chickens are coming home to roost. Time to embrace the truth about what’s gone down and where you are now and do something about it. Knowing where you stand - even if you don’t much like it - is no bad thing. It’s essential for plotting a course to where you want to go!

Neptune is widely square the Sun, Moon and Mercury too and there’s still an emotional overwhelm at play, a wetness that’s palpable. Neptune also causes confusion, lies and misdirection, a smokescreen that makes it hard to tell truth from fiction. What a mess! The confusion intensifies as first Mercury and then the Sun squares Neptune on the 7th and 12th respectively.

This eclipse winks at Uranus too and this could well make you restless. It’s in harmony with Chiron and Saturn, activating deep wounds in the social strata and opening pathways for healing and the constructive expression of anger. Anger is one to watch. The ruler of the eclipse, Jupiter, squares Mars and there don't seem to be any breaks on that anger train...

The Sabian Symbol for this eclipse is a widow’s past brought to light, emphasising the consequences of past actions as they affect present new beginnings. There is an element of retribution here for past mis-deeds. A sense of unfinished business coming back to haunt you and make sure you get your account settled. And how liberating that can be!


Come mid-December, there’s a subtle shift in priorities. On the 13th Mercury enters Capricorn and Mars enters Sagittarius. Conversations turn serious with Mercury in Capricorn and it’s time to turn your attention to the business at hand. This is a time to crunch the numbers and come up with practical strategies that deliver results. At the same time, far off vistas seem to be calling your name. With Mars entering Sagittarius, a spirit of adventure is sure to infuse the upcoming festivities. You’re gonna want to feel the wind in your hair. Mars in Sagittarius loves his freedom: “Don’t hem me in” is his song.

Crucially, on the 15th, Mars conjuncts the South Node or Dragon's Tail, giving us all a great big whack round the backside. You’re not gonna want to sit on that sudden infusion of energy! It’s like someone’s lit a firecracker under your seat. Watch for some sparks on the 15th, initiatives, decisions, anger or the past returning like boomerang to motivate you to action.


We have a Full Moon in Gemini (the first normal full moon in that sign), Venus turning retrograde in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, and Chiron in Aries stationing direct square to Mercury - all on December 19th!

VENUS RETROGRADE 19th DECEMBER: A Sombre Reassessment Begins…

December is full of big news and Venus stations retrograde for added effect on December 19th to stay so till January 29th.

Venus has been venturing into the shadowlands since mid-November, and if relationships have gotten a little strained it’s because nobody’s sure where they stand, let alone where you stand in relation to them. You cannot love and appreciate another if you don’t love and appreciate yourself.

Venus finally stations and goes retrograde at 10:35GMT on the 19th at 26:29 Capricorn, and the drawbridge is pulled up. If you’re in, you’re in. If you’re out, you’ll have to circle the moat and wait for the castle to re-open for business, most likely around February-March.

We’re entering a most peculiar six weeks, when unlikely partnerships are struck (but may not survive beyond the end of January), and when ongoing relationships may get a little rocky as each person re-evaluates where they stand.

Venus retrograde always creates a very special and memorable time, so buckle up for a special festive season that you’ll remember for years to come.

Unusual situations, people and activities may well leave their imprint now as you try to re-evaluate crucial aspects of your life, one step removed from all sorts of weirdness around you and enclosed in a protective, introspective bubble. 2022 is coming in hot and heavy and it wants you to pay attention. Where do you need to reassess you priorities? Venus will know.

To juice things up, Venus is in a near-permanent Pluto conjunction this month (exact on the 11th and 25th Xmas day!) and this makes for a rather intense emotional atmosphere. The matters you’re reassessing now seem like life or death, all or nothing. A major financial reassessment is also in store (certainly in the USA), and a good time to look at your own emotional and financial investments.

There’s often a sacred feeling around the Venus retrograde period. Like something special is going on (and it is!) Above all, you’re learning to love yourself and honour what you truly desire. Here’s to one truly giddying holiday season!

PS: go easy on the gifts this year as they may be off-target. Keep the receipt!


December’s Full Moon at 27:28 Gemini also arrives on the 19th at 04:35GMT, winking at stationary Venus as she gets caught in Pluto’s web.

This is a micromoon - far away from the earth and moving slowly, as if scrutinising information every tiny bit with a magnifying glass. This is an inquisitive, communicative, informative, liberating Full Moon!

Freedom-loving Jupiter in Aquarius trines the Full Moon and there’s strong desire here to expand your knowledge, to speak up and demand more freedom too. Mercury, ruler of this Full Moon, tribes Uranus too so the need for freedom is emphasised. There is lots of excitement - an upbeat vibe. With Mars and the South Node still pretty close too, there’s a dark seething undercurrent to contend with - perhaps anger at the media or at lawmakers (Sagittarius entities). This Full Moon demands connectivity, mobility, open communications, trade and the free flow of information.

The Sabian Symbol for this Gemini Full Moon is through bankruptcy, society gives an overburdened individual the opportunity to begin again. This is the sort of thing that liberates you from suffocating burdens so you’re free to continue playing the game! (An interesting financial theme, again, right on the day of Venus stationing retrograde too). What a great send off to the last of the Sagittarius and Gemini eclipses!

This is an excellent time to eject whatever past the Total Eclipse in Sagittarius of December 4th has dredged up and continue with a lighter step!

CHIRON DIRECT 19th DECEMBER: Don't Suffer in Silence

Chiron in Aries stations direct on the very same day of the Full Moon and Venus station, the 19th! What’s more, Mercury, ruler of the Gemini Full Moon, squares Chiron on the day. What a poignant moment! Words hurt. But silence hurts more.

What do you need to speak up about? What do you need to hear? Words have power at this Full Moon in Gemini. Use them wisely.


Two days later, the Winter Solstice ushers in the darkest day of the year on December 21st at 15:59GMT. That's when the Sun enters Capricorn. We’re literally in our darkest hour before the dawn here.

Capricorn is all about the responsibility that those in authority carry towards those they govern - and the solstice (at 0 Capricorn) reminds us of the importance that.

With the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, square Uranus, there are cracks appearing where they shouldn't. And there’s no papering over them. Tensions reach a climax this Christmas.

So, yes, this holiday season is unique - Venus envelops you in a cocoon of transformation whilst Saturn-Uranus rock your world.

A Venus-Pluto conjunction completes the picture on Christmas Day, and there’s an eery vibe in the air. Is it really Christmas or has it been hijacked by Halloween? You’d better button down the hatches - it's time to reevaluate a ton of stuff and look inward for answers.

With Mercury joining Venus and Pluto on the 29th and 30th too, the mood turns even sombrerer for New Year's - any more and it would turn us all into stone! But there's solace to be had if you raise your eyes to the stars... Jupiter in Pisces is calling your spirit home. The wound is where the light enters, or so we’re told by Rumi, and with a Sun-Chiron square on the 29th too, let the light shine through!


Here’s a brief lowdown of how some of these key December events affect each zodiac slice of the pie…


There’s a lot of action at the top of your chart, dear Aries. It’s time to totally re-evaluate your career, your responsibilities and your public image over the holidays. Before that, the total solar eclipse brings old and stale dogmas you’ve been carrying around to the surface for clearing. Important communications, as we approach the holidays, help you process and clear all that so you can free your head and make space for new ideas. Now’s the time to clear the air. You’ve been under great financial and social pressures and finally something snaps. As we head to 2022, it’s time to take a step back and nourish your spirit. Help is always given to those who ask...


December‘s eclipse literally brings poisons up for clearing, dear Taurus. This could be debts and other toxins, relationship matters that go way back or even poisons expelled by your own body. If all this leaves you weak, you’ll have a chance to reset your priorities, build on your strengths and sort out your finances soon. All this as we approach the holidays, which will be a philosophical time of deep thinking and re-evaluation of your guiding credo. You’re totally reinventing yourself and setting forth on a brand new path in life and it’s no mean feat. But you’re not alone. Jupiter will introduce you to some wonderfully crazy and inspiring people in 2022 so chin up.


Relationships is where it’s at this month, dear Gemini, with something significant happening with someone significant, dredging up all sorts of things from the past. All the better for you to clear the air, something which may also launch you into evaluating deeper issues, like intimacy, trust and joint bank accounts over the Christmas holidays. Something dear to you culminates at the full moon in your sign, liberating you from the past and showing you the next steps. This is your moment to ditch all kinds of useless preconceptions and go forward into the future with a lighter step. New career opportunities are opening up for you in 2022.


Work and partnerships are all the rage, dear Cancer - from professional collaborations to your daily habits and personal relationship. You’ll be doing lots of re-evaluating where certain parthersnips are concerned and will not come up with a verdict till February. Meanwhile a long overdue work project may come your way and you’ll work hard to get everything ship shape. Pay attention to your health this month as the eclipse may bring a health matter to light needing urgent attention. Financial and social pressures mount still but they’ll begin to dissipate next year. It will soon become clear that what you need is to switch off once in a while, to rest more and take better care of your spirit. 2022 brings fantastic opportunities for publishing, study and travel.


Love has been rocking your world for the past couple of years, dear Leo, and this period of change now goes out with a bang. Time to tackle any unfinished business and lay old demons to rest. This will free you to connect with people who ‘get’ you and feel a greater sense of belonging. You’re ready to reevaluate what work means for you and what sort of lifestyle you want. What would you enjoy doing? What does optimal function mean to you? Pinpoint those habits and working conditions for yourself in the coming months. Your whole life has been broken down and reassembled in 2021 - your relationships, your career - and it’s still happening now. But 2022 will be financially incredibly generous with you, more so if you’re also equally generous.


Home is calling you this December, dear Virgo, to spend time with your family or children, playing games and indulging in your favourite pastimes. It’s time to clear the past, dig deep and clear space in your home for new experiences - processing deeply rooted psychological material as you do so. Children are also on your mind. Is it time to connect more deeply with a child or perhaps to have a baby? Or perhaps you want to take a creative hobby more seriously? A liberating career moment arrives later in the month, opening a more authentic path for you to flourish. So spread your wings and don’t fret the small stuff (harder said than done for a Virgo, I know). You’ll have plenty of people willing to help you and cheer you on in 2022.


Where is home, dear Libra? Time to reassess your base and re-evaluate what makes you feel secure. You’ll also be clearing a lot of past debris this holiday season, clearing the decks for a new relationship or new foundation in your life. The solar eclipse brings lots of news and commotion, breaking up some of your existing dotted lines and forcing you to reconnect them differently. All the better to free yourself from certain petty minded situations and raise your eyes to greater horizons as the holidays approach. Liberate yourself romantically and financially this year. Come 2022, you’ll need greater freedoms in your workplace too, and you’ll have the opportunity to pursue this.


Your finances have been totally transformed over the past couple of years, dear Scorpio, and you’ve one last blast this Deacember to clear the decks for a healthier financial future. Clearing debt is foremost in your mind by the 19th, that and how you can make your money best work for you. And the news is liberating. You’ll be knee-deep in research and tricky arrangements, paperwork and communications for the next couple of months, seeing where you’re at with fresh eyes. You’re so focused on the big things in life, like your house, relationship or a parent and the tension now peaks. But when was the last time you fell in love with someone or something? When was the last time you had fun? Jupiter will bring you plenty a chance in 2022!


Your transformation is near complete, dear Sagittarius, but not quite. One last total solar eclipse in your sign is what it takes to blast the last remnants of your old outworn identity to smithereens and help you move forward to bigger and better things this December. This will also open the path toward more fulfilling relationships with an important event marking the transition to a happier place with others before the solstice is here. With that new identity also comes a new set of values, only you haven’t quite figured that out yet - what your priorities are, how to best invest your money, time and resources - and you’ll spend the next couple of months re-assessing just that. Life has been stressful in 2021 and Christmas is no exception but your home is about to become a much grander, livelier, happier place, thanks to Jupiter, in 2022.


Your personality has totally transmogrified since 2008, dear Capricorn, and this Christmas is a landmark moment when you realise just how far you’ve come. And it’s time to assess exactly who you are and how you want to present yourself moving forward. Meanwhile, life-altering realisations are taking place in your subconscious and you’re fascinated right now but secrets, lies and what lies beneath. Suppressed material is coming up and you may have to deal with it in small, down to earth practical ways, like going for walks or talking to someone. The importance of a healthy daily working routine will be impressed upon you around the 19th. Get your world - and your money too - in ship shape because 2022 will be a tantalising year of learning and exploration.


There’s something going down among your friends, dear Aquarius. Your community is changing and, with it, your role within it. Old material is coming up for processing this month and finding out where you stand among your peers will liberate you to pursue more joyful and fulfilling avenues. This is a time of deep spiritual re-evaluation of allegiances when you may need to withdraw from worldly affairs to reconnect with the mother-ship. Revamp your personality up from its very roots, because 2022 is sure to raise your confidence and boost your earnings - surely something to smile about.


Who you are in the eyes of the world is changing and you’re ready to shed the final piece of your old skin and liberate yourself to step into new and bigger roles. Part and parcel of this is also re-evaluating where you stand in your community, who’s really your friend and ally and who is not. Take time over the next two months to re-assess your dreams and aspirations so you can connect with the right people down the line. This is also the time to think of the role of being a parent and perhaps clear the air with an actual parent. This will shine a spotlight on your home and family and what these very concepts mean to you. You’re ready to enter new head-space so take time to turn yourself to face in the right direction because you’re Lady Luck’s chosen one for 2022!

Image by Jacob Soby from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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