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The Astrology of Bitcoin Part II: Past, Present and Future

What can we expect from Bitcoin in 2021? Can astrology shed light on Bitcoin’s past to help us understand its victories and crises? And what does astrology tell us about Bitcoin’s future?

In The Astrology of Bitcoin Part I: Birth Chart, we explored Bitcoin’s natal chart trying to understand its maverick image, its solid core, its fragile value and manic growth potential. Let’s dive deeper now and look at Bitcoin’s history to date and what we can expect in 2021 and beyond. Jump to Bitcoin Astrology 2023!

What’s interesting is that astrology helps to shed light on Bitcoin’s last two major bull runs. And why they ended as they did.

Transits and progressions reveal that both of these bull runs (in 2013 and 2017) were superseded by some major ‘ill’ astrological winds. And while Bitcoin took a hit, these were essential processes to the maturation of this new currency.

But now, in 2021, it looks like there are no comparable ‘ill’ winds. There are challenges, to be sure, and there are likely to be more intense crises to arrive in the future, as Pluto makes his transition into Aquarius. Perhaps this is perennial and it’s Bitcoin’s own astrological blueprint (as shown in the birth chart) that impels the currency to grow in such manic fits and spurts.

Still, there are many factors right now, in 2021 that suggest that Bitcoin’s time has come to emerge in the world as a serious contender.

So let’s dive deeper, by first understanding Bitcoin’s past, then projecting these lessons, with the help of astrology, into the future. The discussion is based, as in Part I, on a birth-chart for Bitcoin set for London, UK at 18:15, on 3 January 2009.

Bitcoin’s Past through the Lens of Astrology

Let’s take a brief astrological glance at Bitcoin’s key historical markers first, in order to better understand how this entity unfolds through time. Let’s start with 2010, which saw the first Bitcoin acquisition of value and the launch of the first Bitcoin exchange.

2010 Bitcoin Exchange, Pooled Mining and Pizza Day

2010 is a key year for Bitcoin. The eclipses are crossing over Bitcoin’s Capricorn planets, literally pulling it up by its bootstraps. At the same time, the progressing Horizon crosses over Bitcoin’s natal eclipse points intensifying the same theme of world impact.

2010 is also the year when Bitcoin’s Jupiter, natally in the last degree of Capricorn, entered Aquarius by progression. Jupiter is the planet of growth and abundance.

Jupiter’s progression into Aquarius toward the end of 2010 is a seminal event, firmly putting Bitcoin on the financial community map. This is also when the first mining pool was launched, making wealth creation truly a communal activity, and increasing the amount of Bitcoin that can be mined in a given period of time.

This marks the start of Bitcoin beginning to solve the wealth-puzzle inherent in its natal Jupiter position, born out of the lessons of the past. This is also the beginning of growth with Bitcoin’s progressed Jupiter staying in Aquarius for the next few centuries, during which time it goes over every single one of Bitcoin’s planets in Aquarius, a journey that has barely started. And this can only be a good thing.

2010 is also the year of Bitcoin Pizza Day. On that day, May 22, the North Node is right on Bitcoin’s Sun, literally opening a door for the currency to enter the world and fulfil its trajectory.

On the same day we also see transiting Chiron on Venus (testing out a new currency), transiting Pluto stationary close to natal Mars (activates mission), the transiting Moon on natal Saturn (being taken seriously), among other passing aspects.

2011-12 Bitcoin Publicity

By 2011, Bitcoin is starting to gain attention as transiting Jupiter crosses the Midheaven (positive publicity) then squares itself and the Lunar Nodes (opportunities to fulfil destiny). The progressed Moon is in the 10th house, focused on Bitcoin’s public face. Transiting Uranus also begins to activate the natal Moon (public excitement) whilst transiting Neptune conjuncts Venus (glamour factor).

At around the April 2011 Time and Forbes articles (see sources), we have a major force building up in Bitcoin’s publicity area raising its profile.

Transiting Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Mars are crossing over the public 9th and 10th houses with Uranus only beginning to make itself felt in that same area, promising more exciting stories to come.

2013 Bitcoin Flexing its Muscles: Mini-Boom

The boom of 2013 looks like a pittance compared to where Bitcoin is today. Still, it is engraved in people’s memory. And this is no less because Bitcoin was, for the first time, flexing its muscles. 2013 was the first indication of what Bitcoin is capable of.

During the 2013 mini-boom, Bitcoin was, for the first time, flexing its muscles. A display of power. This was the first indication of what Bitcoin is truly capable of.

Astrologically, what we have is a clear display of power. A key midpoint in Bitcoin’s chart (Sun/Mars, rulers of the angles) is activated that year - and more intensely toward November 2013 - by both transiting Pluto and progressed Mars. Transiting Jupiter also opposes the Sun (and later itself) during the same period, creating an inflated sense of potential, excitement and a testing of boundaries. The Lunar Nodes square their natal position indicating a crucial juncture on Bitcoin’s journey.

What’s interesting around November-December 2013 and into January 2014, is transiting Venus going retrograde in Capricorn, an aspect that is to repeat at the end of this year (2021).

Venus crosses the powerful Sun/Mars midpoint mid-November, then passes over the Sun on the 19th-20th - around the first peak and wobble. From that point on she enters uncertain territory - her shadow retrograde period - a long period of re-evaluation that covers the distance between Bitcoin’s Sun (identity) and Jupiter (growth). The November 29th peak coincides with Venus’ first crossing over the Sun-Jupiter midpoint (the union of those two concepts). The whole process takes us all the way to early March 2014, after which the price begins to level out.

From an astrological perspective, this period indicates that the study of midpoints can offer important timing clues for price fluctuation.

Why did the price not hold as we entered 2014? Because Bitcoin was entering one of its harshest periods in early 2014 - a major Pluto transit - to last for a few years.

2014-2015 Life and Death - Bitcoin Survival

By 2014, transiting Pluto - planet of criminality, death and rebirth - reached Bitcoin’s Sun in Capricorn - a once in a lifetime transit.

It was time to see if Bitcoin could survive a big destructive attack, brought about no less due to its own nature as a cryptocurrency.

Here we have the biggest Bitcoin theft to date and the collapse of Mt. Gox, striking at Bitcoin’s core. This could have signalled the end, but Bitcoin is made of sturdier stuff (natal Mars-Pluto conjunction). And it survived.

What does not kill you only makes you stronger and this is often the case with Pluto transits. After 2014-2015, Bitcoin made a come back with greater resilience.

Despite all this, 2014 was not all bad. Transiting Jupiter crossing the Bitcoin Ascendant (as given for a London, UK birthplace), signifying new opportunities that open great big doors.

Bitcoin became more and more accepted as legal tender in 2014 culminating in Microsoft allowing for Bitcoin payments by December of that year.

This difficult Pluto transit lasted for two years 2014-2015 with 2015 being the low point. By 2015, Uranus also began to strike at Bitcoin’s public image, the Midheaven, questioning the future of the currency. It was time for Bitcoin to clean up its act and reinvent its public image.

2016 Bitcoin Reaches Turning Point

By 2016, with Uranus still on the Midheaven, Bitcoin is full of surprises and heading in a new and exciting direction.

By the end of 2016, Bitcoin displays steady year-on-year growth. Jupiter’s transit over Saturn in 2015 - 2016 coincides with key technical improvements and safeguards, making trading the currency easier.

This leads to a steady rise in 2016, with Bitcoin doubling in price by the end of the year, Chinese investment having tripled during the period. Research showed that Bitcoin was now used much more widely by ordinary people, which was good news for its image and in accord with transiting Uranus, giving Bitcoin’s public image an exciting overhaul.

It might not be obvious to a non-astrologer how crucial 2016 is on Bitcoin’s journey. But this was the year of an important turn in the inner workings of the currency.

A progressed Full Moon arrived in May 2016 symbolising a moment of great clarity (no less, apparently, about the Mt. Gox catastrophe). This culminated in decisions that are to affect the currency for the next 15 years, until Bitcoin’s progressed New Moon of 2031 that’s still to come.

Mercury, planet of raw data and trade - and a key planet leading Bitcoin to achieve its decentralisation destiny - also stationed retrograde at the end of 2016 by progression.

Mercury stationing is another crucial long term marker, beginning a powerful process of technical improvements and usage re-definition that is also to last for at least two decades till the late 2030s.

This, alone, suggests that Bitcoin’s journey has only just begun. Its technical aspects and commercial utility are about to undergo a major review, perhaps a reinvention and a structural redefinition over the 2020s and 2030s.

While Bitcoin ended the year on the up, 2016 was a volatile year, also suffering a few more hacks, perfectly reflected by the intensity and instability of its progressed Mercury stationing retrograde and transiting Uranus on the Midheaven.

Bitcoin Vindication 2017

2017 is another key year for Bitcoin - the year it began to be taken truly seriously, even gaining its own currency Unicode symbol whilst becoming legal tender for more and more businesses.

2017 is a landmark year for Bitcoin, when the Sun perfects its natal trine to Saturn by progression. This is a key astrological event, signifying solidification and legitimisation, a potential inherent in the currency from its very inception.

And so 2017 puts Bitcoin on the map as a serious contender. With the progressed Moon crossing into Bitcoin’s first house over the summer too, it’s time to focus on what this currency can do.

(As an aside, August 2017 also saw the Bitcoin Cash ‘hard fork’, as the progressed Moon briefly crossed over the South Node. The South Node is a point of regression, lying opposite the North Node of progress. So this may arguably signify a regressive move.)

More memorable, perhaps, is the fact that in 2017 Bitcoin scaled new heights, that, again were not to last.

This 2017 boom came, again, right before another major test of the currency. Bitcoin’s Sun was about to undergo a 2.5 year hard transit by Saturn, starting December 2017. And it was about 2.5 years before Bitcoin once again reached those 2017 heights in fact.

Underlying these key transits (of Pluto in 2014 cutting short the 2013 boom; and Saturn in 2018 cutting short the 2017 boom), a deeper pattern is starting to emerge and is worth exploring.

Times of meteoric rise seem to appear at the 11th hour, right before some major period of problem solving and recalibration occurs. This manic growth in fits and bursts perfectly chimes in with Bitcoin’s natal Jupiter at the last Capricorn degree playing a central role in how Bitcoin plays out in the world.

This pattern perfectly symbolises last minute frantic activity followed by longer testing periods. And it looks like this is a sensitive point to watch in the future.

Bitcoin’s high came only two days before Saturn entered Capricorn, Bitcoin’s sun sign, for its customary 2.5 year stay.

Growth was visible by Spring 2017, with transiting Jupiter on the IC giving Bitcoin room in which to expand. But the real gains happened toward the end of 2017, as transiting Jupiter squared its natal place (and Nodes), then harmonised, from Scorpio, with Bitcoin’s Venus, Mars-Pluto-Lilith and ultimately the Sun - all bullish aspects. This trend may have continued if it wasn’t for a bigger one about to arrive, namely Saturn’s depressive transit.

2018-2019 Bitcoin Maturation Process

Bitcoin experienced sharp drops as Saturn went over its Mars-Pluto-Lilith conjunction in 2018, ending on a low in 2018 with Saturn on the all sensitive Sun-Mars midpoint.

The eclipses (or Lunar Nodes) coming across Bitcoin’s horizon (in total reverse to their natal position) also tested the way the currency plugs into the world. Suffice to say that 2018 did not bring favourable astrological winds.

By 2019, transiting Saturn reached Bitcoin’s Sun, continuing to keep the price under some sort of glass ceiling. However, July 2019 also saw a peak - kept within Saturn’s bounds - as progressed Mars reached and fuelled Bitcoin’s vital energy, i.e. the Sun. Maverick Chiron transiting the Bitcoin Moon during 2019-2020, meanwhile, lobbied for greater public use of the currency, albeit not by the mainstream (Chiron is a maverick).

While Bitcoin remained wrapped in the cocoon of its own maturation process by transiting Saturn, its legitimacy rose with over 5k Bitcoin ATMs worldwide in 2019. Saturn was doing his work putting Bitcoin on the map as a serious contender once more.

2020 Bitcoin on the Threshold of Superb Growth!

By December 2019, prices began showing an upward trend, as growth planet Jupiter entered Capricorn, joining Saturn there.

This Jupiter-induced swell was apparent throughout 2020 with price volatility still held in check by the presence of heavyweight Saturn.

The progressed Moon was also conjunct Bitcoin’s natal Saturn, reinforcing the theme of caution, safety and scrutiny. As the progressed Moon separated from natal Saturn by September 2020, and with transiting Saturn ready to leave Capricorn for good on December, Bitcoin was poised for a well earned feather in its cap.

Crucially, all this coincided with Bitcoin’s first ever Jupiter return in December 2020. It was now 12 years after Bitcoin’s original inception, enough time for Jupiter to make a full journey around the sun. This is a time of great buoyancy by astrological standards - a time of growth, expansion and great rewards.

With Saturn gone, the glass ceiling was removed in December 2020 just as Jupiter returned to its natal place. This seeded an amazing new cycle of growth and opportunity for Bitcoin, the fruits of which we are yet to see.

What’s more important is that Bitcoin’s lucky moment coincided with an even greater moment in history - the Great Conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius / Great Mutation into Air at the 2020 Winter Solstice. And this conjunction took place at 0 degrees Aquarius, one degree off of Bitcoin’s natal and all important Jupiter.

The end of 2020 should signify the start of a whole new and far more sustainable cycle of growth for Bitcoin, backed up by greater experience and wider use, more legitimacy and better safeguards.

It’s also worth noting that Saturn won’t return to Capricorn for another 30 years. And so 2018 is not the sort of year we should see oft repeated.

It could well be that Bitcoin’s time has come. In true Capricorn/Saturn fashion, like a matured wine, Bitcoin is now ready to take on greater responsibilities and handle the challenges of the real world.

On top of this, the Great Conjunction / Great Mutation of December 2020 has arguably set Bitcoin on a whole new trajectory toward serious growth, a leader in this new Aquarian age, sure to have a worldly impact.

Bitcoin Trends in 2021

So what does 2021 have in store for Bitcoin? Let’s examine the key trends for the year to get a feel of where Bitcoin is at.

These are the general trends of the year. For more specific price fluctuations, one would have to look at faster transits, eclipses and lunations as well as transits and progressions to sensitive chart midpoints. These faster occurrences are only minimally studied here.

Uranus in Taurus, Bitcoin & the Money Revolution 2019-2026

Bitcoin is experiencing favourable astrological winds and will continue to do so for a long while yet, while Uranus remains in Taurus (and later Gemini).

Uranus in Taurus is revolutionising money and the way we see value till 2026 and Bitcoin is a huge part of that trend. When Uranus entered Taurus for good in 2019 many astrologers started talking about the rise of electronic currency. We are truly heading forward a cashless society and this innovative trend is one of the reasons Bitcoin is coming into its own.

Uranus in Taurus harmonises with Bitcoin’s Sun in 2021, opening new pathways for its expression (this aspect is precise on 23rd June, 17 October 2021 and in April 2022). Uranus is also squaring Bitcoin’s Nodal/Horizon axis since 2020, revolutionising the way the currency meets and is embraced by the world. This process culminates 28th March 2021.

And so 2021 is a very exciting (if still volatile) year for Bitcoin.

2021 Bitcoin Breaks the Surface

We saw that 2018-2020 was a major rite of passage, which Bitcoin passed, it seems, with flying colours.

2021 presents a whole different kind of testing period for Bitcoin - all to do with external controls and competition.

Bearish Saturn has passed into Aquarius now. There, it met Bitcoin’s Mercury on January 11th when the price had a big wobble - a 27% drawdown - but this was a one-off transit and will not return. Saturn is soon to cross another important threshold, however - the Bitcoin Descendant/North Node combo, which, if the London-based chart is correct, is starting on March 4th. There, Saturn will go over Bitcoin’s planets in the 7th house of competition, relationships and trade agreements. This is the test of the currency out in the world of government exchange, as well as against its competitors. This transit normally coincides with a time when something is ready to be shared and taken seriously. This period is yet more to do with the legitimisation of the currency, with long term investors, exchange, usage and trade, as well as, eventually, comparison levels with other currencies of its kind.

Whatever challenges 2021 brings, it will create the necessary external structures for Bitcoin to begin to achieve its decentralisation destiny - both exchange-wise and technical/logistical. But it also represents a time of meeting external restrictions. This is the year when established governments and institutions will do their best to bring Bitcoin’s trajectory under some sort of control.

And so, in 2021, we see Bitcoin meeting its competitors and those who seek to control it. But also seeing serious endorsement (Saturn on Mercury/Descendant) on its path to decentralisation (Saturn on North Node). This latter is well represented by Elon Musk’s recent vote of confidence in the currency.

With Saturn crossing over the Bitcoin Descendant in March 4th, August 20th and November 29th 2021 (providing the London-based chart is right) and staying in Bitcoin’s 7th house till 2023, we should see the first serious attempts at control this year, with government electronic currency rivals to arrive over the next couple of years. By Spring next year, 2022, as transiting Saturn reaches the natal Chiron-Neptune-Venus conjunction, Bitcoin’s idealised conception of communal value is also about to have a major reality check.

Is 2021 Bitcoin’s Breakaway Year?

As noted in The Astrology of Bitcoin Part I: Birth Chart, Bitcoin is born at the Uranus-Saturn opposition of 2009 (the height of the present business and innovation cycle, which was seeded in 1988). This year, 2021 is the first time we see those two planets - Uranus and Saturn - clashing once more, ever since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009.

2021 brings us the Saturn-Uranus closing square, which is usually a time of economic crisis. One only need look at the last couple of times in the 20th century when the closing square took place and we hit the rampant inflation of the late 1970s and the deep depression of the early 1930s. We are at the end of a cycle, a waning period of economic growth. And since Bitcoin is an outlier, a place money flocks to when the rest of the edifice is looking highly unstable, it should do extremely well under these volatile conditions.

Another way to understand this year’s Uranus-Saturn closing square is as a time where we either innovate or perish.

It’s time to fully embrace and implement the lessons borne by the cycle that was seeded in the late 1980s, peaked in 2009 and is now coming to a close. Bitcoin, being born right at the pinnacle of that cycle, represents precisely this need for change.

Bitcoin epitomises both the globalisation and digitisation of business that characterised the past 30+ years in being the first global digital currency and has a crucial role to play in breaking down old structures and precipitating change. And all this is coming to a head in 2021.

So could this be the breakaway year for Bitcoin? It could!

This is the year when we have no choice but to incorporate innovations into existing structures to survive.

With transiting Neptune on Bitcoin’s Uranus-Saturn opposition too, there’s an added glamour factor here, perhaps, in Bitcoin’s ability to appear to be the exception to the (depressing) rule. This also accounts for Bitcoin becoming more fashionable (though it is not a fad).

The flip side of the Saturn-Uranus square of 2021 is the potential for institutional attempts to control cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in particular.

This square locks into Bitcoin’s chart, with Saturn right on Bitcoin’s western horizon as it squares Uranus in 2021. This clearly, again, symbolises an external imposition of rules and regulations aimed at domestication and control.

But when we have a clash between Saturn (establishment) and Uranus (revolution), Uranus, being the slower planet, tends to win. And so it is not at all clear that these attempts at control and domestication will work. More so, the whole process should make Bitcoin more reliable as a currency in its own right, place it as an equal among equals, in ways we are yet to see.

The Uranus-Saturn square perfects on February 17th, June 14th and December 24th. More interesting, perhaps, is watching smaller transits go over that square. Bitcoin broke out this month (February 2021), embraced by Elon Musk, just as Venus passed over this Saturn-Uranus square. Venus conjoined conservative Saturn then squared the breakaway planet Uranus on 6th-7th February 2021, just as the Bitcoin price broke new ground. Is this anything to go by?

Here are some dates to observe: Venus will transit the Saturn-Uranus square again on the 23rd-25th April (in a reverse order - with controlling Saturn having the last word), then again on 7th-8th July, and 17th-23rd September - with breakaway Uranus winning those arguments.

In a similar vein we could watch out for Mars transits over transiting Saturn-Uranus. These arrive 13-20 January (which was a good period), then again 1-4 July and 10-17 November. In all of these latter conversations, innovative Uranus has the last word over depressive Saturn.

Observe these dates.

Lucky Jupiter Gives Bitcoin Vote of Confidence in 2021

Jupiter, planet of growth, is perfectly poised to give Bitcoin a good year in 2021, opening brand new exchange horizons.

Jupiter crossed over Mercury, then the Horizon and the Lunar Nodes all throughout January 2021, a very good month for Bitcoin.

February should be an excellent month for Bitcoin with Jupiter forming a happy conjunction with transiting Venus and Mercury retrograde in mid-Aquarius mid-month (Valentine’s Day weekend) and progressed Moon trine the natal Bitcoin Jupiter toward month’s end.

These are all bullish indicators. Jupiter’s next stop is Bitcoin’s Neptune-Chiron in March, which might create a surge of interest but also potentially create a vulnerability for Bitcoin. If so, this is a vulnerability, which Saturn will come to test in 2022. Most bullish perhaps, is Jupiter’s approach to Bitcoin’s Venus in Pisces - a highly unstable planet for Bitcoin but ultimately one signifying value and worth - which Jupiter, planet of growth will touch with its magic wand three times this year on 16 May, 28 July and 30 -31 December 2021. This transit could coincide with great buoyancy in Bitcoin’s value (other things being equal).

*Note added for Bitcoin June 2021:

Jupiter’s first transit over Bitcoin’s Venus mid-May in fact destabilised the currency and the price lost a lot of ground, falling to its early January levels. During this time, Saturn has been practically stationary at 13 degrees Aquarius, creating an oppressive atmosphere and we also entered into the season of eclipses, traditionally a period of market shocks. So no buoyancy. Still, Jupiter tends to inflate whatever it touches and Bitcoin’s Venus does reflect the currency’s value - not to mention that Bitcoin’s Venus in Pisces is exalted and Jupiter rules Pisces, so both benefics (signifying abundance and profit) are strong. So what’s happening? Too much of a good thing?

Such huge fluctuations are quite commonplace for the currency and Bitcoin’s trajectory is never going to be a smooth one. Moreover, one needs to study the aggregate effect of quick aspects to understand price fluctuations. Thirdly, let’s not forget, Bitcoin’s Venus is highly unstable at the critical 0 degree of Pisces, the most mutable of mutable signs, swimming in every which direction. A major wobble with a few false starts may well be needed to get the whole balloon up into the air.

But Jupiter-Venus’ core growth principle remains. Jupiter goes over Venus another two times this year, once at the end of July - one to watch - and then in December 2021 - a key period fo Bitcoin, when it may break new ground.

If the July transit does not get the price rising, the December one, after all the kinks have been worked out, well could.

Another way to understand this wobble is that Bitcoin is largely an Aquarian currency - progressive, decentralised, electronic. The minute Jupiter left Aquarius leaving Saturn there all alone, the huge rise in price that Bitcoin saw as Jupiter was racing through Aquarius December 21st — May 13th just...deflated, when Jupiter left the sign of Aquarius and entered Pisces.

But Jupiter will return to Aquarius at the end of July - at the same time as passing over Bitcoin’s Venus once more - and he will stay in Aquarius till December 2021. So the end of July could see an aggregate of positive indicators for Bitcoin.

At the same time, Mercury retrograde periods are periods of grace for Bitcoin, it seems, and we are in one such right now (May 29th-Jun 23rd), then again September 23rd-October 18th - this is, perhaps, providing some protection during this major wobble.

This year is a major testing year for Bitcoin to see if it can join the world of “grown ups” but there are enough bullish indicators with Jupiter going over key Bitcoin territory to suggest it has some protection along the way, even if it is a rollercoaster ride.

Bitcoin Re-evaluation Period End-of-Year 2021

The end of 2021 is an interesting point to watch. That is when Venus goes retrograde in Capricorn once more, just as it did back in the bull run of late 2013. This was followed by a sharp drop back then, but Bitcoin did familiarise itself with new heights, which it was able to reach again and surpass in future. Will we see something similar this time around?

We do not have the difficult aspects this year that we did back in 2014, which bodes well. On the contrary, we have Jupiter crossing over Bitcoin’s Venus at the same time, which could be a very positive factor. However, we have also seen that Bitcoin does follow a pattern of manic growth spurts that are followed by testing periods. It remains to be seen if this theme will play out with the same intensity (if at all) when no adverse transits are in play.

Either way, the last couple of months of 2021 looks like a time to closely watch for positive developments. Note that it was the 2013-2014 surge that put Bitcoin firmly on the map. This 2021-22 event could indicate another positive upward re-evaluation and potential price upgrade.

With no ill winds, this time, right around the corner - yet still bearing in mind Bitcoin’s inherent tendency toward manic spurts of growth, followed by longer testing periods - we could see some positive developments around the end of the year that could carry us all the way to March 2022, when a combination of factors that come into play by the end of 2021 begins to fade.

Venus enters her shadow period - a period of re-evaluation - around November 20th 2021 and soon crosses over Bitcoin’s Sun, reaching the sensitive Sun-Jupiter Midpoint by December 2nd - the place of the 2013 high.

For the rest of December Venus hovers around Pluto (on the 12th and 25th) stationing retrograde on the 19th December.

With Mercury also about go retrograde in early 2022, covering the same sensitive Bitcoin degrees, we should expect lots of interesting developments for Bitcoin just as 2021 gives way to 2022.

Mercury goes retrograde mid-January until early February and, by that point, Mars also reaches Venus in Capricorn, staying in close conjunction for three weeks. There should be a lot of focus and attention on Bitcoin from December all the way to early March 2022, with an important re-evaluation of the currency painting it in a new light.

Bitcoin and Mercury Retrograde Periods 2021

Another thing to watch out for with Bitcoin is Mercury retrograde periods in February, June and October 2021.

As Bitcoin’s progressed Mercury is retrograde since 2016 and for the foreseeable future, Mercury retrograde periods could well prove positive for Bitcoin, the idea of going against the trend chiming in with Bitcoin’s internal mechanism.

Mercury is retrograde in 2021 January 31-February 21, May 29 to June 22 and September 27 to October 23 (with Autumn being a more challenging period globally).

All in all, 2021, whilst not without its challenges, looks to be a seminal and mostly positive year for Bitcoin. And this time around, we don’t have the ill winds of 2014 and 2018 blowing just around the corner.

Bigger Picture: Bitcoin Long Term

Bitcoin is a bit of a manic currency, growing it fits and bursts, a catalyst for social change. How long will that last?

It’s clear that, with the arrival of the Great Conjunction /Great Mutation of 2020, and the Uranus-Saturn square of 2021, Bitcoin’s time has come.

A good question is whether Bitcoin will survive past its so called ‘catalytic destiny’ as a long term currency. Bitcoin’s solid Sun-Saturn internal core makes it a good long-term contender, while its Mars-Pluto-Lilith guerrilla warrior objectives give it unparalleled resilience. But does natal Jupiter in the critical last degree of Capricorn contain some inherent growth limitation or sell by date? Of course that might be none other than Bitcoin’s 21 million coin-cap, currently now predicted to be reached before 2140 (although the advent of quantum computing might change all that). And perhaps so it is. Or perhaps there’s a longer game.

A cursory astrological glance at the coming two decades might shed further light on Bitcoin’s longer term trajectory.

Bitcoin 2022-2023: Legitimacy and Serious Competition

2022 has some positive influences in store with Jupiter in Pisces in harmonious sextile to Bitcoin’s Capricorn planets.

However, Bitcoin may encounter some competition in 2022, with Saturn crossing over its Chiron-Neptune conjunction and heading towards Venus. This might highlight certain weaknesses that are born out of its idealistic streak.

This can be overcome. Progressed Jupiter on the Bitcoin Mercury should make coding improvements and further increase traffic and trade in 2022-24.

Bitcoin 2023-2026: Death or Reinvention? Bitcoin 2.0 (or 3.0?)

2023-2024 is a critical time for Bitcoin, when it may have to undergo another important rebirth.

2023-24 will be a decisive time for Bitcoin, perhaps even constitute a crisis and an attack on the currency itself. This could be a make or break moment.

That’s when Pluto (planet of death and rebirth) first transits over Bitcoin’s Jupiter (growth) and Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint, a critical point in the chart, and into Aquarius, approaching Bitcoin’s Mercury. It is also the moment of Bitcoin’s last quarter progressed Moon, activating that same Jupiterian manic-growth theme.

Some sort of crisis seems to arrive in 2023 that requires a switch of perspective. With transiting Saturn on Venus in 2023 as well, Bitcoin’s value might see a drop or a period of serous testing.

Bitcoin’s progressed Sun (identity) and Mercury (raw data and exchange) switch signs and meet right over natal Jupiter (growth) over the years 2024-2026 too, again the planet responsible for Bitcoin’s erratic growth spurts. This is a crucial moment for Bitcoin’s potential for growth which might involve a major redefinition - probably a technical one aimed at improving systemic features.

Changes to coding or the way Bitcoin is mined or rewarded could begin to take place here, beginning to solve puzzles around institutionalised wealth, inherent in Bitcoin’s inception.

From 2025, with the progressed Bitcoin Sun entering Aquarius, and transiting Pluto on Bitcoin’s Mercury, the currency may come into yet wider circulation.

2026, in particular, is a key moment of reinvention at the progressed Mercury-Sun inferior conjunction at 0 Aquarius. Is this the advent of quantum computing quietly and behind the scenes planting the seeds for a whole new version of the currency? This is also the degree of the December 2020 Great Conjunction in Aquarius and Mutation into Air, the herald of a whole new technological era to take us through the next two centuries. Bitcoin, it seems, is once again with its finger on the pulse.

With Uranus also entering Gemini in 2025-2026 and for the next 7 years, all the lights might just be turning green for a whole new digitised society.

2026-2027 New Social Ideology - New Directions for Bitcoin

The Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Aries of early 2026 seeds a new ideology and might present a challenge to Bitcoin’s darker “crypto” image, especially when it comes to usage by the general public.

By 2027, Saturn over the Midheaven might suggest an audit and clean up of Bitcoin’s public image and overall direction.

2028-2031 Another Big Crisis?

If our London-based BirthChart for Bitcoin is correct, then another major rite of passage arrives in 2028-2029. That’s when transiting Pluto goes over the Bitcoin Descendent and North Node in square to transiting Saturn - a transformative time for Bitcoin trading. This coincides with the transiting Jupiter-Saturn opposition also happening at the end of the decade, in square to Bitcoin’s Neptune, attacking the ideals Bitcoin is built on.

The end of the decade might see criminal attacks to Bitcoin and questions around underhand activities. This might also be a time of disillusionment when it comes to the ‘community among equals’ ideal on which Bitcoin was founded.

But while the 2028-29 transits are challenging, with Bitcoin’s progressed Sun conjunct progressed Jupiter in 2029, new and exciting opportunities for growth are planted.

And so despite these challenges, Bitcoin’s inner clock points toward greater growth and expansion - a bullish internal indicator giving Bitcoin some ammunition. By 2031, we can expect a whole new beginning for Bitcoin - almost a blank slate, the turning over of a new leaf.

This is due to a progressed New Moon in Aquarius conjunct Bitcoin’s natal Mercury and progressed Jupiter. This timing also chimes in well with a brand new Uranus-Saturn conjunction taking place in Gemini the early 2030s, seeding a whole new business and technological cycle that will take us to the end of the 21st century.

All in all, the 2020s are an important decade for Bitcoin, generally trending toward growth but not without some dramatic crises - especially around 2023-24 and the end of the decade.

It looks like Bitcoin has the internal resources to benefit from these dramas, built into it from its inception, although it might develop so much as to be hardly recognisable past that point.

2030-2039 Bitcoin Finishes its Redefinition of Itself

As we saw, Bitcoin will undergo another major rite of passage as we transition into the 2030s. It might subsequently lose its way a little during that decade, calling into question its underlying ideology. But, if it’s still alive and kicking by the end of the 2030s, two major events happen.

Bitcoin experiences its first Saturn return in 2038 and now arises as a fully matured currency in the world. Second, progressed Mercury (retrograde since 2016) finally turns direct in 2039 and right on the auspicious Sun-Jupiter midpoint. If Bitcoin is still around by then - and it’s made of sturdy stuff! - it will now be ready to move forward confidently and grow.

It will take till the mid 2050s for Mercury to return to its natal position and complete its process of recalibration for Bitcoin and how it can integrate itself in the world of trade and exchange. This is a cycle which chimes in with bigger socioeconomic cycles like Saturn-Pluto for instance, also set to renew in the mid 2050s.

The end of the 2030’s is a memorable time for Bitcoin, releasing it into the wild, so to speak. If Bitcoin makes it through what looks like a series of major challenges and potential attacks, then it’s is here to stay.

Whilst it’s volatile and headed right into the lion’s den, Bitcoin is not a flash in the pan. It’s sturdy and resilient. More than this, it has a built in purpose and intention, which chimes in with the needs of our times. It also has its own internal clock, which, if followed to the end of its own argument, takes us into the next couple of decades and beyond.

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is written by an astrologer, not a financial markets expert. It contains the author’s astrological opinion and does not constitute investment advice. If you rely on this information for financial investment you do so at your own risk. If investment advice is what you are seeking, please look to a certified financial professional!

Some Historical Data Sources

For an excellent astrology article, looking much more closely at Bitcoin price moves, see Robert Weinstein, “The Astrology of Bitcoin” in the Mountain Astrologer (2019):


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