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Astrology May 2024: First Class Flight to the Future!

May is glorious! Jupiter'makes for a divine Taurus New Moon and a boisterous Sagittarius Full Moon, before he saunters into Gemini. Enjoy!

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May 2024 Astro Weather

May is a glorious month!

Two golden lunations open up space for the new and liberating possibilities seeded last month to unfold and upgrade our experience on every level.

And with Jupiter entering Gemini by the 23rd, the runway is clear… This is a first class flight to the future!

The Sabian Symbols for this month tell a story of a surge of new potentials borne through crisis, the repudiation of unbearable social structures, and seeing theideals we hold slowly hypnotise us into the creation of our future. By the end of the month, the penny drops - we see the consummation of long-term efforts as we see the bigger picture and a whole new world is revealed before our eyes.

Watch out for a rare and beautiful alignment between Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune building up all month long and culminating 18th-23rd, which should make May a month to remember!

As these articles keep getting longer, I thought you might like to navigate using a table of...


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May 1st onwards, Mars in Aries, Venus in Taurus: Love and Desire

May promises love, pleasure and indulgence aplenty, as well as dynamism, confidence and brave initiatives! Both Venus and Mars are in their signs of rulership as May enters - Venus in Taurus (April 30th - May 23rd) and Mars in Aries (April 29th - June 9th). Venus is everything that makes us beautiful, desirable and loveable, as well as our own ability to appreciate life. Mars is our muscle, our drive to excellence, and our inner warrior without which we are limp. Both are strong now giving us a greater zest for life!

May 2nd onwards, Pluto Retrograde: Surviving in a New Reality

May begins amid great transformative intensity: Pluto stations retrograde on May 2nd, square Venus (May 1st) and sextile Mars (May 3rd). 

With Pluto in Aquarius since the start of the year we’ve entered an era of social revolution, sci-fi disclosures and the deep awakening of human consciousness, as well as an unbelievable technological transformation via AI and the ruthless advancement of the transhumanist agenda. The penny began to drop last year (when Pluto first briefly entered Aquarius) and now this new reality is becoming undeniable. As Pluto stations retrograde on May 2nd, we’ve taken in as much as we can handle. It’s time to stop, catch our breath and give our survival-brain time to adapt.

May 2nd could be a breathless moment, when we pause and begin to go back over old ground so we can pick up the pieces of ourselves that are still stranded in the old reality framework. This process will take all summer, with maximum intensity this autumn (September-November), as Pluto briefly backtracks into Capricorn to demolish what's left of the old. By 2025, we will bring all of ourselves online.

Pluto has been barely moving at the 3rd degree of Aquarius since April 12th inducing a process of self realisation by repudiating the collective status that's now become unbearable. This process will continue until May 23rd as Pluto drills down on that same degree, with the Sabian Symbol giving us the image of “a deserter from the navy” (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala NY: Vintage Books 1974, p.250).

We are currently going through a major process of desocialisation, disengaging from a world that no longer has any bearing on our human concerns, and preparing for a societal rebirth.

Venus and Mars contact Pluto during this subversive moment, setting off alarm bells. Venus-Pluto on May 1st could bring stark financial realities and relationship struggles to the fore, highlighting power-dynamics and questions of survival. Mars-Pluto on the 3rd can provide opportunities for decisive and powerful action. A no-nonsense start to May.

May 3rd onwards, Neptune in Pisces Critical Degree: Beware of Surreality Bubbles

May the 3rd is also when Neptune enters the final and critical degree of Pisces (the zodiac sign hosting Neptune since 2012), to last til September. Neptune is a dissolving force and Pisces the sign of dissolution - a double symbolism.

We are now entering the final dissolution phase of our old reality, even losing our grip on what is real and what is mere illusion. This is something that’s been progressively happening for years and is now reaching its critical stage.

This month we are entering the surreal! The only way to fare well in it is to realise that we live in a lucid dream, a simulation, a virtual reality game where our senses are totally entranced. The best way to navigate this hall of mirrors is by using our intuition.

Neptune will stay in the final degree of Pisces until September 2nd applying its dissolving fluid to the world and our grasp of it, and giving us a taster of the kinds of skills we need to develop to move confidently into the future.

The Sabian Symbol for this very last degree is: “a majestic rock formation resembling a face is idealized by a boy who takes it as his ideal of greatness, and as he grows up, begins to look like it.” (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala NY: Vintage Books 1974, p.288). This sums up reality-formation pretty well and is awakening us into the archetypal realm that precedes and moulds our experience.

May 6th onwards, Pluto semisquare Saturn: The Struggle for Maturity

May 6th brings another notable moment: the first hard aspect between Saturn and Pluto since the historic Saturn-Pluto conjunction in 2020. Those planets are concerned with two things only: power and control. The top-down totalitarian seeds that were planted at their conjunction at the start of the pandemic - with lockdowns, mandates and other top down directives - are now beginning to push through the soil. We could see further authoritarian measures struggle to unfold now, and be thwarted, resulting in various stalemates, all the way until January 2025.

On the plus side, the events of 2020 also represent a new phase of humanity coming of age.

We are maturing as a species, growing up and learning that we need to take responsibility for our lives and our world, and not just leave it to the authorities, like children.

With the growing semi-square between Saturn and Pluto, this year could see each of us strive to take greater responsibility in our lives, building on the maturation seeds that were planted for each of us personally in 2020. This influence is kicking in this May and will last all of 2024, peaking once more on 26 September and 27 January 2025.


May 7th-8th Taurus New Moon: Things are Looking Bullish!

And so we arrive at this month’s delicious Taurus New Moon at 18:02 degrees at 04:21 BST (03:21UT). The eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio are now well and truly over. Time to move to greener pastures!

Time for us all to begin to feel more liberated in some rather battered areas of our lives and to begin looking at all the new choices that are becoming available to us now that the pressure is starting to lift.

This Taurus New Moon is an absolutely lovely lunation with astrology’s dignitaries - Venus and Jupiter - waiting in Taurus to welcome the Sun and Moon and shower them with blessings! Exciting, idealistic and progressive Uranus is also conjunct the lot, bringing great excitement! Throw a party! Here we have a fantastic new beginning for Taurus and for wherever we all have Taurus in our chart.

This Taurus New Moon is about living life from a new vantage point, about changing our point of attraction and elevating our energy to a whole new beautiful level of abundance, love and joy. It opens the doors wide for benefits and boons that are sure to surprise and delight us!

It’s time to innovate, to try something new, to take a risk. As the wonderful Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that took place last month, on April 20th-21st is now ignited, fostered and energised, new initiatives are given fertile fields in which to grow and flourish!

Realist Saturn sextiles the Sun (7th), Venus (13th) and the Taurus New Moon, ensuring longevity, stability and a chance to utilise these blessings to build something in the world. The time has come to get practical and plan for the future; to start implementing all that we have learned, experiment with new principles and tap into new resources.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “a new continent rising out of the ocean”. (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala NY: Vintage Books 1974, p.82). Here we see the surge of new potentials following a crisis, brand new territory arising out of the unified field, virgin space for the spontaneous birth of something new! Taurus is a deeply receptive sign, much like the earth that receives the seed. Now that the mind has already taken that leap towards a new perspective, the conditions for new growth are ideal. This same degree of Taurus was last activated in August 2022 - any memories? The earth is literally shifting and it’s time we begin growing alongside it.

Use this wonderful New Moon to allow new and beneficial energies to take hold in your life!

May 6th-7th, Mercury conjunct Chiron: I've Said My Piece...

Mercury conjuncts the asteroid Chiron at the same time, in the early hours of May 7th, for the third and final time this year, finishing a long journey of multiple conjunctions that began in March. This is the aspect that has been responsible for all the hurt and anger rising to the surface this year, voicing injuries clamouring to be heard. The penny drops now. The stories gain traction. More news surface. Something clicks into place to allow us to put together the pieces of the puzzle and understand our next steps.

This is the aspect that gives a voice to all that has been exiled, silenced and scapegoated. Speak up!

Time to remove fingers from eyes and ears, to look, listen and acknowledge what's being said, however ugly…

May 13th, Sun conjunct Uranus, Venus sextile Saturn, Mercury exits Shadow: Free At Last!

On May 13th, Venus sextiles Saturn, the Sun conjuncts Uranus and Mercury exits his retrograde shadow. Time to move on.

As Venus sextiles Saturn on the 13th, the fresh energies brought in by this loveliest of New Moons gain yet more traction. This is a good time to consolidate relationships, secure finances and make all kinds of long term investments.

Also by the 13th, Mercury finally exits his retrograde shadow (the bit of the zodiac he was bogged down in since March) and we can finally begin to think fresh thoughts! Last month saw Mercury go retrograde amid a total solar eclipse that was a game-changer in many ways, galvanising us all to see life in a new light. We are now ready to begin moving ahead with the ideas borne out of that period.

Add the Sun-Uranus conjunction and May 13th is a really exciting moment! If you are looking for liberation from old problems, take no prisoners now. Time to break with the past and plant the seeds of change. This could be an unpredictable day, so plan lightly and try not to micromanage… Let the universe surprise you.

May 15th, Mercury enters Taurus: Pragmatic Talk

Come May 15th, Mercury enters Taurus, now totally free of his retrograde period, and he soon bumps up against Pluto in Aquarius by square on the 17th. Talks and conversations now turn to money and resources, to all kinds of practical matters, as well as to the pleasures of this world. Pluto brings urgency and intensity to all such conversations and to our speech and thought May 15th-17th, especially about financial matters. All the while, he is indelibly impressing upon us how important it is to be fully present in each moment, to delight in our senses and powerfully connect with our world.

With Mercury in Taurus until June 3rd, conversations can be literal, sensual, pragmatic and pleasurable in the second half of May, as we turn our attention to the practical and measurable aspects of our lives.

May 18th: Venus conjunct Uranus, Sun conjunct Jupiter: Jackpot!

Circle May 18th in your calendar, for this is a most exciting day: Venus conjuncts Uranus and the Sun conjuncts Jupiter all in one jackpot of a package - a cosmic bonanza! This combo involves both astrology’s goodies, the so-called ‘Benefics’, Venus and Jupiter, as well as the largest bodies in our solar system, Jupiter and the Sun itself. Plus we have oddball Uranus, the only planet that spins on its side, reminding us that life is full of surprises!

This is a lucky, if unpredictable, moment that plants the seeds for growth, luck and abundance that will deliver a bountiful harvest!

Whatever happens on the day, take a moment to envision the life you want, engaging all your senses. Use this to imprint in your consciousness a pattern of wellbeing and prosperity - and to remind yourself that anything is possible!

There is a deep spiritual feel to all this too, as the Sun and Jupiter sextile to Neptune (the Sun on the 19th, Jupiter on the 23rd), bringing inspirational, uplifting and creative opportunities in the pursuit of a dream.


May 20th, Mars conjuncts North Node: The Warrior Maverick

By May 19th-20th, we begin heading to this month's Full Moon and the energy begins to shift.  In the early hours of May 20th, Mars in Aries conjuncts the North Node, igniting our warrior spirit. This could be an important moment for global conflicts. As Mars moves past the North Node and toward Chiron over the next ten days, opening portals for the healing of old and festering resentments.

Time to stand up, take charge, and confront a situation in our lives that we simply did not have the courage to face before.

Any anger that is now rising to the surface is good and proper and moves us forward, consciously and with full awareness of our actions so we can guide it constructively. Whatever happens on the 20th, the North Node is always positive: it is where we need to go relative to where we are, if we are to grow, move forward and pull ourselves out of the mire. The time for cowardice and indecision is at an end. Time to be brave and proactive.

May 20th, Sun enters Gemini: There’s Something In The Air…

On May 20th the Sun enters Gemini - happy birthday Gemini! We’re now entering the late phases of spring in the northern hemisphere and heading toward summer. This is when the world around us truly comes alive. Can you blame Gemini for wanting to sample every flower? To enjoy life in all its multiplicity that, even as we speak, is coming to bloom?

Gemini season (20 May-20 June) is a playful time of socialising, networking and stepping out and about, and for all kinds of exchanges, communication, commotion, commerce, learning, sampling and experimentation. The Sun trines Pluto by May 22nd, imprinting upon us that we are entering an era of transformation through technology, above and beyond what we could ever have imagined.

May 23rd, Sagittarius Full Moon: As Good As it Gets

The Taurus New Moon was already pretty special. Can it get any better? Yes it can - if a little manic and OTT! This month’s Sagittarius Full Moon is the bee’s knees, with its ruler, Jupiter, conjunct Venus in her ruling sign, Taurus, both conjunct the Sun in early Gemini, and all three sextile Neptune in his ruling sign, Pisces. With Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in the very final and critical degrees of their signs, this is a last minute extravaganza!

It could be one great last wickedness.... A moment of arrogant avarice and pride... Or a great big moment of gratitude and celebration, giving thanks and reconnecting us with our earthly blessings and divine nature.

Something long overdue is now coming to pass. What’s more, the Sun and Moon harmonise with Pluto perfectly, as do Venus, Neptune and Jupiter, making this a deeply empowering, subversive and transformative Full Moon.

This Full Moon takes place on the 23rd at 14:53 BST (13:53UT) at 02:55 Sagittarius, a day after the Sun trines Pluto on the 22nd, and a mere eight hours before Jupiter exactly sextiles Neptune. On the same day, Venus conjuncts Jupiter and sextiles Neptune, augmenting the energies, right before she enters Gemini, also on the 23rd. With so much commotion, this lunation is like a busy station - with meetings, changes and transitions happening back to back all in the space of 46 hours!

This is a highly mutable, transitory moment, impressing upon us that nothing lasts forever and that life ever moves onwards.

It could nonetheless prove to have lasting, karmic reprecussions. Flow with the energies, give thanks, and be nimble, ready to let go of the past and step into whatever doors are opened!

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “two men playing chess”. (Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala NY: Vintage Books 1974, p.211) Perhaps this lunation will reveal where we are on that cosmic chessboard, as rapid developments now move the pieces around in a blur, revealing human conflict on this earth as a ritualised interplay between light and dark. Sagittarius is great for seeing the bigger picture, bringing hope and optimism! This could be just what we need to transcend immediate concerns and tap into a quiet inner strength that can keep us going for the long haul.

May 23rd, Jupiter Sextile Neptune: The First Buds of Spiritual Spring

Intimately bound with the May Full Moon is a beautiful aspect of wisdom:

Jupiter sextiles Neptune, with both planets in the last critical degree of their respective signs. There is an urgent spiritual lesson here, a spiritual boon ripe for the reaping.

Critical degrees tend to bring a sense of urgency and crisis - as if the needle is stuck, trying to learn a karmic lesson over and over, in what seems like a last chance to master the energies. We could see a last ditch attempt here - perhaps a moment of madness - or equally a chance to understand the interplay between our ideals and material resources.

Jupiter and Neptune were conjoined as the war in Ukraine started, making us all acutely aware of the spiritual lessons that humanity has yet to learn. Their sextile now reveals the great yearning toward growth and unity that was seeded back then, as it is starting to reach the surface.

This is an opportunity for wisdom, inspiration and compassion that may bring a resolution to matters that may have felt stuck throughout 2023 when Jupiter and Neptune were not on such good terms.

May 23rd, Venus enters Gemini: Sample Every Flower

Also on May 23rd, Venus enters Gemini where she’ll stay until June 17th, making for a playful, flirty and sociable period. Time to take pleasure in sampling every flower! To enjoy the fun of exchanging views and goods in an open, light and playful manner. For Venus is paving the way for Jupiter’s entry in Gemini and - oh boy - are we in for an amazing learning journey: incoming news, information and communications are sure to blow our minds and change our perspectives!

The first planet Venus meets as she enters Gemini is Pluto, by trine on May 25th, impressing upon us that being more playful, curious and open-minded is no longer just an option. It is intricately linked to our survival.

May 25th-26th Jupiter in Gemini: Engage Superdrive!

As the 25th gives way to the 26th, around midnight (23:14 GMT), Jupiter enters Gemini. Engage superdrive, ready for take off!  You’ll need that superdrive to keep up with the pace of events - for its vast storage capacity, lighting fast information processor, or faster than light travel. AI, biotechnologies and other comms and transport advances that may have been a mere glint in a tech giant’s eye are now fast becoming a reality. Jupiter in Gemini is fabulous for independent journalism and independent media platforms.

There is no stopping the appetite for fresh, uncensored, live news now, for direct dialogue and communication, and for information and opinion pieces flowing freely to get debate going. Jupiter in Gemini is a time to be open, curious, eager to learn and explore various viewpoints. It’s a time to engage directly with information and one another, to enter dialogue and exchange.

Boons to humanity will come through communications, travel, learning, sharing information and doing research, through dialogue, commerce and exchange, through thinking, speaking, writing and connecting freely, through striving to be objective and open with each other, with discernment but without judgment or intellectual attachment. Jupiter will stay in Gemini until 9 June 2025.

May 29th-31st  Mars conjuncts Chiron, Mercury conjuncts Uranus: New Solutions!

May is coming to an end and what a rollercoaster! Wherever we started, our world now sure looks different... To make sure the major breakthroughs and developments of the past couple of months stick, May hammers a couple of points home.

On May 29th Mars in Aries reaches conjunction with asteroid Chiron, the one responsible for the many key realisations of the past few months, activating the crucial message of April’s Total Solar Eclipse and Mercury retrograde.

The cosmos has delivered some incredible shocks by this point - difficult lessons as well as boons for the awakening of our consciousness. It’s down to us to now implement these new understandings and put them to action.

This Mars-Chiron conjunction completes the ten-day initiative-awakening-process for brave and pioneering action instigated by the Mars-North Node conjunction of May 20th. We cannot stick our head in the sand any longer, for we have all the tools we need to take charge in a crucial area of our lives.

Mars-Chiron is also an expert at recognising the misuse of aggression, bringing hurt and anger to the surface in a way that can no longer be ignored. Here we have a champion for all who are hurt and vilified, giving mavericks and outsiders a fighting chance.

At the same time, Mercury sextiles Saturn (28th) and conjuncts Uranus (31st) re-activating this month’s New Moon energies. This could be a time for innovative solutions that are nonetheless practical and applicable. This is a good day for brainstorming.

Conversations now can inspire all sorts of new ideas that can get us out of a sticky wicket! Whatever had seemed stuck a minute ago can now get moving.

As we head into June, freshly minted Jupiter in Gemini trines baby Pluto in Aquarius and the doors of our minds are blown wide. We are well into a “scorched earth” technological revolution era, from which there is no turning back, impacting us at a deep cellular level and affecting both own bodies and minds. This is the time to start asking questions, find out everything we can and become fast learners.

May 2024 Zodiac Sign Horoscopes: Better Late Than Never!

A red poppy against a green background next to two poppy stems
Image by Johannes Plenio from Unsplash

It's already way past the Taurus New Moon as a write this but this is a bit of a last minute month and, as they say, better late than never! So here is what to look out for this month, based on your particular slice of the pie in the sky....

"Horoscope" literally means "hour-watcher" and since we are not omnipresent, we can each only watch things unfold from a particular vantage point in space and time.... The zodiac wheel formalises this relationship by cutting up the vast sky into twelve symbolic spacetime slices, providing a model from which we can get our bearings...

Check out your Sun Sign (the starry flame in your heart), your Ascendant or Rising Sign (the way your own burning star is pinned to the four corners of this world), and your Moon Sign (the unthinking animal within) for info as to where May's stars go 'pop' for you...!

Aries Horoscope May 2024

The May New Moon brought a boost of your strength and self confidence and fantastic financial opportunities for you, dear Aries. Financial blessings are already coming your way now and over the next six months, and with them a rise in self esteem and earnings, and a boost of self confidence. You may also want to spend more of course, throwing caution to the wind as you just feel so much more lucky and abundant! All good. Use this wonderful lunation to imprint upon your very cells the energy of abundance, of what it is to feel happy and secure, able to provide for yourself and enjoy everything life has to offer.

By the Full Moon of the 23rd, you are ready for a new adventure! Matters involving travel and international affairs, publishing, broadcasting, marketing, or academia and any other study that promises to deliver you specialist knowledge and accreditations - all that is favoured now. A legal matter may also have your attention. The feeling is one of freedom. You are finally free to spread your wings and enjoy a change of scenery. And that gives you yet another further boost of strength, confidence and self-worth.

Mars, your ruler, is in your sign all month long. Time for you to take charge! Assert yourself! Much of your energy will be taken with pursuing your own aims and objectives.  Your energy is yours to own and do with as you will What do you want? Pursue that. Be a pioneer and take bold initiatives, even if you feel that you’re not flowing with the mainstream. Do what speaks to you. You’re in the process of rethinking how you fit into your community. In fact you may be newly obsessed with where you fit in, who your friends are and what you want your contribution to be on a social level. Your dreams and ideals are transforming in front of your very eyes so let it happen and take a step back this summer to reconsider exactly where you see yourself fitting in. Your old life is in the process of dissolving on so many levels that your conscious mind can barely keep up. Don’t worry. Your spirit knows what it’s doing. Let go and let all your old demons dissolve and be carried out by the tide now. If the world seems unfriendly it may be because some of these demons are acting out. Pay no heed.  You’re preparing to don a whole new hero’s identity and you’re not ready yet. Let the process complete over the coming year or so.

Despite all this unconscious activity that may have some of your attention, you’re in for a highly sociable, interesting and fun twelve months ahead. Jupiter enters Gemini on May 26th to stay until June 2025, where it promises boons and luck through commerce, communications and travel, through meeting people, networking and exchanging ideas. It is a great time for sales and for all writing and communications projects - especially for a fast-moving sign like yours. This kind of luck waits for no one. Run with it and see what boons it puts in your path!

Taurus Horoscope May 2024

This is your month, dear Taurus! The May New Moon in your sign opened incredible doors for you to make a brand new beginning in your life that could take you forward not only for the next twelve months but even for the next twelve years! This is because lucky Jupiter’ s influence is captured by this New Moon and imprinted into your month ahead, your entire year ahead and beyond! You have the Midas touch now. And you’re at a new springtime of your life! Use it to pursue all that your heart desires and set everything in motion now and over the summer. Set some bold and radical intentions for the year ahead!

By the Full Moon of May 23rd joint money and resources are the hottest topic on your mind. That may be when a joint financial matter culminates - whether it is a business loan, personal debt, tax matter or grant, or issues around family money, a sponsor or investments - or anything that affects the balance of power and trust in your intimate relationships. This could be a personally transformative moment too as you delve beneath the surface to take control of a situation. Your very identity and approach to life may be altered by the realisations, revelations and intimate encounters of this lunation.

Much of your energy will be invested behind the scenes now. You’re a spiritual warrior now and your greatest motivation is to be of service. You may be doing lots to help others with not much time for yourself. At the same time, your creativity is thriving and you may experience creative or even psychological and spiritual breakthroughs. You may find your dream or spiritual life pretty active, or you may find your libido rising, giving you a new taste of energy that can be put to your disposal for all kinds of creative pursuits.  Aches and pains may also intensify now, but if so only to make you sit up and pay attention so you can use your energy wisely. Do what you can to take care of yourself as all sorts of balls will be in your court come the summer.  Your career, role in the world and overall legacy take up much of your thinking now. You’re thinking about your life trajectory and deeply examining your goals in life. Take time to go deeper this summer and find out what role you want to play in the public sphere. You have been doing much to contribute to your community now and there may even be an element of sacrifice, requiring a more spiritual approach. it’s time to let go of your old approach to your own dreams and aspirations, dissolve friendships that no longer serve you or distill what it is that you truly want to contribute to your community,  the ideals you espouse and the kind of people who can help you realise them.

Jupiter may be leaving your sign at the end of the month but you’ve had a good run, you can’t complain. And most importantly,  Jupiter in Gemini from May 26th until June 2025 promises financial boons, a boost of confidence and strength, luck in your money house and general material improvement on every level - music to a Taurus’ ears!

Gemini Horoscope May 2024

The May New Moon was all about a spiritual renewal for you, dear Gemini. It may not sound like much but it's preparation for the wonderful luck that is to come! You have a guardian angel promoting your cause behind the scenes and you don’t even need to do anything. Your finger is on the pulse! Lady luck is working for you! So let the light that shines through you be your guide, even despite yourself. Your greatest luck now comes through letting your ego take a back seat. This could also be a greatly creative and rejuvenating time!

By the Full Moon of the 23rd, a relationship or contract reaches a point of culmination. This could be a signature or last minute agreement that reveals how your luck is working for you even when you don’t know it. Or it could be your relationship that reaches a turning point, liberating you and rejuvenating you on a deep spiritual level. Someone important certainly looms large in your life by May’s end and this is helping you realise where you stand in this relationship so you can decide your next steps.  Meditate on it.

You have a truly vibrant community around you right now, connecting with like-minded people, perhaps fighting for a common cause.  Whatever it is, you’re really fired up with much of your energy invested in your group, community, social media or circle of friends. Network and connect with outsiders and like-minded souls like you who are willing to fight for the ideals you hold in common. Your philosophical outlook is on a journey of transformation and you may be questioning views that you used to take for granted. Your life could be transformed in the coming years through publishing and broadcasting, travel and contact with other cultures, expansive projects, truth-seeking, preaching, religion and philosophy and all kinds of high-minded or official enterprises. Take a moment this summer to reconsider where you stand. Your career requires intense sacrifices from you at this point. You are letting go of a past public persona and preparing to embrace something new. A spiritual approach to all career and public profile matters is best now, even while you work hard to set the cornerstone of your stone of your future role and life trajectory.

Most important of all, Jupiter enters your sign on the 26th to stay until June 2025! Get ready for an incredible year of growth and fantastic luck and opportunity coming your way! Your job? Be open to what comes your way. Say yes. Be ready for adventure and for trying new things. Even when opportunities come to you in the form of a challenge, know that the only objective is your growth and the expansion of your enterprises. Luck is yours. Make the most of it!

Cancer Horoscope May 2024

The May New Moon opened the door for fantastic rewards to come your way and for the realisation of your dreams, dear Cancer. Your greatest luck comes through the group projects and causes you are involved with, through networking and through who you know. Celebrate your community and enjoy being surrounded by friends and like-minded folk who are willing to support you in the realisation of your dreams now.

By the Full Moon of May 23rd, a work matter culminates. Your may be completing an important project, delivering a piece of work or having some major realisation regarding your work, skills and how you can best put them to good use. What you learn now affects your dreams and aspirations for the future and may serve to promote your aims, gain you allies or better establish you in your community. This could all be a little last minute or feel karmic, intense or long time in coming. Whatever it is that bugs you about your work, the energy now reaches an intense climax helping you decide your next steps.

Work and career are hot topics this month for you. Much of your energy will be invested in advancing your career this month. Think of yourself as a pioneer. Time to assert your authority! Anger directed at authority figures needs to be closely considered now. What does it mean? Is it time to demand greater sovereignty over your own life? Don’t be afraid to take initiatives to raise your position and promote your public profile. Your finances are increasingly becoming an obsessive topic for you. Empowerment is at the core of your question, whether it is by establishing powerful and mutually beneficial relationships, developing a passive income or embarking into big business.  You may also have a greater interest in the occult now. You’re in the process of letting go of old beliefs as an old worldview is dissolving. Legal, international or academic matters require sacrifices and hard work now, as does anything to do with publishing or broadcasting. All this is slowly distilling and maturing your thoughts and your ability to share them with the world.

You’re one of the most mysterious and private signs, and Jupiter in Gemini from May 26th and until June 2025 promises a true spiritual awakening in the coming twelve months. if there is anything you love to do when nobody’s looking, now’s the time to give it your all. Jupiter benefits anything that involves occult studies, spiritual practices or any kind of undercover research, including creative hobbies like writing or anything that requires you to channel great inspiration. A sexual awakening is also possible as you connect to your source. And while your. luck may be hidden, it’s good to know that you have a guardian angel watching over you in the coming year, and helping you to heal on every level and reconnect with your spirit.

Leo Horoscope May 2024

The May new Moon brought a new beginning in your career and overall direction in life, dear Leo! It opened incredibly large new doors for you to walz through. Gone are the petty concerns of the past. Embrace the new opportunities that now open up before you! You can be anyone you want to be in the eyes of the world! Pursue whatever career truly speaks to you, break the mould and be your unique self. Time to set brand new goals that allow you to shine like the sun at a bright summer’s noon and roar like the lion you really are.

Love truly blossoms by the Full Moon of May 23rd! Expect wonderful times for love, with much joy, potential for creativity and romance. Children bring joy and luck now. This is your chance to let your hair down and be a bit of a kid yourself, pursuing your favourite hobbies and pastimes and doing things just for the fun of it. Major realisations and decisions in favour of greater joy and personal fulfilment now will soon affect your career, role, and overall life direction.

Your mind is off the ball right now, All you want is to forget your troubles, travel and have a great time. Much of your energy will be invested in travel, adventure and other expansive enterprises that allow you to experience a change of scenery. Legal matters will also take much of your time and this is a good month to tackle challenging legalities, connect with specialists and tackle official matters. If you are involved in publishing, marketing or broadcasting, this is a great time to let people know what you are about, pin your colours to the mast and spread your ideas. Relationships have been getting more and more intense over the past year or so and, by now, a special someone may loom really large in your life. Take time this summer to process how your relating space is changing. Joint finances require intense sacrifices of you now - almost a spiritual approach. Much as you try to hold down the fort, you may have to partly let go of the outcome and relinquish control this year, trusting in something greater.  Old intimacy, trust and finance issues are now dissolving to make way for a new way of merging and sharing energy.

Jupiter's entry into Gemini at the end of the month and until June 2025 brings wonderful luck through your friends and community! It’s not what you know it is who you know! Get rescue to network like a fiend and meet make really powerful allies in the process, who can truly help you achieve your dreams. Your popularity is rising, group projects are great for you, and your friends are your lucky charms now and for the next twelve months!

Virgo Horoscope May 2024

The May New Moon opened a most wonderful travel window for you, dear Virgo. It brought fantastic opportunities for adventure and for a change of scenery, as well as helping you raise your eyes to the distant horizon. You are more willing now to throw caution to the wind and take a risk, whether it is going public with your ideas, applying for a course of study, or embarking on a major outreach campaign. Spread your wings! Luck is on your side.

By May’s Full Moon on the 23rd, expect the spotlight to fall squarely on your home and family. A personal matter may be coming to a head, involving your home, parents, a property, your country of origin or living situation. If you have questions in those areas, you may now receive some clarity and answers. What you now discover could ultimately affect your outlook or philosophy of life, travel plans as well as legal or immigration matters, your studies or any marketing and publishing projects, and indeed anything involving outreach or involving an accreditation or official stamp of approval.

Much of your energy is caught up in close encounters this month, whether you’re obsessing over your finances, seeking outside funding, mobilising to pay off debt or just getting very intimate with someone. Whatever the situation that needs transforming in your life - physical, emotional of financial, it’s time to face it head on. Empowerment is the key now. No more giving your power away. See how you can merge your energies and talents with others around you and change your life for the better. May is also the time to rethink your work, health and overall lifestyle. These are themes which are rapidly becoming a new obsession for you - whether it’s finding more meaningful your work, correcting health issues or changing your entire way of life.  Relationships seem to demand great sacrifices from you now. An old way of relating to others is slowly coming to an end, both on a personal or romantic level, as well as at a business level. Time to dissolve old contracts and agreements - tacit or overt - in preparation for something new.

The best news is that Jupiter in Gemini from May 26th and until June 2025 could see your career truly take off!  Lots of new opportunities are coming your way in the coming twelve months to raise your status, branch out professionally and elevate your public profile. VIPs love you and the world is your oyster! Take a moment to examine new possibilities and take new and beneficial risks.

Libra Horoscope May 2024

The May New Moon was a bit like a winning lottery ticket for you, dear Libra. What have you won? Perhaps it’s a gift or bonus, or perhaps it’s a relationship jackpot with exciting intimate moments to awaken your energies. Mergers, grant initiatives and financial collaborations are lucky for you now so, if you need backing, put your best foot forward!

By the Full Moon of the 23rd, your world totally springs to life! You could receive important news or a communication that constitutes a last minute offer or improvement of your financial position, or you may have a heart to heart with someone that brings you closer together. It could also be a sale or communications project that delivers a last minute financial boon now. There’s a last minute feel to all this, a moment of “now or never”. Speak up!

Much of your energy is caught up with others at this point, whether all ‘up in their business’, required to help and mediate, in collaboration or even in direct competition. This is no time to sweep issues under the carpet for they are sure to erupt. Face any difficult situations head on and you will be rewarded with a more honest and authentic interaction.  Love and personal fulfilment are foremost on your mind these days, whether through romance, through children or by giving your all to a creative project. Work, on the other hand, may have been difficult, asking you to make greater and greater sacrifices. Perhaps you’re being called to some higher service? If a health matter concerns you, a more spiritual approach may be required. Time to dissolve long-standing lifestyle patterns and habits that no longer serve you.

Jupiter in Gemini from May 26th until June 2025 promises some great adventures! These could involve international travel, outreach and expansion of your operations, studies and accreditations or a platform to broadcast and share your ideas. You’re ready to elevate your mind for a bird’s eye view of your world and to receive recognition for your knowledge and ideas. Legal, publishing and academic matters benefit.

Scorpio Horoscope May 2024

The May New Moon opened up great new doors in the relationship front, dear Scorpio. Now is the time to be open and let the universe surprise you! For you could meet fantastic new prospects for collaboration or romance now, both on the personal and the professional front. Existing relationships, too get a fantastic boost and a new lease of life, as you enjoy a magical time with your partner. Any contract signed now is bound to be bountiful and any new agent or client lucrative. Others bring lucky breaks and prosperity, Put yourself out there!

By the time of the Full Moon of May 23rd, it’s your finances that are in the spotlight, perhaps critically so. Time to cash in on your assets and talents, appreciate what you’ve got and build some strength. Banking on your strengths will help you make the most of this bountiful energy currently brought into your life by partnerships and collaborations too.

Work may be a sore point this month, taking much of your energy and engendering harsh feelings. Address what comes up and take positive action if you can without lashing out. There may also be a need to exercise and better take care of your health, or at the very least relieve the tension that you feel.  Home, family and real estate matters are also critical right now, as you begin to assess your situation. The greatest sacrifices, perhaps, are where love and children are concerned, or around a creative project. It’s time to let go and “let god” as it were, as the situation is out of your hands, calling for a more spiritual approach.

As a Scorpio, finances are never far from your mind and Jupiter in Gemini from May 26th and until June 2025 brings good news. You could see boons and benefits through grants, pensions or investments now and through joint financial collaborations, family money and mergers of all kinds. This is also a fantastic period to delve into the occult, if you are so inclined, and carry out excellent research. Intimate relationships are also favoured and you will find it easy to build trust.

Sagittarius Horoscope May 2024

The May New Moon of early May could have easily shaken up your day to day routine, disrupting your schedule and bringing much excitement, dear Sagittarius.  You have an incredible opportunity to escape the humdrum, upgrade your lifestyle and branch out work-wise into new and exciting fields.  Developments could reveal unexpected health hacks as well as a whole host of ways to make your day to day life more rewarding. Dare to envisage your lifestyle for a new angle.

And, of course, this month’s Full Moon of May 23rd is in your sign. Something deeply important is happening for you right now! Something of deeply personal import is culminating and it may be a moment of crisis, clarity and realisation for you, an intense period that reveals that there’s still time to make the lifestyle changes and improvements that you know are possible, but you must act fast. Whatever happens, it will have key implications for your work, health and overall way of life.

Even amid all this disruption to your normal rhythm, your energy is high and so is your self-confidence and sex-appeal. This is a month to pursue love and romance with a true authentic fervour, to engage with your favourite hobbies and pastimes and to play with your kids. Any obstacles to your happiness and fulfilment that had been swept under the rug will now erupt and that’s all well and good, so you can take appropriate action. Your mindset is changing and you are slowly realising the potential power you can exert over your environment. Sacrifices you make for your home and family could feel so intense, they could feel surreal and even elicit a spiritual experience.

The best news, perhaps, is that Jupiter in Gemini from May 26th and until June 2025 is fantastic for your relationships, bringing you into contact with people who can help you grow and pursue your desires, introducing you to exciting romantic prospects, as well as bringing greater ease and freedom into your existing relationships, both professional and personal.

Capricorn Horoscope May 2024

The May New Moon opened the door to love, romance and creativity, dear Capricorn. Children could be a source of great joy now and you can expect good times ahead doing the things you love - playing sports, pursuing hobbies and interests, indulging in romance or spending time with the younger generation in a way that rejuvenates you. Set your biggest intention for love, joy and creative self expression now!

By the Full Moon of May 23rd, it’s time to let go of whatever has been weighing you down and experience a total rejuvenating rebirth for body and mind. Let go. And let a more playful energy rise within you. Whatever comes into your life now welcome it for it wants to imprint upon you the energies of youth, joy and creative self expression.

Expect much commotion in your home and family this month, with as much potential for angry disruptions as there is for healing. Ultimately the two are joined at the hip and May is a good time to take action to correct a situation that may have been limping for some time. Much of your energy may be taken up with personal or family matters or with property and real estate. Do whatever you need to do to face the situation head on.  The most difficult years are behind you now, for Pluto has left your sign, pretty much for good (though keep an eye out for September-November this year, for a final run). The focus is now on your finances, your self-worth and on consolidating your new identity in the material world. Believe very little of what you see and hear, for you’re entering a time of deep hypnotic trance that’s dissolving an old way of thinking. Sacrifices made for someone in your vicinity, in your daily commute, or for a comms or writing project can be a source of inspiration.

Jupiter in Gemini from May 26th and until June 2025 brings opportunities for fantastic work, health and overall lifestyle improvements! You may have more freedom at work, travel more or meet interesting people. Your day to day routine could get fare more busy and interesting, giving you much food for thought to help you upgrade your daily habits.

Aquarius Horoscope May 2024

The May New Moon greatly enriched your home and personal life, dear Aquarius, perhaps even bringing unique opportunities involving land and property. What sort of base to you envisage for yourself? How do you want to expand, improve and hack your life at its very foundations? Do you need greater freedom at home? More space to expand into? Now’s the time to plant the best possible seeds where your roots, home and family are concerned.

By the Full Moon of May 23rd, something big is coming to pass in your community or friendship circle. It could be a long-held dream that’s culminating now, affecting your innermost sense of identity and your sense of rootedness and belonging. Whatever rewards come your way, they seem to have a deep psychological impact. An extravagant social gathering could also enrich your base now or create commotion on your home turf.

May is a month of travel and commotion with a lot of your energy caught up trying to navigate tricky terrain, both in your networking and your day to day movements, as well as tiptoeing around sensitive topics in your communications and with paperwork. Angry words may eventually erupt or you may find that you need to listen more, or slow down a little. This is no time to ignore what’s being said, nor stifle what needs to be said.  With Pluto in your sign you’ve entered a process of powerful personal transformation and it’s no use trying to keep the cat in the bag. The truth will out. Take time this summer to adapt to these changing power-dynamics in your life. Financially too, things could be rather intense as you are squeezed to make yet more sacrifices, making the situation seem unreal and inspiring a more spiritual approach.

The best thing about this month may well be Jupiter entering Gemini to stay until June 2025.  Love. children and creative projects can be sources of great joy, luck and expansion now. A rejuvenating romance could be on the horizon, or you may find that things take off with a start up or hobby, taking you to the next level. Have fun!

Pisces Horoscope May 2024

The May New Moon brought fantastic opportunities to build your network, connect with others and exchange ideas, dear Pisces. Meetings, conversations and short trips are lucky for you and there’s likely to be loads of uplifting and exciting commotion. Siblings now bring you luck as does any writing, speaking or learning endeavour.  This is a new beginning in your networking and communications that can take you forward into 2025 and beyond. Plant your best seeds and liven up your world!

By the Full Moon of May 23rd, expect to be in the spotlight, as all this commotion highlights your career, public image and overall life trajectory. Where are you headed? You have a last chance to now make headway with a writing, networking or communications project, as well as with matters concerning a colleague, neighbour or sibling. Take charge to make the most of this!

Much of your energy will be invested in financial matters now and in boosting your income. If you are suffering from low self esteem, a lack of confidence or anger around your finances, it’s now time to face the situation head on and do something about it - especially between May 20th and 30th. You are now entering a phase of your life involving deep spiritual questioning and intense psychological transformation. Your old identity is dissolving and the process has reached its critical stages, requiring almost a spiritual approach. Time to let go and make the sacrifices necessary to reach for that dream - that something greater that you can sense is asking to come forth.

Jupiter in Gemini at the end of the month and until June 2025 brings greater ease and abundance to your home and family, as well as to any property-related projects, allowing you to move more freely and expand your base.

Article by YourAstroGenes


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