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April 2022 Astrology: Let the Light Enter

April starts with a New Moon and ends on a Solar Eclipse delivering two powerful beams of light! All the better to help us raise our game.

April delivers not one but two new beginnings! April 1st brings an Aries New Moon - the first New Moon of Spring - and a most dynamic one at that. And April 30th brings the first eclipse of 2022, in Taurus, and what an amazing eclipse this is!

April is the month to make multiple fresh starts, to face challenges squarely and put your best foot forward!

With Jupiter and Neptune also meeting in Pisces - a rare once in a lifetime event - and a transformative Full Moon in Libra, this is a month of powerful developments. Every planet is still direct and things are still moving at great speed, all the way til April 29th when the world holds its breath… That’s Pluto being the first planet to finally turn retrograde, setting the trend for Summer.

So let’s have a look at April’s sky and April’s horoscopes too…

Aries New Moon: Address What Hurts!

The month begins with an Aries New Moon on April 1st at 07:24 BST at the 12th degree of Aries. This New Moon is conjunct Chiron and Mercury, representing important points in the Chiron and Mercury cycles, namely the annual Chiron conjunction (which happens on the 2nd) and 2022’s first Mercury superior conjunction, which represents the culmination of ideas seeded during Mercury retrograde in Aquarius-Capricorn.

This New Moon shines the light of truth on things that hurt, on sensitive issues, on old wounds that can now be healed.

The New Moon is also conjunct wise warrior Pallas-Athena, an asteroid, signifying the importance of having a good strategy for moving forward.

There is an immense concentration of planets in one little quadrant of the sky putting laser-like energies at your disposal to achieve anything you set your mind to. Dare to face difficult challenges head on.

Strategy, patience and stamina are required. With Mars, the ruler of this New Moon, conjunct Saturn and square the Nodes, some potentially difficult and life-defining decisions lie ahead. Get ready to steel your will and pace yourself.

Mercury’s conjunction with the Sun, which perfects on April 3rd, brings great clarity to help you take courageous steps. Ideas seeded back in January now appear in full bloom.

As for Chiron’s presence, it signals the beginning of a brave healing journey, raising your awareness and awakening you to deeper truths about your personal autonomy and sovereignty. Chiron’s role is to operate outside the system. Its symbol is a key that unlocks prisons and opens new paths.

If Saturn, the taskmaster, teaches you how to master this game we call life, then Chiron is the one who presents you with alternatives. Chiron teaches you how to step outside the system, to go off piste and view the whole thing from a whole new and enlightening perspective.

Hence Chiron's symbolism as being an outsider, a maverick. With a quadruple conjunction of Mercury, Chiron, the Sun and Moon, April 1st brings an opportunity for incredible clarity and healing, a moment to face any pain and summon the courage and discipline to achieve your aims. The seeds of this New Moon will reveal their flower by October this year.

The Sabian Symbol* for this Aries New Moon is “a triangularly shaped flight of wild geese”, an image of a cosmic order with geese being a deeply mystical symbol. This offers a strong visual download to help you step outside the norm and envisage something new.

The eery light of Spring carries healing, clarifying information to unlock your courage. Let the light enter!

Mars-Saturn square the Nodes: Tough Decisions

On April 4th-5th Mars and Saturn meet in Aquarius. At the same time Mars squares the Lunar Nodes in Scorpio and Taurus followed by Saturn on the 11th. This is a tricky period that requires long term strategies and careful handling.

You’ll need to have a strategy, coupled with stamina and discipline, as you bravely push toward your goals.

It’s time to play the long game - especially as the decisions you make now will have long term consequences. This is an important crossroads, a sombre, decisive moment, following on the heels of events taking place at the end of March, when Venus crossed that very same junction. Whatever decisions you made at the end of March with Venus, it’s time now to follow through with action and show you mean business.

Venus in Pisces: Unconditional Love

April 5th is also the moment when Venus enters Pisces, its sign of exaltation, to stay until May 2nd. Get ready for Venus to run away with your affections for the next month or so, pulling at your heartstrings and activating your most romantic streak. Be especially careful when you make financial investments as you’re likely to go for style over substance. This is a fantastic period for love and romance, for compassion and philanthropy and for all kinds of aesthetic and artistic pursuits.

Mercury in Taurus: Let’s Talk Shop

On April 11th, Mercury enters Taurus to stay til April 29th and our thoughts turn to practical matters: money, food, energy resources. Conclusions won’t be easy to reach, especially as Mercury revisits Taurus next month, turning retrograde in Gemini May 10th and heading back into Taurus May 23rd. Expect Mercury to tread uncertain ground toward April’s end, with topics being revisited in late May and early June.

Jupiter conjuncts Neptune: Wish for the World!

The most important event of April 2022 is the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, a once in 166 years event, on April 12th at the 24th degree of Pisces. This is a once in a lifetime event, that doesn’t happen in every lifetime, when both Pisces’ rulers meet on their own turf. It’s time to Dream Big. What secret wishes do you fervently harbour that you don’t even dare dream of?

Make a wish! If you had a magic wand that could grant you anything in the whole wide world what would you wish for? Time to toss your coin into the fountain of life.

If the very thought of daring to dream brings tears in your eyes, then let your feelings flow. Dare to dream again. Dare to hope. Dare to visualise something beautiful and send that vision out into the cosmos. The let it go and let the wild currents carry your wish to its destination.

This is the time to weave a better world in our dreams for ourselves and others. For Pisces draws no distinctions. We’re all one. Make your vision all inclusive. Loving. Compassionate. Everything was once but only a dream, a twinkle in the cosmic milky-way’s eye.

The Sabian Symbol* for this conjunction is “on a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, people are seen living in close proximity” signalling a great convergence of energies brought on by sheer necessity. We live on a tiny planet in a ‘vast expanse’ of a universe... And true convergence comes from the heart.

Libra Full Moon: Transformative Encounters

On April 16th at 19:55BST we have a Libra Full Moon at the 27th degree. This is a powerful Full Moon, closely square Pluto and trine Saturn.

The Libra Full Moon brings change. It constellates stark realities concerning our survival amid an intense power-struggle. It also has the power to transform the situation.

Will it be aggression or diplomacy that wins the day? Selfishness or collaboration? It is important to act responsibly toward the greater community now and as a collective.

Trying to restore balance and harmony is what this Full Moon is all about - and the same holds in your life. Where have things gotten too far out of kilter? Where have relationships broken down? Where have things gotten war-like, threatening the structures of your world? You now see the need to address power imbalances and stabilise the situation.

See how what culminates in your own life relates to what you were doing back in October last year. For, something that was planted back then is now coming full bloom.

Venus, ruler of this Full Moon, is in Pisces in exaltation, urging for beauty, fairness and a more harmonious solution. Better yet, Venus is sextile Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, who are conjunct, bringing forth some wonderful ideas.

Let your mind come alive! This Full Moon could be a light bulb moment.

Thinking outside the box is the way to resolve tensions and come up with innovative solutions - especially where resources are concerned. Consider new technologies where applicable.

The Sabian Symbol* for this Libra Full Moon is “an airplane sails, high in the clear sky” symbolising the capacity for a bird’s eye view that can transcend conflict. This is the kind of transcendent, elevated and balanced viewpoint that is called forth to tackle present conflicts.

Mars enters Pisces: The Power of the Imagination

On April 15th Mars joins Venus in Pisces to stay there til May 25th. With Mars and Venus both in Pisces for the rest of April (Venus moves on by May 2nd), love and romance are sure to hit the reds. This is an idealistic, compassionate combination, but also one that can fuel grand unrealistic dreams of love and potency, intermingled with all kinds of visions and expectations. It’s time to operate from a place of love and kindness, imagination and compassion.

Pluto Retrograde April 29th: Let the Alchemy Begin!

By the end of April we’ll all have had a good run with every light turned green, i.e. with every single planet direct since February 4th. On April 29th, Pluto, at the far reaches of our solar system, is the first planet to turn retrograde, with others joining down the line.

Pluto stations at the penultimate degree of Capricorn, setting the stage for an alchemical transformation that will take place during the Summer.

Pluto’s stationary retrograde is always a very intense moment, bringing up feelings of powerlessness and heightening our survival instincts. You can cut the tension with a knife as April comes to an end. Especially so, as we also have the first eclipse of the year - a Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus - arriving on the 30th. It’s time to let the dust settle from the fast-paced changes of the past three months, and let it all churn in the deep, til Pluto turns direct again on October 8th. Doing so will allow you to catch up with how the world is changing and transform your inner world to match your evolving external circumstances.

Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus: Embody a Higher Consciousness!

The Sun enters Taurus on April 20th - happy Birthday Taurus! And ten days later, on April 30th at 21:28 BST, we have the first of the Eclipses of 2022, a Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus at the 11th degree.

This eclipse is part of a larger cycle that has everything to do with how we relate to authority figures.

In essence it is time to stop giving our power away like children who look to their parents to take care of them, and to take responsibility for ourselves and the world we create. This is easier now more than ever, when there is pretty much no one left to look up to....

This is a North Node eclipse and a New Moon too. It signifies an extremely positive and exciting new beginning, when we’re ready to venture into new and totally unfamiliar ground. And beginnings can’t get any fresher than when Uranus is around! The Sun and Moon are conjunct Uranus in Taurus and sextile Mars in Pisces, a liberating combo.

This is an opportunity to take innovative steps to gain greater freedom in our lives - to do things differently. And it brings luck!

Why is this eclipse lucky? Because the ruler of this eclipse, Venus, is nearing an exact conjunction with lucky Jupiter, bringing a most amazing opportunity for growth, expansion and prosperity! It also activates the 2022 Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, opening every single heart to greater love, empathy and generosity.

This eclipse brings an upgrade on every level, including our physical hardware (our bodies :) and our hearts.

It’s time to embody a higher and more inclusive consciousness and open up new pathways for living on this earth. Take the road less travelled!

The Sabian Symbol* for this eclipse is “a woman watering flowers in her garden” invoking images of cultivation and ownership. It’s time to take ownership of our planet and care for it. And whatever is going on in your life, own it! Take ownership of your own garden of experience and cultivate the flowers you want to see bloom. You’ll see the first results of your efforts by November this year.

*Sabian Symbols from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala (NY: Vintage Books 1974) pp.57 & 284 & 189 & 77 respectively.

April 2022 Key Aspect List

  • 1st Aries New Moon

  • 2nd Sun conjunct Chiron / Mercury conjunct Chiron

  • 3rd Mercury conjunct Sun

  • 5th Mars conjunct Saturn, Mars square Lunar Nodes, Venus in Pisces

  • 7th Mercury sextile Mars

  • 9th First Quarter Moon in Cancer

  • 10th Mercury square Pluto

  • 11th Mercury in Taurus, Saturn square Lunar Nodes

  • 12th Jupiter conjunct Neptune

  • 13th Sun sextile Saturn

  • 16th Libra Full Moon, Mars in Pisces,

  • 18th Mercury sextile Venus, Mercury conjunct Uranus, Venus sextile Uranus

  • 18th Sun square Pluto

  • 20th Sun in Taurus

  • 23rd Mercury conjunct North Node, Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

  • 24th Mercury square Saturn, Mercury sextile Neptune

  • 26th Venus sextile/trine the Lunar Nodes

  • 27th Mercury sextile Jupiter, Venus conjunct Neptune

  • 28th Mercury trine Pluto

  • 29th Pluto stations retrograde, Mercury in Gemini

  • 30th Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus, Venus conjunct Jupiter

April 2022 Star Sign Horoscopes

How does April’s night sky scatter across the zodiacal pie? Where do the New and Full Moons fall? And what about the first Eclipse of spring? Grab a little chunky slice.


With a New Moon in your sign, dear Aries, it’s time to take charge and make a fresh start on all fronts. Face challenges head on and deal with what ails you. New light is shed on old wounds to help you move forward. Part of the process will involve coming to a decision about a friend, group or social circle so you can take serious steps toward your dreams. The Libra Full Moon brings an important relationship, partnership or contract to a head, power-struggles and all. Think back to last October: seeds planted back then are blooming now. Spending time alone in prayer and meditation can do wonders for you this month, more so in the second half or April. This is a time to be generous and selfless and let the cosmos take care of you in turn. You can tap into some powerful universal currents as you do your magic and make things happen this month. You have guardian angels looking after you. The Solar Eclipse at the end of April brings a big financial new beginning, as well as a new set of values and priorities to go along with it and form the basis of future decision making. Is it time to invest in new technology? Is it time to discover untapped talents and assets? You bet! Invest in yourself!


Make a wish upon a star, dear Taurus, for this is the month when wishes are granted. Your friends and social network are lucky for you now and a lot of your energy is invested in pursuing your goals and dreams. Begin building your dream community now for it can inspire and sustain you for years to come. But do also take time to be by yourself. You may feel like withdrawing from the world as April enters and that’s ok. It’s part of your natural rhythm as your prepare for a whole new birthday year ahead. You are ready to mount a secret operation, busy with activities behind the scenes or tending to your own psychological and spiritual wellbeing. Key information is revealed to help you move forward and doing so may require a major professional commitment. You’re at a crossroads in your career and the goals you have set for yourself are being tested. Do you have what it takes to stay the course? Things come to a head mid-month, especially around a work project or your health, habits and lifestyle. You’ve been on this trajectory for about six months and now you’ll know what changes you need to make to improve your skillset at work or address a health matter. The most important news? There is a super-exciting Solar Eclipse New Moon in your sign on April 30th! Are you ready to totally reinvent yourself? To dye your hair purple perhaps? To make your very own revolution? This New Moon brings a liberating fresh start, one that will plug you into some amazing people, and upgrade your personality and looks to match.


Are you building castles in the clouds, dear Gemini? Your career is a limitless vista of possibilities right now and it might even feel a little overwhelming at times. Worry not. Use this time to dream big! You’re now creating a career vision for the next decade or so, so take your time. This is a month to decide what you truly believe, what’s most important for you, then set sail toward the realisation of your goals. April enters with a revealing New Moon in your friendship zone and social circles. You may meet unusual people or gain clarity on a friendship or group involvement that needs sensitive handling on your part, accepting any philosophical differences. You may have to pass a test or defend your beliefs and ideas. The Libra Full Moon brings your attention to your children, romance, hobbies or any creative endeavours currently in your life. A trend that has its roots back in October now reveals its fruit and there may be financial decisions to be made. The month ends with a wonderful eclipse in Taurus bringing spiritual renewal and setting you on a new and lucrative path. It’s time to ditch old baggage. You’re secretly craving freedom and may get a private taste of it too. You could find yourself gaining notoriety or finding a hidden outlet where you can experiment a little. Explore all that’s weird and wonderful! A fun and worthwhile career path is hidden in there somewhere.


Where are you headed, dear Cancer? The time has come to take a good honest look at your career and life direction and make some important decisions. This New Moon calls you to face challenges head on and unashamedly pursue your goals, no matter how far from the mainstream they may be. What you learn sheds light on old wounds and reveals alternative paths you may not have considered. Financial discipline is part of this and you may have to take charge of your financial responsibilities - funding, debts, taxes and the like - in the first half of April. Past that point, you’re free to think of more exciting matters. Promotions, publicity, legal, academic and international pursuits - anything that expands your playing field - are extremely lucky for you right now and deserve your full attention. By mid-month, you’re free to go on an adventure and pursue different possibilities, your energy no longer so caught up in your financial affairs. The Full Moon mid-month brings matters around your home to a head. Initiatives you may have taken back in October last year now yield results and you can gain greater clarity as to where a property, family or living situation is headed and the role others play in transforming the situation. By the end of the month, you’re ready to let your hair down and meet with friends. The April 30th Solar Eclipse brings an incredibly exciting new beginning with a friend or your social circle and bigger community. All obstacles are lifted for you to find your tribe and pursue new and exciting dreams together. Gather your mates and change the world!


Much of April has to do with contracts and communications, dear Leo. April 1st brings a fresh start in the broadcasting, publishing or marketing arena or, alternatively, with an international project or a course of study. You may feel like the odd one out but this is a learning curve and there is such great room to grow for you now. It’s time to see the world with fresh eyes and not be afraid to face difficult truths or embrace alternative world-views. An important contract might be part of this new journey and you’ll feel the weight of your commitment setting you on an unlikely adventure that may also set certain boundaries in your personal relationship. Your energy is largely invested in your dealings with others this month, professional, personal and financial. Walls are melting and dissolving all around you, making you more generous on every level and drawing forth generosity from others too. Let these walls melt away and have faith as you join forces with others, for you can forge deep spiritual bonds now for a decade to come. The mid-month Libra Full Moon brings information for you to process and you may be dealing with some important paperwork too. Look back to the kinds of things you were thinking back in October last year for it is these thoughts that are now maturing. By April’s end, you’ll be ready for a liberating new beginning in your career - an exciting journey that could change your direction in life, revealing its fruits by November 2022. Experiment with things you haven't tried before. It’s time to turn your career on its head!


Other people are where it is at, dear Virgo, whether it is your spouse, business partner, client or agent. Others bring out the best in you, energising your dreams and embodying your ideals. You may gain a large audience for your work or an important relationship could bring a spiritual awakening, up-levelling your point of interface and planting the seed for inspiring encounters in the years to come. You can expect luck and generosity from others as you embark on this journey of spiritual discovery. At the same time, you also need to face darker and more delicate aspects in your relationships this month be they sexual, emotional or financial. It is time to face difficult truths head on, show courage and build trust. Do so and you can transform and heal any situation. Your work and relationships will take much of your time this month and so will your finances. The April 1st New Moon sheds clarity on old financial wounds that can no longer be ignored. Face any debts, taxes or shared money matters head on and don’t be afraid to seek alternatives. Your health is also highlighted and it may be time to release old poisons from your system. Commit to making lifestyle changes, taking on difficult work tasks if need be and developing the discipline to turn the situation around. The Full Moon mid-month sheds light on your own income, assets and resources. What sustains you? What gives you strength? Have you been tending to what’s yours or have you been wasteful. A financial matter stemming back to last October now culminates. Tend to your finances, strengthen your body and set your priorities straight. By the end of April, you just don’t care any more. For it’s time for new and exciting adventures thanks to a most liberating Solar Eclipse. Boundaries are lifted and you are ready for lift off, set your monkey mind free and grow wings! And don’t be afraid to speak up for what’s right. Crazy unashamed truth is your friend.


Your relationships are up for a fresh infusion of energy as April enters, dear Libra. Face the elephant in the room and take brave steps to improve the situation. Your heart is being tested and, as the light of truth shines brightly at the New Moon of April 1st, you know what you have to do. Even if it is hard. Do what you must for your happiness is at stake. Perhaps a child’s wellbeing too. It’s time to take concrete steps to rejuvenate yourself if you are to live a life of love, joy and creativity. Making time for fun is important now more than ever. Especially when your work seems to spill into every nook and cranny of your life and it may be hard to maintain any kind of regular schedule. Your need for a spiritual practice, or at the very least for meaningful work, is paramount and you can take steps toward after mid-April. Longer term, you can plant the seeds now for the kind of dream lifestyle that you want to experience over the next decade or so. Most important of all, mid-month brings a Full Moon in your sign. That’s when you see the fruits of your personal endeavours over the past six months or so, since October last year, come full bloom, revealing your next steps. Home and family matters may galvanise you to certain decisions and realisations in the process. The eclipse at the end of April brings a taste of freedom, a sexy vibe of emotional, sexual and financial liberation. It’s time to cut yourself loose from old ties, learn to trust again and open up to new and exciting possibilities.


Health and healing is where it’s at this month, dear Scorpio. You can no longer ignore certain issues around your lifestyle, health and fitness. Face them head on and let the April 1st New Moon shed light on exactly what the problem is and how to fix it. You’re now empowered to act! An alternative lifestyle may be called for and you may have to steel yourself inside to show the discipline required. Your work is also highlighted and it’s time to tackle things dynamically rather than let them drag on. Tougher measures around your home and family may be required but you’ll feel more in control for it. The Libra Full Moon mid-month sees a secret project you’ve been working on come to fruition - one you may have started back in October. Hidden aspects of the situation may come to light, feelings may come to the surface and you may feel tired and in need of rest. Take a time out to process what comes to light and heal. April is also a hugely romantic month and you may want to pour a lot of your energies into love, your hobbies or a creative project, more so in the latter half of the month. Love and romance are reaching new heights now, planting the seeds for far greater happiness and creativity in the future. Now’s the time to dream the romantic dream, to have faith and take a risk, to nurture your creative projects, to celebrate your kids for it will pay dividends for a decade to come. By the end of the month, a brilliant and exciting new beginning arrives for your relationships and professional partnerships. Crazy encounters? Inventive and unusual collaborations? Sudden popularity? Bring it on! Time to turn relationships on their head and upgrade your interface software.


It’s time for a fresh start in all matters of the heart, dear Sagittarius. Are you suffering from a broken heart? Or trying to come to terns with a creative project, child or labour of love that’s changing your life in unexpected ways? The April 1st New Moon shines a blinding light on what your heart really wants, as well as any hurt you may still harbour so that you can heal and move on. Coming clean with words is part of it. Clear communication is key and you may need to get something off your chest. A contract or other paperwork might be involved as you consider making a commitment. A choice of neighbourhood perhaps, or a choice of school. By the middle of April and the Libra Full Moon, it’s time to have a get together with friends and decide how you all fit together. A situation that has been in building up since last autumn now comes to a head, clarifying your ambitious. Time to find out who’s with you and whom you can count on. Your home is your sanctuary throughout this period and you may have a dream to upgrade your living situation. You are very lucky in all property matters now and any seeds you plant will keep giving for the next decade. You’ll find yourself pouring even more of your energies into your home after the middle of April. The end of April brings some refreshing changes to your daily routine or at work, giving you options you hadn’t considered before. Time to ditch old habits and revolutionise your lifestyle! Experiment with small step improvements and innovations and you’ll see dramatic results before the year is out.


Who are you deep inside and what do you want? It’s time to examine the path you’re on, dear Capricorn and adjust your course. April 1st shines a light on old wounds around your home, family and living situation, empowering you take action. What can no longer be ignored? Where do you need to set your life on a more wholesome foundation? Strict financial discipline may be required to develop the kind of security and self-reliance you crave. Be true to what you value and build your strength. You have some amazing resources to draw from intellectually and from your immediate circles. Your mind is extra porous these days, receiving wholesale downloads of ideas that are hard to put into words. You may wish to communicate some of what you learn, to share it, sell it or write it down and you’ll take action to that effect from the middle of April. Just in time for a powerful culmination in your career, helping you better understand where you are headed. What do you want to achieve and how do you want to be seen? Seize the power this month to direct your life toward the path you desire. And once all is said and done, you’ll be glad to know that rejuvenation is on its way! The end of April brings a wonderfully youthful vibe, when you can fall in love with life all over again. Flex your creative muscles, throw yourself into your favourite activities, open up to love… Having fun? You’ll be surprised how good it feels and where it takes you before the year is out.


You’ve paperwork, news and communications to deal with, dear Aquarius. Pay close attention because these words have real power now. There are certain difficult conversations that can no longer be ignored, as they have direct bearing on the person you are becoming, even as we speak. The buck stops with you. You call the shots till the middle of the month. Do your due diligence and examine the facts. This is a crucial crossroads in your own life and you need to give it some serious thought. Mid-month, an intense Full Moon in Libra brings an official, legal or international matter to a head. Publicity might also be involved. Information might be made public or closing off certain possibilities and opening up others. The seed for these events was planted back in October of last year and this may be the moment that you see your vision in full bloom. Your finances have grown increasingly complicated of late - partly due to your own dreamy absent mindedness perhaps, or because your values are not of the materialistic kind. But kindness and generosity go a long way with Jupiter’s protection in your money house right now. It’s time to make a wish for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and plant the seeds of your future abundance and sustenance. The Solar Eclipse at the end of April brings positive developments on the home and property front, as well as with family or your living situation. You can now draw a line and finally put the past behind you. Living in a mad house? A wonderful spring breeze brings positive residential changes to blow away the cobwebs and upgrade your living conditions.


Time to breathe fresh life into your finances, dear Pisces. Healing information comes to light to help you address a situation that may have been draining your strength and self confidence for some time. It’s time for a fresh look at your strengths, assets and talents too so you can build your self confidence and your income. Doing so may require that you face your hidden foes, especially any self-sabotaging behaviour, and release old psychological burdens. This is a key spiritual crossroads for you and with Jupiter and Neptune conjunct in your sign there is literally nothing you cannot be, do or have. Things might take time to manifest but it’s time to wave your magic wand and make things happen! You are now planting the seeds of an incredible 12 year cycle of growth and development, deeply imbued with your hopes and dreams for the future, as well as your creative imagination and spiritual yearnings. Don’t hold back - now’s the time to pull out all the stops - even if you need to vanquish some of your demons to do so. Time to find your inner guru. Your finances are highlighted mid-month too, when an important financial negotiation that may have started back in October now bears fruit, bringing changes. April’s end brings a wonderful Solar Eclipse that blows your mind, teaching you new tricks, giving you exciting ideas and introducing you to interesting people. Time to ditch old dogmas and retrain your brain. You may take a short trip or have an important announcement.

(Cropped) Image by Dewang Gupta from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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