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January 2021 Horoscope: It’s a Coup!

Make a break for freedom...

January 2021 pulls no punches...

The die has been cast and it’s time to put everything into motion! And this is just what the Capricorn New Moon of January 13th does, bang on the sensitive 23 degrees of Capricorn. This is the tiny stretch of sky that contained so much of the drama of 2020 (i.e. the major conjunctions of the astrology of 2020). Could this be a coup?

The astrology smacks of a powerful clash of wills this month that could escalate into something serious in the blink of an eye.

This January 13th is a tough New Moon in a wide stellium with the Sun, Moon, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter, which in turn square Mars and Uranus in Taurus. (Yes - after six months in Aries, Mars finally enters Taurus on January 6th) That’s eight out of the usual nine astrological bodies, most in fixed signs, locking horns all at once! Talk about an explosive deadlock! (Neptune’s missing - he’s busy but we’ll get to that.) And to top off an already explosive situation, Uranus stations direct at that very moment, on the 14th. The expression ‘numb with shock’ springs to mind.

Sometimes the only way through an obstacle is to blow it to smithereens and that option might well be chosen this month.

Jupiter squares Uranus on the 17th - a moment of extreme recklessness - and Mars bumps up against Saturn (13th), Uranus (20th) and Jupiter (26th) too. You won’t find much peace and quiet in January of 2021.

All this rebellion is in keeping with the times. And that’s because Saturn and Uranus are edging closer to their big showdown square - the major astrological influence of 2021. (I will be writing a longer article about this crucial square so stay tuned.)

This is make or break energy, the clash of old and new, rebellion and establishment. Get ready for some major instability moving forward - a driver for big change. Stay flexible and experimental.

As noted, Neptune is the only one off in la la land, doing his own thing this month. What’s he up to? Neptune’s squaring the Lunar Nodes: beware pockets of unreality! There’s a tinge of romance, fantasy and tons of swelling emotion now, as Neptune infuses everything with a dreamy glow.

You’ll be pinching yourself this month: “Is this truly happening?” you’ll be asking yourself.

Enjoy the reverie... This influence has been building up for months, It now peaks then begins to fade by spring.

Now, are you planning to upgrade your tech in January? Then hurry! Mercury stations retrograde on January 30th and he begins treading uncertain ground much sooner, on the 14th.

That’s right on that challenging January New Moon. Stick to the first half of January if you can.

Mercury also plans to connect with all the big baddies this month - Pluto (5th), Mars (9th), Saturn (10th), and Uranus (12th) all in quick succession - so get ready for some tough talks. Thankfully Jupiter’s scheduled in too (the 11th) and that might offer a brief oasis amid the madness...

The month ends on a dramatic Leo Full Moon on the 28th, right opposite the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction and square Mars and Uranus.

This Leo Full Moon of January 28th is the first time that the fresh seed for the new aeon that was planted on the Great Conjunction in Aquarius is fully illuminated.

The Sun crosses the Great Conjunction exactly between the 24th-29th and, after much hullabaloo, the ball finally gets rolling. That’s a lucky moment! Just then, Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th.

After such an eventful month, Mercury retrograde January 30th-February 20th may frankly be just the thing. You’ll need a moment to get your bearings and consider things carefully. This is the birth of a whole new aeon after all...

And that’s what Mercury gives you, some time to carry out a thorough review of the situation all the way to February 20th. Happy New Year!


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