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September 2023 Astrology: Liberating Currents

September's Horoscope has Venus and Mercury direct and Jupiter retrograde, a Virgo New Moon, an Aries Full Moon and the Autumn Equinox!

Venus and Mercury go direct, removing the bottleneck of recent weeks While the world gradually becomes slightly less magical, Jupiter goes retrograde, just in time for us to contemplate the bigger picture.

As normality resumes, we care less about what’s expected of us and much more about doing the right thing, as well as pursuing various thoughts and desires that have long been pent up within. September is here to release this bottleneck of money, love, pleasure, trade and communications that got so held up in late July and August and to bring us a surprise or two before the month is out.

September 2023 Horoscope: Watching the Hour...

September 4th brings a breathless moment as Venus and Jupiter, the two planets of fortune, hang motionless in the sky. Lots to look forward to!

Right then our priorities begin to shift.

Next up, mark September 15th, a momentous day when Mercury goes direct right on top of a most astute Virgo New Moon that cuts through the dross with laser-like precision. There’s a mighty bow and arrow being drawn in the sky right now, harnessing all the powers of the earth toward things both elusive and sublime.

And so we come to a poignant September Equinox on the 23rd, when the Sun enters Libra, the sign now hosting the eclipses. These arrive next month but not before a fiesty, rebellious Aries Full Moon on the 29th. September promises some liberating turning points so let’s check it out in greater detail…

Venus Direct, September 4th: I’ll Have Myself Some Fun!

On September 4th Venus in Leo finally turns direct. After six weeks of backward motion - which dulled our pleasure centers and put our relationships, finances and values through their paces - it’s time for our joi de vivre to return.

September 4th signifies a return to our senses, literally and metaphorically.

Now we can better evaluate who and what’s worth our time, money and affection. Now we can actually relax and enjoy the things that normally bring us pleasure.

Venus has been retrograde in Leo since July 23rd, blocking access to our usual joys and taking us all on a long journey through the heart (see the Venus chapter in July’s Astrology and August’ Astrology). Whether you’ve been starved of love, money or some sort of happiness, it’s time for the strictures to be lifted. Some relationships may have turned sour in the meantime, others may have enjoyed a sudden revival, others yet embarked upon in the blink of an eye, with a blindfold and only with your heart as a guide.

Now, as life turns right side up again, get ready for the chips to fall, for the world to be put to rights and for you to get your bearings and start making some sound decisions.

One caveat: Mercury is still retrograde ‘til the 15th so let’s proceed with care. Let’s take tentative steps and get ready to pull out all the stops in the second half of the month, when Mercury straightens his course.

Venus turns direct on the 4th at 01:20UT at 12:12 Leo, a degree of quiet recollection. Its Sabian Symbol* is “an old sea captain rocking himself on the porch of his cottage” no doubt reminiscing about joys and sorrows past. As we now do the same, let’s remember that this Venus cycle is but a young pup.

Freshly born desires now will take us years into the future, peaking in 2027 and running their course by 2031.

Now and all the way to October 8th, Venus will recover all the ground she lost during August, repeating some aspects along the way. Most notably, Venus squares Jupiter (exact on the 17th) and Venus squares Uranus (on the 29th). Venus and Jupiter have been in permanent aspect pretty much since mid-August, creating a backlog of excessive unfulfilled desire which is now primed for release. As Venus goes direct and Jupiter retrograde on the 4th something shifts in this equation and, by the 17th, what has been suppressed is let loose - perhaps with little care for the consequences.

Venus-Uranus is next, exact on the 29th. Here’s another aspect that’s been operative for most of the summer. Spanning from late June to mid-August, (and peaking on July 2nd and August 9th) it has been putting everyone in a manic, wilful, rebellious mood. This unpredictable aspect can turn on a penny. It brings surprises, flashes in the pan, and wild romantic and financial decisions. Like a coil, it will spring its last surprise on September 29th.

Also notable is Venus’ almost-sextile to Mars, operative all month long. This romance is never consummated but the chase is fun, giving rise to excitement all month long. It won’t be ‘til early October, once Venus leaves Leo, when we can finally turn our attention to novel pursuits.

Jupiter Retrograde September 4th: What Do I Believe is Right?

Also on the 4th, Jupiter station retrograde at 14:10 UT at 15:34 degrees of Taurus. By this point, Jupiter is shining pretty brightly in the sky and will only grow in brightness into mid-winter. Jupiter will stay retrograde all the way ‘til New Year’s Eve 2023, giving us four months to go back to the drawing board and redraft our vision for the future - and with it, we are to revisit the morals and principles by which we wish to live our lives.

With Jupiter retrograde, our sense of meaning, moral guidance and personal significance must come from within. No external authority, position or favour can grant it.

As Venus hands the baton to Jupiter on the 4th, all our summer ruminations about values, preferences, likes and dislikes now take a more official hue.

What do we actually believe? How do we tell right from wrong? Where we can put our faith? Who and what, if anything, can we look up to?

What’s exciting about Jupiter stationing is the amount of support Jupiter receives. Mercury trines Jupiter on the 4th bringing important and beneficial information to light - an influence that will continue all the way into the Equinox. What’s more, the Sun and Mercury are conjunct, just as the Moon and Uranus conjunct Jupiter, all in one happy earth trine. This signifies flow, positive energy and excitement as things move quickly. Sun-Mercury is exact on the 6th and the energy carries all the way to the 8th, when Sun and Jupiter trine. These are good lucky days, bringing an infusion of hope for the future.

There’s great momentum, luck and positivity in the first week of September - enjoy!

Mercury Inferior Conjunction 6th: Good News

Right amid this wonderful energy, Mercury plants new seeds, meeting the Sun on September 6th at 13:36 Virgo at 11:09 UT, both trine Jupiter.

With such a wonderful interplay of energies, it’s time to tackle old business, reveal liberating truths and bring potential boons to bear.

Of course, Mercury is entering its trickiest retrograde at this point and there’s still stuff to clarify and work to do. But there’s bound to be a piece of good news in there somewhere to keep us going. A waning quarter Gemini Moon indicates that the information now coming to light helps shift our perspective.

This is Mercury’s so called “Inferior Conjunction” when Mercury conjuncts the Sun whilst in retrograde, sitting between us and our star.

Mercury, the messenger of the gods, is closest to the earth on September 6th seeding new ideas that will take two to three years to bloom, in 2025-26.

The Sabian Symbol* for this seed is “an aristocratic family tree”. What a strange yet aspirational image that perhaps grants certain airs… Rather than look to our social status for positioning, the idea now is that we need only draw power from within, from our illustrious roots, to flourish.

Virgo New Moon September 15th: Ready or Not…!

The next big event arrives September 15th with a Virgo New Moon at 21:58 degrees, barely past midnight at 01:39 UT. This, just as its ruler Mercury - strong in its own sign of Virgo - is hanging motionless in the sky.

This is a turbo-charged New Moon, a laser like second look at old matters, an important moment of discernment for a fresh start - perhaps with matters long overdue.

Mercury, ruler of this lunation, is practically stationary, trine Jupiter and opposite Saturn: time to revisit official matters, pore over the details and settle scores. Mercury-Jupiter promises a positive outcome, whilst Mercury-Saturn demands discipline and adherence to the facts.

With Mercury barely a breath away from turning direct, there could be something unnerving about this lunation. There may be a sense of ‘no, it’s too soon, I’m not ready yet’. (After all, Virgo is a perfectionist and there’s always more to learn, more to hone, more to rehearse... But no: we must figure it out as we go along! Mercury stationary might equally generate great impatience, leading to false starts and trip ups (more so with hungry Venus-Jupiter also active on the 17th).

This could be a nerve-wracking lunation when we may feel impatient to move forward - or urged to, ready or not... No worries for it carries such positive momentum!

There’s more. This Virgo New Moon forms part of a Kite - a potent aspect pattern that gathers energy and releases it with single-pointed focus. The Sun and Moon in Virgo are in a grand trine with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus and with Pluto in Capricorn, opposing Neptune in Pisces. Literally the whole of the universe is aligned for forward movement now with something not yet quite resolved, marshalling all earthly resources toward a transcendental end. Jupiter brings luck, Uranus innovation, and Pluto power and riches. Neptune, where the energy of the New Moon is directed, points to all things elusive and sublime. Perhaps the best expression of all this is to transcend limitations, to dissolve boundaries, or to make something sacred.

The Virgo New Moon’s Sabian Symbol*, “a royal coat of arms enriched with precious stones”, elicits yet another theme of nobility. Indeed nobility in the highest - royalty - and the duties this brings. Kingship, whilst also a literal thing, is a deeply spiritual symbol of inner harmony, divinity and sovereignty.

Rather than look out there for answers, it’s time to tap into our inner riches and follow our own spiritual dictates.

The various aspects of this lunation peak within the following days, allowing the bow to release its arrow: the Sun-Uranus trine on the 16th, the Sun-Neptune opposition on the 19th, the Sun-Pluto trine on the 21st. Mercury is also close by (trine Jupiter all month long and Uranus on the 30th), giving trade, communications and contracts a powerful platform all the way into October. This lunation has legs! A potent New Moon indeed.

Mercury Direct in Virgo September 15th: Domino Effect

With the Virgo Moon renewed, Mercury can now resume his forward motion. He goes direct on September 15th at 20:21UT at exactly 8:00 degrees Virgo. The middle of September is thus an exciting, unstable, exhilarating moment that’s hard to contain. The usual advice here is to not jump the gun as silly mistakes are possible amid the head-rush. Still...

After so many months of waiting and back-to-back retrogrades who can blame anyone for chomping at the bit?

A wide opposition from Saturn helps steady the hand while Mercury’s operative trine to Jupiter keeps communication channels open. The Sabian Symbol for Mercury’s direct turn is “an expressionist painter at work” signifying a defiant urge for originality.

Time to step out of the shadows, do our own thing and to heck with tradition; time to impress our own personal stamp upon the world.

Mercury has been bogged down in the same stretch of sky since August 4th. As he now begins to recover the Virgo degrees he lost, we’ll soon be liberated to start thinking new thoughts. The process will be complete by September 30th.

Libra Equinox, September 23rd: Redress the Balance

On the tailwind of this mighty New Moon rides the Autumn Equinox (Spring Equinox in the Southern hemisphere), arriving on September 23rd at exactly 06:49UT when the Sun enters Libra. Happy birthday Libra!

This is a time of harvest - of checks and balances both on a personal and cultural level. It’s when we take stock, adjust and restore our world to harmony.

At the Equinox, Venus, ruler of Libra, is in Leo, direct and eager to enjoy life again. She’s also trine Chiron in Aries - another aspect that has been ongoing all summer (peaking June 28th, August 15th and now - September 23rd). Our love-skin is pretty thin with this aspect, our confidence a little shaky. But it’s also a chance for healing and a deeper connection with ourselves and others - if only we let our guard down. Being vulnerable is the key. For that’s what makes for authentic contact. And that’s the upshot of this Equinox. Let’s embrace our flaws and build bridges. Let’s be generous with our words with the help of Mercury-Jupiter.

The Sun is not alone in Libra. Mars is also currently in Libra, (August 27-October 12), though the two do not meet. Mars is busy courting Venus in a two step dance all month and now he chimes in with an opposition to Chiron on the 24th. This could stir up some angry hornets, providing a clear incentive to correct any imbalance. With a first quarter Moon in Sagittarius on the 22nd too, and at a critical degree, there’s some call to action - perhaps unstable, last minute, manic action - at this Equinox.

With the South Node in Libra too, there’s already a focus on law and justice, and this intensifies into autumn.

Aries Full Moon, September 29th: The Harvest

And so we arrive at the final event of this month, an Aries Full Moon at 6:00 degrees on September 29th at 09:57 UT. This is often called the Harvest Moon - so close to the northern Autumn Equinox - and even more fittingly so this year, as its ruler Mars is moving in to conjunct the karmic South Node in the harvest sign of Libra.

Whilst this is a normal Full Moon, we’re now in eclipse season: the first eclipse arrives October 14th!

And while the eclipses are moving into Aries and Libra for the next two years, there are absolutely no lunar eclipses in Aries, only solar ones.

For the next three years (2023-25), Aries is about to host only North Node Solar eclipses, bravely pioneering new trends!

This is unlike 2014-15 which was the total opposite for Aries, coming old cycles, dealing with unfinished business, bringing consequences and rewards. That's all done now. Time to brave new territory for all rams out there and where we all have a bit of ram in us.

But there is still a karmic shadow to this Aries Full Moon. For its ruler, Mars, is fast approaching the South Node in Libra, the point where eclipses happen. The South Node is the place where things come full circle and deliver their fruit, where old actions finally see their equal and opposite reactions.

So this lunation could see so called ‘karmic’ events, in the sense that they have already been set in motion a long time ago and are now returning home to rebalance the scales.

What’s due to us, one way or another, will now come. Balance will be restored.

With Mars also about to square Pluto (and oppose Eris and the North Node), we could see some intense themes playing out - power-struggles, foul play, retribution and the like.

This is a feisty, rebellious Full Moon that could rock the political boat - or indeed any carefully balanced house of cards we may have laid on our own table.

Aries tends to shoot first and ask questions later. With Venus square Uranus in tight angle to the Sun and Moon on the 29th too, things could take a surprising turn! Mercury’s trine to Uranus only reinforces the jack-in-the-box theme on the 30th.

News are now flowing as Mercury recreates the potent bow and arrow configuration of mid-September. Watch out for double entendres and other madnesses as Mercury approaches opposition with hazy Neptune and information is easily subverted and put to multifarious uses.

The Sabian Symbol* for this lunation is “a man succeeds in expressing himself simultaneously in two realms”. Saying two things at once, being in two places at once, and all sorts of other not-quite contradictions… Here we are called to remember the dual nature of our existence - straddling the physical and spiritual - and the creative possibilities this brings. We are called to embrace the wonderful complexity of human nature. Perhaps we can be in many places at once, as we find the world splitting into multiple dimensions...

In any case, this is an Aries lunation and action waits for no (wo)man. The first eclipse of autumn arrives in two weeks. Time to make some changes!

September 2023 Horoscope

Let’s see what September has in store for each zodiac slice of the sky pie! There’s many ways to pick your slice (not to mention many ways to cut the pie). You can never go wrong with your sun sign - that’s the essence of why you’re invited at this party to begin with. The Ascendant is sure to reveal what sort of cake you’ve got, while the Moon gives it the creamy filling. Let’s get slicing...


With a full moon in your sign, dear Aries, you’ve come at an important crossroads in your life that could bring key relationship developments. You are ready for new vistas, building a brand new identity. Your focus has been on important relationships and business partnerships since Mars entered Libra on August 27th and this area will continue to draw much of your attention until mid-October and beyond- over the next couple of years - especially after the Equinox. The summer brought new experiences on the love front, whether with your family and children or with a creative project or a romance. After six weeks of exploring the contents of your heart, you’re now ready to burst forth with new desires and integrate these into who you are and what you want. You’re feeling rejuvenated and ready to throw caution to the wind and have some fun! Your ability to take and hold energy is expanding, as is your capacity for abundance and your set of values. You have until the end of the year to come up with a larger container and a more inclusive value system that allows for greater confidence, riches and pleasures. Work and lifestyle are important themes this month. You may be experiencing delays as September enters but the tide is turning. By the 15th you’ll be so busy even your speedy self will hardly be able to keep up with things! This is a fantastic fresh start with all work and financial matters - as well as with your health and lifestyle. As crucial information comes to light, you’ll be able to make positive changes in your routine and daily habits. The Equinox places your focus squarely on your relationships and business partnerships, in time for a feisty Full Moon in your sign on the 29th. This is a point of personal realisations, things coming full circle, and it also brings long overdue developments on the relationship front, an area about to see major changes.


Venus, your ruler, is finally direct, dear Taurus, and you can slowly return to form. Time for love, money, beauty and all the creature comforts you love so much to start flowing your way once more. Perhaps you’re chomping at the bit to decorate or move forward with a home, family or property matter. Enjoy your renewed desire for nesting and move full speed ahead! As an earth sign you benefit the most from these wonderful trines in the sky this month so use this opportunity to open your mind to new possibilities, enlarge your vision of who you want to be and reinvent yourself. Mercury has been urging you to dig deeper to rediscover what makes you tick and take corrective steps, if necessary, toward happiness. These could involve a romance, child or creative project. Use this opportunity to steer your life toward more fulfilling pathways. A wonderful New Moon mid-month gives you the green light to do just that, opening doors wide for you to pursue many of your heart’s desires! The Equinox brings a greater focus on your work and daily routines and you may wish to take charge of your health and habits at this point - especially as this is going to be an important area for you to focus on over the next two years. Get on top of your working schedule and build positive health habits! Spirituality may be a big part of this - especially at the Full Moon on the 29th, when your may feel ready to create sacred spaced in your home or make time in your day to rest, meditate or get creative. This sort of approach can do wonders for your health and productivity.


Your ruler, Mercury, though retrograde, is caught in a beam of good luck this month, dear Gemini. As he goes direct mid-month, he gets swept up in a wave of positive commotion, news and meetings. Your inbox may have gone quiet for the past couple of months - or perhaps you’ve had issues with your communications or network - but no longer. Now your world springs back to life and there’s an abundance of people to meet, threads to follow and wonderful ideas to act upon! You have a guardian angel these days and it’s time to tap into your deepest intuition and creativity to make space for abundance and spiritual growth. Expect great excitement as Mercury turns direct mid-month - especially when it comes to property matters, home and family! You can make great progress with all home related matters now, with where you live, flatmates, sales or purchases, as well as with sorting through the past, addressing psychological issues and tackling family dynamics. Time to build greater self-reliance. The Equinox heralds a time of romance and creativity when you can put more of your own personal stamp on your world and manifest your creative ideas - an area that is becoming increasingly important over the next couple of years. Your community, made up as it is of mavericks, is crucial in all this. The Full Moon of the 29th highlights your social network, allowing you to reap the rewards of your creativity and of doing what you love.


Chances are you’ve experienced a huge bottleneck in your finances this summer, dear Cancer, so you’ll be glad to know that the congestion finally begins to lift! You’ve also made a wonderful fresh financial start amid all this and are now ready to start building your strength, confidence and resources. Get ready to enjoy life more! Your social circle is expanding and so is your influence on your community. Take a moment to revisit your dreams and ambitions and create a bigger vision of the world around you and the contribution you want to make. Where do you see yourself? What you want your gifts to be? Any delays with trade, contracts and communications that you may have experienced in the past few weeks also begin to lift by mid-month. Get ready for your world to burst into life mid-September - especially if you work in writing and communications, education, trading and sales or travel. It’s time to move forward with all your ideas! This is also a hugely sociable month. Get ready to plug into a powerful network that can move things along quickly! The Equinox brings your attention squarely to house and home, to property and family matters, allowing you to effect some healing. This is an increasingly important area of your life over the next couple of years when you’ll have the chance to resolve old karma. The month ends on a high for your career, making you more visible, bringing you recognition, and showing you where you are headed. Re-orienting yourself in the world will bear on home and family matters too, allowing you take action that’s long overdue.


You’ve been ever so patient, dear Leo, eschewing lots of little pleasures to accommodate others. And now you’re ready to burst forth with new zest, energy and confidence! Your allure is off the charts and, if someone was failing to see how wonderful you are, they’ll soon be left in no doubt. This summer has given you such a glow that nobody can resist your charms! Your ability to enjoy yourself is also returning and there’s lots of fun to be had this month. Time to build your strength, confidence and financial resources too. As financial delays also begin to lift mid-month, you can finally tackle unfinished business and resuming financially where you left off. This is a month to fearlessly push forward in your work and finances. Luck, innovation and discernment are on your side! It’s easy to win favour with VIPs now too. Aim for a prestigious position and expand your vision of what is possible in your career! Take time this autumn to visualise where you see yourself long term and what your ideal role would be, for things could proceed quickly! The Equinox is your cue to network like a fiend. This is always a rather hectic time for you when you get all your projects underway for winter. The Full Moon of the 29th is an expansive moment, when you can clearly see the bigger picture. A legal, academic, or immigration matter could culminate now, or something to do with marketing, publishing, broadcasting or other official matters. This could result in important meetings, contracts and communications, affecting people in your neighbourhood or immediate environment, an area to see many changes down the road.


This is such an important month for you, dear Virgo. For many Virgos it’s your birthday - happy birthday! - and the New Moon in your sign is one of the best of the year. With your ruler stationing direct at the same time mid-month, you’re turbo-charged and ready to launch! What’s more, the cosmos supports you in everything you do bringing luck, innovation, power and inspiration. This allows you to take risks and move forward with big ideas. You may have spent the summer incognito, hiding away to recuperate - or you may have spent it running around in service to others, putting your own preferences aside. All that is now done and you’re ready to cash in your spiritual chips! Creative and spiritual pursuits bring great pleasure this month so why not secretly dedicate some time, money or sacred space for you to do your favourite things? This month is all about you and what makes you happy! You’re ready to contemplate the bigger picture of your life this autumn - why you do what you do and how to improve it - and it’s time to take the necessary steps to expand your reach. Perhaps you need to gain the necessary accreditations? Expand abroad? Sort out legal matters? With your ruler retrograde in your sign, this is a rare and precious time. Take a moment in early September to carefully discern how and where you want to cash in these wonderful cosmic chips heading your way mid-month. This is also an important financial month, more so from the Equinox onwards. This is a theme that will see important developments over the next couple of years. Joint finances are heading for resolution by the 29th - be that a sale or purchase, credit, debts and taxes, a bonus or scholarship, a joint account, shares or anything of that kind. The end of September brings an intimate moment changing the energy between you and others with repercussions on your personal finances, your values and sense of self worth. Use the latter part of September to boost your confidence and income!


Your ruler, Venus, is finally turning direct, dear Libra, and you can return to your usual way of doing things. Wining and dining, socialising, buying beautiful things, negotiating, enjoying people and pleasures. Your social life has been sorely lacking in the past couple of months and that may have left you bereft, not quite sure what to do with yourself. On the other hand, you could have used this period to connect with old friends and venture into territories you would not normally frequent. Well, now the wait is up and your social network is bursting at the seams! Get ready to have some real fun! You’re feeling financially generous these days and could have ended up spending more over the summer. The truth is you’re ready to trust more, let others into your world and reconsider how you share and invest your energies. Take some time to mull it over during the autumn and show some patience, perhaps, when it comes to big business, loans or mergers, while you decide your best course of action. At the same time you may be holding onto a secret or trying to discover others’ secrets as September enters. You’ll have most of the information you need by mid-month, eager to get things moving behind the scenes - be it political maneuvering, a spiritual retreat, a course of therapy or a romantic or creative project. This is the begining of something important, away from prying eyes. Keep it secret, keep it safe! With Mars in your sign all month long - and until October 12th - you have the advantage. It is you who calls the shots! Your moves do carry weight these days so do make your choices responsibly. Come the Equinox, it’s time to come out in the open with your plans. It’s your birthday season: Happy Birthday! You’re now entering a period of important changes in your life, as the eclipses arrive in your sign, so no time to beat about the bush. Time for some long overdue changes. The end of September brings important relationship developments, affecting you personally and shedding light on your motives, desires and past activities.


You’re laying low, dear Scorpio, having to be diplomatic, political, polite… Not your usual fare. But only until October 12th. For that’s when Mars enters your sign and you can finally call the shots. Until then just play the game and enjoy the wonderful goodies flowing your way, thanks to your friends and community. This is your month to network like a fiend and make allies in pursuit of your highest aspirations. After a very long wait, you can finally make headway with every single one of your goals and dreams - and fast! Your career went through a strange period in the summer, allowing you to experiment with a new public image whilst also creating delays. The barrier now lifts. You can begin pushing ahead with all your goals for profit and pleasure, whilst also enjoying the favour of higher ups! Relationships have been a source of luck and expansion for you this year and will continue to deliver with the best yet to come. Take a moment this autumn to take stock of all the ways others have enriched your life. How do you see these new partnerships and agreements progressing? The Equinox intensifies activities behind the scenes and tells you it’s time for some RnR. A new birthday year is fast approaching and it’s time to clear house in preparation for it. A work project may culminate by the 29th revealing secrets and activities behind the scenes. Perhaps it’s best to keep your cards close to your chest during this period. Questions of lifestyle also come into focus this month, reminding you to take better care of your health. You may need time away from the daily grind to rejuvenate, explore your creativity and nourish your spirit.


You’re riding the crest of a wonderful wave of goodies, dear Sagittarius, as September begins and your ruler Jupiter stations retrograde. You’ve been on a unique adventure this summer that has changed the way you see the world. After a long journey - literal or metaphorical - you are ready to resume your normal activities. Broadcasting, publishing, education, travel, and other projects involving outreach can also resume normal levels of activity now. If you have been lax with your daily routine, however, perhaps it’s time to consider changes in lifestyle. This autumn is a good time to review your ideal working scenario, lifestyle and work-life balance. Put in an order with the cosmos to deliver these to you in 2024! Most of all, September brings a wonderful fresh start in your career. You’re ready to push forward with long awaited changes at work and to take your place in the world, perhaps under a new and more prestigious title. Having thoroughly considered your path in life, get ready to shoot upward toward your goals starting mid-month. Expect fast progress. You’re busy networking, helping your friends and working toward your dreams since August 27th and this community trend will continue to get busier into the middle of October - more so from the Equinox onwards. Now’s the time to rally your friends toward a common cause - more and more so over the next couple of years, which could be a time of great rewards for you. The Full Moon of the 29th brings joy, surprise and the fruits of love - be that a child, a hobby or enterprise or a romantic adventure. Your love for what you do, your joys and creations come to bear on your friendships and community. This is an area that will be increasingly important over the next two years allowing you to find your place in the world and make your contribution.


This is an exciting, expansive month for you, dear Capricorn, when you can feel new waves of freedom and adventure wash over you. You’ve been through a transformative journey of initiation, intimately involved with others, learning to trust, purging toxins and testing your bonds both emotionally and financially. As the journey now ends, you are empowered, more intimately woven with important people in your life and stronger for it. Money, which may have been in short supply, is now released and made available for your endeavours. This is a lucky, rejuvenating time for you - especially when you engage in hobbies, projects and activities you love, or spend time with youngsters and children. It’s time to take a quiet moment this autumn and contemplate your vision of happiness, so you can recreate it. Legal and official matters that have been pending can also now move forward and you may be ready to take a journey, embark on an education or expand your activities to new markets and cultures. Outreach is a big theme this month and, from the 15th onwards, you are getting ready to spread your wings! This is is a lucky, expansive, serendipitous fresh start, capable of lending your life new meaning and a new vision. Time for a change of scenery - away from the familiar. People look to you to take charge this month - especially from the Equinox onwards, which shines a spotlight on your career and public image. These are areas that will be important over the next couple of years, bringing certain old stories to an end, delivering concrete rewards and bringing closure. The Full Moon of the 29th illuminates your home, family and private life, where something culminates. These private events will have public repercussions, bringing you into the spotlight in some way, activating old goals that it’s now time to finally pursue or highlighting responsibilities that cannot be ignored.


Your relationship has been through an unusual summer, dear Aquarius, a bottleneck of joy, love and affection - perhaps due to extraneous circumstances. This could also have been a strangely intimate time with others, in situations you would not normally find yourself in. Having tested a relationship in this manner you are now ready to celebrate it once more and enjoy your time together to the fullest! Publicity could also be coming your way now, after some delay, or you may be ready to pair up and reach out to others after being unavailable for a while. Your home and family life are area of great expansion these days. Perhaps you’re making home improvements or travel between homes, or perhaps you acquired a luxurious new base or are benefiting from a family gift. The moment has come this autumn to stop and ask yourself what ‘home’ really means for you. What about ‘family’? Then you’ll be able to make the most of yet more family and property luck coming your way next year. Your finances are also about to receive a second lease of life this month - especially joint finances, bank loans, sponsorships and the like. Use the second half of September to build trust and recalibrate joint finances, pay off debts or settle tax disputes. This is a very transformative time when you can purge things right out of your system. After a lot of intensity, the Equinox puts you in a holiday mood, eager to leave the psychological and financial rumination of the past behind you, raising your eyes to the horizon. Coming to terms with a greater vision for your life is a bit theme in coming years so perhaps this is a good time to start asking yourself some big questions. The timing is perfect as the end of September stimulates your mind. The Full Moon of the 29th could bring important news, communications or a contract to sign. Say your piece. A writing project could reach a turning point now too, resulting in a publication or marketing campaign, official business, travel or an academic qualification. It’s a time of publicity and outreach.


You realise there’s nowhere else you need to be as September slowly settles in, dear Pisces. You’ve done your travelling, your talking and networking and you’re maxed out! You’re eager to resume a more easy and pleasant lifestyle, something you left behind months ago, when life became strangely difficult, like an engine that’s no longer well oiled. Perhaps you were in a bubble of discipline, refusing pleasures for the summer because of a strict regime or because you had work to do. Or perhaps working relationships became really strained. Or perhaps you just stopped caring because other things got in the way. Well, that’s all done now. Get ready to discover life’s simple pleasures once more, bringing back the joy in your daily working routine. You can do much to improve your environment and your relationship with siblings and coworkers now so take a moment this autumn to contemplate the best way forward. The same goes for any writing or media projects you have underway. You have so many options! It’s about choosing the right one. You’re in two minds about an important relationship and it won’t be until the middle of September that you have enough information to move forward. Use this time to recalibrate your contracts and agreements and to take forward strides with a partner. This is an excellent month for networking and sharing your ideas. The Equinox heralds a time when you’re more intimately invovled with others, testing the power balance of the relationship, merging your finances, joining forces, or perhaps dividing property instead. You may also be dealing with tricky family finances. Financial matters and how these bear on your own sense of self worth and your values and resources are an important theme this month. The Full Moon on the 29th highlights your assets and your strengths, as well as your capacity to earn a living. It also highlights your set of values and how you derive your own sense of self worth and confidence. If your income, values and self worth are intimately tied up with complex family dynamics and other relationships of dependence, psychological and financial, it’s time to address any unfinished business on that front, as well as other demons like debts and taxes.

* Sabian S: Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala (NY: Vintage Books 1974)

Image by Myriam Zilles from Unsplash

Article by YourAstroGenes


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