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Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: An Astrological Perspective

Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces and Mars-Venus in Aquarius speak about the present situation, the role of the West and the bigger picture for humanity.

Russia has launched a full scale attack on Ukraine. We are all lost for words. With war all of a sudden a reality, devastating the Ukrainian people, challenging NATO, and even bringing back the threat of nuclear war, what does this mean for the West and for humanity as a whole? Here are some thoughts inspired by the astrology of the times…

This is not the first time Russia has invaded and seized Ukrainian land. The last time Russia did something of this sort, taking Crimea, was exactly during the last Venus Retrograde in Capricorn cycle, like the one finishing right now, only eight years ago, back in 2014.

Venus Retrograde tends to activate a subject in intervals of roughly eight years. And now, in 2022, Venus is back at the very same spot and activating the very same theme. As if no time has passed at all (it is worth studying this pattern further in fact, going back to 2006, 1998, 1989 etc). Putin is just picking up where he left off in 2014. Only, this time things are different...

Back then Mars was retrograde and in detriment in Libra. So, Russia’s aggressive act was met with a totally flaccid apathy from the West - it was a non-event, no doubt emboldening Putin. So, back around we come eight years later. Only this time, Mars is incredibly strong - exalted in Capricorn and boisterous thanks to his conjunction with Venus - and the situation is ripe for full on conflict. And with Pluto nearby, things could get ugly.

Mars remains strong for the duration of March and proportionally so for most of 2022 and this is something to bear in mind. Long dormant energies are stirring and things could get volatile now and downright unpredictable over the Summer.

Woe is anyone who thinks that things cannot escalate and quickly in 2022! But this is also a potentially transformative turning point for humanity, capable of awakening the western world from its decadent materialistic stupor.

Disclaimer: Everything here merely represents my own reading of the astrological signs of the times. This is not an analysis of the birth-charts of the countries in question, or their leaders, to try to "predict" the future. I believe everything hangs in the balance of our choices.

Pluto in Capricorn and The Role of the West

It is no accident that this attack on Ukraine comes now, with the US at its weakest right at the start of the US Pluto return. It teaches us something about the precarious place we are in. All it takes is the slightest whiff of weakness for the whole applecart to topple over. The West has become complacent. Complacent enough not to be perceived as a threat.

Well, what is it that has supposedly always separated “the West” from China or Russia in our own heads?

Ah, we pride ourselves for our democracy; we pride ourselves for our media transparency; we pride ourselves for offering equal opportunities for financial growth; and above all, we pride ourselves for respecting human liberty. Well, no more. No more can we stand on such high moral ground. Each and every one of these principles have been thrown under the bus in the name of a quick buck over the past two years alone. Our western so-called democracies have been visibly and steadily sliding into tyranny in the wake of Covid19. This should be a huge wake up call for the West. You cannot stand for values that you yourself defile. It’s this weakness, this total moral decadence that has blurred divisions of right and wrong to the point that what’s going on right this very minute can ever be allowed to happen.

Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces: The Universal Solvent

There is also something much bigger going on, right now and until the end of April. Jupiter and Neptune are edging closer together in a once in a lifetime conjunction on April 12th in the sign they both rule, Pisces. And when these two gas giants blow together, things can get vastly out of proportion.

As Jupiter and Neptune edge closer together, a huge dissolving force is sweeping over the globe. Like a universal solvent, it is washing away divisions, revealing the meaninglessness of our preoccupation with petty matters, awakening us to the bigger picture of humanity.

The last time Jupiter and Neptune came together in Pisces was over 150 years ago back in 1856 - the height of seance-fuelled spiritualism. This can be a mad heart-wrenching conjunction and a deeply mystical one. This fraying of the veil between worlds that Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces brings may be a good thing. For it is through such tears (pun intended) that we can gain a glimpse into the unifying field. Not everything in this world can be debased and counted. Does it always have to take suffering on a mass scale to awaken humanity to higher and more refined spiritual values? Jupiter and Neptune have a way to go yet, fully conjoining on April 12th. But they are already doing their work, March's astrology fully engaging this great conjunction. It's time to pray, and to dream new and better dreams.

Mars, Venus and Pluto: A Critical Early March

So what about right now, the present state of conflict? February 28th-March 1st is a crucial juncture as Mars and Venus align with the Lunar Nodes in Scorpio and Taurus. Amid discussions of financial sanctions (Taurus and Scorpio), a show of force seems to be necessitating negotiations. Will the negotiations work?

March 3rd is a point of grave danger, when Mars and Venus both conjunct Pluto.

Mars and Venus have been sailing close all of February, conjunct in Capricorn on February 16th they fuelled ambitions, and they have been approaching Pluto together ever since. The fires are being stoked. And if there was ever an aspect symbolising a crime of passion, Mars-Venus-Pluto would be it. The urge to abuse power is irresistible with Pluto, especially in Capricorn symbolising the ruling class - in fact this has been consistently done since 2008 and more so every time a planet came to conjunct Pluto, as with the Pluto-Saturn and Pluto-Jupiter conjunctions of 2020. Mars-Venus only activate that trend for a brief but potentially dangerous moment, on March 3rd.

Thankfully Pluto is already toward the end of his journey through Capricorn and Mars and Venus move into Aquarius very quickly, on March 6th. There they meet, giving rise to new feelings of solidarity and brotherhood that may give some hope in turning the tide...

Mars-Venus and the Aquarian Great Conjunction: What's the Message?

What’s fascinating is that Mars and Venus meet at 0 degrees Aquarius. This is the exact same degree of the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn of December 2020, the Great Mutation from Earth to Air that symbolises our full entry into a New Age or New Aeon - the so called 'Age of Aquarius'. It’s hard to know exactly when this so called 'New Age’ begins. But I am more and more convinced that it has already begun and has been going on for some time now - ever since the early years of the 20th century in fact (see the case beautifully argued by Steven Forrest).

The hypothesis that the Age of Aquarius began in the early 20th century has mileage. For it is truly the 20th century that has placed humanity down a brand new path.

After millennia of being earth-bound, we took to the skies and then to the heavens. Slowly but surely, science (Aquarius) became the new religion (Pisces). Relativity theory revolutionised our understanding of spacetime, while quantum mechanics revolutionised our understanding of reality itself. The splitting of the atom called us to sober up and mature. And two bloody World Wars ended feudarchy and taught us the immense value of human life and human liberty.

But one does not switch from one age lasting a couple of millennia to another overnight. It’s taking a while for humanity to catch on. And I believe that the Great Mutation from Earth to Air signifies that very transition.

The 80’s brought the first Great Conjunction in Air, setting us on an accelerated path. And, after a brief materialistic interlude (with a conjunction in Taurus in 2000), the 2020 Great Conjunction in Aquarius marked the next stage of this transition into the next two millennia for humanity - with Aquarius, where said conjunction happened being a perfect symbol for the ‘New Age' of that same sign. The Great Conjunction happened at 0 degrees Aquarius and this is where this present conflict, swiftly borne by Mars and Venus, is bringing our attention right now.

From Pluto in Capricorn to Aquarius

Mars and Venus move very quickly but the symbolism of this brief moment is profound. It's time to decide: is humanity going to move forward as one or court its own destruction?

Have we learned nothing from the lessons of the 20th century?

Let's see. We overthrew the feudal system in the wake of WWI, yet here we are in the 21st century with global oligarchs doing their best to reinstate it. We faced true horrors in WWII, yet here we are in the 21st century, vilifying and scapegoating people, engaging in social segregation, nonchalantly asking for “Ihre Papiere bitte”, tossing the Nuremberg Code out the window. And, yes. We survived the cold war, yet here we are, in the 21st century, with our finger on the button. Have we learned nothing?

Humanity has been skirting around the threat of its own extinction for decades now. After spending the first half of the 20th century in bloody war, the nuclear threat was enough to divert our barbarian nature into financial channels. Aggression, expansionism and dominion over others fuelled ruthless financial policies bringing us to the point of near financial extinction. Now, with a precarious global financial system and trillions in debt, with monopolies in place of dictatorships and an impoverished world marred by politics of hatred and division, new territory for financial expansion (and savagery) is starting to run short. So, here we are again with our finger on the button...

It is no accident that Pluto was discovered in 1930 right around the splitting of the atom. Pluto represents matters of life and death. It also signifies transformation. It is time to face the abyss and turn back - enough to effect a shift in human consciousness, perhaps. Here we are bickering. And yet we are citizens of a vast universe we are yet to begin to understand; extensions of a vast living organism, the Earth, in ways we are yet to fathom. This is only the beginning. Venus is Love and Mars is Will. And it is time for the two to come together. As Mars and Venus pass over the abyss of Pluto and come together at 0 Aquarius, it’s time to come together, to align the will with the way.

March is giving us a preview of what could happen if we don’t clean up our act. And with the universal solvent of Jupiter and Neptune about to wash over us en masse, raising our eyes to the bigger picture, let it be just that - a preview - to propel humanity into more refined and united pastures.

Image by Shelby Deeter from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes.


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