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Astrology 2022 Overview: Leap Over the Abyss!

Welcome to the year 2022 when literally everything is up for grabs. The 2022 March Equinox is fast approaching and it's time for a look at the year ahead.

Welcome to the year 2022 when literally everything is up for grabs. This is a time of change and transition. With the whole political structure rotting from within, everything is fast becoming highly unstable.

This is the last gasp of the old order, rife with Machiavellian plots and desperate power-grabs.

And as the old world is starting to dissolve, all kinds of toxins are bubbling to the surface. These are the darkest aspects of human nature, destructive influences hungry for power and control, aggressive impulses, old wounds and poisons that we’ve been shoving under the carpet for far too long. The world is in a massive healing crisis.

At the same time there is a grass roots revolution building, with Uranus in Taurus incredibly strong in 2022 - reaching maximum in July and August and highly charged by this year’s eclipses. The Summer brings a Mars-North Node-Uranus conjunction in Taurus, a rare, volatile, revolutionary combination. Our collective demons are all showing their hand but the Taurus North Node steadily points to an awakening of the forces of peace, liberty and substance against those of war, fear and corruption - obvious or covert.

2022 is a year of crisis but also personal empowerment, when we can no longer look to external authorities for sustenance.

Paving the way for the 2022 eclipses, we have another once in a life-time event, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12th. This is sure to blow our consciousness, washing away all division, toxicity and petty concerns. And while Neptune and Jupiter symbolise the highest most awakened, spiritual and inclusive vision for the future, they also symbolise mass delusion, mass hypnosis and mass psychosis. The world suddenly seems totally surreal...

…Until it finally hits us: we’re all dreaming! So let's be lucid dreamers.

Let’s decide the direction of events instead of being led like lambs to the slaughter by those who would use our imagination against us to serve their own agendas. Waking up within this dream and seeing through appearances is more important now than ever, when everything hangs in the balance.

This year, 2022, is also the year of the USA Pluto return marking the end of the USA as we know it, the end of an era. And as the old order is collapsing, it’s creating a power vacuum, which new forces rush in to fill.

Watch out for Mars this astrological year. A rare prolonged conjunction between Mars and Venus in February-March has already lit some dangerous fires. Russia invaded the Ukraine and conflict is upon us. Mars stays strong and aggression rife throughout 2022 and into 2023. Come Autumn-Winter, the anger turns inward. That’s when Mars goes retrograde in Gemini, sowing discord and angry civil unrest to take us all through the US mid-term elections and into next year.

We can expect not one but multiple hot-spots in 2022.

It is as if the very earth itself has had enough - erupting here and there, blowing pockets of steam to break out of its outgrown shell, to heal and expand… We, the people of the earth, have also had enough with deranged, power-grabbing technocrats, plutocrats, kleptocrats and oligarchs - and their enablers. It’s time to claim our planet back.

What can we do amid this madness to positively influence events? Reality is at its most malleable right now, whilst in the swirl of chaos. Be a lucid dreamer. Dream Big!

Use your imagination constructively this Spring to pull new possibilities out of the hat. Jupiter and Neptune call you to free your mind from its logico-cynical grip. Cynicism has no place in 2022.

Then, come the Summer, it’s time to call forth the hero within. Jupiter enters warrior sign Aries, Mars starts galvanising the revolutionary spirit and the time for talk is over. Time to make a stand. Right on Mars' heels, Autumn brings the last of the Uranus-Saturn square, signalling the breakdown of a cycle that dominated western politics the last thirty years. An awakening is upon us.

With the Lunar Nodes in Scorpio and Taurus, part and parcel of gracefully navigating 2022 is being able to face dark truths - be they about ourselves or about the world around us. Anything you’ve been refusing to see will most likely be shoved in your face. Things you have been in denial about. Compulsive patterns driven by fear. Coming to terms with trauma and betrayal by those in whom you placed your trust.

It’s critical to not turn a blind eye. Become fearless. There is no other way.

2022 is a year of transition and it is marked by major retrogrades at its bookends. January entered with Venus retrograde in Capricorn, pushing markets and relationships into crisis. And it ends with Mars retrograde in Gemini (30 October 2022-12 January 2023), lighting fires of disagreement and civil unrest. Mercury is always there, retrograding close to Venus in January and Mars in October doubling down on the need to take a long hard look at where we are going.

With Mercury retrograde in Air and Earth, talk is cheap. It’s time to walk our talk, to follow information with practical steps.

The future is not yet decided. It is down to you, me, all of us individually and collectively. Everything is at stake and this is no time to stick your head in the sand. Stand firm. Stay present. Happy March Equinox 2022!

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Image by Joshua Earle from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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