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October 2023 Astrology: A Choice of Values

The October Eclipses are here - a Libra Solar Eclipse and Taurus Lunar Eclipse - time to make crucial decisions for the future

The astrology of October brings powerful changes. And that's because we have two eclipses activating a most intense and transformative square between Pluto and the South Node in the skies.

We’re about to see game-changing developments that have been long time coming.

October 28th sees the last of the Scorpio-Taurus eclipses that have rocked our world financially since November 2021. Time to get off that crazy train! Before that, October 14th brings a Solar eclipse in Libra, the first of its kind, highlighting war and peace, justice and the various broken social contracts lying all around us in tatters. Whether we like it or not, this series of eclipses brings a whole new host of lessons, calling us to address imbalance and to fight for individual rights, agency and sovereignty now and until 2025.

Immense power and force can be channeled and find an outlet tor expression as a result of the October eclipses. This can break down barriers for swift progress. By the same token, problems simmering under the surface can now erupt, breaking the dam, for the time has come to deal with them. There’s an unstoppable energy here, like red hot lava erupting from the deep.

Both October eclipses are Venus-ruled, highlighting the civilising, relational aspects of our world, the values, contracts and agreements that permeate our society.

It’s time to pay attention to our laws and constitutions, our relationships and finances, our culture, and to work together toward greater equanimity, cooperation and harmony.

We’ve also got a ‘Full Mercury” this October, when Mercury, now direct, meets the Sun. This happens right on top of the eclipse points, so there’s bound to be some crucial information coming to light. With Libra, Scorpio and Taurus strongly activated this month is all about what’s above board and what’s not, and what’s of real value.

We have crucial decisions to make this autumn, standing as we are on the penultimate seam of the 'trousers of time'...

So without further ado, let’s look at October’s astro weather forecast.

4 October Mars Conjuncts South Node: Karmic Whiplash

October gets underway with a powerful conjunction of Mars and the eclipse points at 25 degrees Libra.

Actions now have long-range repercussions, their roots reaching far back, delivering long overdue results with a certain finality.

Initiatives may have a karmic feel, a magnetic pull that’s hard to resist. As Mars and the South Node are in Libra, we’re talking about some sort of rebalancing of the scales, justice being served, or whatever action restores the natural equilibrium.

For each of us personally it’s time to come face to face with our own motives in some area of life and restore balance. This could also be a deeply mystical moment, revealing the balance of our choices and their power to create or destroy - more so as Mars also squares Pluto, exact on October 9th.

Mercury is still in Virgo and active in early October, opposing Neptune on the 2nd and trine Pluto on the 3rd. This endows the mind with plenty of imagination, intuition and a powerful drive for deep research. Venus is still in Leo harmonising with the eclipse points on the 2nd, bringing important developments for relationships and investments.

5 October Mercury in Libra: Negotiate and Adjudicate

By October 5th, just before a waning Cancer half-moon, Mercury enters Libra, the sign of diplomatic speech. Time to shift gears. Having researched and analysed things to death for the past two months, Mercury is finally ready to present a balanced view, negotiate, mediate, and make agreements.

Our minds turn to relationships and contracts, matters of law and justice, negotiations and diplomacy, and to love, beauty and the arts.

Mercury is moving super-fast now and so are developments. He will be in Libra ‘til the 22nd where he’ll have a crucial meeting with the Sun on the 20th.

9 October Venus in Virgo: Beauty In The Detail

Venus is next to change signs from Leo into Virgo on October 9th. Having gone retrograde for the summer, Venus has now spent four dramatic months in Leo and is ready for something more productive to do with her time. Gone is all the drama.

Time to find pleasure in everyday things, pay attention to detail and apply our aesthetic skills to improving the nitty gritty of our lives.

Venus in Virgo is an absolute perfectionist! She’s both naughty and nice and, above all, loves to be of real practical use. With both eclipses Venus-ruled this month, Venus in Virgo has a lot to teach us about our bodies and our health, our lifestyles, our automated systems, habits and overall functionality.

It’s time to hone in on what we value most and bring it to bear on our daily lives and choices.

As Venus enters Virgo she immediately opposes Saturn on October 10th - a reality check to make sure we fulfil various financial and relationship obligations. Venus’ ingress also coincides with Mars square Pluto on the 9th, a karmic pressure point for action and change. Venus will continue to find beauty in the mundane in Virgo for a month, ‘til November 8th.

11 October Pluto Goes Direct: The Tide is Turning!

And so we arrive at an important moment on October 11th: Pluto’s direct station at 28 degrees Capricorn.

Pluto has been backtracking through the dregs of Capricorn over the summer, allowing dark plots to simmer away nicely, while at the same time gathering enough force for one final swing of the wrecking ball against the old order.

As Pluto now grinds to a halt and changes to forward gear, plots and plans break the surface. Pluto will keep going until he’s right through Capricorn and out the other side this time so, there’s no turning back. Pluto enters Aquarius on January 21st 2024 and (barring a few weeks next autumn) will stay there til 2044.

Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 will transform our world through technology and AI, breaking up global tech and corporate monopolies, turning us into a bona fide space-faring race, and, crucially, replacing corrupt top-down centralised institutions with lateral block-chain style systems - all within the next twenty years.

Pluto in Aquarius will do nothing short of upgrade human consciousness and redesign the way we live on a scale never before seen. And the countdown starts this month. Of course it’s a slow process but we already see the signs. And this month the tide starts turning.

Pluto is extremely powerful when stationary and the 11th delivers a moment of great density and focus as we feel the wheels of destiny turning. This is heightened by the Sun-Chiron opposition, a poignant moment of raw vulnerability, also on the 11th.

See where the last degrees of Capricorn fall in your own chart to see what you’re getting ready to move past, to leave behind for good. For Pluto has a scorched earth policy.

The USA Pluto Return is still underway, by the way, with Pluto within minutes of America’s natal Pluto this month. The old empire is dying to give rise to a new type of creature, a phoenix from the ashes, America 2.0. This will take years of course but history will identify these times right now as a crucial turning point.

12 October Mars in Scorpio: Formidable Fighter!

On the heels of Pluto direct, Mars enters Scorpio on the 12th, the sign ruled by both Mars and Pluto. Mars in Scorpio emboldens transformative forces and puts them immediately to work. Mars in Libra since August 27th was curtailed, following due process, waiting, defering, collaborating and going through judiciary channels to get anything done.

Now in Scorpio, Mars is a dynamo of action, deploying its huge power and resources to raise hell!

It’s time to be fearless, brazen, visceral. Mars trines Saturn immediately as he enters Scorpio, on October 13th, getting an official mandate for action and a strategy to move forward. Mars will keep raising demons from the Scorpionic depths - and uncovering treasure too! - until November 24th, meeting both Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio in the process.

14 October Libra Annular Solar Eclipse: Balance The Scales!

And so we arrive at the annular Solar Eclipse New Moon of October 14th at 17:55 UT at 22 degrees Libra. Annular eclipses happen when Moon and Earth align perfectly with the Sun, but with the Moon nearer its apogee (further from the earth), its disk smaller.

This annular solar eclipse in Libra creates the appearance of a ring of fire - literally a fiery gate of initiation that we are called to pass through.

This is a Solar Eclipse and so a fresh start, and it is a South Node eclipse, so it’s been a loooong time coming. With the Sun and Moon conjunct the South Node and square Pluto, we’re at a crucial crossroads individually and collectively. Events now have a magnetic pull, a karmic feel, an all-or-nothing quality to them. Words like ‘karmic’ or ‘fated’ simply mean the groundwork has been laid firmly, developments have matured and their time has come.

This is the first eclipse in Libra of its kind, 'circling' important themes that will take us forward into 2024.

Libra is all about the contracts that hold civilisation together. This eclipse brings broken social contracts to light, calling us to speak the truth and stand up for what is right.

It’s time for a fresh perspective with matters long overdue, to see where we have gotten off balance and restore justice or equilibrium - a very Libran theme. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Mercury and opposite Chiron now bringing some painful facts to light.

The Mercury-Chiron opposition is exact on the day of the eclipse, making the pain of perceiving, hearing or speaking the truth acute.

Mars is widely conjunct the whole lot, fuelling our choices with lots of energy, movement and actionable information. Saturn, by a wide trine, helps lend some emotional stability to this combustible energy. Finally, Eris and the North Node join Chiron across from the eclipse, indicating that there’s great urgency to not cow-tow to fear but speak up against injustice.

With Eris, Chiron and the North Node travelling close in Aries over the coming year, authenticity is key. It’s down to the mavericks, outcasts and madmen of this world to make a stand.

The greek saying, 'it is from a fool or child you’ll ever hear the truth' is apt here.

The Sabian Symbol* for this Eclipse is “a child giving birds a drink at a fountain” and the keyword is “solicitude”. Again, this highlights innocence as a source of sustenance, and a sense of ‘duty of care’.

Widespread system failures could well be highlighted at this time, indicating the importance of committing to an enduring course of action for the sake of our own survival and the preservation of value. (This we find by looking to the I Ching and Hexagram 32).*

This eclipse is visible all over the North and South American continents, bringing those countries strongly into the spotlight.

20 October Mercury - Sun: Let The Scales Fall From Your Eyes!

Next up, we have Mercury conjunct the Libra Sun on the 20th. No Mercury retrograde is complete without Mercury’s superior conjunction with the Sun. This is when Mercury, now direct, conjuncts the Sun to deliver the verdict of his retrograde ruminations over August and September. This happens on October 20th in Libra, again highlighting important themes of law and justice, balance and adjustment. More so, this is another crucial event that happens to highlight the South Node and Pluto in their ongoing square, presenting humanity with important choices. On the 18th the Sun meets the South Node followed by Mercury on the 19th, then the two meet on the 20th and on the 21st they square Pluto - a trio of powerful days.

This conjunction delivers urgent vital news, a crucial survival call. This is no time to stick our head in the sand.

Time to listen with ultrasonic hearing and see with x-ray vision, transcend fear and see what’s really there.

The Sabian Symbol* for this conjunction, “an aeroplane sails high in the clear sky”, symbolises a type of transcendent realisation, far beyond the confines of what has gone before. Good will, order and proper values are important now to help scrape the barrel clean and balance out the forces of corruption (Gene Key / Gate / I Ching Hexagram 50).*

22-23 October, Mercury & Sun in Scorpio: The Plot Thickens…

Two days later, Mercury, now faster than the Sun, is the first to enter Scorpio on October 22nd, followed by the Sun on the 23rd. Happy Birthday Scorpio!

The northern hemisphere buttons down the hatches now for the long dark days of winter. Transformation is the name of the game.

A strategic, mature, and methodical approach is called for this time around, as Saturn trines Mercury on the 22nd followed by the Sun on the 24th. Time to build for the long term.

Also on the 22nd, we have a waxing quarter Moon in Capricorn, half-way between the two eclipses. This is the clock striking quarter past, a time to accelerate action!

Venus also makes an appearance, trine Jupiter on the 22nd, and making for a wonderful couple of days of fun and pleasure! Love, romance, expansion, indulgence and material gain are all on the menu.

28 October Taurus Partial Lunar Eclipse: Loosen The Noose!

The second eclipse of the autumn arrives on October 28th at 20:24 UT - a Partial Lunar Eclipse at 05:00 Taurus (the 6th degree). This is the final eclipse in the Taurus-Scorpio series that started back in November of 2021, throwing the world into war and financial turmoil with higher interest rates, an energy crisis, shortages and price hikes.

This is a Lunar Eclipse, putting an end to the matter - a culmination of the money and energy themes of the past two years. And a North Node eclipse, pointing to an unknown future, gently tugging on us to embrace new values and reset our priorities.

It is also a jovial eclipse, conjunct Jupiter in Taurus and bringing liberating boons. But it faces some scathing opposition from Mars and Mercury in Scorpio, who are not afraid to use underhanded means to get what they want. There’s the promise of restoring greater wholesomeness to the system now, albeit by being rather bold! There is opposition to it, and we’ll have to dive into some muddy waters, speak up and reveal unpleasant truths to make any headway.

As a partial lunar eclipse, this is the final piece of the puzzle finally fitting into place, bringing liberation, abundance and expansion.

With Pluto and the Nodes still in play, however, this is another crossroads moment, albeit less intense. Saturn sextiles the eclipse, a chance to show maturity in our choices, which is what these Venus eclipses are ultimately all about.

This eclipse may only be partial but it is visible nearly all over the world.

You can see it across all of Europe and the British Isles, over Africa, the whole of Asia and all the way to Australia, as well as the US East Coast and most of South America. It’s truly global.

The Sabian Symbol is “a cantilever bridge across a deep gorge,” a symbol of mutual collaboration that can conquer any mountain and bridge any chasm. The key here is to seek out proper nourishment not just for ourselves but for all, and to venture beyond selfish confines and meet others half way (Check out Gene Key / Gate / I Ching Hexagram 27).

28-29 October Mars-Mercury opposite Jupiter: High Stakes!

The stakes of this eclipse are high. For on the same day, we have Mars conjunct Mercury in Scorpio opposite Jupiter in Taurus. (Mars opposes Jupiter on the 28th, Mercury opposes Jupiter and conjuncts Mars on the 29th.) Here we have some scathing and dramatic repartee for a lot is riding on this. OTT words and actions can effect change now, but we must engage with power.

Here's an image of obscene power and riches pitted against natural values, wisdom and resources in an almost religious, ritualised display.

But we also find the potential of empowerment, transmutation and rebirth of our values and resources here, all through speaking up and through the fearless, relentless pursuit of truth.

31 October Venus trine Uranus: Halloween Party!

The month goes out with some sparkle. Ready your most outrageous outfit for All Hallows Eve, October 31st, when Venus trines Uranus - another deeply liberating aspect. Costumes, treats and flirtations promise to shock, surprise and delight us - as will a spontaneous flutter or two. A super-exciting end to the month.

Astrology Horoscope for October 2023

Where do October’s eclipses suffuse the zodiac with the promise of change? How about Pluto, Venus, Mercury and Mars? Here’s the lowdown for each star sign based on a tropical cut up of the pie and a ‘whole sign house’ system. You can read your Sun sign, Rising sign or even your Moon sign if you wish. It’s the core, the skin and the fleshy bits…


You’re coming straight off a Full Supermoon in your sign as October enters, dear Aries, bringing powerful realisations for you personally. And now, in October, there’s a lot of activity in your opposite sign, making relationships the hottest topic of the month! That’s both romantic and business partners, rivals and competitors, and contractual relations. With the South Node in Libra bringing old matters to bear, it’s time to dispense with the past, pay any karmic dues and receive owed blessings. The solar eclipse of the 14th brings a much needed fresh start in your one to one relationships, something long overdue. To do so you have to make crucial decisions involving your career, sense of authority and role in the world. This is an area where Pluto has been making life difficult for you, be it by burdening you with life-changing responsibilities or by putting you under gunfire from bosses and the like. Either way, this is bound to have put pressure on your relationships in turn, either due to your own behaviour or that people above you. Enough is enough and it’s time to address this situation as you’ll soon have a much bigger playground in which to make your mark. The Lunar Eclipse of the 28th brings a moment of clarity and completion both in your financial resources - and people too - highlighting everything and everyone that is dear to you. Above all this is about getting clear on your values and on what’s most important and precious in your life. Make that a priority moving forward. You may face some interference in that aim, whether it’s the lure of power and riches, or financial, physical, emotional or sexual entanglements that just won’t leave you alone. You need guts to do the healing and transformational work required now. Your job or daily routine brings some joy, peace and respite from all the intensity this month. Pleasure and progress are to be found in all of life’s little things.


You’ve been through the wringer these past couple of years, dear Taurus, and that’s due to the eclipses firmly ensconced in your sign. You’ll be happy to know you’re nearly done. The final eclipse in the series, a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, arrives on the 28th and it’s here to set you free. It’s here to lift the weight off your shoulders and open you up to a brand new future in a way that no longer feels so threatening, even if it is unknown. Of course there are still people in your life who need you and make demands on you. But it’s down to you to carry them forward and include them in your vision. And as one cycle ends another begins. For the eclipses now move to the nitty gritty of your life and urge you to examine your work and lifestyle so you can bring it into alignment with the brand new you. What’s due to you now comes work and health-wise. The Libra Solar Eclipse of the 14th sheds light on any bad habits you need to address, a dysfunctional work situation perhaps, old skills you need to dust off and redeploy or perhaps methods and routines that have outgrown their usefulness and now negatively affect your health, productivity and personal mastery. Time to redress any work-life imbalance on all levels. And if it is your own dogmas, shoulds and oughts that hold you back, these will soon be a thing of the past. Get ready to jettison the last vestiges of old poisonous philosophies that have become straightjackets and prisons, for you’ll soon assume a brand new public role on the world stage. Venus, your ruler, is very friendly this month. It ensures you can look forward to some wonderful times filled with love and romance, fun, youthfulness, and many an hour spent immersed in your favourite hobbies and enterprises.


It’s time for your creativity to be recognised, dear Gemini. Wherever you have poured your romantic and creative juices in the past, the fruits of that fun and joy are now coming back to you. The Libra Solar Eclipse brings karmic and long overdue developments when it comes to your children, love and romance, and your creativity, hobbies and speculative enterprises. This could be a time of joy long overdue, and a time when you can put an old love affair, creative project or heart’s desire behind you and move on. The door could be now open to immense creativity and life force just waiting to pour out of you. There is something deeply transformative in the decisions you make at this time if you’re willing to face your fears. Your home will be a pleasant space to be this month and you can get a lot out of doing a major clear up, beautifying your space or spending time indoors. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse brings a kind of spiritual illumination that sets you free and opens you up to great insight. Whatever is going on in your life right now, you have a guardian angel watching over you. Work maybe demanding but do give yourself time to rest, meditate, and tune in. Your ruler, Mercury is extremely fast this month and you’re firing on all cylinders. All the more reason to plug in and recharge during your down time to be at your best.


The eclipses are firmly moving into cardinal signs this month, dear Cancer, and that means that your whole life orientation - your home and career - is about to see some major shifts moving forward. Home and family matters are up first with the Libra Solar Eclipse mid-month bringing some long overdue clarity into your personal life, be it your residence, living situation, real estate, a parent or family situation, or whatever you consider your base, sanctuary and foundation in life. The past might also come up now so you can paint it in a new light. If things have been off kilter deep within you, or down in your base, home and personal life, it’s time to even them out. For how else can you have a firm foundation from which to reach for the stars? An important relationship or partnership also plays a major part in your decisions now, as you undergo the last steps of transformation in that area of life. But this month is not just all about your private affairs. You also have an extremely sociable month ahead of you with pleasant travel, meetings and conversations. You can enjoy exploring your neighbourhood, even going on short trips, and certainly tending to your social circle, especially toward month’s end. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse sees important developments in your community, bringing rewards, highlighting your friendships and alliances and even opening up new avenues for you to pursue your dreams. This is a moment of culmination for your hopes, giving you new ideals to look forward to. This could also be a highly creative moment when you are called to involve others and share your vision. That’s where growth lies.


You’ve a very exciting month ahead of you, dear Leo, with trips, commotion, and various people coming out of the woodwork to chat, meet up or check you out. If you’d like to revive your old network, revisit some familiar places and faces this is the time to do it. The Libra Solar Eclipse could put a whole different complexion on old ideas, help you see a situation in a whole new light, or bring important meetings and contacts into your life, plugging you into your environment in a whole other way. Such connectivity is long overdue and you’ll enjoy having a platform to make your voice heard. Things said long ago could also come up to bite you in the bottom but if so, it’s an excellent time to reframe these, get clarity and closure and put the past to bed, whether it’s with coworkers, neighbours or siblings. Work weighs heavily on your mind and the time has come to make some important decisions about the kind of work you want to do moving forward. Start moving any toxicity out of your system, whether it’s in your environment or in your own body and mind now and over the next few months. For your career is about to take off in new and exciting ways. This is no time to tie yourself down into the known but to explore and embrace the unknown. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse frees you to pursue new objectives, delivering the final piece of the puzzle as to where you see your life going. Armed with a new vision, you can better deal with any difficulties in your home environment. You may enjoy spending time and money on the things and people you love this month - all the more important to get clear on what you value most.


Finances, that’s where it’s at, dear Virgo. Money could be coming to you that’s long overdue - of course, the same is true of bills and other sundries but nothing big or ungainly. If your finances have gotten off kilter of late, it’s time to bring them back on an even keel. On a deeper level, the same is true about most everything that holds value for you - things and people, assets and resources, your physical body, your ability to earn and provide, and at bottom, your very sense of self esteem. If your confidence and self worth have been rather low, the universe will soon deliver something to help rebalance those scales. It’s time to see what’s worth what in a totally new light, and perhaps even start treating yourself and what you’ve got to offer differently. The Libra Solar Eclipse gives you the chance for a fresh start with your confidence, your income and your self esteem. Soon, it will be time to stop obsessing so much about yourself, your love life, your children or creative endeavours and simply start putting your talents into use. Venus in your sign brings many pleasures this month, making your charms even harder to resist. This is a good month (from the 9th onward) to tend to your looks and to engage with beautiful things. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse sets you free, whether it’s free to travel, or free to market, publish and express your ideas more widely or with greater authority and vision. Your world comes alive with travel and conversations at the end of the month, and it’s important to distill all the noise into a key morsel of meaning - that puzzle piece.


It’s your birthday and there’s a veritable congestion in your sign, dear Libra - Mars, the Sun and Solar Eclipse, Mercury and the South Node are all clamouring for your attention. This is a crucial moment for you. The eclipses have finally arrived in your sign and it’s time to collect your dues. The Libra Solar Eclipse mid-month brings great clarity on a matter deeply personal and important to you, making you see yourself in a whole new light. Events in the coming six months could reframe your sense identity, what you desire from life and how you go about getting it. The spotlight is firmly on you, allowing you to make a fresh start with something old or get closure and wipe the slate clean, breaking with the past. Pluto insists you leave no stone unturned in eradicating past problems and in transforming your home and family situation in the process, including any real estate. By the end of the year you’ll be ready to cut heavy cords and begin rejuvenating and discovering what makes you happy. Venus, your ruler, is hidden in plain sight this month, urging you to pursue secret pleasures. You’ll enjoy spending time alone or with loved ones behind closed doors. Do also take time to do some introspection. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse at month’s end is a transformative moment, when you can physically heal, experience someone’s generosity, and have important realisations about your own psychology and behaviour, especially when it comes to your relationships. A financial matter could come to a head, releasing you from any emotional and financial entanglements. This is a good month to tend to your resources. You may spend more but also have the chance to make more. Generosity toward others is good for you now and pays dividends.


The time has come to jump into action, dear Scorpio! Your sign is done with the eclipses at this point and your life has changed in unrecognisable ways. As Mars, and later, Mercury and the Sun make an entrance, you now have all the ammunition that you need to push forward with your desires. You hold all the cards from the 12th onwards and all the way to November 24th and nobody can deny you what you want! We do have one last lunar eclipse in your opposite sign this month, Taurus, and this brings a relationship matter to culmination. You may have some cutting words to share and touchy matters to discuss. Still that particular relationship has greatly enriched your life of late! Seek closure and generously acknowledge your blessings, freeing up your relating space for yet more wonderful things to come. Mid-month we have another eclipse, this time solar, which finds you craving some time alone. Retreat to lick your wounds, reconnect with your spirit and prepare for changes up ahead. This is the closing of an important life-cycle, but also a fresh start behind the scenes, long overdue. It’s a good time to undergo therapy or any kind of healing and recuperation, tap into your creative and sexual life force, or commit wholeheartedly to your spiritual advancement. The revelation of secrets and insights brings clarity during this deeply meaningful time, when the past comes full circle. You’re also in the final throes of transforming your environment and making things happen through sheer will. Contracts, trades, writing or communicating your new insights might be an important part of moving forward. So is deciding who your friends are. There will be lovely opportunities to be sociable this month and there are definite rewards coming your way. Be picky about who you hang out with and what dreams you cherish.


October is an intensely sociable month, dear Sagittarius, and rather mystical and private too. Mid-month, a brand new portal opens for you to realise a long cherished ambition. A powerful solar eclipse brings rewards and highlights important friendships an social networks, as an entire set of hopes and dreams for the future come full circle. It’s time to let go of the past and start afresh, revitalising the old network, letting go of what does not work and making the necessary connections to achieve your ends. If you’ve been wondering about your place in the world, get ready for a moment of absolute clarity. This is just what you need so you can finally find your tribe, your people, your community and let go of groups and circles that no longer support your dreams. As financial pressures build also up, you’ll have some important decisions to make about where to pour your energies and what matters most. This is no time to succumb to peer pressure or the need to fit in for it’s exactly that sort of thing that backfires. At work, too, you’re ready to explore new terrain: a more fulfilling job perhaps or greater wellbeing and freedom in your daily routine. The Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month is absolutely liberating, allowing you to explore new possibilities for a more fulfilling way of life. You may have to face some personal demons or negative voices in your head in order to access these boons, for they are yours for the taking. Take time to tune in and see what’s trying to come to the surface. Higher ups look favourably upon you now, so give yourself permission to relax a little so you can better discern which path would bring you the greatest pleasure.


Things are coming full circle in your career, dear Capricorn, and what’s due to you is now heading your way. This could be long overdue recognition, finally allowing you to assume a position of authority and leadership in the world, where you can effect change. Or, it could be a deep vocational calling you’ve long been putting off, whose time has now come. Alternatively, you could experience a fall from grace now - but only if you’ve been up there for too long already, abusing you position - and if so, this should come as no surprise. What is certain is that you’re finally stepping on the path you were always meant to be on, thanks to the solar eclipse mid-month. It’s time to answer for your past and step up onto a brand new path - whether it’s via a new career, you rising or falling in rank, marriage, or even parenthood, the time has come for you to take your rightful place. October offers unparalleled clarity as to where you’re headed in life. You’ve been on a most incredible journey of transformation over the past fifteen years, one that had the power to make or break you, and it’s soon coming to a close. You’ll soon be called to ‘put your money where your mouth is’ as they say and stay true to your values. October also promises oodles of fun, romance and creativity - especially toward month’s end. The lunar eclipse of the 28th is utterly rejuvenating for you, whether via love and romance, time spent with your children, or by giving you absolute freedom to express your creativity and take a punt. The universe is calling you to follow your heart now wherever it may lead, even if your friends try to hold you back or say otherwise. Your job is to have them contribute and carry them forward in your playful and creative vision. This is also a good month to travel, go on holiday, immerse yourself in study or some other form of escape. A change of scenery will do you the world of good. Legal, immigration, marketing or broadcasting matters should also see positive developments.


Both your career and your home and family life have been very rocky for the past two years and you’ll be happy to know that this rollercoaster is rapidly coming to a close. By month’s end, you can expect a wonderfully liberating resolution around home and family affairs, real estate and property, or your residency or living situation. This is bound to give you greater security, inner freedom and breathing space at home. It’s important that you assert your authority now and go after your objectives. There’s lots of commotion in your career, especially from the 12th and all the way to November 24th and it’s important to use this energy to advance your aims. Legal and international matters long overdue are also finally seeing the light of day this month. The same goes for anything involving academia or your studies, marketing, publishing, broadcasting or any form of outreach and media involvement, as well as official accreditations and verdicts. It’s time to resolve past disputes, get your voice heard, or get that expert opinion or stamp of approval. This will give you a whole new outlook on your life and future prospects, bring clarity to your vision, and allow you to reframe the past. If you’ve long been waiting for some sort of intellectual authority to be conferred to you for your ideas, the portal now opens for this to come. You’ve long held power behind the scenes and soon you’ll be called to step out in the open - all the more reason to know exactly where you stand. Pay extra attention to how you share your money, your secrets and your energy with others this month, as indicative of what’s of value to you. Some deliciously intimate moments lie ahead.


A huge financial chapter now opens up in your life, dear Pisces, bringing you your just rewards in all matters relating to money and resources you share with others. This could be joint finance, your family estate, inheritances, grants, sponsorships, mortgages, loans and credit card debt, as well as any money you have from shares, pensions, royalties, joint investments and the like. Whatever is needed to balance the scales now comes, starting mid-October and over the next six months. Matters of trust and intimacy are also highlighted now, allowing you to do what you need to restore trust in a relationship or, if you’re in an abusive situation cut ties completely. Indeed, anything that needs detoxing and poison extraction in your life is now primed for healing. Relationships are instrumental in showing what’s of value to you now and reflecting your preferences back to you. So let others show you what you like and use your discernment as you look in that mirror. A stressful situation with your friends or social circle also culminates this month and you can no longer put things off. Whatever changes are required, it’s time to make them. Let go of old dreams and friendships that no longer serve you and find allies who support your transformation and desire for change. A situation in your immediate environment - with a sibling, neighbour, a study course, or a sales or writing project - culminates by the end of the month, giving you space to have your say. There may be legal, philosophical international or official matters to address that force you to enlarge your perspective. Do so candidly and with an open mind. For it will set your voice free and offer you more room to roam.

*I use Dane Rudhyar's Sabian Symbol translations and have also started experimenting with Richard Rudd's 'Gene Keys' (based on the layout of the I Ching across the zodiac in Human Design).

Image by Amanda Mocci from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes

Thank you for reading :)


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