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Neptune squares the Lunar Nodes: Beware Pockets of Unreality!

Step into the bubble...

Get ready to ring in the New Year under a strong illusory spell...

The world is gripped by a kind of madness in December and more so in January 2021. Fake news, confusion, mutating strains... What’s real and what’s fantasy? Neptune has been edging closer and closer into a square to the Lunar Nodes throughout 2020 and now it perfects. January 2021 brings with it a strong sense of unreality, powerful emotions, romance, perhaps even madness.

As the world becomes less and less familiar there are those who take refuge in conspiracy theories and various more exotic explanations of what’s going on. And there are those who take comfort in the safety of the mainline news and official government line. Either way, the astrological message is clear:

Approach everything you see and hear with the utmost caution!

Don’t buy wholesale into anything. Neptune makes it extremely easy to lose your bearings or pull the wool over people's eyes. It can be likened to a blanket of lies, a powerful trance, the plugging of an alternate reality programme into the system. Neptune is like a liquid solvent, sinking in through the crevices of your mind and dissolving reality. Thoughts seem thin, visions vivid. Neptune demands that you keep an open mind and look within for answers.

When the world seems to have gone to pot, meditate; write poetry; use your intuition; walk by the sea. Whatever works for you.

The 2020 Winter Solstice just rang in a new era. Our gas-giant alignment, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, created ripples of change that are going to eventually transform our world. Things are new and unfamiliar and it’s a delicate transition. You need your wits about you!

The Lunar Nodes in Gemini-Sagittarius

The eclipse points (aka Lunar Nodes) lie in Gemini and Sagittarius right now, the signs of information, news and broadcasting, the internet, dogmas and propaganda. The last time we had this set up was 9/11 and we know full well the rhetoric that came out of that. Now, with the added influence of Neptune, a vastly disorienting vibe, confusion abounds. It’s easy to spread most anything and present it as a fact, just as it's easy for the truth to seep through like some sort of fantasy. Best practice a healthy scepticism - at least till Spring.

Neptune in Pisces squared the Lunar Nodes last during the 2012 Summer Olympics, a distinctly unusual time in London at least, under a vague threat of terrorism which thankfully never happened. The Lunar Nodes were reversed from their current positions back then, pointing the solution toward ignoring chatter and taking a leap of faith. (Now the solution path is reversed: beware of dogma and make-believe and check your facts.)

Sheer Magic

Before that, Neptune squared the Nodes (in different zodiac signs) in February 2004 and before that, over Christmas 1995, the Summer of 1987 and so on backward roughly every 8 years or so. All of these times should have had a dissolving, mesmerising effect, with powerful emotional experiences from the most magical, memorable and romantic down to the nightmarish. And here we are now once more in January 2020. Is it going be the most fantastical and beautiful time of year? Or is it gonna be lunacy? Your choice.

This disorienting influence has been building since June 2020 and only begins to fade in Spring 2021.

Neptune squares the Mean Node(s) * exactly on January 6th and the True Node(s)* on January 26th. That puts the whole of January in an unreality pocket. Excellent for mind-expansion, romance, spirituality and creativity. Awful for knowing black from white. Got your virtual reality gear on? See you on the other side...

* The “Mean Node” is the averaged out mathematical position of the Sun-Moon intersection on the ecliptic on any given day (this imaginary trajectory indicating the potential location of the eclipses is rather wobbly) and the “True Node” is the actual position.


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