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February 2022 Astrology: Engage Warp Drive!

Every planet moves direct from February 4th all the way till the end of April - time to push full speed ahead!

With every obstacle removed, it's time to push forward with your ambitious plans.

Venus is finally direct! Venus has been retrograde in Capricorn draining the world of colour since mid-November, and it's really nice to see some of your lust of life return. Mercury, also retrograde and off kilter for weeks, finally goes direct on February 4th and you finally get the green signal. Full speed ahead!

With warrior Mars ruling the roost conjunct lover Venus, and with Uranus sextile Jupiter in one of the luckiest aspects of 2022, February is a real firecracker of a month. Dramatic, romantic, lucky, obsessive, liberating. Get in gear for Spring!

This month also sees the USA Pluto return, on February 20th and throughout 2022, marking the end of an era. Perhaps even the end of an empire… These are, indeed, historical times we live in.

Aquarius New Moon February 1st: Prepare for Take Off!

February starts with a rocket-fuelling New Moon in Aquarius at 05:46 on the 1st conjunct Saturn and square Uranus. This strikes a chord with the Saturn-Uranus square and the ongoing debate around restriction versus freedom that’s rocked the world. Decide where you stand.

With Mercury still retrograde, , we’re still in a process of deep review as February enters, re-examining matters practically and rationally, both from political and scientific perspectives, to make a decision.

Time to make a tentative fresh start - based on new, still incoming data - ready for take off. Get into position in the runway of 2022.

With Chiron also chiming in, this is a good time to revisit matters of health and healing, as well as any hurts that still plague your thoughts.

The Sabian Symbol for this Aquarius New Moon (at 12:19 degrees) is “A Barometer”. What a fantastic image for taking the pulse of a situation and gauging what’s needed to make better future decisions.

Mercury Direct February 4th

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn finally stations direct on February 4th and all sorts of information rises up like jewels from the deep! Time to experiment with new ideas.

Expect a quickening of energies as February kicks off - a packed, exciting and liberating start to the month.

February 4th also sees this year's Sun-Saturn conjunction - the biggest annual reality check! This helps you organise the coming year around new objectives and priorities. Get back to basics, keep it real and move forward cooly and rationally.

Mars sextile Jupiter also on the 4th brings a touch of luck and good timing. This gives you the energy, faith and initiative to take a leap. Mars continues to remain active, square Chiron and trine Uranus, till the waxing quarter Moon in Taurus on February 8th.

February 4th-8th is a moment of action, freeing you up to pursue ambitious initiatives!

Eclipse Half-Way Point February 15th: A Crossroads...

Get ready for the most fantastic acceleration of energies as we head to Valentine’s Day! We have a Leo Full Moon opposite the Sun in Aquarius and square the Lunar Nodes, marking the half-way point between the eclipses. This is a moment that pins your position to the ground.

Come the 15th, you have some important decisions to make.

These are Terry Pratchett’s trousers of time… Which way will you go? Will you blindly repeat the past? Or will you brave the unknown?

Expect powerful words and revelations as soon as February 11th and all the way to the 15th as Mercury and Pluto meet for the final time this winter. The Lunar Nodes in Scorpio and Taurus are right there helping Mercury and Pluto share all sorts of secrets that are now coming to light. February 11th-15th opens a portal for deep truths to be revealed, for informational downloads that could radically transform the way you think, communicate and approach the world. Power is flowing.

Mercury-Pluto February 11th-15th gives you incredible powers of concentration and single minded focus.

Mid-February could bring transformative ideas, meetings and communications your way.

Leo Full Moon & Mars-Venus: February 16th

And so we come to the dramatic Full Moon in Leo, February 16th at 4:56pm at 27-59 degrees. And if Leo isn’t grand enough, this month’s Full Moon coincides with a passionate Mars-Venus conjunction in Capricorn. Time for a seriously bold move!

Here we have a strategic moment of great courage. Release the shackles that imprison your heart!

Leo rules the heart - and it rules the strength to follow it. Now you can clearly see what the heart wants and put your full force behind it. Let Mars and Venus energise every fibre of your being. Fight for what you really want. No use wasting your energies. Mars is in exaltation in Capricorn and nothing can stop this great warrior from playing the long game - especially with Venus fanning the flames.

Mid-February might get a little too hot to handle.

The Sabian Symbol for this Leo Full Moon is “many little birds on a limb of a large tree.” A large, perhaps overwhelming array of inspiring possibilities may come your way.

Your choice matters! Take a moment to check in with that grey matter that sits in your chest cavity…

Follow your heart and make your choice.

Uranus-Jupiter, February 17th-18th: Good Luck!

Mid-February brings one of the luckiest few days of 2022: If you have a bold, risky, crazy gamble you want to take, now’s the time!

We're talking about February 17th-18th when Jupiter and Uranus sextile. The vibe lasts from February 13th to the 22nd with the 17th-18th marking the peak. Here we have an opportunity for freedom, for truth, for windfalls even, and for breaking old patterns. It's a chance to score some wins!

Stay alert. Be ready to jump on whatever gravy train comes your way - especially if you have any planets or points around 10-13 degrees of almost any sign. This is like a luck-booster, a truth-outer, opening doors and multiplying your upside ten-fold.

The world is opening up like an oyster mid-February. Be ready.

Take a leap of faith!

Pisces Season February 18th: Romance

Just then, on the 18th, the Sun enters Pisces. Happy Birthday Pisces!

Pisces season could not possibly start at a more auspicious time!

With Jupiter in Pisces this spring and autumn, and Jupiter sextile Uranus just as Pisces kicks off, it looks like you’re embarking on a wonderful adventure.

Mars-Venus sextile Neptune February 23rd-24th: Romancing the Stone...

And as befits Pisces season, we have a lovely romantic vibe building toward February 23rd-24th.

Mars and Venus, still sailing close, now sextile Neptune. It’s worth planning something special, even if it is the middle of the week... And if romance is not on the cards, then let divine inspiration take you! Indulge your creativity. Take a break to recharge your spirit.

Mercury, now fully awake and ticking over, embarks on new territory and you’re ready to entertain new thoughts. A contact with Chiron and Uranus on the 23rd-25th brings some frank conversations.

It’s time to be honest. Full disclosure! Words spoken may shock but they also have a liberating, healing effect.

Open up to any new information coming through. You’re ready to entertain the previously unthinkable!

Mars trine North Node February 28th: Pedal to the Metal...

Mars harmonises with the Lunar Nodes on the last day of the month and all the lights turn green.

Whatever big and ambitious plans you have in the making, it’s time to put them into effect. If you already have, then push them up a few gears. Mars is all fired up and the time has come for action.

Early March brings yet greater intensity and important news and decisions. We’re entering a time of great acceleration toward Spring. And 2022 is just getting into its stride...

February 2022 Horoscope

As usual, here is a taster of how the month’s astro-whether triangulates with each star sign… Check out your Sun sign (Object), Rising Sign (Verb), and your Moon sign (Subject) if you fancy it. Of course, these are but a few possibilities out of any infinite number. But you get the gist…


Your mind is preoccupied with where you fit in this world and how others see you. Things like your image, the people around you and your place among them weigh heavily on you. It’s time to examine your circles, clubs or community, reach out to your peers and make friendships that can turn your dreams into reality. Career matters are highly strung, revealing much about your style of leadership and management, as well as parental figures in your life. Buried thoughts and feelings are coming to the surface, as you’re called to exercise your power and authority on those below and understand the importance of your position. The Full Moon illuminates your children or any creative endeavours, showing you what your heart really wants. All the better to help you commit to your dreams and those who support them. You’ve not got the passion and energy to reach for your goals from the 4th.

Where’s your luck? Watch for ground breaking money making ideas coming to you whilst in a flow state - be it creativity, driving or daydreaming. You have financial luck with creative ideas coming to you in meditation, through benefactors or even in your dreams. Milk your glamorous reputation for all it’s got toward months’ end.


You’re in a philosophical mood, thinking long and hard about where you are headed. Your life path, your public image and the belief system that guides your decisions are up for review. And yet, it’s time to make a serious career commitment. Where do you see yourself in 7 years’ time? What direction is your life taking? Allow yourself to contemplate, reviewing beliefs that led to past choices and uncovering blind spots in your outlook that might limit your options. You’re passionate about certain things and it’s time to reach as many people as you can with your ideas. Pin your colours to the mast. The Full Moon highlights your home and family, or a property matter, further clarifying your path.

Where’s your luck? You have a rare opportunity to showcase your originality this month and gain some followers. It’s time to find your tribe and inspire people with your output. Reach out to others, especially between the 13th and 22nd.


Legal and financial matters feature strongly on your mind. You’re perhaps conducting deep undercover research, trying to get to the buried truth of a situation. Or there may be a focus on education, publishing, travel, broadcasting or institutional matters. It’s time to stand up for what you believe and share your expertise with the world. Involvements with others are intense and all-consuming. It’s time to sort out any tricky financial entanglements involving debts, taxes, investments, sponsors or monies owed to you. Expect a dramatic flurry of communications to energise your mind and clarify your views at the Full Moon. All the better to focus your attention on what’s important.

Where’s your luck? Your own fame or notoriety could give rise to interesting career opportunities. If something hidden arises catching you unawares, it will turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Act on your flashes of insight and make your mark in the world, especially from the 13th to the 22nd.


There is a strong focus on your finances this month, a theme building up momentum into March, as well as your relationships and agreements, where you’re dealing with deep fears and buried feelings. You’re coming out of a long relationship rethink and are ready to pour all your energy and passion into working together. Others drive you to excellence now. It’s also time for a fresh start with your financial commitments and a serious assessment of your investments, resources and any monies owed is due. The Full Moon will clarify things, shining a light on your income, strengths and assets to help you make the right decision.

Where’s your luck? Watch areas such as publishing, law, education and travel this month as you may experience a breakthrough receiving support from surprising quarters. Use the 13th-22nd to reach out to others with your vision and expertise.


You’re in the spotlight this month, with the Full Moon in your sign packing a punch and placing your needs centre stage. A matter close to your heart is coming full circle and it’s only when you know where you stand that you’ll be able to decide how you want to proceed with an important relationship. Relationships is where it’s at and it’s time to act responsibly and commit to your partner - or to finding one - afresh, if that’s indeed what your heart desires. You’re very passionate about your work, meanwhile, as well as doing the best you can for your own health and wellbeing. Obstacles are slowly lifting and you can make great progress streamlining your life, work and health.

Where’s your luck? There could well be a bonus coming your way, or perhaps a career development loan or something else that gives you the backing you need to achieve your goals. Test your business luck 13th-22nd February.


Work and play intermingle this month to give you an amazing balance of productivity and joy. You’re truly passionate about your creative projects, or about setting fun-time aside for yourself your interests and your kids. You can now move full speed ahead with whatever makes your heart sing. The time has also come to make a serious fresh start at work. You may need to commit to a job, a training programme or a new and healthier working routine. If you’re not sure which way to go, ask your subconscious for answers. Look to your dreams for clues. The Full Moon highlights what’s going on beneath the surface, as well as the importance of rest, spirituality and recreation.

Where’s your luck? The right people can open new horizons for you now. Look to a partner, client, agent or competitor to bring you amazing opportunities to reach more people with your message. Do any promotion between the 13th and 22nd. The 23rd-24th is a super-romantic time.


Your focus is firmly on your home, your kids and your family, with little time for anything else. It’s time to make a fresh start in matters of the heart. Commit to finding out what brings you joy, to nurturing your creative hobbies and your need for fun and romance, and to spending quality time with your children. This is a period of deep psychological healing with buried feelings coming to the surface, especially around your family and the past. After a long period of rumination, you now have the energy you need to move forward on the home front. The Full Moon brings some well earned worldly rewards, clarifying your dreams for the future and your place in the world so you can now focus on your personal happiness.

Where’s your luck? Fortune could come in the form of a bonus in recognition of your work or some other perk or benefit making your life easier and giving you a better lifestyle and greater freedom. Use the 13th-22nd to make positive changes in your life.


You’re shut away at home these days and very busy with immediate concerns, as well as logistical and family matters. The time has come to make a fresh start on the home front, with any property and real estate matters, as well as with family affairs. Expect a big culmination in your career at this Full Moon, highlighting your public standing and your achievements, as well as shedding light on where you’re headed. All the better to help you clarify how to organise matters at home and in your personal life moving forward. It’s finally time to move full speed ahead with any ideas that you want to put into action.

Where’s your luck? Your luck rests in love, romance and creative collaboration with someone else! Others recognise your amazing talents and help you express them. Partnering up with someone younger could also be lucky for you. Use the 13th-22nd to win someone over or showcase your wildest and most exciting creative ideas. The 23rd-24th is ideal for a romantic trip.


You’ve been thinking long and hard about what matters most in your life and what’s worth investing your time and energy. You’ll be ready to make a decision, perhaps a financial decision, this month after the 4th. You’re making a fresh start with your contacts, making your network work for you. You may also be contemplating a contract or other paperwork. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is, whilst also seeing whom you can actually rely upon in your immediate environment. The Full Moon in Leo shines a light on the bigger picture, and on legal, international or official matters, helping you get clear on the facts.

Where’s your luck? Fortune is knowing on your front door! Real estate is favoured. A work opportunity may improve your living conditions, or a family member or home improvement could help revolutionise your lifestyle. Dare to break out of your usual routine and try something different February 13th-22nd.


You’re still leading the parade, dear Capricorn, only now you also have some serious financial decisions to make. From February 4th you’re ready to push forward dynamically with everything you want. And with Mars and Venus in your sign, nobody can resist your passion, energy and charm! Still, your financial situation needs some serious thinking and it’s time to assess things realistically and make a fresh and responsible start. The Full Moon highlights your emotional and financial involvements with others - any debts or taxes that are due as well as gifts or payments others owe you now come to light. A culmination on this front helps you get clear on where you stand financially so you can make some good decisions.

Where’s your luck? Your fortune lies in a creative breakthrough or a speculative deal. Flirt like a fiend! Use the 13th to 22nd and all the way to the end of the month to promote your desires, your creative projects and your overall aims. You can sell snow to an eskimo now!


What’s ‘me’ and what’s ‘not-me’? You’re in the midst of some serious character-building experiences and it’s crucial you commit to what truly matters to you now and keep chipping away at it, no matter how hard. A lot of unconscious material is coming up for processing and you may have to face a few more demons yet this month. Let your darkest emotions and sexual energies arise from the deep. You’re in charge of the direction your life is taking, like it or not, and the New Moon in your sign is an opportunity to put the right foot forward. The Full Moon reveals where you stand in an important relationship. All the better to clarify your choices and the importance of taking responsibility for them.

Where’s your luck? You could literally experience a windfall! Your home and family bring opportunities to raise your net worth and build your assets. You may also have the chance to acquire something special. Either way, use the 13th-22nd to consolidate your position and build your strength.


You’re sort of letting go of the reins this month and resting in the arms of your friends, or even the universal bosom. Who are your friends and where is it just your own demons acting out? After taking a much needed time out from social activities, you’re ready to reach out once more, reconnect with your tribe and energise your dreams. Underneath all that activity, there’s an important sorting process going on. You’re shedding your old skin and putting the past to bed, ready to build a whole new identity starting in 2023. Commit to looking under the surface of your personality and doing some house clearing while you can. Pay attention to health and work related matters this month, especially if any flare up around the Full Moon. They have deep and hidden psychological roots and you now have the most amazing chance to get to them.

Where’s your luck? Jupiter is in your sign till May so…you’re lucky everywhere! Your lucky break comes when you find your voice and speak up, when you connect with others and open your mind to new ideas. Use your voice - especially 13th to 22nd and you’ll find the support you seek.

Sabian Symbols taken, as always, from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala

Image by Miles Storey from Unsplash

Article by YourAstrogenes


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